Official MV for Second OST Song from Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love with New Scenes from the Drama

I’ve noticed that a bunch of Naughties (Nice Guy fans) are on the Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love ship with me. Welcome back everyone! I’m pretty sure all the Hearties (The King 2 Hearts fans) are over at the Gu Family Book ship enjoying Lee Seung Gi, and I’m sad that drama totally doesn’t work for me. But for those who have found delicious crack with JOJ like I have, this drama encapsulates for me all the tingly feelings of watching something that transfixes the imagination onscreen. I don’t quite understand the Korean netizens fixation with spotting errors in filming or the reluctance to watch a story that is re-imagined history only in the context of a drama. Kim Tae Hee used to be one of those actresses I loathed (emphasis on LOATHE) because she was literally so bad as to ruin my ability to enjoy an otherwise interesting drama. My Princess was the first time I’ve ever liked her acting and it was actually the drama that fell apart in the middle writing-wise but she was such a shining gem in that little outing. She’s not a thespian by any measure, but she is really doing decently well in JOJ that I’m rather appalled that the Korean media can actually praise my sweet but robotic Suzy‘s flat as a roadkill acting in GFB while dissing Kim Tae Hee’s heartfelt attempt at capturing the essence of Jang Ok Jung as constructed in the novel. Both are bad actresses qualitatively, but in this head-to-head Kim Tae Hee is like heads, shoulders, and maybe even a Queenly hairpiece above Suzy in both of their first sageuk outings. Which isn’t saying much for Kim Tae Hee since she is like twice the age of Suzy and has a decade more years under her belt as an actress. She ought to be better, and here she is, so why she’s getting undue flack is starting to turn me peevish. Unless Kim Tae Hee starts sucking for no reason, I’m not going to mention her acting anymore when I recap JOJ, I enjoy her performance as Ok Jung and that’s that. Look at her expression above, she’s really nailing it in that scene. The drama released its second OST song today called “Dream on You” by ZIA, and with it SBS dropped an official MV that has two new scenes. The major squeeworthy one shows Jae Hee‘s Hyun Chi Soo looking all sorts of angsty. I knew that man was going to arrive and turn up the heat. Can’t wait for today’s episode 6!

ZIA “Dream on You”:


Official MV for Second OST Song from Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love with New Scenes from the Drama — 39 Comments

  1. I’m definitely enjoying Kim Tae Hee’s performance, on top of being so easy to ship on romance since she is so gorgeous. Though her role’s perfectness is overdone, and the story is the usual court scheming.

  2. JOJ is definitely one of those dramas where I can overlook some of the flaws because the basic premise is interesting enough for me to follow (a la Wicked).

    But it looks like getting higher ratings by forcing feeding JOJ episodes to ahjummas back in Korea may be out of the question. Dang it. Plan B anyone? 😉

    On a note that’s actually relevent to the post: Pretty! The production team sure knows how to work the fan service. Oh, and I was initially worried because I had misread ZIA as ZEA (the K-pop group) – which would have been…shocking, to say the least.

  3. A Naughty here! XD Not a Hearty. Finally, Jae Hee to step in to bring the heat a notch up! I really hope the writers will keep this story as it is and expand from here. I really hope they don’t fall from grace in terms of the plot in order to try to satisfy their own people’s appetite for TV. I mean try, and it’s pretty unlikely they get hooked anyways. SBS can produce top-notch quality dramas at times (when Cinderella Sisters, Personal Preference and Prosecutor Princess debuted at the same time, the first 2 had too much hype and turns out the latter was like the jewel in the rough. Great drama thru-and-thru). And I hope the casts would relax a little and embrace their characters with more ease than forcing their expressions. Perhaps then, this drama will probably make it as the top 10 all-time most fave dramas. XD Thank you for sharing the MV! 😀

  4. What an amazing ost this is and the MV matches up perfectly. Soonjung couple fighting!!

    It touched my heart in so many ways. Gak… The scene where LS catches OJ in his arms when they are fake dueling – works so well here. 🙂 hotness, he so loves her.

    KTH – I admire her perservance amidst all the attacks. While still not a great actress, she has sold OJ to me so I will support her character all the way through to the end even if I have to dump my love for the king in the process.

  5. i just can’t help but notice, you always diss suzy. i mean, she may not be as fine as your praiseworthy(?) KTH but you don’t have to ridicule her acting in all your JOJ articles. you are being so unfair.

