Jang Geun Seok Looks Worse for Wear at Incheon Airport

If you check out the tags at the Playground, it’s pretty clear that I must love Jang Geun Seok a lot otherwise I wouldn’t have written so much about him since I started blogging. I write about dramas for the most part and he’s really done only one drama in the last 3 years (Love Rain, which I hated), so I’ve rarely written about him in the last year or so. He’s been primarily focusing on his singing career, releasing albums under the label Team H with his collaborator DJ Big Brother, as well as holding mini-concerts and party events all around Asia. He’s been busy, just not busy doing anything I care to follow much less write about. I do wish he would cut his hair, which has been in that wavy shoulder-length bob for what feels like forever. I actually liked it in Mary Stayed Out All Night since it fit with his bohemian rocker character, but since then it feels both stale and dull. I ran across pictures of Jang Geun Seok last week as he was spotting at Seoul’s Incheon Airport heading back to Korea. It was so shocking I had to say something – he looks absolutely terrible. What happened, Seok? He looks like he’s pushing 30 with the sallow skin and pasty image. If Song Joong Ki looks like he’s preternaturally young and aging backwards sometimes, Seok conversely looks way older than his 26 years of age (27 in Korean years). I’ve always thought one thing he had going was very handsome features and a ridiculously sexy voice, but with all that partying and living it up lifestyle he’s been enjoying for that last few years, I feel like he’s sacrificing his youthful good looks at the altar of dissolution. Feel free to disagree with me, but pictures don’t lie and he looks positively fugly here. I miss the old Jang Geun Seok, who managed to make the costume ridiculousness in You’re Beautiful look funny but cool. I’m also tired of fans giving him a free ride to “sow his wild oats” and “do what he loves”, because that is the refrain of all twenty-somethings justifying their sometimes poor life decisions. I think he’s been making seriously poor career decisions when it comes to being an actor and I hope someone either talks some sense into him or he has an epiphany on his own.


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      • I feel like I’m the only one who hates his long hair. πŸ™ I first saw him in Do Re Mi, and loved his boyish good-looks there. I think short hair would have made him look so much younger.

      • he looks cool whether he sports a long hair like when he did you’re beautiful or when he had it cropped short like in beethoven’s virus. But i fear that the way he abuses his body is starting to show…

  1. I totally agree that someone needs to sit this dude down – he can be as zany as he wishes, but dear God, please take acting seriously when you do!

  2. You know maybe he should be in Heirs, if it means the show might make him cut off his hair….This is actually one of his saner outfits as long as we take off everything above the neck….sigh….I was thinking about him and his career decisions since the whole Heirs-Jung Yong Hwa thing and I know he’s riding out his popularity in Japan right now with his “singing career” and everything but makes me wonder why he’s not taking his acting career that seriously (or at least it seems that way with You;re my Pet and Love Rain)…sometimes I even wonder if he owes someone a ton of money he has to payback…anyways I really miss him being awesome in (good) dramas/movies on my screen πŸ™

    • I once thought that if there ever was a korean remake of Nana, I would love to see him play Takumi.
      Please pay more atention to him, you will see he is working now as hard as ever.

  3. He has Johnny Depp syndrome! Trying too hard to look cool – overly ‘accessoryized’ and over done hair when it’s not necessary. My advice: Take off some jewelry and simplify the hair! Get some sunshine on your handsome face. Honestly, I see too many male K stars that seem to be very high maintenance. lol

    • Johnny Depp … who can be like him πŸ™‚ I love Johnny bcz he is cool and he has charm, his long hair give him more sexy look but JGS I hope he will back to the Reality world bcz we miss him I hope he just be healthy right now in his own messy world πŸ™

    • hey girl what you smokin’?? Johnny Depp is the real thing..he’s not really trying to be anything, he’s naturally weird and cool like that.
      But I agree with you on everything else. JGS really needs somebody to slap him in the face and orient him back to reality. He is looking absolutely odd and pretentious lately. Bring back Beethoven Virus-JGS please. It’s not just his looks its his overall behavior and stuff. Sigh!

