Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Attend Mid-point Press Conference for Gu Family Book

So I took some folk’s suggestion and jumped back into Gu Family Book starting with episode 13. Don’t lie and argue that I needed to go back and fill in the last 8 episodes, ain’t nothing happened that needed to be watched and couldn’t be deduced swiftly upon diving into 13. If I want some Lee Seung Gi half man-beast angsting from earlier episodes, I’m sure a best-of MV compilation would hit the spot. Back to episode 13, it wasn’t nearly as annoying narratively as I remembered, but that was mostly because it felt like a filler episode to set up the return of now-100%-evil demon daddy Wol Ryung. I thought the OTP finally had a narrative presence around their friendship and understanding of each other, though is it my imagination or has Suzy actually gotten worse than when she first popped up. She literally sounds like a robot reading cue cards, like a SNL skit where the worst actress on the planet attempts Lady Macbeth while surrounded by people who can act. Lee Yoo Bi, on the other hand, wow I did not know she had it in her but she’s rocking and rolling here. Seung Gi seems to be doing fine, but there isn’t the same fire and passion I glimpsed in his performance from The King 2 Hearts, and I’m not talking about the character portrayal inasmuch as I could see underneath the surface as he played the role that he connected viscerally with the character of Lee Jae Ha. That doesn’t seem to be evidenced here, though he is too cute for words and I could pack him up and take him home. I confess the story is still pretty dull for me and I actually yawned quite a few times, but episode 14 was a lot more interesting so that’s an upward trajectory. It’s good to know its stabilized and appears to have grounded down to a confident narrative cadence even if it is overly simplistic. I think Yeol Wool and Kang Chi are just too cute and sweet together and that makes it very easy for this drama to sustain its audience. The main cast attended a mid-point drama press conference this week that further confirmed Seung Gi and Suzy look absolutely marvelous together so check out the cute pics.


Lee Seung Gi and Suzy Attend Mid-point Press Conference for Gu Family Book — 81 Comments

  1. I don’t have time to attempt to pick this one up again, since I opted to pick up AAMR again. But Suzy looks great here and as always fabulous with any co-star. She can pull off those bold solid colors so well.

  2. I am SO glad Wol-ryung is back its not even funny, he’s practically the only character I’m interested in. Although (spoiler) Seo-hwa’s return…not so excited. I still want to slap her for her idiocy.
    Honestly I’m even more disappointed by Seunggi’s performance than Suzy. I wasn’t expecting much from Suzy, but after Seunggi’s fantastic turn in K2H, this is just, well, a pretty huge letdown.

    • Who can be unhappy with the HOT DADDY coming back! I really hope he kills Seo Hwa and is able to turn back into the hottest and sweet gumiho and have a nice relationship with Kang Chi!! Damn! those two totally bright my day!!!! I pretty much don´t care for anyone else…

      • I would guess that watching Good Wol Ryung and Kang Chi together is like watching a pair of puppies tumble around. Silly but absolutely enchanting.

  3. Suzy looks great as usual, but am i the only one who thinks the dress doesn’t look good on her…? The triangles cut out from the sides look awkward.

    • Yeah I agree with you. She looks really pretty but the dress doesn’t quite fit her it’s kinda loose it would’ve been better if there were no cut outs because it made her look thinner. 🙂

  4. I believe that in order to feel with a drama or a novel, one should go through all the episodes/portions without skipping anything…….even when certain parts look boring..

    So it’s obvious that one feels detached with the characters if they jump onto random portions….and cannot enjoy the show….

