Hit Drama I Hear Your Voice Confirmed for a Two-episode Extension

SBS can breath a sigh of relief with a big hit (in this day and age) on its hands as the Wed-Thurs drama I Hear Your Voice raced past 20% in ratings nationally this week. With it comes confirmation that the network is extending the drama 2-episodes to end at 18 now. Apparently a leaked synopsis for episodes 10-16 went viral last week and the extension may be connected to allowing the writer to completely re-write the ending (I’ll discuss the spoiler after the jump). This will push back the premiere date of The Master’s Sun with So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin for a week, which the drama doesn’t appear to need since it started filming weeks ago but who wouldn’t benefit for extra time to get things spiffy. Starring Lee Bo Young (now a bona fide hitmaker with her last weekend drama My Daughter Seo Young breaking 40% in ratings in the second half of its 50-episode run) , Lee Jong Suk now following up School 2013 with another well-received drama, and Yoon Sang Hyun who is no stranger to big hits having starred in Queen of Housewives and Secret Garden – IHYV is billed as a thriller, supernatural, romance drama and appears to have garnered quite the fandom both domestically and internationally. PD Joo Soo Won has a long list of dramas under his belt with the most recent ones being Cheongdamdong Alice and Swallow the Sun, while screenwriter Park Hye Ryun did one of my fave youth dramas Dream High back in 2011.

Normally I’d be all over this drama like a cat on cream – I love Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun – but despite all the requests for me to check it out and write about it, I can only do the former but have no desire to do the latter. I rarely write about things I don’t like for the sake of just saying I don’t like it, unless I have good reason. Here I watched the first two episodes and thought the drama was just okay. It was fast-paced and gripping at times, but also strangely grasping without feeling organic. Too many coincidences and leaps of legal procedure and logic, the fantasy hearing voices part was actually the easiest to swallow. Folks who have read my blog since I started writing ought to know my biggest drama pet peeve is legal shows that have no resemblance to the actual practice of law. It’s the same reason my sister cannot watch K-drama medical shows because she starts screaming “That shit does not happen in the ER/OR/hospital!” When I watch shows with significant legal proceedings and court cases, I’m seriously appalled that what’s happening onscreen might actually lead folks to think that is how the profession works. It does not, and thank god for it. So IHYV hit my one pet peeve and that was enough for me to say sayonara. But really the main reason I can’t even tune in is because I have a serious allergy to leading man Lee Jong Suk. I can’t stand him. There, I’ve said it.

I’ve seen him in Secret Garden where he was annoying and a bad actor, then School 2013 when he was just as bad and I had to drop that drama, but being a generally limited actor isn’t a turn off inasmuch as I find him freakish looking. He looks like the Joker to me, with the pale face, the wide smile with the fleshy lips, and the cheekbones pulled taut like he had too much plastic surgery (though I’m not saying he’s had anything done). He could be the nicest boy on the planet, a budding thespian with time and projects, and everyone else can find him handsome beyond compare. That is all fine with me and I don’t have a need to debate that or impose my opinion of him on anyone else. I am merely sharing my person allergy to his looks which is totally subjective, and coupled with the fact that I think he’s not a very good actor, then I just have no desire to watch his dramas. Even if I love Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun, IHYV is a pass for me for the reasons above. Y’all keep enjoying it!

On the note of the spoiler, the leaked synopsis was quite detailed and most likely true, though now the writer has an extra two episodes to re-write the conclusion of her story. In the leaked spoilers, Lee Jong Suk’s Soo Ha dies at the end of episode 15 in a confrontation with the super villain Min Joon Gook while attempting to protect Hye Sung. All the characters deal with the aftermath in episode 16, which ends with a reunion of Hye Sung and Lawyer Cha outside a fried chicken store she is running after she leaves the practice of law. They look at each other and smile, alluding to them being together in the future and Soo Ha’s sacrifice brought about justice and paved the way for happiness for Hye Sung. Once this spoiler leaked, SBS and the writer has said the ending WILL NOT be that and asks the audience to be patient and watch until the end. I’m sure Hye Sung and Soo Ha will be together, this drama didn’t get all that ratings because folks loved the chemistry of Lee Bo Young and Yoon Sang Hyun. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll watch a Lee Jong Suk drama or movie that will change my mind about him and I can join the fangirling. Never say never, right?

I’m sure I’ll get tons of comments like “How can you not LUUURVE Lee Jong Suk?!?!?!?!” or “You have no taste, how can you not LUUURVE Lee Jong Suk yet think [insert an actor I love] is hot/cute/talented/humpable?” or “Are you blind, don’t criticize someone’s looks because you are so ugly you need to break all the mirrors in your home.” And so on and so forth. I’ve learned like is not only subjective, it’s totally defensible even against the onslaught of everyone thinking no one could possibly not like it. I borrow Anya’s words (and song “Bunnies”) from one of the best episodes of singing television ever “Once More, With Feeling” from the 6th season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer – How could anyone hate bunnies? Anya hates bunnies because who the hell can eat that many carrots clearly they are evil. Anya’s logic is just as valid because she thinks bunnies are freakishly scary just like I think Lee Jong Suk is freakishly weird looking. Ahh, good old BtVS, always good for a quote whenever I’m feeling like a shallow minority.