    • You have not been following for long I see? Miss Koala adores Suzy, just that in her opinion Suzy isn’t doing well in sageuk setting. Though for me I’m ok with her in Gu Family Book.

    • it seems like you are not a frequent follower of koalas blog. If you read older posts you’d know koala finds suzy to be endearing and cute. it’s just in the context of gfb and as of now knetizens seem to be praising suzy while saying kth isn’t great. I think that’s a bit unfair and I’m glad koalas pointing it out. Just because you point out someones flaws does not mean you dislike them. I love my shows and certain actresses/actors but still admit that there are pros/cons to all 🙂

  6. I am a hearty and also a naughty, but im on JOJ ship… after watching 4 eps, i loved this drama and i will continue to watch no matter what the ratings will be… 🙂

  7. Lol. I am here for jong ok jung ship and I’m nice guy fans as well. So is that even relevance? Haha….
    But nice guy fans and love that drama not for the love story though more about enjoyed it for chararter’s journey to get through their hardship in a full heartfelt way … And the same with JOJ where I connect to the character and analyze their thought and action. Regardless it makes sense or not.

    I don’t feel emotionally for gu family book. Tough I enjoy their jokes and bickering. I understand why some people stay tune to gfb.

  8. Dear Ms koala, i love your recap and share to my friend , sitser. open it everyday They’re happy join. Because your recap , i’m really sad.more critizen to gfb but i’m find okay.why today!your ward! Because i’m fan seunggi ,no matter. When you share your express to critizen, you also make reader ship with you. It ‘s okay?If you said oh, suzy badaction, oh , writter so level high school, oh they should low rate. What? Only gu family book! You also mention about it-sad lee seunggi- but kick it with cool ward. This fault lee seunggi ? You ship with fan (nice guy)oh, really? No problem. But they ‘re So rude, they ‘re care favorited drama after find fault to gu family book. but today , this name? you can happy your favorited drama , good comment .in drama,casts all really hard work. They worker everyday and nigh. You? Only watch, seem like down earth? i never hate joj but i’m hate your commenter.they maybe lose mind with their drama. I hope keep calm join drama with happy. Sorry if i wrong. I’m become rude by you.

  9. Very lovely drama, with excellent efforts in art direction. Good chemistry between the OTP ( surprising with KTH )but KTH is so beautiful, and endearing, just watching her is sastifyinh, esp in saguek and the colorful costumes.

  10. I’m also riding high on the JOJ ship, and I’m really liking this drama so far. I for one love re-imagining stories from different perspectives, i never believe things are as black and white as they seem and it is interesting to watch well fleshed out three dimensional characters that do things because each has their own convictions, purpose and beliefs, rather than having a one-dimensional villain who is evil just because he is evil, or a heroine who is kind just because she is so damn innocent. Yah right! I hope the drama continues to develop JOJ and add more complex layers to her character, i want her vulnerable but strong, kind and smart but misunderstood, and gentle but ambitious. I’m already super loving YAI character and his development, and YAI is totally rocking his role as SJ! Since JOJ is aspiring to be like BBJX (looove that show!), I hope it can stay true to its conviction and continue on it’s original intended path, because the low ratings in Korea is getting me worried that they will change direction and the drama is gonna take a sharp left turn and crash and burn and end up in the dumps!! Crossing my fingers real hard it doesn’t happen xxx

  11. Another Nice Guy fan here… Didn’t even bother with Gu Family Book. I don’t dislike Suzy but i think she is overrated. KTH is not great but i love the beautiful costumes of JOK and i am a fan of Yoo Ah In ; He has such screen presence … love him as King ! Fighting !

    • I agree- love JOJ. I normally also hate KTH but she is wonderful in this drama. Susie was great in Big- but not good in this historical context.

  12. I’m a major hearty, and I beg to differ, I actually think JoJ is a drama that hearties would love. I love LSG because he is adorable, but JoJ is the drama that wins this time because it has all the elements that I love.

    Firstly, I think JoJ has a strong script, which was also my favourite part of K2H. I hate watching dramas where I’m constantly fearing that the writers might butcher the second half, but here I feel that the writing is assured. Also, I think in JoJ, the stakes are just as high as in K2H. JoJ is essentially also about a King with two hearts. One is for the woman he loves and the other is his responsibilities to his country. I loved the conflict in K2H and I’m loving the conflict in JoJ.