    Well..thats my opinion…

    Lee seung gi and suzy look so cute….love her look here…

    • yeappp…correct! one can’t really judge the book by its cover or parts of the pages..hehe..I think Cheong Jo is freaking amazing (bcoz her character allows her to express all of the emotions)…but..I also love Suzy in here, for me, her eyes when she looked at Kang chi, it shows love, pure, and feels sincere…Apart from suzy, Yeo Wol’s character is so lovable : very brave, straight forward, optimistic and so supportive all the times. For me, I love GFB because of the characters! From Cheong Jo’s dad who was very righteous & wise, to General Lee soon shin, Cheong Jo (a very strong willed girl), master bamboo who is sooo funny, I even love the Head Gisaeng, so classy and not to mention the smexyyyy demon daddy…This is much much better than Arang the magistrate

    • I’ve watched every episode carefully, because I have been getting a lot of hate for my opinions about Suzy’s acting and the overall lame writing in this show and I want to make sure I am not missing some golden moment. Well, I totally agree with Koala, and am rather sorry I’ve spent so much time on this drama when Suzy continues to be mediocre, the plot holes are still there, and I am tired, tired, tired of the cute.
      What keeps me hanging on is the Chung Jo story arc, which I really like, and seeing one of my favorite actresses, Jung Hye Young. I also think that LSG is doing an OK job, but K2H had so much more depth this show can’t help but be a little disappointing, because there isn’t the possibility for him to display the same range. I know lots of people love the slapstick comedy and the little cute moments, but after having seen how well he does with heavy stuff and complicated relationships, I just miss his gravitas from K2H – so good, partly because it was so unexpected.

      • I sgree with your post 100%. LSG isn’t as good as he was, Suzy is still very mediocre.

    • Agreed. I actually jump into substitute princess somewhere at 16ep or so. I couldn’t for the life of me feel anything for Terry..hehe

    • @ rainbow,

      I watched all of GFB now and I still stand by my assessment. It’s a decent outing for LSG but nothing to write home about. He’s kept what he’s learned in TK2H but he’s not being asked to nor has he used the depth and nuance that he is capable of.

  5. Seunggi was amazing in episode 12 due too his heartbreaking scenes (though prepare for some hair pulling moments with our local illogical writer), and did I mention he was totally delicious in his gumiho form as well. Episode 13 was more of a filler and cute moments for the OTP and thus didn’t require the intensity he had in K2H.

    • Totally agree here! I personally find Seung Gi more awesome as the episodes went along. Especially his emotional breakdowns and subtle understanding of his powers. Also when he realizes he has someone who would love him even as a beast; his eyes express himself too too well.

      I think some of the K2H comparison is not valid because Kang Chi and Jae Ha are polar opposites as characters. KC is overly expressive, childish and a little dense. He’s simple minded, a free bird, and at times immature. When intensity isn’t needed, LSG nails the comedy. He switches from being a child to being a man in love in seconds. I think he’s amazing here. I never once felt his acting regressed because this is a whole new show and a whole new character.

      For me a great actor creates a new character and makes me completely forget his older one. I felt LSG managed that perfectly. As for Suzy, I still think she really lacks in the facial expressions even more than the dialogue delivery. But her character is so loveable I could forgive just about anything. Yeo Wool is awesome; easily one of the best sageuk female leads I’ve seen. I’m a little tired of the typical lady-like or scheming characters. Here we have a rough and tough female lead who has a soft heart. LYB – she is all sorts of epic, especially today when she threatened to stake her rapist. I am looking out for her future projects, without a doubt.

      • What you said. Kangchi is a 20 year old punk kid. LJH was a 30 year old king. You just can’t compare. Both make me feel for them. And seriously can anyone deny that Seunggi has great chemistry with everyone and the scenes he’s in everyone just shines more so than when other characters interact? From TS, to CJ to even the gang leader. It can’t just be that I’m biased. Or maybe it is.

        Suzy does lack expression both in her face and eyes. See the end of ep. 14. She’s supposedly so terrified she of all people is calling out for help for Kangchi, but all I see is blank stare at hot gumiho daddy.

        But I do seriously love YW. Suzy is lacking, but given a good character she’s hard not to root for.