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  1. This is so funny..can’t stop laughing. I love LJS so much after school 2013. Now after watching IHYV, I admire his acting. He can act with his eyes. He doesn’t hv to do so much to show his ability. Just a subtle one and the audiences (excluding koala, LOL) will feel what he feels playing his character..before this drama, I dont think highly of his acting skills. But, he proves me wrong…well..old saying : dont judge a book by its cover..though I do agree with your comments about his face. Its a bit weird, but I love it like that. Pale, narrow eyes,wide lips..plus tall and broad shoulder..that’s perfect for me!

    • in secret garden, i already noticed that LJS was cute then… had watched his School 2013, i liked him there…here in IHYV, i like him all the more…

      but i still respect all of you guys coz i know that we have different preferences… some people that Captain Koala likes are those that i do not prefer…

      but the most funny thing is, i still keep visiting, reading and making comments in Koala’s Playground… there are times that we have the same likes and i find it most enjoyable reading how Koala recaps the drama in most passionate way…

      thank you, Captain (Y)

    • I know this is so late but i happened to come across this website only today. I like to say that LJS has a unique look, not handsome or weird but unique. At first i also fins him pale n skinny but his charisma attracted me maybe he is model n catwalk has helped him alot so he has that unique natural charisma in his acting n ways that i cant find it in other actors yet.

  2. YES!! Finally. Thank you!!! I don’t feel like the only one who is not a fan of Lee Jong Suk.
    I’ve just been watching the drama because of Yoon Sang Hyun. Love him. 🙂

    • Same here, i have anticipated and been watching this drama because of a very good and talented actor yoon sang hyun! And he’s more manly appealing and handsome to me. I think, lee jung sok just lucky given that kind of role in this drama IHYV, ofcourse with that character the viewers will love him. However, despite of many who have fallen for him, he really doesn’t have any appeal to me and not even make my heart flutter unlike yoon sang hyun. So i would like to really believe on a happy ending between him and lee bo young in this kdrama 😉

  3. LOL Well, at least I’m not the only person who thinks Lee Jong Suk looks weird. And yes people, I’m not good looking either. Judge me all you want.

    I liked the first few episodes but there’s no grip for me unlike other dramas I’ve been so addicted too. The plot is good, for me it just lacks that must-watch-every-episode feel.

    • no you are not the only one and I agree with koala about the PS comment. I can barely focus on his face and I’m stunned people find him hot…even attractive but that’s subjective beauty for you. I mainly just keep it to myself because everyone is usually fawning all over him hehe…

  4. Lol, fangirls will always defend their guys to the death. But thank you Koala for being so honest in stating a minority opinion! I don’t agree with it, but I totally respect that and think more bloggers should be willing to say what they actually feel instead of having to temper it down.

  5. Cant stop laughing.. I always thought LJS was odd looking too. Yet I started to watch this drama and now I completely adorable him and want him to have a happy ending.. Soo no hate from me to you. That plus how can you hate anyone that quotes BTVS???

  6. Haha, you’re so funny Koala! I actually also find Lee Jong Suk freaky looking , but I don’t think he’s such a bad actor, though not the best out there among his generation. Lucky for me though I don’t have to deal with any drama messing with my profession since I have yet to see an actual drama where accounting is the main central theme, cause hell yeah that would be suck a snoooozefest!!! Hahahha

  7. Oh man I’m so glad they’re not going to have that ending. I’m marathoning the drama right now and I adore Lee Jong Suk and would have forever hated the whole show if it ended that way lol.

    • @ Jen –

      I would have been so angry with that ending. Maybe this is the one time in history when spoilers + extension becomes a good thing. Having Su Ha die and not would have ruined it for me. IHYV would have gone on my list of dramas that started out great then crashed and burned at the end.

      Let’s cross our fingers for a good ending with the OTP we’re *really* rooting for!

      • what I meant was: “…Having Su Ha die and not have the relationship he wants with his noona-lawyer…would have ruined it for me.”

  8. LOL…I actually think LJS is quite charming if you look like him for awhile. Koala, maybe you should give him some time and stare at him for awhile longer hehehe…
    Anyway, this drama is good so far and I do hope they re-write the ending so LJS and LBY will end up together.

  9. Koala….u got to STOP ur manic facial descriptions of actors that turns u off! Now I’m beginning to see Lee Jong Suk face in a freaking way and I.Not.Like! Similarly I couldn’t watch When A Man Loves even for my love for Song Seung Heon because of Shin Se Kyung the chinless gal. See what U are doing to us, your avid readers

  10. LOL. Just like me having allergy to Joo Won. Run away like crazy. Or Hungry Games, Pieter, the ugliest guy on the planet.

    I just don’t like dongsaeng-nuna theme (another thing to get stone for).

  11. Haha
    Me too, me too. I thought i was the only one who didn’t like him and find him daunting and scary face. For me the biggest turn-off is his lips.

