New Previews for K-drama Rich Man Show Solid Chemistry with Leads Suho and Ha Yeon Seo

I’m currently on J-dorama kick and boy does it feel like a much needed palate cleanser between my steady courses of K-dramas. That makes for a nice dovetail into the upcoming K-drama remake of one of my favorite J-doramas Rich Man, Poor Woman. The drama Rich Man will be airing on MBN and stars idol-actor Suho and K-actress Ha Yeon Seo, and while I have no expectation that it will be anywhere near as engrossing as the original I am surprised by how okay I am with the leads chemistry and visuals. Suho is surprising in looking the part of the male lead both as a tech genius and a super rich self-made millionaire. Ha Yeon Seo doesn’t quite tread the expressive but not overacting line that the original female lead did so well but she comes across as the practical foil to an overachieving dreamer male lead. The drama premieres on May 9th and the new previews are looking promising enough. Continue reading

Ha Yeon Seo and Suho are Decently Believable as Leads for K-drama Remake of Rich Man, Poor Woman

The arrival of the K-drama remake of J-dorama Rich Man, Poor Woman is actually earlier than I thought, with the shortened title of Rich Man premiering on cable network MBN on May 9th. I’m relatively interested for various reasons, love … Continue reading