  4. Or maybe he should try to live in a monastery for few months. Vegetarian diet and discipline would have helped him to restore good looks and goal of life.

  5. His current face is ugly, not handsome like it was used to be at all.
    I hate his long hair, eyeliner, and odd accessories.

  6. This whole Asia Prince thing is really not working for him, yeah he is popular, but that can only get him so far, specially with the rise of young and talented actors, he can easily be replaced. His recent projects, both film and TV, sucked so bad. Such a waste of talent.

  7. Someone commented earlier that this is one of the most sane outfits he’s been photographed in for a long time. Maybe he has to restore/regroup in stages. This time it’s the clothes that are ok. Maybe next time will be healthier/more robust looking skin color. Then after that will be the hair. I can hope, right???

  8. At least he looks to have put on a little weight and franky I always thought he looked alarmingly thin. But he definately is not looking healthy. He is a talented actor and I hope one day soon to see him perform in something wonderful.

    • I thought he looked bloated from too much drinking not a healthy weight gain which he needed. Anybody else think he looks like he’s channeling Axel Rose of Guns & Roses from the late 90’s? That would be so sad.

      • I think so too, I guess it’s not enough rest plus drinking and partying that is making him looks so haggard.

      • I’m not the only one who think tat he is a bit odd lately. In those photos above, i see a bit bumpy on his stomach.. Sometimes when you drink tooo much, tat’s the effect.

        Sadly to say, this asian prince is going downhill.
        Ok, now evryone can hate me

  9. You said it all! It’s a pity to see a talented actor being wasted away through some bad choices made. I realize that he is creative and bold but I miss the actor I first saw in YB.

  10. Oh my goodness, what happened? I still remember the young, innocent looking, wide eyed character that he played in hwang jini. He definitely looks way older than his mid twenties age. I was thinking that he is definitely not changing before he goes into the army. That’s my guess. He will ride it out until then, unless his popularity suddenly drops, which I doubt, so my only hope is that after the army, he will be a more serious actor again. Serious serious waste of talent. But if he’s going to do that it’s his choice. I just have to move onto other actors and the such. Still a serious waste of talent.

    that’s all.
    I miss the OLD JGS from all the nice movies and series I watched that he played. Beethoven Virus,Hwang Jini, Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do,Baby and I, etc…WHERE IS THAT JGS?I just dnt know, it felt like his head is getting bigger(literally and figuritively). I just hope someon can give him a GOOD ADVICE.

  12. I absolutely agree about his terrible career management over the last years, but IMO the main problem with his appearance right now is that awful “style”. I won’t comment the clothes since this is the best I’ve seen him dressed in years – chains and all – but that hairstyle is tragic. His forehead is way too big to work that hair lenght, and the color + wavy coiffure are making him look like my older sister. Plus, he seems to be make-up free, pale and bloated here, so he’s probably totally hangover. Give the guy a good haircut, nail polish remover, make-up and three decent nights of sleep and he’ll look as good as new! πŸ˜€ I miss him on my screen!

  13. Agree! I’m so sad that looks like we lost one of korean talented actor. I hope he’ll build some sense into his life.

  14. I don’t really mind his wacky outfits but he badly, BADLY needs to go back to darker hair – that reddish-orange he has right now is clashing with his skin tone and is no small part of the reason why he looks older than he is.

    In fact, I’d say he needs a (black) dye job and a drama where he doesn’t play a variant of Taekyung, STAT. He’s too talented to fritter it away like this.

  15. Agree on the hair. If he’s going to jam 24/7 he needs lots of water and down time to recuperate. I’m really enjoying his Team H (big brother is fine as hell, wow that man turns me into a furnace) tunes but I’m of the feel-great for Asia not for US market of edm. Anywho- your only in your 20’s once, but that body is for a lifetime.

  16. He looks like latter days John Lennon now. Perhaps like John, also reaches a stage in his life where he decides to stop caring anymore. Sigh… what a waste!

  17. Two words: Army Duty. Come back and you might regain some of the respect I had for you as an actor. Maybe. And yes, he looks TERRIBLE. Ugh.

    • I was just thinking that the Army might knock some sense into him. At the very least he would have to cut his hair and lose the random nail polish look.

