Kim Hyun Joong in Talks to Headline KBS Period Drama Age of Feeling

Will it be third time’s the charm for the upcoming period K-drama Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation)? Will Kim Hyun Joong avoid the pitfalls that befell his last attempted drama comeback City Conquest? These two are some big what-ifs and the latest news reports indicate the two might dovetail. Back in February there were murmurings that Lee Jun Ki would be picking Inspiring Generation as his K-drama comeback, a story about a patriotic Korean young man living in Shanghai in the 1930s. The news went quiet on this production until Lee Jun Ki announced he was coming back to dramas via the upcoming MBC drama Two Weeks about an unjustly persecuted man who has two weeks to clear his name and get his daughter treatment for leukemia. Then came word that Inspiring Generation was courting Kwon Sang Woo, who is as different in style and acting from Lee Jun Ki as actors get. It would also make the male lead character older and more grizzled. That was nearly two months ago and now the juiciest news popped up that Inspiring Generation is in talks with Kim Hyun Joong to headline the drama. I’m ready for the usual “he can’t act” litany and frankly its all warranted. That doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be entertaining watching him onscreen in the right role and with a leading lady he has chemistry with. I still love Playful Kiss and don’t feel a lick of shame for loving this guilty pleasure, Kim Hyun Joong’s performance as Baek Seung Jo included (though most it was the charm of Jung So Min as Oh Ha Ni). Inspiring Generation is based on a manhwa from the writer of Damo and promises to be gritty and warm-hearted. If he signs on, Kim Hyun Joong will be playing a young hoodlum ruling the streets of Shanghai who uses his fists when necessary to protect his country, his family, and the woman he loves. I don’t know why this sounds like Gaksital (Bridal Mask) but set in Shanghai instead of Seoul and probably no masks will be involved. I have a pretty high tolerance for Kim Hyun Joong’s brand of emoting (or lack thereof) and the crash-and-burn of his last drama City Conquest was particularly disheartening for everyone involved. It was mid-way through filming when the plug was pulled due to lack of a broadcaster, which probably means it was terrible so perhaps it was a wise decision but I’m sure its gotta hurt. If he comes back with Inspiring Generation then I’ll definitely check it out. I love period dramas and Shanghai in the 30’s was a wild and snazzy time era to depict.

Directing will be the PD who did Call of My Country, The Man Who Can’t Get Married, and Sweet 18, none of which indicate he has any aptitude for a period drama involving patriotic themes criss-crossed with street fights. Neither does anything in Kim Hyun Joong’s resume indicate this is the right role for him, but I’ll wait and see what comes of this possible production. I’m way more interested to see who is cast as the leading lady if he does accept. It’s DOA for me if it turns out to be one of those idol girls who can’t act.


Kim Hyun Joong in Talks to Headline KBS Period Drama Age of Feeling — 19 Comments

  1. I like Kim Hyun Joong despite his limited acting talent….he was perfect for Playful Kiss (love that drama)….let’s see how this project turns out…..

  2. He is like Song Seung Hun. I like them on my screen and always wish their dramas to do well.
    But i just want them to stay away from period dramas. Hope this drama would not be as embarrassing for KHJ as Dr Jin was for SSH.

  3. come on, srly, please no.
    this project seems so interesting, but i suppose its not looking good for it after lee jun ki took something else over it.
    hyun joong simply cannot carry something like this acting wise.
    but i assume the only shot they have atm at getting a timeslot is casting a popular name.

    • I don’reallyt think it is the plot problem but isn’t this drama about Japanese
      Occupation?look like it is facing same problem as gaksital faced.(hizz…popularity)they should just use a newcomer.if KJH can carry it and dare to do it(applause!),why not?

  4. Lmao Koala, tell me one idol actress that acts worse than him?!

    He is lucky to even get a job , so being picky about his leading lady is really pushing it.

    This drama sounds interesting but it`s to much for him to handle imo.

    • Well, if the idol girl can’t act and she’s already implying that he can’t really act either I think it would be game over and I’d avoid the drama as well because it would just be cringe the entire time. But I do love Kim Hyun Joong…so I’ll check it out even if I’m not a fan of period dramas.

    • the only way to make koala stick it through this show is if they cast a lead actress who can actually act.
      The premise sounds interesting, our lead guy is beautiful but him taking on roles he’s not ready for? It continues to chip away at my patience for this guy. Sageuk?
      Nooo. Playful kiss? Sure.
      Saguek? Nooo. Even more experienced actors/actresses take years before they’re ready to tackle sageuk.

  5. Oh please drama gods give him a leading lady that can act!!! He really needs a drama to boost his acting career. I was so excited to see him in City Conquest from all photo and news online and so disappointed when they stopped filming. I heard that he was really working hard too. I haven’t watched his new reality program BF but seeing him in a drama would be oh so sweet!

  6. You forgot about Arang? 😉

    I think the drama sounds interesting, but I’ll avoid anything he does that includes acting.

  7. I am not a Kim Hyun Joong fan girl but he doesn’t bug me the way Chang Min did in Paradise Ranch. That was pure torture.

  8. I’ll love to see Yoon Eun Hye opposite him. She can act and she will enhance the drama with her acting and popularity .
    And I think they will have great chemistry.

    • Agreed no more! Just give any actor, any guy as lead opposite Yoon Eun Hye. They will definitely nail it! She has that kind of aura of having real chemistry with her every male leads!

  9. I love him ! I hated him in BOF during the first half then after fell in lobe w ith him (after the hair cut) and in playful kiss (omg so hot ) love u oppa

    Is he getting hotter or my screen is burnin?

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