Written Preview for Episode 9 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love

Episode 8 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love might’ve turned the switch on for some drama viewers on the fence about watching, but I’ve been all-in since episode 1 and what made this episode a fantastic gripping one was not the rain kiss but everything else that led up to it. This was not about seeing Yoo Ah In and Kim Tae Hee finally kiss, or seeing Lee Soon and Ok Jung finally kiss, this was about the two of them acknowledging candidly their attraction but dealing with it in the context of their night-and-day positions in life. He is the King, she is the daughter of a slave woman. That’s pretty much as far apart as they can get, and I loved Ok Jung’s analogy that he is the sky and even if she’s walked miles to get to the Palace to find Lee Soon, when she discovered Lee Soon was the King, then the road to him is so vast even traversing the Heavens and the Earth she cannot reach him. So poetic and hopeless, so accepting of her lot in life. Which is why I loved it even more when Lee Soon gets angry, because he refuses to let the Heavens dictate his life and when he sees the woman he desires pushing him away because of pre-ordained notions of suitability, that pushes him over the edge. When he steps down, steps into dirty water, steps towards her because she refuses to climb to him, my heart burst into tears of joy and sorrow. They are so very meant to be because they both want to break the chains of their life and love the person they want. This drama gets me right there in the gut and it hurts so good. Check out the written preview for episode 9 as well as the BTS of the kiss below (the screencaps from that BTS above show how hard it is to film and how unromantic it is in doing so).

Written preview for episode 9:

Prince Dongpyung drinks with Lee Soon and asks with a smile whether there is a woman that Lee Soon loves? On the other hand, Ok Jung gets the bedding from Lee Soon’s eunuch and heads over to Lee Soon’s bedchambers…….

BTS of the Rain Kiss:


Written Preview for Episode 9 of Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love — 35 Comments

  1. Have you seen the video of the main cast interview each other? Yoo Ah In is asked what is his best feature or something, and his answer: his butt.

  2. I am SOOOOOO in love with this drama! Am I a weirdo for replaying the rain kiss over and over even in the BTS footage?!?

    • Don’t worry we all lost count.
      And yet, each time I play it, it’s just as good as the first time I watched it.

    • dude i am not exaggerating i have watched the end scene like 15 times already….like i am so obsessed with it

  3. Wweerrr…..what???? OJ’s been ‘summoned’ to sleep with LS? Ok….i wasnt expecting this. I thought he’d wait till she officially became his concubine….wait…..is this a cop-out from the scriptwriters? Are they teasing us??

    • This.
      I bet they are just teasing us.. I mean bedchambers, already?! It’s only episode 8 out of 24 and already the first kiss, declaration of love, and now maybe sleeping together? Stop the presses..
      I don’t want this show to lose steam halfway through its run trying to throw out all its good stuff to gain more viewers.

      • Me neither!! 🙁 Humh! must have a word with Mr Writer 😀
        Mr Writer(s); Hope that you’re not going to kill our pleasure just to please the new viewers.
        “Why Hamburger when we can have the top class STEAK”.
        Thank you Miss K <3

        L O V E for Jang Ok Jung
        L ~ lake of sorrows
        O ~ ocean of tears
        V ~ valley of death
        E ~ end of life

  4. The making of kissing scene is so funny! And when they’re on it, they’re really ON! Soooo hot! And woot woot..written preview for episode 9 is such a tease!

  5. Totally agree that it’s not just about the kiss itself. I doubt I would’ve loved that scene as much if it wasn’t for the circumstances that led to that kiss. The build up was superb.

    And yes, this drama just hurts so good. It’s been a while since I’ve shipped an OTP this hard. ;A;

  6. Oh… They are soo teasing us with the bedding thing. Maybe he made her fix all his bed sheets too while he was making her fix every single outfit he had at his disposal. 🙂 stop teasing us drama!! If it is in a preview, it’s definitely meant to throw us off. I can’t wait for the video preview. Please drama don’t ruin the early love part. Throw us a bone. Stay with the cute and the hot and the sweet. 🙂

    • Totally agree. Hoping that they just don’t take our anticipation away with something awful like the queen or something comes by to his chamber.