      • yr 2013 in here & i just found you guys.hope you could read this as it’s yr 2016. abt. JKS and the army, i’ve been thinking the same thing. he will be going “in” late this year and i really hope, like other hopefulls in here, that the army would help him reevaluate himself. i think he is taking is badass image too far. but as a fan, i love him anyways.

    • two thumbs up from 2016. hope you are still checking your post here.his latest drama”royal gambler” didn’t go well in korea and accordingly, he, himself was disappointed with the result. but i watched this drama and he did ok. or maybe i am partial with my judgement coz i’m a fan who missed him so much on my screen.

  18. I have liked JKS since You’re Beautiful days and I agree that this long hair of his fit him well in Mary Stayed Out All Night. But… I wish for him to cut it out.Geez! It’s been ages and this doesn’t fit him anymore. While all of the other stars changed their hair style from time to time, JKS decided to keep this locks for forever. I also wish for him to refrain from wearing clothes which make him look older and out of this world. He may like to look extraordinary but it looks weirder and weirder to me each day. πŸ™

  19. That day I was watching baby and me, and he looked so boyish and cool in a high school student uniform. No offence but now he looks kind of gay and girly. Miss his boyish image. :<

  20. I guess by looking terrible, you mostly mean his look and not his outfit because we know we’ve seen worse. This one seems ok for him.

    Really, as a fan I cringe but don’t mind his questionable wardrobe.. only I wish to see back him as the quirky talented actor with sexy voice! I wonder if he doesn’t want to be an actor anymore… (btw, never liked his Mary hair and still don’t, especially the wavy style he sports.. ugh)

  21. LOL. OMG It’s late and I’m so tired. I read the headline as “Jang Geun Seok Wears Lipstick Worse” Ahhh the dyslexia.
    But seriously.. Jang Geun Seok needs to seek some help. He’s just so.. I don’t know.

  22. Its def the hair that makes him look worse- he needs a more mature style and a darker color. Really, I remember watching him in that movie with the fast food murder and I was shocked- he was so handsome and talented. I wish to see the jang guen seok again. So dissapointing πŸ™

  23. I really like his outfit but this hair looks quite off. I’m sure he will cut it when he gets casted in some good drama again. So you can return loving him ;).

  24. He should stop drinking and partying, rest properly and eat more. I also agree that maybe he should do army duty now and come back with a new perspective.
    But I guess he wants to milk his popularity for all it’s worth especially in Japan.

  25. first I hope he will cut his hair it is not suits him eigter want him like bethoven virus then his nail what is that !!!!!!!!!! I love him so much and will love him forever but I want him be on the top but what he is doing he can lose his popularity . He is clever boy he knows what is good for him and what is bad but know I just hope he will give up smoking and drinking as I worry about his health .I think ONE GOOD PROJECT CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING hope he will make a right dicision for his career what he do I will be with him to suppoet him

  26. Well said Ockoala……you took the words right out of my mouth about Geun Seok’s looks and behaviour in the past few years!!!!

  27. Jang Geun Suk needs someone who will knock some sense into him ASAP. The guy has been on a downhill spiral for quite awhile now. His fashion sucks(though it might be his best outfit in quite a while),his haircut is outdated (70’s…moreover he didn’t change it since 2010), pale complexion that makes him look like a vampire…all in all, he looks unkempt. No seriously the guy has gone nuts. Either he gets his act together or might as well enlist into the army now (he may change for the better when he’ll get out of there)

    PS : I’ve been a Geun Suk fan since his Beethoven Virus days…I’m just disappointed with him nowadays but I didn’t write him off yet, I still have hope.

    • damn, so because of his clothing choices, he’s gone NUTS? I understand if he’s jeopardizing his acting career in Korea or people thinking he looks worse but to think he’s personally gone nuts because he dresses the way he wants and is meeting up with people’s really narrow expectations is a bit much. I feel like I and many others around his age have been where he is (trying to figure out life and what I want) but his journey is just more public. It ain’t that serious.

  28. 2009 – You’re Beautiful ,Itaewon Murder Case
    2010- Mary Stayed Out All Night
    2011 – You’re my Pet
    2012 – Love Rain

    2013 – He has signed on a new role, just that he has not announced.