      • Ditto, ditto.
        Ms. Koala, I’m sorry if I make the same comment all over again, but both roles are just different, it can’t help that TK2H’s writing is clearly more consistent and provide better layer than GFB.
        Btw, I remember that you fall for seung gi in tk2h after episode 7 when Jae Kang passed away, so I’d like to recommend episode 12 GFB for you. (And to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend GFB back to you without episode 12)

      • @mel I don’t think YW’s reaction at the end ep was wrong. It’s more surprise and confusion. She does’t know yet WR is the monster or not, though she feel scared, she is not type of the girl who show her fear to the enemy.

      • @mel : well, Yeo Wol is a character who has experienced lots of danger in her life. She can fight fiercely and she even saw the transformation of Kang Chi, from human to Gumiho and still, she back him up fearlessly. And don’t forget, Wol Ryung did not appear himself in front of her as a Gumiho, but as a human. So Yeo Wol was -confused, thinking what to do next, and a lil bit fear because she doesn’t “know” her opponent- That’s it. I really love the scene here when WR appeared and looked at her with his tall lean figure + demonic eyes LOL

  6. Well this is not just the fangirl speaking but as a viewer I think that Seunggi’s acting is still good in GFB. While Jae Ha is a 30 year old king who has high IQ and world politics on his mind, Kang Chi is a much younger lad who has simple thoughts like being loyal to his benefactor and remaining faithful to the people he loves. Seunggi portrays the innocence and
    steadfastness very well. The characters call for different portrayals and hence I don’t see any regression in his acting. In fact, he totally makes me heart Kang Chi!

    • @ AY

      I’m not sure we’re watching the same dramas here. Lee Jae Ha in TK2H? Had world politics on his mind? Are you kidding me. He started off even more immature and loserish than Kang Chi. He just thought about enjoying life, Jae Kang forced him to join the WOC training, each step of the way he was goofing off, being a whiny idiot, and causing trouble.

      In all ways Kang Chi’s arc is like Jae Ha. When Jae Kang died in TK2H episode 7 is comparable to when Kang Chi’s surrogate dad died in episode 7 of GFB. It’s the same type of transformative loss that spurs the main character to rise beyond his own uselss past and become the “hero” so to speak.

      Age is but a number, JH started off 30 with the EQ of a horny teenager. Plus in sageuk times 20 is an adult, just look at Tae Soo. JH and KC have different temperaments but the narrative catharsis is very similar for them.

      Seung Gi’s performance is not. His heart, soul, and ever ounce of effort was poured into Jae Ha. It came across onscreen, and was confirmed in BTS and interviews. That character spoke to him, he connected with the growth. I don’t see the same level of connection here with Kang Chi. He’s acting and not sucking, but it’s not transformative of his talents or what he’s capable of.

      • I think you’re only right in only one thing – that both KC and JH started off as immature brats. But that’s where the similarities ends. JH had the burden of a nation and had to grow up in order to fulfil his duties as king. K2H in general, is a very serious show that focuses on politics and very delicate issues of today’s world.

        GFB is a little more lighthearted – amidst all the killings. KC lost the only father he has known, yet he hasn’t grown up. That is his character; he is till dense. He still does immature things, and is a 20 year old who is carefree and childish. He isn’t like TS because he didn’t grow up to be a noble man who had the responsibility of an large inn. He didn’t grow up to be ‘well-mannered’, and Lord Park’s death isn’t the trigger to push his maturity buttons. KC is still a child, and his playfulness is evident in his heated tussles with Gon and his friendship with YW. He can’t grow up like JH because that’s not how KC is written.

        I’m not a LSG fangirl. In fact, I’m not anyone’s fangirl. I see what shows up in front of me rather than have a predetermined opinions. K2H had its own themes, and JH had his own growth. KC is pushed but not yet shoved. He is still a child trying to find his way in the world. When he tries to save the people he loves, he does them with so much intensity and fierceness; but he reverts back to being dense the moment there’s no danger. Maybe to understand him one needs to actually see the show rather than just watch episodes from the middle, as someone mentioned above. There’s a character arc that needs to be understood. Not a lot of people are going to feel the connection if they skip half the show, then judge the actor based on his previous performance after seeing a couple of episodes here and there.

