Preview of Guitar Date for Seol Chan and Se Yi in Episode 8 of Monstar

Huzzah, there be some Seol Chan-Se Yi goodness coming up in Monstar episode 8! Finally our Star gets his long awaited duet with the clueless Sheep girl, and unlike her duet with Sun Woo for the music evaluations which was done in public in front of other students, this one will be in the privacy of what looks like a small guitar studio. Seol Chan may be a musical genius but guitar isn’t his instrument of choice, whereas Sun Woo has given up the keyboard instruments in exchange for the strings so he’s perfectly at ease strumming a guitar and singing a love song to Se Yi. I love that Se Yi is showing Seol Chan the ropes around a guitar and his reaction is as honest and adorable as I expected. All the little touches between them makes him feel hyper aware. I would want Se Yi to get a clue quicker but I think she’s already made such strides based on how happy she is to spend time with him when before he was like this little bug that buzzed annoyingly around her. Even if the Sun Woo-Na Na secondary ship doesn’t capture my heart the way the OTP does, I appreciate this drama creating that other love line just so Sun Woo can get over his childhood crush on Se Yi and stop trying to compete with Seol Chan for her affection. I think part of Sun Woo and Seol Chan’s issues is Se Yi, but the majority is whatever misunderstanding happened between then when they were kids. It was so sweet to see them as BFFs in some flashback scenes and those two kid actors masterfully captured the Seol Chan arrogance and the Sun Woo reserve. I’m looking forward also to a flashback showing us what went wrong between little Kyu Dong and little Do Nam, both of those kid actors were fantastic as well. This little music drama has become the light of my week, giving my Fridays double the excitement and anticipation beyond the oncoming weekend. Check out the cute guitar date spoiler stills and short preview below.

Seol Chan-Se Yi duet preview from episode 8:


Preview of Guitar Date for Seol Chan and Se Yi in Episode 8 of Monstar — 13 Comments

  1. She is too cute! i adore how she just unknowingly tempts him with her adoring eyes and pretty lips and his thoughts just run amok with wicked things and etc~

  2. They are so adorable together ! Here I am repeating the preview, giggling like a small girl , so glad today is Friday.

  3. Monstar or Cruel City? If you had to pick one drama to keep going while the other gets cancelled? Ahaha hard question 😉

    • puahah you can’t do that to koala.
      both quenches thirst in different areas. 🙂
      btw, the music playing in the teaser of the guitar date, LOL.

    • Sorry, I didn’t hear Kim Sam Soon song in the previous video 🙁
      You mean, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, right?
      This one is “Oh My Love My Darling”, also by Elvis Presley.

  4. So cute! Thank you. Yong Jun Hyung is doing a surprisingly good job of being a love struck teenager. His every facial expression is gold.

  5. This drama is just so precious. All the main cast are very engaging but Yong Joon Hyung is simply superb. A totally mesmerizing drama this is.

  6. eeeepppp!! SO excited for Monstar 8!! I’ll echo the previous posters’ comments: Jun Hyung is special! It’s the little facial expressions that he inserts that make me squeeeee! <3

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