    Not having luck with drama, does not mean he is not working. He still shoots at least one drama/movie a year. I would say it is quite common for an actor. The fact that he used his free time to do other things while the other actors rest, does not make JKS a lesser actor than them.

    I don’t care about his hairstyle or fashion sense. JKS is one of the more versatile actors in his generation. He may not has luck with his selection of dramas, but i love to see him act.

    I am looking forward to his new drama.

    • But even his acting is not that great anymore…he plays the same kind of roles all the time, he doesn’t challenge himself anymore…all in all, he takes it easy.

      • You’re my Pet character was a role he enjoyed. He was very interested in the role way before he became famous due to You’re Beautiful.i would n’t say there was any real acting as he said the director wanted him to act just like jgs for the role. This is one of role that i do not like, the script is not good. Even Kim ha nuel is bad in the role.

        I also wouldn’t say all his acting in Love Rain was good. But if you watched the drama and not just read summary, you would definitely noticed that his acting in certain scenes especially emotional scenes has improved a lot. A lot of critics has also praised his performances in Love Rain. He was not consistently good in Love Rain, but i am very impressed by some of the more important and emotional scenes. there were moments where i think his acting has a step backwards but he nailed all the important scenes.

        He chose Love Rain because he first thought that the 70s will be a big part of the drama and he like the fact he acting dual roles. It was a pity 70s portion was cut because audience did not like it.

        You said he was not trying to challenge himself but the reason he took up the role in Love Rain was because he wanted to challenge the 70s role, as the character was very different from himself.

    • I love the part when he played as seo in ha..it will be difficult to portray the shyness quality of in ha particularly for someone who is so active *to the degree hyperactive.. i believe he has put lots of effort into it. If only the director make it as a flashback drama like reply 1997.. perhaps it will gain two digits rating.

  29. LMAO – I think he looks awesome. Party on, JGS – go do your thing. Lots of time before you have to chop your hair off, be responsible and conform to society. (Army duty IS coming up for him though) And cheers to being a young 20ish something and making bad decisions. I just might make a few bad decisions myself next weekend. Thanks for the article, Koala! πŸ™‚

  30. Wow, I used to loveee this guy and still do but lately…I have been wondering what about him impressed me so much! Please go back to looking young and fresh, AND please AVOID Painting your nails! WhatΒ΄s that for anyways?

  31. He is dressed so 80″s. Maybe he’s just dehydrated after a long flight. I do like him with long hair. It make his short nose look longer. I wouldn’t call him handsome but he is very attractive.
    I liked him a lot in LR. I liked LR …..all the actors in it except the leading lady who thought making faces was acting.

  32. Totally agree with you kapten!! Im an eel.. but recently i am so so confused about him. I thought he was claiming that he wants to be known as an actor.. but look… all his recent decisions gone too far from being an actor.. from dj-ing.. singing.. dancing and all entertaining roles he had chosen. Well.. he didn’t need to show how multitalent he is..coz we all ready know.. from you are beautiful.. you’re my pet.. and M3.. it already gives lots of proof. Sukkie seems to get this “spring breakers” syndrome. Kekekeke. Gosh. I really don’t know how to describe it. I wonder what makes him like this and hopefully he will recover from being “an entertainer” and back to his acting career..

    • I think he needs to have a girlfriend. He’s become too much girly. I remember seeing a video of him and Moon Geun Young when they were in their teens and making a pinky promise. He really needs to be a man. Get a girl….preferably MGY for real. He also needs to act more of a gentleman.

    • The truth is, there’s a big possibility that he is gay, and no amount of girlfriend could make him straight. Don’t get me wrong, there nothing wrong with being gay (this comes from an Adam Lambert fan!), but the Korean industry is cruel to them. The way to blur the lines is to make “bromance” a commodity in a boys group, so any loving action between men, they could slap it as bromance. And the kpop fans go ga-ga over the boys kissing each other.