        But then each to their own. Everyone has opinions, and I totally respect yours; just writing out mine.

      • I agree with you to a certain extent. I think in all honesty not even the best actors and actresses can claim that they connect to each role that they play in the same degree. For LSG, his connection to Jae Ha was so heartfelt and obvious, that LSG was Lee Jae Ha. As Kang Chi, the connection is weaker.

        But I don’t think LSG has regressed in acting per se, he is brilliant in the emotional scenes in GFB. Go watch the scenes where KC was devastaed as Lord Park dies in his arms and then the look of hatred he shot at JGW, or the scene where he was cryong his heart out when alone with Admiral Lee.

        As for Suzy, she’s just ok. Was actually disappointed with her in the earlier episodes but I do feel she had stepped up bit by bit. It’s overly harsh to say she is robotic or flat.

      • This is why my favorite role of seung gi is of Jae Ha.
        This was a once in a lifetime role, and one in which he truly shined. Also one that turned the switch on my meh feelings about seung gi. Before that project, i thought the boy was cute, but he skyrocketed to some of my favorite actors not because of his boyish nation’s son image but because of how he portrayed Jae Ha and made us truly feel. A type of character like Jae Ha is rather difficult to portray. The transformation of truly immature child to a full grown mature man in just 20 episodes. Someone so different from us and yet we felt the empathy and we felt the connection. Seung gi was perfect for the role, and i cannot imagine anyone else filling Jae Ha’s shoes.
        *Sigh all the feels. My favorite k-drama, will forever be my favorite drama. It was not perfect, but it had a mesh of every genre, so there was always a bit of something for everyone.
        I doubt any show in the future could recreate the same feel as K2H, but i’m leaving room for any show to come knock it off of my number 1 favorite spot.

    • Hi Koala, I think I didn’t word my point properly. Perhaps a better way to say it is Jae Ha had to ‘deal’ with politics between countries after becoming a king. Part of his character growth was to become a worthy king of his country. This grand scale does not apply to kang chi at the moment.

      I agree with you on the age issue and the character arc but Kang Chi is portrayed to be much more simple minded compared to Jae Ha. This is actually the main difference I see in these 2 characters and I’m glad there is a difference in the portrayals. In addition, although the narrative catharsis can be the same, the events which unfolded after the transformative lost in the 2 shows are not.

      I won’t say Seunggi’s acting is without lacking but I don’t think his performance is disappointing. I love Jae Ha but I’m appreciating Kang Chi as a wholly different character on his own.

      • “I won’t say Seunggi’s acting is without lacking but I don’t think his performance is disappointing. I love Jae Ha but I’m appreciating Kang Chi as a wholly different character on his own.”

        I’m pasting it here, and second it.

  7. Choi Jin Hyuk’s presence just lights the screen on flames. Evil Wol Ryung just turned that sexy dial over the limit.

      • Daddy Gumiho does not do a thing for me . Hot? Sexy ? Seriously don’t get it coz but never mind, to each his own.

  8. Oh, and does anyone know of any good mv compilations for GFB to recommend to Ms Koala? I know sometimes they can be great to entice others to watch the show (at least for me). :p

  9. I jumped straight to ep 12 been following recaps.I don’t intend to backtrack.
    Suzy in photos and CFs is gorgeous.Suzy in sageuk… Jeepers her speech is so jarring compared to Cheong Ja and Ron and everyone else.

    They rock it. I can take or leave the main couple. I could literally see Kang Chi try to emote and YW saying the lines. But sigh…no emotions.

    But brother Daddy Gumiho being broody looking… HOT.

    Still will watch for the ending I guess just to see what happens. But it did not turn out as exciting or emotionally gripping like I anticipated. I was dying for this drama. Because I genuinely was excited for the casting for the leads.

