King Flower Recap: Liang Yen and Terry’s Beautiful Love Story

As King Flower winds down, I’m trying to reach a state of zen whereby however this baby ends isn’t going to leave me a mess. I’m talking angry mess if Lin Guan Jun somehow gets a girl not named Hu Xiao Fei (because, let’s face it, even if he doesn’t get Da Hua, I hesitate to sic him on any unsuspecting innocent female out there either), or ecstatic blubbery mess if Terry gets his super duper happy ending in any way shape or form (reality, alternate reality, dream reality, whatever at this point). See how cool drama watching can get when it just clicks for whatever reason, the adrenaline pumping high is hard to beat save for a raucous game of touch football with some hot Korean idol look-a-likes. But I digress. As we head towards the ending, I actually looked back towards the beginning. No, I don’t think KF is written with any aforethought enough to have the ending run full circle to the beginning, or even have buried clues in there foreshadowing the ending. I wanted to look back at the beginning because it all started with Terry and Liang Yen’s love story.

Terry loved her so much that he doted on her to the point he was willing to take a novice mountain climbing to fulfill a promise. An accident took away the love of his life, but the drama allowed us to watch him heal and move on. But moving on doesn’t mean he’s forgotten Liang Yen or that his love story with her somehow pales in comparison to what he felt for Da Hua. To the contrary, until Da Hua says she loves Terry back (wholeheartedly and without reservation), KF still has only one love story worth revisiting. From the moment the viewers met Terry and Liang Yen, their love radiated from the screen and their unbridled joy to have found each other was contagious. I was surprised at how well fleshed out it was despite it taking only a short two-episodes. As I pay tribute to a wonderfully moving love story that was cut short but has not been forgotten, I hope the powers that be at SETTV realize what a treasure they’ve created in Terry (and brought to life by Chris Wu in ways that defy description) and satisfy everyone’s need for the amazing guy to get a little happily ever after. It’s not every day that a fictional prince charming could make me believe in the wonders of a well-written character again.

Terry and Liang Yen’s love story recap:

We first meet Terry/Ouyang Tai as he arrives at Sheng Da for work. The car door is opened for him and he steps out every inch the Managing Director of a multi-billion dollar company.

It’s windy and he adjusts his trench coat before walking towards the door. Give me a minute here. Rawr~

Terry enters and is greeted by the assembled employees.

He heads into the elevator to go upstairs for a meeting, his secretary Kai Le following to brief him on the agenda.

He attends the meeting and then schools his cousin Johnson the Vice Managing Director for not preparing a better business proposal. After the meeting is his engagement party to Ms. Du Liang Yen.

At the engagement party, the host announces the lady and gentleman of the event and Liang Yen walks out beaming to join Terry at the front of the room. They give each other genuinely ecstatic smiles.

The couple greets their guests and receives everyone’s well wishes.

The ceremony begins and Terry slips an engagement ring on Liang Yen’s finger.

Afterwards Liang Yen changes into a grey dress and plays the piano for the guests.

President Du pulls Terry aside to officially entrust his daughter to him, asking only that he not take her to do anything potentially dangerous and to take good care of her. Terry promises.

Liang Yen finishes playing and looks up to find Terry beaming at her.

Terry and Liang Yen send President Du home, and he gives his blessing for Liang Yen to move in with Terry. Liang Yen’s look of surprise is like Christmas came early. Heck, if I was going to live with Terry that’d be the look on my face too.

Terry and Liang Yen drive home together and along the way he wonders why she’s so relaxed. Liang Yen feels like she is finally free, after living her entire life playacting a dutiful daughter role. Her dad never let her do anything remotely dangerous, but there is so much she wants to experience with Terry.

She makes Terry promise he will never try to restrain her zest for life and he promises as long as she promises never to leave him.

They pinky-swear on it except Liang Yen’s ring comes off after their hands pull apart. Not a good sign.

Next comes the totally unnecessary Terry shower scene. I totally did not do this recap solely to recap this scene. I swear….

Terry gets out of the shower and goes downstairs to find Liang Yen staring at a picture of him mountain climbing. She wants to go to the same place and asks him to take her.

Terry agrees initially, thinking he’ll propose to her again when they get to the top and watch the sunrise.

But then he remembers his promise to her dad not to take her anywhere dangerous so says no. Liang Yen pouts adorably and Terry keeps trying to dissuade her but to no avail.

He finally agrees. He’s such putty in her hands. He makes her promise to do exactly as he says when they go climbing and she agrees. Terry suddenly points out that they have something more important to do on their engagement night and Liang Yen acts like she had no idea what he’s talking about.