  12. Well, one man’s antidote is another man’s poison.
    Actually, Koala, me too was allergic to Lee Jong Suk’s face ever since Secret Garden. I care for nothing he is in because he simply wasn’t appealing to me. He’s not freakish looking, but at least, he was just another face.

    Until a friend picked up this drama, and I was too damn free and sick, so I follow suit. Boy, was I sucked in. Now I worship his luxurious lips, and wants his pale skin for myself. Haha. And frankly speaking, his acting improved by leaps! (This judging from someone who watches Kdrama like it’s her livelihood) I wonder who he is getting his lessons from (if he ever does).

    So I hope you will like him one day too. Like, as in not to consciously avoid his films. 🙂

  13. Hmm…what are your feelings about Kim Woobin…I mean…he’s a bit interesting looking as well haha. But I get what you mean about Lee Jong Suk. I actually like his character in this drama even though I’ve never been drawn to any of his previous roles. I’ve only been reading recaps since it’s a little too dark for my taste but I’ve been blown away by Lee Bo Young! I’ve only known her as Ji Sung’s longgggggg-term girlfriend (sidenote when are you going to put a ring on it?? haha) and I’ve never seen her in anything but now I’m interested in what she’s done (mind you I’m a fan of rom-coms and her previous drama was a family drama that I’m not entirely interested in).

    • Kim Woo Bin came to my mind as well since he is the quintessential boy-who-is-an-alien. I adore the guy but I’m still amazed at his unique look in some pics. Totally my pick for the unique/alien looking guy in kdrama land.

      All the discussion of LJS’s face will now make me super conscious of his every feature next time I watch lol..

      • I used to be into fashion/modeling and you get used to seeing interesting/unique faces that are almost ethereal and unforgettable. Kim Woo Bin has one of those faces. Also, his face doesn’t look “fake” or unaturally off (as opposed to naturally off heh..) like Lee Song Suk. Kim Woo Bin could have had subtle PS as its so common but I would guess that.

        I find the stellar roles and dramas he chooses make him more attractive overall to me. And his personality. I’m not the type to nitpick who is pretty or attractive but gravitate to more naturally unconventional faces. I feel like PS robs people of that unique trademark that is all their own. Just my opinion, I know no one asked for it haha 🙂

  14. I was always thinking of someone who LJS resembles and now you said it. Yep. Joker it is. Same way I see Kim Jae-won. Sorry…

    • I totally agree with Kim Jaw Won…I know people love him but he just creeps me out, I’ve never clicked with any of his roles.

      • Love LJS, but I also find Kim Jaewon really creepy looking. I guess the two are similar looking in principle, but Jongseok’s face is narrower, and his features don’t stick out as much as Kim Jaewon’s do. Jaewon’s smile makes him look really clownish and creepy… I saw him in his movie with Ha Jiwon. Meeh.

        When my mom first saw LJS when I was watching IHYV, she was like, “Wow, he’s not very handsome,” but after seeing him in other scenes, she concluded that he’s not necessarily handsome, but he looks good when groomed well. I agree — he looked awkward with the hairstyle and outfit in Secret Garden, but his current appearance for IHYV is much more suited to his face, and he has stolen my heart. It might also be that his face gets better with age.

  15. Although law is not my profession nor major, I still have a problem with how the law is handled in this drama. It’s highly unrealistic, like how you would have a person repeated smacked in the head with a wrench and can pass it off as just a simple fall or not accounting the previous records of a murderer that clearly makes him a big suspect. And the police calling the guardian, because he thinks someone stole his gun..wait what?
    I respect your opinion of LJS, I too have my share of actors and actresses that I’m simply allergic to without much reason. However he’s been growing on me in this drama. Looking past the terrible handling of the law, police and etc, I’m still enjoying this drama.
    p.s. that ending looks terrible, glad the writer is changing it.

  16. This is the only drama I am watching now and am really liking it, despite being creeped out by Lee Jong-seok’s face. I don’t mind plastic surgery per se but I do mind it when it’s badly done. His nose is way too small. I saw some earlier pictures of him and he had a nice normal nose. When will the madness end?

  17. Sometimes I also get the chills with LJS’s face, but I love some weird faces,so it’s alright to me. I get so f*** mad when dramas mess with my profession.That was probably the reason why I hated Flower Boy Ramyum Shop. WTF was that teacher doing, hitting and flirting with a student like it was totally ok to do it, just to show how OMG awesome sexy woman she was. And I’m not talking about every single teacher/student taboo drama there is out there, there were some dramas that did the cliche in an OK way, like Biscuit teacher and Star Candy, but, unfortunately, most of them end up falling in the absurdities.

    • Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is one of my favorite rom-coms so I feel like I have to defend it. It all started out as a misunderstanding, she thought he was 6 yrs older than her. When she found out he was a student at her school, she treated him as a student not a love interest. The flirting did not begin until she quit as a teacher and started working at the ramyun shop.

      Love IHYV. I don’t find any of the leads attractive except the prosecutor but I love the acting and the storyline so far.

  18. OMG! I’m so glad you mentioned the freakish looks of the male lead. THAT is main/if not only reason for my not even starting this drama. The PS surgeon messed up his nose, which seriously altered his looks for the worse….