  33. He was such a hot commodity and seemed to know what he was doing. However, I think he went downhill after Mary Stayed Out All Night. Tis a shame really. I was a fan of him from Nonstop 4, but he has really let himself go. He needs someone to shake him and let him know that he won’t have his popularity forever. I think he needs to go on a self-reflection trip or something…sigh

  34. If he makes a comeback with his old short-cropped-spiky-raven hairstyle, i will forgive him for the excessive eyeliner.

  35. Yep waste of a talented actor…..hair needs “something”….nails??? But do I see a little sake belly growing……hmmmmmm…..I could be wrong πŸ˜›

  36. i was his fan…even hv an fb fanpage writing about him… but i choose to stop liking him after his ‘too extravaganza’ appearances..hair style.. choice of outfits.. seriously nonpopular dramas and movie..not mention his over narcisism.. i really hope he have people around him dragging him back to the right line.. i really miss his old self..

  37. I never though the was attractive at all but I don’t see how he looks horrible? Am I the only one? *shrugs*

    His career definitely seems horrible. Hopefully, he’s happy with his career but its important to be wise if he wants to last in his industry. People have probably tried to talk sense into him, maybe he doesn’t want to listen.

  38. This is a rare time where I WANT someone to go on army duty. It’ll do him so good I think. Force him to straighten up and take care of his body.

  39. I must say that light colored hair does not suit him. He should darken it a bit and cut it short for a change. I hope he also makes a drama with Moon Geun Young, they have such good chemistry together very natural and not forced…like two really good friends working together.

  40. The only time I liked him was in Do Re Mi. Young, fresh, handsome, natural – not single plastic surgery on his face. Perhaps his eyelid only. But now, it’s hard to even considered him as good looking. Washed up bloated face, dreadful hair, drinkers belly, and awful styling. When you have PS on your face or any other part of your body, you have to maintain it by living a healthy life. PS and alcohol/bad lifestyle, that’s what you get people! As koala said, fugly!

  41. Omg I seriously thought he was a GIRL ! Omg I can’t believe h is the guy I fell in love with in 2009in you’re beautiful ! Omg
    And those nails Omg ! I can’t believe my eyes he is so being ugly ! Ewwwwwwwww what the he’ll is he smiling abt ?! Are ppl actually so happy to see him like this ? That he smiles back o they are laughing ! Hey you where is my oppa bring him back you witch !!!

  42. I think his complexion isn’t actually as pale as these photos show. I think it is flashing BB Cream or makeup of some sort that is paler than he currently is. I’ve seen pictures of him recently sunbathing.
    I also think he is a bit of a chainsmoker and it is really messing with his looks. (Lines around the mouth and bad skin.)

    He did change his hair a bit for Love Rain, and it looked good, I thought. I do agree he looks better on an average day with darker hair and not some ahjumma disasterpiece.

    • He is definitely wearing BB cream – look at the difference in color between his chin and his neck. But BB cream can’t completely cover the lines from too much smoking, the bloating from poor nutrition and too much alcohol – and long hair can’t disguise the fact that his hairline is beginning to recede (esp. noticeable in picture 3). He may be wearing his hair long now because it is thinning; this can happen as early as age 27.

  43. Well.. I am not the only one who are thinking the same way. I just knew about JKS a month ago from KBS Marry Me,Mary. Then I realized that he looks like an actor from Hwang JIn Ni which I saw nearly 7 years ago.And I’m shocked, how he change so much! I’m admiring his hardwork and dedication, but his wacky style.Ugh..No No. I am missing the old JKS who modest with short black-hair also mature behavior.This picture prove my point that he has a crisis in his life:((.That’s so sad!

  44. Remember when he was in “Itaewon Murder Case” in 2009? The movie where his character may have killed Song Joong-ki’s character? I think that was when I first remembered who he was as an actor. I’d seen Do Re Mi before that, and he was really cute in it, but it didn’t stick in my mind. He was so unexpectedly good in that! I love it when the really pretty feminine ones surprise you. And his voice is always a (really really good) surprise. πŸ™‚

    Someone talked about about the possibility of male K entertainers being gay – am I the only one who has absolutely no gaydar when it comes to K-ent? None. It must be the cultural divide, and I’ve long since given up trying to tell.