She tries to fake walk away and Terry pulls her back for a hot hot kiss. Because the man has a point, what else could they possibly do that is more important than this. Silly Liang Yen.

He sweeps her into her arms and carries her upstairs. Because the perfect Terry can also do a perfect princess carry.

The newly affianced couple wakes up the next morning and Liang Yen already has the wifely duties down pat. She’s made a hearty breakfast for Terry complete with his secret favorite food little hotdogs cut into squid shapes. It appears sweet sheltered Liang Yen is quite the little manipulator in trying to butter up her honey just in case he changed his mind.

She feeds him a bite and he adorably eats off her fork but warns her never to let this get out otherwise he can’t show his face at work. She teases him for being so stern to the rest of the world but in truth he’s just a little kid at heart.

Liang Yen reminds Terry that he promised to take her climbing last night and he agrees but first she has to meet someone.

Terry drives Liang Yen to meet the person but along the way they stop to buy some water. Terry pulls up outside the Jin family store and walks inside. He calls out for help and Da Hua walks out carrying boxes and bumps into him. This is their first meeting.

Terry buys two waters but can’t find his wallet. Liang Yen gets out of the car to hand it to him.

Da Hua stares in awe at this utterly gorgeous woman before her. They finish their purchase and leave, with a besotted Da Hua staring after Liang Yen, wondering to herself how wonderful it would be if she was as beautiful as her.

Terry takes Liang Yen to a indoor climbing facility and introduces her to his good friend Dr. Qin Mo, who is quite the thrill seeker.

Terry wants Qin Mo to explain the perils of mountain climbing to dissuade Liang Yen, but Qin Mo ends up supporting Liang Yen and telling Terry that he’s gone soft now. He should take her, she’ll be fine. Terry has no choice but to take Liang Yen and she wants to go this weekend.

Terry and Liang Yen head to the outdoor sporting goods store to pick up supplies. Liang Yen drapes a scarf around Terry and says its cold in the mountains and this scarf from his beloved wife will keep him warm.

She uses the scarf to shake him because she’s just so excited to go.

They smile at each other in a way that just conveys utter love. They are so so happy and perfect together. How could the scriptwriter kill her?

Terry asks if she is that eager to go and Liang Yen says yes. Terry asks that she do everything he tells her when they start climbing and she salutes him and promises to do so.

Cheng Hong drives them home and they sit in the back holding hands.

Terry walks into Liang Yen room’s where she’s already asleep. He covers her up with a blanket and heads downstairs.

As Terry is finishing packing, he accidentally knocks over a picture of him and Liang Yen, breaking the glass.

It’s morning time and the happy couple load up the car and head out. Liang Yen is snapping selcas left and right and can’t wait to get started. Her giddiness and joy makes Terry laugh.

On their way to the mountain, they stop by the Jin family store again and this time Da Hua recognizes them as the glamorous couple from before.

After they buy their last minute supplies, Da Hua stops them before they leave to ask for a favor. She asks if Liang Yen can snap a picture of her and Terry on the mountaintop and give it to her. She’s always wanted to go and dreams of having a boyfriend take her just like Liang Yen’s handsome fiancee. LIang Yen says yes and promises to take a picture to give her.

Liang Yen and Terry start their mountain climbing trip.

They stop midway and Terry encourages Liang Yen to give her backpack to him to carry. After he takes it from her, she kisses him on the cheek for being so considerate.

He picks her up and asks what prize he’ll get if he carries her since he got a cheek kiss for carrying her backpack. Liang Yen keeps kissing him on the cheek and he laughs and keeps asking for more.

They reach the top and admire the scenery.

It’s nighttime already and they’ve set up camp, sitting outside to look up at the stars.

Liang Yen wishes for a star and teases Terry to get one for her. Terry says in all seriousness that he will. He reaches out and grabs something in his hand and asks Liang Yen to hold out her hand.

He puts something in her hand and she opens it to find a beautiful diamond star necklace. He asks if she likes it and she smiles and says she loves it.

Terry puts the necklace on Liang Yen. I can’t believe he brings a diamond necklace present along on a mountain climbing trip ready to surprise his beloved Liang Yen. Is there anything he can’t do right?

He pulls her in for a kiss and they were already holding hands but Terry turns his hand around to clasp Liang Yen’s hand tightly.

It’s morning time and Terry wakes up to find the tent empty. He rushes outside anxiously looking for Liang Yen and finds her safe and sound, but he’s so frazzled that he pulls her in for a tight hug.

As their trip winds down, Liang Yen heads to the top of a ledge to admire the view. Terry walks over and asks her to come down since its dangerous up there.

Liang Yen agrees and is walking down when suddenly she slips and falls. She manages to grab onto something and Terry frantically rushes over.