  19. Yes, Finally someone else has said it as well. I cannot watch LJS without thinking back to Secret Garden and for some reason dont like his looks. I am sorry I love LBY for ever and YSH is one of my favourites. I am watching the show but I have to admit I find it hard to ship him with my beautiful Leading lady. Oh well, now we have to wait longer for the follow up drama The Masters Sun.

  20. OMG!!! I can understand that you don’t like dramas based on law but how can one not like Lee Jong Suk!! He is so sweet and adorable and his eyes speak so much…..he is one of the best among the new actors…..He is so awesome in School 2013….LOVE HIM ♥

  21. I love the comments on this post. The civility. The acceptance of different subjective opinions. The shock, for me, that so many also find Lee Jong Suk’s face hella weird. But I also love hearing that some can get past it and enjoy his performance. I’m open to that chance. I used to find Lee Seung Gi weird and unattractive and now he’s one of my all-time loves. Thanks for the great convo on this drama, and on his face. My readers are the best! 😀

    • Koala, pls check out this drama if you want to cure yr allergy to LJS. Hehe.. On the other hand..I think I’m going to love this drama no matter who starred in it. Bcoz for me, the writer is a genius in building the characters in this drama. I’ve watched dramas since I know how to spell and never have I cared this much to all the side characters. I loveee the 1st female lead’s mom. Many said that she’s the best mom ever written in kdrama. I also love the 2nd female lead, their colleagues and even LJS highschool friends are so lovable. The growth of every character is well done. The legal side is the only loop hole in the drama for me. I dont really ship noona_dongsaeng relationship but I’m so tired of rich badboy got pureheart girl cinderella kinda story. The lovestory in here is fresh and endearing and the girl is totally badass, indifferent, so flawed but honest at the same time. Gotta love her character!

    • Koala,
      Lee Seung Gi is definitely not weird and unattractive… check out this swoony picture of his!

      I also find Lee Jong Suk too lanky, pale and even emaciated and kiddish looking beside Lee Bo Young, which is probably also why I cannot get get onto the SoHa-Hye Sung ship and I’m not allergic to noona-dongseang relationship (god knows I ship LSG-HJW). On the other had, I find Lawyer Cha (YSH) suave and sexy when he is doing his lawyer thing in court in the show.

      I find IHYV engaging with good character development and am more emotionally invested in the show compared to GFB (despite my LSG love). LJS’s acting is quite decent in this drama and this is my first time watching Lee Bo Young and she’s good, and YSH, whom I always like as well. So I’ll be watching IHYV all the way to the end.

    • Oh god everyone says that about LSG and I was conviced it would NEVER happen to me but all it took was his cameo in Greatest Love to do me in!!!

      I’m also so averse to the lead’s face but I can see why people could look past it in this role. He’s very adorable and likable in it. I just started and hope its as good as people say.

    • So so true. My love for Lee Seung Gi is a slow process. I saw him before as someone who’ll drool anytime when he talks. But puppy slowly crept into my heart. He replaced Jang Geun Suk’s place in my heart. That boy is becoming weirder and weirder. I just hope he joins the military soon and get rehabilitated. There’s hope I see.

    • LOL about Lee Seung Gi! XD For me, he looks like an oversized toddler. He looks so childlike when he actually isn’t. It’s not as bad as LJS, I find LSG cute now too after seeing him on My Girlfriend is a Gumiho.

  22. I agree with you about LJS, okay sure I don’t find him amazingly attractive or anything, I also don’t find him very compelling as an actor for some reason. The main reason i’m not watching IHYV is because I CANNOT STAND Noona romances. I don’t know why – I should find it endearing…but I just can’t.

  23. Thank you for the spoilers .Really appreciate it as I am 5episodes behind.

    I find this drama surprisingly watchable for the suspense part.But not the legal aspects so just ignore it

    But have to applaud your honesty. Personally have seen all LJS 3 dramas like you.He has not improved and honestly, don’t know what chemistry everyone is raving about. If an OTP has to exist would prefer not to be eeked out by her falling for a high schooler. How can I ship someone who needs to go to army then finish Uni then start a family. Hye Sung is in her late 20s right?

  24. I also find him to be a bit odd looking but recently im adoring him for his wonderful acting in IHYV. I guess his look grew on me….lol.

  25. For me LJS the person is just ho hum… But so far I liked the character that he’s playing in SG, School and now IHYV…
    About the romance, maybe I’m in the minor for not really wanting SH and HS to end up together.. It’s just…… (don’t throw rocks at me) the age difference is so far (run and hide) everytime I watch the romance scene, my Head just keep on YELLING that SH is still in HIGH SCHOOL, so maybe I’m alone that hoping that KW will get the girl, without killing SH of course.. I still lurve him….

  26. Lol everyone found him odd looking. He doesn’t have the typical actor face. But like what everyone else said, he does grow on you! If you weren’t Koala unnie, I probably already bit your head off. :’) but I respect you as a writer, and as a daily reader of this blog.