  45. Wow how could i put it …. let me think…. I am actually a lady in my 40s and I have to say that I agree with your beautiful way of criticizing JGS in such a respectful and honest way that you should definitely be his manager and as his fan I really liked what you pointed out about his acting career which I really miss and it’s not that I want to blame others but I genuinely think that since he went on trip to Japan with this H team in concerts and gigs he has changed a lot. he is someone who we should really take care of before is too late he is such a great actor and such a good singer and musician and as an only son I think he should be more careful because he has to think not only in himself and having fun but also in his family and all the thousands and thousands of fans around the world I am from Chile and I am really concerned about what he is doing with is career and his life he seems to be enjoying life ,nights, alcohol, women and all the cliche stuff about musician but he is more than that he’s got the talent for doing everything in an excellent way so let’s give him some advise to keep his career increasing more and more with the years we love you JGS so come back to be the nice and charming guy you should always be Yessica from Chile

  46. I agree with (before joining the army) that he wants to doing crazy things and have fun … But nail polish … I hate more..

    But his works, whether drama or singing he is the first ….. No one rivaled him…
    We have to support him…or how can we call our self his eel’s.

  47. actualy he has his own persnality i dont think anybody has right to say any thing on wateva he do…
    this is his life he do wateva he want… he is perfect in every thing those who dont lyk step back…
    wateva he do atleast he is of his original kind not fake… atleast he dosnt show off to b prety good…

    • yes I agree with you. We definitely shouldn’t ask him to go back to how he was. The road only has a forward sign:D!!

  48. Although I ,too, feel that my favourite star for some reason doesn’t seem to shine brighter by the day(as he used to) it’s a long way to say I don’t aproove of something he does:D!(Yes I also loved his hair shorter but long does suit him)
    I’ve seen his Johnny Depp similarities from the moment I started liking him (it probably was part of the reason although I can’t say for sure) but I think he also brings a bit of his korean culture in his public image.
    Also I think he is someone that has worked the hardest and treats his acting career seriously. Although his last acting projects weren’t boxoffice wonders I could notice his growing skills in acting and I think Love Rain and YMP were produced with his image in frame and he had to bear the weight. If there are times when he doesn’t look too good, it’s probably because of overworking. The reason his clips seem fun and carefree is because they dried his blood and sweat.
    The more his image will change and the more he will be misunderstood the harder he will feel he has to work(I guess this is his path) so I hope that as anyone who loves him I can give him strengh(that’s not a freeride he’s earned it). Jang Keun Suk have faith!

  49. Happy birthday! JGS takes my breath away . . . fills my heart with memories of falling in love and being young. I wish him well . . .

  50. i love his voice, but for years i hate his style.

    his long hair, i hate the most. long hair makes he looks like a gay.

    i hate his weird style which is quite rocky and childish. i don’t like them at all !

    arghh, his nail, should i come to him and remove the painting on his nail?

    he should be more gentleman, and try to have a good look like another handsome men. he has good looking, good voice and good acting, but his style and his personality ruins all of his speciality !

    koreans, please wake up and tell him to change his style! it makes him looks older and uglier than his real looking.

    i love his looks in beethoven movie. arghh, he looked really handsome in that movie.

    in love rain, i hate his hair.

    he should keep little moustache like in beethoven, so that he would look as a real man, not like a girl with a very beautiful face !

  51. it’s funny how so many of you compared him to johnny depp saying how cool johnny depp is, guess what mr.depp would find you all ridiculous for scrutinizing JGS like this. it’s lame. everyone keeps saying he should do this or that and stop being like this and “oh i hate his hair” well, too bad, it’s his hair his body his clothing and he can do wtf ever he likes with them. he’s still gonna make money, still gonna have a career and still gonna have the fun life he’s currently living. and also, NO ONE ever really looks amazing at the airport unless they have a stylist do an overhaul on them right there and then for the cameras. do you JGS, it’s all good.

  52. The guy is ageing disgracefully, drugs are all over his thin, pale face, his super chin v surgery and new straight nose do not even make him look any better and his clairol ash blonde dyed hair, he managed to get the look of my grandma if she were on drugs.