Liang Yen is so frightened and Terry reaches out his hand and grabs one of her hands. He urges her to give her his other hand. Liang Yen apologizes for her insistence that he take her here but he tells her not to speak.

Terry manages to grab her other hand and tries to pull her up but he can’t. Liang Yen cries that she doesn’t want to die.

As Liang Yen starts slipping more, she apologizes to Terry for not being able to become his wife. She asks that no matter what happens, he continues to live his life with purpose.

Terry is fairly hysterical with fear and tries so hard to pull Liang Yen up but she slips from his grasp and falls. Terry screams out her name!

Skipping ahead, Terry manages to get Qin Mo and his rescue team and Liang Yen is saved, but she’s gravely injured. Qin Mi convinces Terry to keep her injury a secret and find a substitute, promising to cure Liang Yen within a year. It’s a lie, and a few months later Liang Yen is critical and Qin Mo calls Terry to tell him to hurry to the hospital to see Liang Yen one final time.

Terry frantically drives to the hospital, trying to restrain himself from falling apart.

Terry rushes to the hospital room and confronts Qin Mo, who quietly tells Terry to hurry inside.

Terry goes in and sees Liang Yen all hooked up the monitors, the first time he’s been allowed to see her and he realizes she’s much worse than he was told. He can’t even walk to her bedside and sits down on the floor and starts to cry.

Finally he gets himself together and walks over, sitting down to hold her hand.

Liang Yen wakes up and Terry says he’s here and he missed her so much. Liang Yen smiles, so happy that she can see him because when she fell she thought that was the last time she would see him.

Terry forces a smile and calls her silly. He’s by her side so she can’t possibly die. Nothing will happen to her. Terry cries and Liang Yen laughs that crying is so not his style.

Liang Yen asks him to hold her and he helps her up and into her arms.

Terry kisses her on the head and reminds her of the promise never to leave his side. He tells her to hurry up and get better so he can keep holding her. Liang Yen tells him not to worry, she’s memorized him now. In her next life time, she won’t miss a chance with him again.

Liang Yen says she feels like she just had a very long dream, and in it they went to many places. She asks if he remembers their first date which was at an amusement park? Terry remembers.

He has a fear of dizziness but he went on the spinning cups with her many times. Terry can’t speak otherwise he’ll burst into tears so he can only murmur a yes. She asked him why back then and he answered that no matter where she wanted to go and what she wanted to do, he would always accompany her.

They would travel the world together until they were too old to walk anymore. Terry can only cry as Liang Yen talks. She asks if her dream can still come true, and Terry says yes. Terry says she has to get better soon and he’ll take her anywhere she wants to go.

Liang Yen asks him to promise her to live his life courageously no matter what. Then she says she’s tired and wants to sleep now. Terry shakes his head and says she can’t sleep. Liang Yen asks him to wake her in a bit because she still hasn’t seen her dad yet.

Liang Yen’s eyes close and her hand falls heavily from his. Terry stares at it numbly and then asks Liang Yen to wake up. Her monitor flatlines and she’s gone.

Terry starts to sob and he clasps Liang Yen in his arms. He says she cannot sleep, they still………… He can’t say anything more other than scream out that he’s so sorry and he can’t accept this. He can’t.

He holds Liang Yen in his arms as she passes peacefully, leaving him with the promise to soldier on bravely and deal with the heartache and the aftermath.

If the scriptwriter doesn’t give this man a happy ending – I don’t care with whom and how, as long as its happy as I see it –  then it will be the biggest travesty ever to befall a drama male character. Also, this just reminded me that I totally miss Liang Yen. She was a cool girl, rich and sheltered but brave and sincere. She treated people well and tried to live her life with joy. In some ways, I’m sad we spent the entire drama with Da Hua instead of her.


King Flower Recap: Liang Yen and Terry’s Beautiful Love Story — 28 Comments

  1. Thanks a lot for the recap of Terry’s love story which I didn’t know about as I started reading recaps at a later stage….Even though I haven’t watched the show….but I really want a happy ending for him….

    By the way….is the actress who played Liang yen, same as the one who plays Da hua??

  2. I’m positively gushing. Their relationship is not the usual, cringe-inducing, superficial slobber-fest that passes for love on most TV. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a movie/show where the sheer joy of being in love is as palpable as it was between Terry and LY. It literally makes my heart soar to see Terry as happy as he is with LY.

    • I moved on to Terry-Da Hua because I had to since they offed Liang Yen, much like Terry did. But I’ve always had a soft spot for how wonderful their affection for each other was, simple and pure.