    I noticed that you tend to stay away from dramas the vast majority like. To name a few City Hunter, Gaksital, School 2013, and now I Hear Your Voice. You’re like that one friend who I always try to make them like the things I like but never does, so I can only face palm in frustration because I feel like they’re missing out on something so wonderful. But I’m the good friend that only wants what is good for you. *wink wink*

    • LOL, I’m a weird unni, I agree.

      I tried City Hunter but it was ruining the original manga for me so I bailed. I am even more allergic to Joo Won than I am to Lee Jong Suk so didn’t even get within 5 feet of Gaksital. And I tried School 2013, I really tried, I watched 3 episodes despite my LJS allergy and it was alas a no-go. The story was like a re-tread of so many J-dorama gakuen yarns. But without the light touch.

      • so happy reading that it’s not only me who doesn’t like City Hunter. i feel like a weirdo trying to justify why i can never ever like that drama. glad that i’ve got company koala sis!

  27. Oooh finally… There is someone who don’t like IHYV…
    Actually legal procedure in korea is different compare to US legal in some basic. But they ignore the legal procedure too much… But it’s not my main problem with this show… My problem is the directing and the acting overall… It’s just trying too hard to fit all genre into one drama but unfortunately the exexution just fail balancing it ….

    • except LJS everybody else is great LBY is phenomenal here and YSH is great dk what you are talking about be fair will ya

  28. Hahaha LOL you’re so funny!! I like him even though in the begining (SG) I didn’t pay attention to him but know I think he’s really cute, a real noona-killer ♥♥ (even thought he’s one year older than me)…. You’re the first person to say that you don’t like someone in that funny way for me and you my 10000% respect! :3

  29. I will be happy so long as they don’t pull a Gu Family Book on me. Seriously. I can only take so much drama-betrayal in such a short period of time…

  30. Omigosh, you said what I was thinking but was too afraid to say in the forums — LJS has had a bad surgery or he had it too early and grew out of it weirdly. I actually like IHYV a lot, except for the legal scenes, but you’re right, I’m distracted by LJS’ face. I am also watching Monstar (love your recaps) and just finished Answer me 1997, and both of those leads are actually not that handsome but have charisma for miles and are therefore HOT. Hope they can help more Korean kids to resist the urge to have surgery, especially before they’re fully grown.

  31. at first, i’m also not even notice LJS, but after watching IHUV..i’m now one of his fangirls.

    is okay Koala don’t like him, coz i also don’t like some actors that Koala fond with (hehe. we are human being after all..

  32. Omg yesssss! Finally someone with the same opinion on Lee Jong Seok! I totally agree with the face. I can’t even pinpoint what it is that I don’t like about his looks. As for acting, I don’t even remember him from Secret Garden and I couldn’t understand what’s with the LJS syndrome when School 2013 aired. It was Jung Nara and Daniel Choi who really carried the show.

    But for some strange reason, LJS and Lee Bo Young just have nice chemistry. When I saw stills of them together for I Hear Your Voice, I was slowly starting to get hooked. I have to still watch it before I can say anything about his acting though. From the looks of it, he has a well-written character that even if it he sucks in acting, the earnestness of character shines through.

  33. Thank you Koala!!! Love this post!!! 🙂
    Reading all the comments, I’m not the only one who finds him odd looking. It’s unnatural and looks like plastic gone wrong.

    I did really like this drama for about 6 episodes. I have a void almost in Kdrama viewing. I pretty much am not really interested in any of the offerings out there. I am watching Monstar and that’s it. It’s been over 10 yrs of watching kdramas – and I’m tapped out. So for all that, and I don’t think LJS is a very good actor, but good for him for getting a high rated show. 🙂 In any case, I dropped it like a hot cake but am following recaps. Also, I am not liking the who almost 30 yr old liking a high school student. Just not into it.

  34. He has a weird lookign face.

    Maybe that is why I couldn’t love School 2013 like everyone did.

    watching most of the drama with his weird face and Won Bin allien face was too much…

    He just looks weird and his acting is decent but not good… he seems to improve on IHYV however I don’t see the chemistry people say LBY and he has. Really. She looks like his sister/aunt but I see no sexual chemistry there, just little-brother-sister relationship or owner and her lost cut puppy.

    LBY has more sexual chemistry with YSW… lawyer Cha. I like them together.

  35. This drama’s weakest point is the legal stuff. Anyways, thank you so much for the spoiler! I keep hearing about the so-called spoiler but not WHAT it is. Now I just hope it’s not true. Seriously, I am not watching it for that ending…

    As for LJS, I can totally understand you. There are actors who I can’t stand for some inexplicable reason. Actually, my friend who is watching this drama can’t stand LJS because of his lips. And then I realized that I thought the same thing before (and sometimes, now) lol.. But I really like him in IHYV.