  10. Yes… Suzy’s delivery is very flat indeed. Sageuk speech just makes matters even worse. I can’t even.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s partially the director’s fault?
    Correct her when she’s bad, dude! Or else she’ll never improve.

    But I have to admit – as characters, YW and KC are simply adorable together. ^^
    And with Evil Daddy Gumiho back… Just can’t take my eyes away.

  11. Does anyone have a link to a video of the press conference?
    I heard a reporter asks Suzy about her many CF’s and a nickname they call her for making a lot of money.
    I really want to see the entire Press conference though.

  12. Suzy can`t act to save her life! Good thing she has a likeable character that you have to root for so you don`t focus too much on her flaws! But when you do- God she is so stiff, expressionless and bland!

  13. Why people criticize Suzy so much? I do agree she is the weakest among all casts and need more practice to bring the lines, but I don’t think she is doing that bad as called ‘robot’ or ‘flat’.
    It’s part of her character not to show too much emotions, but I can feel enough sadness, compassions, and trust from her eyes. Though the writer is not giving enough backstory of YW, I think Suzy portray well enough and bringing reality into the character.

    • she is horrible,where does it say YW does not show her feelings, you think that because Suzy does not know how to emote, and her delivery is not up to par either. its really a shame she has been so mis casted here its not funny, the rest of the cast is so awesome in their acting. Take a look at a character like CJ’s maid for instance she hardly appears but her acting even blows Suzy out of the water. I feel bad for LSG having to act for 2 people in every scene with her. YW should be such a likable character, I am sad that I still can not root for her and love her, I actually wish she would just be a side kick and they stopped the love line maybe that would be less jarring for me.

    • I agree with you, Top. Suzy plays this character well. She has enough nuance to show some femininity in this tomboy of a character.
      She shows that she can think and act wisely as well.
      Some people criticised the last part of episode 14 as stiff and cardboardish.
      If they had been watching the entire series, this is consistent with what her character is about. She is a girl who thinks on her feet, is clever and has great martial art skills. She was not scared of Wol Ryung. She was assessing her options. You can see her mind thinking of what to do next. Sure she called Kang Chi to help her but she can save herself too.
      Suzy can emote. She does it naturally. She doesn’t need big dramatics to get her feelings across.
      Just watch Architecture 101 and you will understand why she won those acting awards.

      • She wins acting awards because she has lots of fans. She is one lucky girl to get this part, because it is written so sympathetically and with so many cute moments that she can’t help but be liked, even with her blank face and flat delivery. She will get more fans, I am sure, because she looks pretty and Yeo Wool is one fantastic part, but she isn’t going to win the admiration of people interested mainly in acting quality.

      • Skelly, although you are pretty adamant about the whole idols being casted in main roles for dramas, i am with you. (haha, yes i see you all the time posting about your distaste of idols being casted, and i agree with you although i am a bit more flexible)
        I may start a project because of a certain actor or certain director/writers but i stick to that project because the acting is excellent and the characters really speak to me. Acting is like performing for me. If they do a great job, i’m pretty much entertained throughout the whole thing.
        I understand idols are trying to gain more experience and learn through sunbaes and practice and what not. But i’d much rather they stick with cable television(like the current monstar or successful answer me 1997), go on an idol/student show(like dream high), or maybe even stick to the family drama on weekends(like IU in soon shin)

      • I agree, ilikemangos, cable dramas and teen shows are a good place to start.

    • But its the truth she is flat and robot like in the show. Her expressions are always the same when she is at peace or in danger.Her voice doesn’t change at all. She is a terrible miscast.

      • i agree with all these comments omg
        people think she wins awards cus shes good at acting but its basically a popularity award for her..

      • I don’t think Suzy win because of her popularity.
        She is good in acting even her co star say that.
        If best actress win through popularity then there’s no reason of having a best actress category, it must be popularity award.

