Miwa Drops New Album Including Title Track “Delight” Off the Rich Man, Poor Woman SP

I didn’t purposely neglect to share this awesome song when the Rich Man, Poor Woman SP first aired last month on April 1 (the airing date still feels like a joke without the punch line), but rather the actual track was not released until this week when singer-songwriter Miwa dropped her latest album called Delight. The album contains 11 tracks, including the ridiculously effervescent and catchy “Hikari e”, which was the title track for the J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman which aired last Summer. Fuji TV must’ve realized it hit a gold mine with pairing Miwa’s light electronic beat songs with RMPW because it went back to the source to rustle up yet another perfect song to pair with the RMPW SP. The track selected is called “Delight” (which is the track name Miwa used to title the album itself which goes to show she must really like it as well) and is indeed absolutely delightful. When the SP aired there was no leaked version of the track so fans took to splicing together the track from the show itself, which feels rather like someone rigging an emergency contraption to get the job done until the real thing comes along. The real thing has now arrived so read on to download “Delight” and listen to the official track. If I were to pick a favorite amongst the two songs used in RMPW, I have to give the edge to “Hikari e” – it was so unexpected and hit that sweet spot in launching RMPW with an awesome opening sequence that probably kept me watching long enough for the actual narrative to hook me. I’ve overplayed “Hikari e” a tad so “Delight” couldn’t have come at a better time to switch things up. Check it out!

Click here to download the single track “Delight” by Miwa.

List to Miwa’s “Delight”:



Miwa Drops New Album Including Title Track “Delight” Off the Rich Man, Poor Woman SP — 6 Comments

  1. Hikari e still makes me smile… already with the first tunes.
    Though it is hard to say whether it’s the charm of the song self or the charm of the drama. Or maybe it’s just a perfect marriage of both.
    Anyway, RMPW is a drama I’ve got to know thank to this blog and I’m really grateful for that. It was a beautiful summer 2012! Thanks Koala!

  2. Super thanks for sharing the link! Been searching for Delight in different sites! Can’t download though šŸ™

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