  36. lol. To be honest, I didn’t like Lee Jong Suk either, miss koala. Eventhough one of my friends say that he’s handsome but just too skinny, I still think that he’s not that handsome. No offense to Lee Jong Suk’s fans. I’m just giving my opinions about him. But surely he’s not handsome compared to Siwon, Lee Min Ho, Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, or Jo In Sung. But I love him in I Hear Your Voice. I agree with you, miss koala, about his appearance. lol. But, I recommend you to watch till episode 3 or 4. hehe

  37. His nose is pretty weird but I like his face overall. Especially his lips <3 im the kind of person that usually finds a person attractive if they are talented. If u are handsome but cant act then it's likely i wont be a fan or watch you. Thankfully for lee jong suk i like his acting especially recently. in school 2013 it was ok and it was his bromance with woo bin that made me a fan but it's in this drama where I am amazed by his acting. Especially in the recent episodes. He can act with his eyes really really well and it helps that soo ha is an amazing character.

    Omg this is the first time I read that spoiler! I really hope it's not true like what the writer and sbs said bc then that drama will be totally ruined. But judging by recent episodes I don't think him dying is likely. Also pretty sure he's ending up with hye sung judging by the cast list and how the recent episodes went. I don't think she likes lawyer cha romantically like she did before. Also the age difference isn't a problem anymore bc he's out of high school and is 20 in the drama. In real life he's 23 oh and she's only 8 years older than him in the drama. So not a huge age gap and plus he's a lot more mature than her. Anyway I agree with everyone saying the legal parts of the drama aren't realistic and I'm pretty sure most people know that, but what I like about the cases is that they allow the characters to grow especially hye-sung so I'm able to ignore all the inaccuracies. But ya this drama really deserves to be a hit! I'm kind of nervous about the extension though i have hope that the extension wouldnt ruin it because it came kind of early and it's only 2 episodes. However i am worried about lee Jong suk bc he's been working nonstop and right after this he has filming for a movie. But I guess his hard work is paying off bc he's totally the it boy this year.

  38. Yes, LJS’s face is a liitle too wide at the top for the rest of his face, like the ants in antz. I didnt enjoy school 2013 much despite completing it. I was curious about the kids but really couldnt understand a school with so little learning taking place and so much violence too.

    Surpirisingly, i am finding his acting in IHYV much better than in school and am following and enjoying the drama. I certainly buy the chemistry between the two leads. He has been much more emotive in this drama and their degree of ease with each other is obvious and makes me ship them.

    The legal aspects of this show is scary if its really how the justice sustem really is. The same for cruel city, which i stopped watching coz the police organisation was too laughable. I could never ever watch medical shows because they are often so so inaccurate. The only medical show thats quite ‘realistic’, even with all those silly fantasy sequences, was scrubs :).

  39. Strangely, the supposed ending sounds a tad like Athena’s, but without the great view.

    I too find LJS freaky looking and not hot either but I personally wouldn’t say his acting is bad (I have seen worse), just a tad on the raw side. I would have preferred the dude in Ramyun Shop or the actor in Me Too Flower (sorry, can’t remember their names) over LJS but I don’t mind him so much here. On the other hand, I understand a thing or two about irrational allergies, i.e., if it was LSG playing the lead here, I wouldn’t watch the series too.

    Luckily, there’s LBY to save the day, amidst the crappy legal plot-holes and unattractive (subjective) male lead!

  40. You are really bad Ms. Koala. How could you do this to us? to me? now all i gonna do when watch IHYV is compare Jongseok face to your description. Like that wasn’t enough, you make me want to watch Buffy all over again, and finally finish the last season. where oh where my Buffy?

    I do agree about his acting in Secret Garden, he didn’t do justice to his Sun, while i just watched School in bits, here he’s doing a fine job with Suha and his Chemistry with Lee Boyoung is really good if not great.

    All that said, I love you Ms. Koala.

  41. you’re only saying it’s civil in here because everyone agrees with you. my taste in dramas and actors/actresses don’t really align with yours–except for when it comes to our total revulsion of jang geunseok and his wacko lifestyle and persona that’s affected his acting career, UGH–so i don’t give too much a flip about your stance on the actors you criticize harshly, for, i think, no real apparent reason except bias. that’s cool and everything… just thought i’d say my piece.

    • Hi Wackylu, sorry to butt in. In my opinion, even you who didn’t agree with her, clearly being civil in your comment, so i guess that what she mean when she said its civil regardless agree or not with her. Even with readers whom agree didn’t change her/his stance and still going to watch IHYV and for those who love LJS, will still love him.

    • LOL it’s civil because there are none of oppa’s fangirls here to bash on someone who doesn’t think their oppa floats their boat.
      That’s fine. If you read alot of the other posts about celebrities with large fanbases, you’d see the gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair. It gets pretty ugly. I always find it funny when a post gets that much hate because the ones that end up looking silly are the ones that go to the ends of the world trying to defend their oppa/unni.
      It seems like a majority of people here accept her opinions and move on.
      That, my friend. Is civil.