  3. Terry and Liang Yen were so blissful together, they were literally perfect for each other. Sighh can I have Liang Yen back…

      • Me third. Liang Yen was so cool, in so many ways she was perfect for Terry…

    • How is it that the same actress gave Liang Yen such a quality of grace and refinement and totally in love bliss while the character Da Hua with the exact same face always seemed slightly fish out of water awkward even with the fancy clothes and coaching on how to behave like Liang Yen? Yes, I adored Liang Yen and cried when she died and felt disappointed that DH was such a second best character in comparison.

  4. It was quite sad that although they had the same face, Liang Yen had such a great personality and clearly knows what she wants. Da Hua, on the other hand, is always in a state of conflict when it was quite obvious that she was in love with Terry already. I agree that it would have been a better story if it was Liang Yen instead. 🙁 AND TERRY IS SO HAWTTTT. I liked him a lot since Autumn’s Concerto and his guest role in Zhan Ai Zhao Ma Fan was so charming as usual!

    • I really liked Liang Yen’s personality as well. She was refreshing, especially for a rich girl. Totally normal and decent.

  5. GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH WHY OH WHY did they kill Liang Yen!? It’s a travesty that they killed off the super awesome Liang Yen only to shove the spineless Da Hua down our throats, bummer really. At this point I don’t think Terry can truly be happy unless he is with ME LOL:). Da Hua surely doesn’t deserve him ,so you know what if the ending does end up being a dream sentence and Terry ends up with Liang Yen, well then I’ll be a happy chipmunk and I’ll even love the whole “dream ending”scenario (rolling my eyes).

    • I really thought when the drama first premiered that LY would be in a coma most of the drama and the ending would have two happy couples. Killing her off was the biggest shock a drama has delivered for me in ages.

  6. I must say Nikkie has done a great job with the two characters. They are totally different people even if they look identical.

    • I agree. Chris is still outacting her and everyone else, but she’s flexing those Award-winning Best Actress muscles of hers and making LY and DH completely separate entities.

  7. Thanks for reminding us what a wonderful relationship Terry and Liang Yen had. It is worth revisiting just to see a magnificent love story between equally fantastic characters. I wish that there were more episodes of Terry and LY but sadly the writer and SETTV were not astute enough to plan it or flexible enough to go with the flow when they aired the episodes knowing that the characters connected with the viewers. If SETTV decides to resurrect LY through a dream sequence, I would take it for Terry’s sake. He needs a bright, beautiful, and kind woman beside him, not an idiot like DH. I do offer my compliments to Nikkie for portraying two personalities with the same face. One definitely can differentiate the two to the point that one is loved and the other is disdained for lack of intellect (though initially had the potential to be a solid character for the story). Well thanks to Chris Wu for “Terry”; he carried the drama or shall I say he is the drama. Terry will forever be regarded as the epitome of all male leads. Anyone up for a Terry sequel, one where he has a thinking, mature, yet funny female partner? One can wish right.

    • You’re welcome. I was a nice walk down memory lane for myself. Terry doesn’t need a sequel to find the perfect girl, he already has me. XD

  8. Save for the first bunch of episodes didn’t watch this show. Got teary eyed just looking at the screencaps. T_T

  9. I actually am supportive of the dream sequence (as dumb as that should sound). This way, we get Liang Yen back with Terry and he lives happily ever after with a woman worthy of his love. Da Hua, recaps alone have showed me you have wasted everyone’s time, and it’s only right that a pathetically spineless woman like you ends up empty handed at the end of all this–provided Terry is happy without you.

  10. Thank you for doing this review of KF and re-visiting Terry’s and Liang Yen’s love. I think part of the reason why the audience care about Terry is because their love is genuine and convincing (great acting by both Chris and Nikki). So sad that the potential of both actors are wasted by a lousy script and poor thinking. Hope both Chris and Nikki will work together again on a better script and story in the future.

  11. What was the science of killing LY? I hope DH has gone to finish with Terry, otherwise LY death would be meaningless. And then I hate more the writers for making suffer so much Terry, and I join the SWAT Team of Koala to go to Taiwan and beat the writers!!!!

  12. It’s so nice you did tribute to LY, Terry’s first love. I think she’ll always remain in her heart but I am glad he’s moved on and and listened to her when she told him he must be happy.

  13. Why did you have to remind me of that hospital scene?
    It hurts so much! Especially since I was totally not prepared for it.
    I really thought that pretty DH was going to end up with GJ after a flirt (with the audience) of Terry/DH scenes.
    But when LY came back, he would realize DH was just keeping the seat warm. I thought GJ would eventually grow a pair, and grow up, and eventually deserve the new improved DH. He was so nice to LY.
    That way everyone ends up happy.

    Instead we go this – what?

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