  14. Two dramas, two different writers, two different character. I don’t really get why people say LSG regress in acting in Gu. If you’re really a good actor, you can act in a variety of roles. Jae Ha for me is a mature character. And he’s a King. Kang Chi on the other hand, is the opposite of Jae Ha. LSG both gave the characters justice. He portrayed well the character. You feel what he feel. You know what I mean. So yeah. That’s all. Stating my opinions here.

      • I personally think that he improved. I think what he did in TK2H can be seen here. In the emotional aspect, I mean. LSG now can handle emotional scenes unlike in the past. You could what his character feel.

      • I disagree, and as the real melo starts in the upcoming episodes you will probably change your mind. I think perhaps you dont like him in general.

      • Do you really watch the show? Personally, I think his acting here better than TK2H, more natural and subtle, what’s different is LJH’s a more complex character.

      • Just an example. Cha Seung 1on was so dramatic and overacting in Best Love but would you say he regressed in his acting? Same like CSW, Seunggi interpreted Kang Chi’s aggresive behaviour as needing to be over the top. But during the emotional scene, he displayed the same intensity, layered and moving performance as he did in K2H. He impressed me, and I’m sure its not only me as I’ve read a lot of praises for his acting in GFB for those scenes. A lot of people even said that those scenes work thanks to the acting. Of course, different people have different opinion, and I just want to share mine and speak for others who also think Seunggi has his amazing moments in GFB that deserve recognition and nowhere near regressing in his acting but just don’t bother to mention it here. He has his flaws but when he impressed, he was equally amazing as he did in K2H.

      • I agree to what @wanne said.
        It’s just sad that some people felt that LSG regress from his acting when he took the character of Kang Chi. I think the main reason is that his acting as Jae Ha was so awesome that others can’t move on and accept that he is now a half-gumiho.
        Well, not all people can be please. So for me, I’ll just love LSG as the sexy gumiho. Hehe.

  15. I think Suzy is a good actress she did fine in BIG ! well ! And I love the drama especially papa gumiho ! Ah I forgot how sexy a man can be when he is evil and motivated by hurt ! thumbs up !!he is the best character !

    • OMG she was awful in Big and she is even worse in GFB! I can`t believe people are actually thinking she is good, are they blind! I thought Yoona and Uee were bad, but compared to Suzy they are actually decent!

      • Uee is quite good, perhaps the best idol actress of her generation. She can also give a run for their money to quite a few non-idol actresses, older or around her age.

      • Just because other people don’t share your sentiment, doesn’t make them blind. How judgemental…

      • Suzy is good in portraying her roles in each acting she do. Suzy is full of emotions that can show different expression thru her eyes. I think your judgement is quite wrong!
        Or should I say you are her anti fans!??

  16. A lot of these idol kids can’t act out of a paper bag. I love the drama Lee Soon Shin, but I watch it for Jo Jung-suk, who is brilliant. IU gives me a headache when she tries to act melodramatic. I think lots of the actors in GFB are pretty horrible, with their stiff faces. Suzy does OK when she plays cute with LSG. I am drooling over the hotness of Choi Jin Hyuk (Kim Tae-ho) here. Who knew the magical powers of guyliner?

  17. So I’m not the only one who skipped ten episodes or so! The reason I’ve taken an interest in this drama is because things have picked up with the arrival of Wol Ryung. I can’t be the only one swooning over Papa Gumiho right? And then there’s the mysterious lady merchant who is Seo Hwa I believe though how they plan to play out that already-failed romance I’m not sure. I don’t particularly like the triangle – or square, if you consider Gon’s unrequited crush- they’ve painted with Cheong Jo, Kang Chi and Yeol Woo but I’ll continue to watch and see where it goes .
    Either way, hope this drama continues to go well with lots of scenes including Choi Jin Hyuk 😀

  18. I guess I just have to watch the whole series to make any definitive conclusions on LSG’s current acting skills. I think, as Jae Ha, LSG evolved into the big leagues as an actor. As Kang Chi…he carried on his Jae Ha gravitas particularly during highly emotional scenes (The death of Lord Park, his tortured & conflicted expression as TS slayed him and when CJ threw rocks at him, The scene with LSS…).