    • I think LeeSoon wants to keep her by his side as his PA (also his own personal chambermaid ) 😀 . I bet the writer is clever enough, he won’t turn BEAUTY into the BEAST in order to get more viewers, no-way!
      I can imagine Dowager Queen Kim’s nightmare would come since she knew from fortune teller (ep5) that “the next Queen (InHyun) will be fine, but with the new Queen ( ? ) will come, someone who will bring strife to Palace and opposition to the Dowager Queen” means Noron court lady.
      I think LeeSoon will marry Min InHyun soon to chat his mum up about OkJung 😀 😀

  7. So I loved how you described Epi#8 in first Para. I was too crying (not sure why..) but yes seeing The SKY the KING coming down to HER, just to let her know that HE CANT be apart from her, he loves her more than his so called GREATNESS. this confession is the best among al the current shows and m sure I wont be seeing any of such TRUE to HEART confessions in near future.
    Thanks a ton sharing the writen preview.

  8. Thank you for your describe of the kiss and the translation…
    Bu I think may be something happen when she is heading to the king chamber

  9. Sigh koala, your explanation of the analogy of the king being the sky and her struggle to reach it is just so breathtaking. How long has it been since a declaration of love hurt this good? Oh right, k2h.
    I have completely fallen head over heels for this OTP that even if this show started to suck balls I’d still watch and root for the OTP.. Now this is a way to keep your fans. What this show lacks in finesse makes up with so much heart.. This is the reason I watch k-dramas right here.

  10. Thanks for the BTS! I love YAI, but next to KTH he looks childish and missy. He is still a boy, but GOD, he plays well a man in the drama! 🙂

    • Agree! Behind the scene, KTH looks like his big sister taking care of lil bro. But when the camera rolls, he changes to a man! He’s such a great actor.

      • Hahah! He’s a grown-ass adult who still looks like a teenager,,, a baby-faced 26-year-old who getting categorized as a “young and innocent thing.” Yeah, with a mature mind and a wise old soul. He’s Capable of Expressing Himself, he’s Decisive. takes Responsibility, and has a Higher-Purpose.
        In the early interview, KTH said that she doesn’t feel awkward or intimidated by his age even she’s 6 yrs older than him.

  11. The entire Episode 12 is really well done to build up that kiss.
    I just like it he doesn’t get her signal her being concerned. their status different is a big deal. He is also don’t feel guilty about him lying to her aboit his real identity. He is easily mutter to himself..” After she said that, why she hasn’t show up” lol I laugh when she siad that. Really this king is so unsensitife and unaware his behaviour for his own action. it’s maybe for him it’s not a big deal for him. That’s his angry to her at the end is understable.
    At this point, he hasn’t witness yet what ok jung has went through to meet her. That’s one of the reason he doesn’t get what ok jung worried about when all he want is her being near him.

  12. i totally agree, this is so perfect, everything that was said, the analogy.
    this drama will be the end of me.

  13. We have yet to reach half way mark and what ? bedchamber ? What a tease ! If indeed they ended up *ahem**, I am not complaining. ..

  14. Ms Koala, you perfectly explained my feelings about Ep.8. I love how the writer writes the dialogues, and also like the dialogue in their moonlight conversation. It just touches you to the core. I’m also guilty of watching the ending scene ocuntless times, but mostly to hear the conversation (because it is killing me to watch the kiss scene with Prince DP in the background!!)

  15. just amazed by the chemistry of Kim tae he and yoo ah in…just find out that their acting skill are great because of this drama..thx for the recap…because u recap this one , i make myself watching kdrama again

  16. thanks for this…i love this drama…it’s way better than their partner-trade-in When a Man Loves…YooAhIn and KimTaeHee definitely has the chemistry…YAI is such a great actor…
    can’t wait for the next episode…

  17. some please SAVE ME from this drama..i am totally drowning in it…i CANNOT keep my thought from daydreaming about what would happen NEXT..GOSH THE ANTICIPATION IS KILLING ME

    • LOL!….. we’re all the same here, mine even worse…. keeps popping up during my exam! Dam!! 😀 This drama is more than delicious,,, keeps me guessing the out come of the show…. what’s next? To make inferences of sufficient evidence to establish certainty… to conjecture of the circumstances of the drama,,, making us to surmise the motives that led to our imaginations. And now,,,, just wait for next episode, it’ll knock my socks off!! for sure. 🙂

  18. I love love love this drama. I was worried about the age difference between the main leads before the drama started but YAI is so manly and the chemistry between them is wonderful.

  19. The whole build up made the kiss so much more meaningful & beautiful!!! my god I’ve watched the ending like 10x!!!! Lol cannot wait for ep 9!!!!! eeeek!!!

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