  42. The legal side of this drama is totally bonkers, but after Big, this drama totally satisfies my noona-donsaeng romance. I didn’t like Lee Jong Suk’s looks either, I thought he looked weird. But after watching his fierce devotion and protectiveness over Lee Bo Young’s character, I slowly fell for him. *__*

  43. To me, his weird face (too tiny, WAY too tiny with way too stretched of lips and a pair of slits for eyes) is actually what endears and distinguishes his look for me! He doesn’t possess that all too ubiquitous big eye and small lips that many young actors in Korea are known for. There’s an attractively alien quality to it, just like Kim Woobin and TOP, that I find sexy hahaha

  44. So, I was in a deep funk a few weeks ago and wanted something fun to cheer me up, and so i was checking out what kdrama to watch when i chanced upon IHYV. Everyone seems to be gushing on how LJS is such a cutie pie, but when i checked out the screencaps, i… wasn’t too convinced. heh. I thought, that doesn’t look like a cutiepie to me. But then, i was intrigued by the story so i read recaps, and got even hooked enough to watch a couple of episodes. i think i got accustomed to LJS’s looks, plus his Soo Ha character is well-written: strong but vulnerable, child like but mature, and the super power! so now, i’m one of the noonas who wants their own Soo Ha who will kiss their hands and lean their heads in his shoulder while they sleep. although, like Koala, i got turned off by the rather elementary law they are practicing, and Hye Sung’s regular revolving door spin, that now I stopped watching and only reads the recaps. saves me some time downloading.

  45. Lol!!! I really adore him in SG even though his acting was sub par, but then School 2013 made me love him. I think it’s one of those things that make an actor handsome per se Lee Min Ho is their earnest and raw emotions onscreen. He and Lee Min Ho can appear stunning and not so stunning at times. His lips have been a growing mystery to me. They see m to get bigger each episode. With that said, I clearly think he’s good looking and a great actor! And yeah my whole family thinks LSG is a joke, and I did too, that is before I saw him on My Gf is a Gumiho 😀 oh and well a little bit in Shining Inheritance.

  46. I thought he was good in school 2013, I loved the bromance in that one!
    Never watched Secret Garden except one ep and I loathed it.
    I’m guessing I’m one of the few not shipping Hye Sung with So Ha, in this case I love flower ahjusshi. Usually I’d be rooting for the younger guy but somehow I just like lawyer Cha more.
    I do feel that the writers were first planning a romance between both lawyers but then decided to go the younger guy route instead. (sigh) I like So Ha but I’d think he and Sung Bin would have made the cutest couple.

  47. I agree, he looks a little strange. I had to suspend belief with the law bits but I think the rest of the show is okay. He takes a little while to get used to…not sure if I am there yet.
    Also, Bunnies are scary. Anya was right; not only do the little cretins eat far too many carrots, they should have a place in Little Red Riding Hood. See wolves; not so scary, just really big dogs. Bunnies have big ears, sharp teeth, and they also have pretty sharp claws (all the better to slice you with my dear).
    Anyways, thanks for the funny posts. Cannot wait until midnight, RAW version of Monstar. ^_^\/

  48. I ‘m surprised at how much everyone is commenting about his face….I mean…come on….so much emphasis on facial features!!! It’s all about acting…..which always comes first than looks…..

    • lets talk about this then. He is servicable but not TOP actor of his age with best skills that his fangilrs are saying out there.

      if it wasn’t for his cute looks, his puppy cute lost face wouldn’t work, and so he would not have so much fans and would not be so much praised.

      But he does, why? because he does well the puppy lost face that even myself fall for…

  49. I’m so glad I don’t study law because I would get annoyed too for the liberties they take in portraying the law. But I don’t so I can just ignore it and just love this show for its plot and characters.

    But trust me if you where like me and could blissfully ignore it you would LOVE this show.

    That’s why my fingers are crossed for Good Doctor, I love Joo Won and I want to watch it but if they add crazy for the point of narrative flow I won’t be able to stand it.

  50. I am not crazy about LJS either his fangirls are like seriously annoying all the praise for his acting is so delusional cause he barely manages to be passable while LBY YSH beat him in every scene yet he is the one getting the praise and they dont seem to be there LBY is AMAZZZING here she goes from seriously funny comedy to tragic in an instant seriously you should consider watching the show just to watch her priceless acting and facial expression when I say priceless I mean it and the drama itself has lots of heart and soul so its reallly good the only think that bothers me is how it became the LJS show ugg stupid

  51. Actually I like Lee Jong Suk… It would be truly sad if he did have a botched-up surgery before fully developed. Just like LASIK eye surgery… One should NOT get LASIK until after 27 years old when the eyes have stabilized. The doctors should warn their clients when it comes to plastic surgery too. Besides Kim Jae Won, I also see similarities with the disgraced Park Shi Hoo looking Jokerish.

  52. i think its wrong to dislike someone solely because you dont like the face and its wrong to write about that in a public forum….imagine if LJS
    read that….and if u were in his place and some body wrote about not standing the sight of your face….just because you posses such a face….

  53. or maybe the extension is about giving to some koala unnies the chance to watch some more? yeah I’ve read it all, about the legal and LJS’s face issues and on, but i think we are all doomed to fall for those weird-faced actors at some point and now is the perfect time to fall for the Joker face ;D I mean, as you said, you would get LBY and YSH and a drama in which things actually happen, characters have it all, light and shadows and legal issues are in fact the real fantasy element (I’m a law student..), but human connections would steal your heart away (SBS, pay me). anyway, seriously, I’m not really sure who’s responsible for this, but for me (of course this is only my personal opinion) IHYV is currently one of the best (two) dramas of the year *crossing fingers until the ending episode*

  54. My reason to not watch this show is the stupid, unprofessional female lead. Hate her character. In addition the freaky handling of the law. I’m all willing to leave my brain behind watching a drama, but here it is simply too much they ask from me.