    This is my first time at wathing Suzy and she comes off as cute and effective, with each episode she seems better. I agree, she should show a little more facial reaction but, as I understand it, she needs to have on a tough warrior-like veneer…so I guess that’s why she seems expression-less?

    The story seems pretty much standard, riddled with gumiho lore and the required action scenes. I’m interested with Chung-Jo’s evolution and the story arcs of Daddy Gumiho and SH, oh and also the emergence of LSS’ army of warriors (Gon, the Bamboo master, TS and the head gisaeng).

  19. Wasn’t feeling LSG until I saw his cameo in Greatest/Best Love which I’m loooooving a couple of weeks ago. His acting (fake portrayal of himself) was not amazing but HE WAS JUST SO ADORABLE as a mini-Doko Jin! Jajajaja!

  20. I always follow LSG’s drama since BL until now and his variety show too (love 1n2d and strong heart so much). I admit, this is the first time i can’t connect with his role. I felt there was something lacking, but I dont know what it is… But this will not reduce my love for seunggi hahhaaa 🙂

  21. I KNOW some of u guys may think this is Crazy but i have to say it!!! SUZY and WOL RYUNG LOOKS GOOD together!!! for ep 14 didnt expect it myself, but i was stuck with the moment when wol ryung chasing suzy…and i was like wait, WOW THEY HAVE great CHEMISTRY together!!!! I lik’em better than pairing suzy with kang chi….IM IN FOR SUZY AND DADDY GUMIHO both characters why i watch this drama!!! Anyhow, I HEARD that OTHER ACTRESS Will play middle aged Seohwa…im dissapointed but im still hoping it’ll work out fine especially I LIKE her in gentleans dignity Whatttevvs though i dont understand why and what the hell theyre doin with switching up ACTRESSES im just hoping she can deliver… Or for the better!!!

  22. Ennanichz , You ‘re not crazy but only your brain crazy over dark sexy look daddy gu. You ‘re not interested story or action, only kind of look ,isn’t you? so bad, Maybe he is mature for sex scenes. I hate at part2 of this story.He only 28 but his look over older than suzy , maybe man in 34! Only me , when he use hand touch suzy . He is good act with sexy of his body and cold express but no warm emotion when talk since part2.i used saw him in some drama but not cool. That why he no famous. He should in role for sexy guy , Only chemistry his body. Dear koala, i’m happy you back to mention about it. Last time , you admir it , after you kick it with cold word. Hurt to some fan it. I know , this drama no perfect for some episode. Because i respect you , your thought. You no need back only hope next, writting what that good than critizen it. Although , suzy lack this drama or seunggi but they also best your job. Because plot and director. They also top. However,When you critizen to writter and some actor, you ‘re cruel. Sorry and thank . I hope you understand , much fan that same feel.

  23. I was on the point of dropping it, but Wol-ryung’s return has me interested again.

    And I see a lot of comments about how YW is awesome, which she kind of is. If she were a character in a book and not being played by one of the flattest actresses on this side of the planet, I’d love her and not Chung-jo, who on paper can seem kind of imperfect. But that’s what good acting brings to a role, and Lee Yoo Bi is the unexpected gem of this show – she OWNS that role, no matter how stupid the writing gets or how many ways the writers find to try and make her unsympathetic.

    • I agree with you. I didn’t expect Lee Yoo Bi to act that great compared to her Coco role in Nice Guy though both character are so much different. This is great for a rookie actress like her.
      On Yeo Wol, I agree with you again.
      For some reason, I want to wish that they could release a noel book for this drama. I think it would have a great impact. Haha. Or maybe a manhwa can do also, 🙂

    • “…about how YW is awesome, which she kind of is. If she were a character in a book …”, this is I’m agree with. Tbh, I think the whole story was written as manga approach, the symbol, the characters, all is perfect fit for manga. I still love the drama though

  24. I don’t really undestand the opinion about suzy. Specialy who don’t like suzy. She portrait her role very nice and she starting to imporve what she wants to improve. Suzy did very well. Because of GFB I’m starting to like her.

