Kim Bum Looks Dapper for Guest-starring Role in C-drama V Love

Filming has started for the kids section of the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire but the adults are gathering soon for poster shooting. That means Kim Bum will finally be joining the rest of the cast including Moon Geun Young, Lee Sang Yoon, Han Go Eun, and Kwang Soo. The cast has held a script writing already but Kim Bum wasn’t there because he’s been abroad filming in China. He’s starring in a segment for the C-drama V Love that is modeled after Gossip Girl and chronicling the modern lives and loves of the current social messaging network of young Chinese. His leading lady for this particular segment is newbie C-actress Li Xi Rui and this drama is being produced by Yang Mi. These stills are from the drama where he plays a restaurant owner that is a stickler for perfection. It’s nice seeing him looking so dapper but I’m a little amused by how similar all his stills are from the ones he’s done in the past, such as for That Winter, The Wind Blows or Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat. I adore Bummie and acknowledge that he has a predilection for smirking and preening, but here it’s almost reached caricature status. It’s like he’s showcasing the public image of Kim Bum, which funnily enough is how his good friend Lee Min Ho always comes across as these days. I do applaud Kim Bum for picking interesting and diverse projects and roles, and his upcoming sageuk pairing opposite Moon Geun Young will be yet another great leap forward in his acting resume.


Kim Bum Looks Dapper for Guest-starring Role in C-drama V Love — 7 Comments

  1. he is sooo freaking pretty … so never heard of this drama is it kind of like dating agency where every couple episodes they have new couple getting together, that’s what it sounds like from this description

  2. I was dying at the mention of Kim bum in the title ! U just had to kill me with Lee Min Ho ! Omg I live, eat ,drink and breath these two ! To be 100% honest min ho oppa Can keep me more on life support !
    Waiting for a teaser !

  3. Smirking or not, he’s still hoooot! He kinda reminds me a bit of Huang Xiao Ming who I feel also has a tendency to smirk as well, but both oh soooo hot! I need a fan….pronto!!!

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