Official Stills of Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi Guest-starring in Cyrano Dating Agency

I get why Cyrano Dating Agency is well-liked but not quite a popular mania drama. Its got a simple concept with the dating agency and client of the week stories, effective zippy execution and solid acting, and a charming low key vibe. What it lacks is a hook, something about one or two of the leads emotional state or personal struggles that creates some stakes. This drama doesn’t just feel like a J-dorama, its actually mirroring the set up so much that its lost some of what makes K-dramas so sticky (quickly so addicting). Without a hook, I watch purely to pass the time and to check out the guest stars, who have ranged from Lee Yoon Ji to Ji Jin Hee to Lee Chung Ah to Tae Min to Lee Kwang Soo. It’s eclectic and refreshing, allowing the drama to explore attraction in different contexts, age groups, and pairings. Of course, not all guest stars are created equal in terms of ratcheting up the buzz and the next pair will surely get a lot more eye balls to check out CDA. Gong Yoo will play the next client of the Agency and the object of his affection is none other than his The Crucible co-star Jung Yumi (who has worked with tvN before in last year’s I Need Romance 2012). She plays a woman with a fear of men, and how Gong Yoo’s character fell for her is the first question mark, and how the Agency will proceed to get her to fall for Gong Yoo is an even greater question mark. tvN released a bunch of official stills of Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi’s guest starring gig, which is reportedly even shorter than usual and will last only for episode 9. So those of you still smarting from Gong Yoo picking Big as his last drama (confession – I loved it and loved him in it) can get some satisfaction with his brief return here. I just have to point out that tvN released one still of just Gong Yoo’s backside, which is both hilarious and totally understandable, because man has got a fantastic backside.


Official Stills of Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi Guest-starring in Cyrano Dating Agency — 23 Comments

  1. Actually from what I gleaned from the recent episode and preview, it is the other way around with Gong Yoo as the target and Jung Yumi as the client which is a refreshing change since I was wondering if they’d ever have female clients. And appropriate timing too since the show has hit its halfway mark. But yes, what you’ve said about the show is similar to how I feel about this show. It’s so light and breezy and just pure brain fluff and although it does raise ethical questions about how the Agency goes about their business on manipulating their target’s emotions to lean towards their client, the stories are so short and sweet that I don’t really dwell on them too much.

    However, I feel what with the “Client of the Week” stories, I don’t know how they’re going to be able to devote the time to really tackle their main love line without it coming off as too sudden or sloppily developed. But they have managed to balance the two so far. It is a good thing I’m not too invested in this show lest it does not end the way I want it to. Right now, I’m enjoying it for what it is.

  2. been watching because of the cute love stories of their clients. my favorite so far would be Taemin. that was both sweet (for Taemin) and heartbreaking (for ah rang).

  3. Hideous shirt but yes, I’d jump his back. Raawr! I’ll be tuning in to this episode and might start watching the show if it interests me enough.

  4. Haha, I thought the same thing…he does have a pretty fantastic backside, frontside, every side. I lub him. I’m so happy he’s back on tv but I need him in a new drama ASAP…preferably not with a weird story line that’s not pedofile-ish…I’m sorry I still don’t get BIG.

  5. Strangely, this show has not yet hooked me. I’m sure it will and probably when it gets closer to the end date, then I can do a marathon.

  6. They gave me the hook when Arang fell for that girl at the end of ep. 4, with the struggle to enter the love game or foil the team’s mission, but that spanned a few episodes only.

  7. Ugh Goong Yoo, go back to your Coffee Prince hair! Pleeeeeeease? I really hate that hair cut on him. But I will check this out for him and Jung Yumi! They had great chemistry in The Crucible (though, it REALLY wasn´t about that…)

  8. Sorry this is not related to the article but Koala, won’t you write a recap or your personal thoughts on cruel city?
    I think this drama give me the same excited feeling as when I watched Nice Guy. The male lead has the same sad life I thought. Protecting everyone, losing everything.
    I just thought this drama gives so much potential on being awesome even though there were flaws here and there. (and to think I can’t manage to bring myself ship the OTP just because I can’t bear to see the female lead. No, I don’t hate her. It’s just.. Nam Gyu Ri is.. too hard to watch.. really.) I think this is the first time I wish there is no romance in the drama that I watch. (bro romance is enough)
    Jung Kyung Ho.. is.. beyond word. Well, I wish you will write about it. Sorry for random post XD

  9. I’m really enjoying this show. It’s a easy and enjoyable to watch. I can’t wait for next week to see GY. I hope that we see him in a new drama soon.

  10. I can’t wait to see Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi in CDA! He’s just perfection and she plays quirky so well. They’re both great actors, they look good together and they should really do a drama together!!

  11. I love Jung Yumi, she’s so underrated don’t know why because she’s a fantastic actress.
    Yes, this time a woman hiring the agency and apparently she suffers from manphobia. Well Gong Yoo can cure that in no time 🙂
    It’s a nice pairing and I know I’ll be glued to the screen!

  12. Omg oppa ! I loved big so SO so much ebb when it was totally insane ! He was the best thing and his character was amaZing ! Love him ! And me too I would hire any one and pay my life for dating him !

  13. It’s a good thing Gong Yoo doesn’t need nice clothing to look good because that shirt is really unattractive.

  14. I think you’ve nailed down exactly why I have liked all of the Oh Boy shows. Having cut my teeth on doramas, they get the look and feel of doramas without totally being Korean remakes. The same is true of Monstar, it has a Nobuta meets Nodame feeling to it for me that makes me happy.

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