  53. Yes JKS looks very ugly these few days. I think he partying, drinking and smoking away. I guess he may be interested in one of his co-star
    but then his mother may have objected to it so thefore he just keeps
    singing and partying to drown his own sorrow in silence.
    Hopefully his agency may get him to act with MGY once again as they
    did promised to work together after their drama M3 ended. The reason
    he was happy to hear that MGY will be his co-star that he jumped for joy so maybe their agency should quickly act.

  54. I barely know him I never meet him in real life, I seen him in love rain, I have watched videos of him. I do not think other fans should put him down that is not right, he is just different that is all there is nothing wrong with him being different, we all can’t change him, I don’t see anything wrong with him, just let him live the life he wants too, Stop saying mean and harsh things about him or about the way he looks, in other countries or states are much worser. So who ever you are of fans to him STOP MAKING FUN OF HIM. Yea I understand it’s your own opinion. But still that is not the right way to treat or say things about other people..

  55. I have nothing against JGS as a person but he really made lots of bad choices as an actor in his career. I absolutely disliked ‘You’re Beautiful’ because of the silliness of the story (I know I could be egged for this but that’s how I honestly felt) and his over-the-top character in that drama.

    Since then, he took on similar roles that have not made him develop as an actor. His character in ‘Pretty Man’ has the same air about it as his other characters. I truly wish he would try to develop his skills and try something different. And get rid of that hairstyle since it looks pretty bad. He always looked better with shorter hair.

  56. i like jgs no matter what his attire is. for me he’s such a good actor and i love all his dramas and movies. however, i don’t agree with his drinking and smoking. he should minimize it coz it will definitely affect his health and looks. more power to you…fighting!!!

  57. Oh come guys! Evryone has his own “bad hair day” bsds jks was known to be free spirited let him live the life we wanted. If youre really a fan of him youll support him. He works so hard its just right that he enjoyed it whether he party hard is really none of our business. For me i know he knows what hes doing. I still like Jks no matter what β™₯β™₯

  58. Oh come guys! Evryone has his own “bad hair day” bsds jks was known to be free spirited let him live the life he wanted. If youre really a fan of him youll support him. He works so hard its just right that he enjoyed it whether he party hard is really none of our business. For me i know he knows what hes doing. I still like Jks no matter what β™₯β™₯

  59. .is it true that jks is really been smoking???.. i love the hair cut and the way he dress.. thts the reason why, i found him unique, .. but i cant deny i fell’ t slightly disappointed, about his smoking and gut drinking habbit.

  60. I AM SHOCKED you people call yourself his fans????? I support him no matter how messed up he decides to look like.. besides he looks good on these photos… STOP being a bunch of ……..

  61. No need to hate. People grows up and becomes what we becomes. He grows up to be the person he is wether we like it or not. And those who use to love him but don’t like who he is now should grow up too. Asking someone to stay the same as he is is the stupidest thing i have ever heard. If you don’t like who he is now, leave quietly and go find someone you like. It’s that easy.
    I wouldn’t call myself a fan because i have just get to know Jang keun suk and i was fascinated by his real character rather than his acting or the person he is on-screen. He has a very bold and bubbly character that i find very attractive. Everyone are attracted to different feature, no need to get angery because he change. Just go on and find people you like instead. Try and find back that feeling you have when you fall for him from someone else. Goodluck!?

  62. Did you all get paid to talk so much crap? Look at yourselves in the mirror and stop critizing people just because they age, everybody ages and you all will too! He looks awsome! You do not know how long he was up that day or if he was tired or jetlagged! He does not drink or smoke to lose weight at all! If you were real fans you would know that those rumors are false and that JKS was only joking when he said that. He likes pulling peoples legs! His nails are pretty, he likes them that way SO WHAT? JKS is an awsome actor and a great singer! YOu should all be proud of him because he is one famouse Korean that has make people around the world fall in love with Korean culture and Korean language!

  63. He looks amazing . no matter what looks he use.. I dont care about fashions or styles on him.. I care for the beautiful humanbeing he is. pure soul. happy. care for his fans. lovely .He is great singer and great actor.

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