  25. LOVE GU FAMILY BOOK SO MUCH <3 Really loving the story, and the cast's chemistry is really great 🙂 Sometimes, actors and actresses need launching pads that will help them to grow as an actor/actress, and for Suzy & Seung Gi, I think this is great 🙂

  26. It’s so fun reading some of brilliant commentary here..if you guys an actor, i bet you guys will win oscar…hand down..still i love suzy.. She’s improved much

  27. I think the drama is really good. I just have a couple points to pick out:

    -Lee Seung Gi is really good in this drama. I don’t know why people are saying this. i didn’t even know ANY of the actors when i watched this.

    -Suzy isn’t a bad actor, she just can’t show emotion. Isn’t that good sometimes for a drama? lolol but i think shes good 🙂

    -I hate Chung Ju, so that means she’s a very good actress. i heard she is very good in Innocent Man, yes?

    -Who really watches the drama to see the actors acting. Shoot, i only noticed it once i read these people’s blogs.lolol. The drama is doing well 🙂 I’m glad.

    And don’t hate me for my opinions….

  28. One can truly enjoy a show if he/she doesn’t think much while watching it. I mean, [over]analyzing a show could end up not enjoying it. So yeah.

    • Agree. Don’t understand why some people are over analysing the story and acting, esp Lee Seung Gi’s. I’m sure we are all not in a position to judge whether his acting has regressed or make some “assessment” of his acting. We are after all, not Oscar judges.

  29. What can I say but I really have a great fondness for LSG and now Suzy. They are so cute together. Likely I persisted with the drama, wanted to drop after the first 2 episodes, so thank goodness I didn’t.

  30. I agree in the fact that GFB plot moves a little slow. In K2H, LSG captured me around ep 8. I think it takes some time for a character to grow on you. I don’t think it’s fair to compare JaeHa vs KangChi. They’re different characters. He can’t play KC with the same intensity. KC is like a young puppy, growing up. I think LSG portrays it nicely. young, fun, cute, ignorance, naughty, and innocent at the same time. Inside, he’s like a child, crying, wanting to become a human. I found a lot of his expressions, priceless, and different, I’ve never seen it in his other role before. The way he looked at YW when he found out YW is a ‘she’. OMO.
    Bottom line, give KangChi a chance. 🙂

  31. ugh…people who skip on episodes and criticize the actors negatively without even seeing the other performances irritates me the most! i mean come on! can you actually criticize it when you haven’t seen the whole? because the parts make the whole just in case you didn’t know. ah, seriously! reading this just..ugh!!!

  32. I love the Gu Family Book drama and its cast. Lee Seung Gi is marvellous in his role as Choi Kang Chi the punk and Choi Kang Chi the half human half gumiho. He immersed himself well in both roles. After having watched his first drama, Brilliant Legacy..I find that he really shines in Gu Family Book. He wasn’t that impressive in Brilliant Legacy. In My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, he truly shines. He shines even more in Gu Family Book. It seems like he has matured a lot in his acting and is able to bring his acting skills to a whole new level.
    Lee Seung Gi has his own adorable charisma and I like him in his role as Choi Kang Chi. It seems to me like he is more suited for sageuk dramas.

    Bae Suzy is young and she fits the role as Dam Yeo Wool. This is possibly why she and Lee Seung Gi had great chemistry in this drama. Lee Seung Gi is quite witty and he needs to have a bright and witty leading lady to work with.

    The story line of Gu Family Book is good. In fact, I like this drama more than the palace centred dramas which always contain far too many political struggles. The supporting actors and actresses were pretty impressive too. All I can say is that I adore Gu Family Book drama, Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy and Admiral Lee Shoon Shin!

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