    One thing that puzzles me though, is that GFB is the Lee Seung Gi drama that is more well received among Korean television viewers. I thought K2H was the better drama right from the get go, but I’m resigned to the fact that I will never understand ratings and the people behind the remote.

    • Are you me?!
      I was just going to write exactly what you wrote it’s like you pulled the words right out of my mouth.
      I am a die hard heartie, even Moreso a naught fan (I think I was for the first half and then wasnt really for the 2nd half) .
      I love seung gi but I never let actors/actresses dictate my overall feels from watching a show. Im watching both– i dont get why we have to always choose a team(why cant we all enjoy the same things,hah)The show has to own me in what it has to offer. And as of now joj owns my heart. I think you can find alot of similarities between k2h and JOJ — both are totally underrated and slowly makin it’s way into a cult following. Nice guy was pretty popular I’d have to admit overall, pretty good ratings, great cast, great set up. JOJ and K2H definitely has a romance that is solid, strong, and slowly developing into a beautiful romance. Both have their own priorities (like king jae ha and hang ah), both have a magnetic chemistry and energy, and both I foresee will have a lives at stake love. I always love a good romance that is built on a strong foundation and a great obstacles.

      • Whoops, pressed “Post” too early. I actually still remember you from the dramabeans comments sections during those heady 2 months when K2H aired! I must have stalked the board everyday to read all the new comments! I’m not quite as crazy about JoJ yet as I was with K2H by this point, but I can see this becoming my favourite drama of the year, just like K2H was the best of anything I watched last year.

        I agree about romances with great stakes. I love how in JoJ, the two protagonists are very straightforward about their attraction to each other (I must have swooned when Lee Soon told Ok Jung to follow him) but also understand that they do have other priorities at this point.

        I think that I too do not let actors dictate my feeling for the show (i.e. I’m not going to immediately love a show just because Seunggi is in it). That said, I am definitely more interested in upcoming shows where actors whom I know are good sign on for the project.

  13. i’m more a hearty than a naughty ( i love NG but K2H is totally dear in my heart ^^), but like you, GFB totally didn’t work to me. I’m totally in JOJ;s ship from the get go. which is weird, bcoz i lovee LSG and pretty comfortable with Suzy, while usually I totally cant stomach Kim tae hee and relatively indifferent to Yoo Ah In.

    it’s totally the story factor. JOJ is intriguing and have many layer and shades (which totally like) and more importantly, the story has logic and don’t insult my IQ.

  14. Just saying… Naughties know how to appreciate good dramas. 😀

    BTW, Koala, were you ever in the Nice Guy thread on Soompi? 🙂

  15. Lol its fine Suzy isn’t getting love for her terrible acting. It’s JYP’s massive mediaplay -sighs-
    Comments from Netizenbuzz
    1.[+86, -18] Someone needs to put Suzy through some grueling acting lessons. Producer, CEO, anyone? Her acting makes my fingers want to disappear. It’s upsetting just watching her.

    2. [+74, -14] What does this journalist think he’s saying

    3. [+75, -16] Suzy can’t act… We’re saying she can’t act because she can’t act.. I bet this journalist didn’t even watch the drama. JYP is slowly amping up their media play.
    I’m actually liking both dramas atm. GFB seems to be picking up speed and acting is better. JOJ is still awesome. 🙂

  16. Suzy/KTH…. KTH is twice her age, has worked twice as long and is still “attempts” to act. Plus her drama is floppping. Add in media play by JYP and you get why Suzy gets more praise worthy articles by the media.

  17. Yikes, GFB’s rating for episode 6 is exploding. Poor JOJ, it really doesn’t deserve the ratings it has now. Considering what happened at the end of episode 6 of GFB, I bet the ratings are going to keep increasing. I hope JOJ won’t go below 5%.

  18. I didn’t have the time to watch the MV but i just did and boy oh boy throughout the whole thing my heart.. THE FEELS. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Magnetic OST and OTP + solid show = LOVE/OBSESSION/ADDICTION and eventually, withdrawal, once it’s all over.

  19. JOJ ratings increased for ep.6 and KTH’s acting improved. I hope the trend will keep going up. JOJ fighting!

    • May i ask what the ratings were exactly?
      I’m fine with a show not making stellar ratings but once it slips in the single digits i start getting worried >.<

      • MBC Gu Family Book 14.4->15.8
        KBS God of the Workplace 14.0->14.6
        SBS Jang Ok Jung 6.9->7.5

        It’s been single digits since ep. 2

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