    In addition LJS does nothing for me. I skipped all of his and Oska’s parts in SG and never watched more than 2 eps of School 2013. Just couldn’t get into it. His operated nose freaks me out, but there are many, many, MANY more actors who freak me out with their weird PS choices. Coincidentally Lee Da Hee being one of them.

    A well made dongsaeng-noona relationship is definitely something I’d watch, but the guy should be at least out of school and in his early twenties.

    • she is not stupid she is jaded and have moral issues they that depth and she is evolving they call that character development and she has a heart of gold she thrown herself on his knife to save him from being a murderer and she is very funny as well your reason is silly

      • Well, I dropped out before she had a chance to become heroic or funny, but I tried for 8 eps, so I showed some endurance. Whatever came later was too late for me. Writer-nim created an unprofessional, messy, snappish, uninterested in her profession as well as her clients persona, that thoroughly turned me off. Love her as much as you want, I simply don’t.

      • I’m still watching it and so far I don’t love HS at all.

        Still unprofessional. STill can’t work 100% if not for someone she likes or want to win over (DY).

        She might be a good person but she is a terrible Public defender and we have the right to dislike her for it.

  55. hahhaha
    I laugh how you describe LJS
    actually I think his role in SG was bad…
    but he does well in IHYV, now I adore him but when I try to watch school 2013 after see him in IHYV, It’s bad…
    and I leave it after watch 4 episode,

    but LJS is great in IHYV, I think I addicted to IHYV and I suggest you to watch…
    actually i really hope you make a recap for iHYV, coz i love how you write your opinion about drama


  56. HAH you post was so funny!

    I actually like LJS, but I can totally understand the feeling of being completely turned off by an actor. There are many actors that I dislike even though everyone seems to love them.

    Law dramas are all rather “meh” to me. I can see they’re totally bending logic for the drama’s sake and sometimes I do laugh at some outrageous bits but… it really doesn’t bother me.

    BUT that’s only because my area is health care! Which means… terrible medical dramas are my #1 pet peeve! Just like Koala’s sister, I scream at the screen and throw my hands in the air. Drama doctors drive me nuts!

  57. LOL! Good looks are indeed subjective and in cases like this we can only agree on disagreeing 😛 I never once thought that Lee Jong Suk had an odd or freakish face, from the very moment I first saw him in Secret Garden I thought he looked unique and I liked it. I was also invested in his sidestory in that drama so afterwards he was firmly put on my “to watch” list and he’s the reason I watched “School 2013” (lacking on the romance department but we got a lot of bromance instead <3). Naturally I had to check out "I Hear Your Voice" too and holy moly am I glad I did! I think Lee Jong Suk is awesome in this drama (his character too) and it's definitely his best performance so far. I've totally become an avid fan now 😀 Also, about that leaked ending… that sounds downright terrible. They better rewrite the ending properly with this 2-episode extension! Nothing will suffice other than a happy ending with Soo Ha and his Hye sung!

  58. I start to watch this drama because i really miss Yoon Sang Hyun…but after watch 4 episodes i give up…doesn’t curious about the story anymore…

    Don’t know why i don’t like Lee bo young and Lee jong suk acting in this drama…

  59. I am too busy enjoying the writing, the directing, the acting and AWESOME MUSIC to notice LJS’s lack of anything!

    Loving this show so much!!!

    Definitely the first TRUE hit of 2013, with Cruel City following second.

    I’ve only seen Lee Bo Young in one other thing and that was “More than Blue” and she was annoying in that but she’s an amazing actress in IHYV!!!

  60. Don’t worry about being verbally attacked for expressing your opinion, Koala. Mature people should be able to accept thoughts/ideas/etcetera that vary or differ from their own. There is something cute about Lee Jongsuk and I think that he does act well in the show, but I’ll admit that there is something strange about his nose. I am definitely not a fan girl but I wouldn’t call him ugly. Also, the legal aspects of the show are handled sloppily(never mind the forensics).

    I love your allusion to Buffy. I have watched that musical episode countless times. “Bunnies aren’t cute like everybody supposes…” Lol! I am glad that you are not a conformist. I personally do not follow trends or gush over actors that people think I should gush over.

  61. To each his/her own, I won’t argue on that though I think it’s kind of a pity to skip a potentially good drama because of your aversion of the main lead….because you know what? You may come to like/love them later on. Believe me, it happened countless of times with me (Lee Seung Gi, Kim Myung Min, Vanness Wu, Jo Jung Suk, Joo Won, Joo Sang Wook and the list goes on)

    I watched several dramas/movies where the leads didn’t appeal me at first and boy many time they proved me wrong.
    For instance, I watched “The King of drama”, never like Kim Myung Min (he wasn’t attractive enough imo, yeah shallow,hunt me) and don’t get me started with SiWon, I don’t like him, period. One should never say never indeed…I fell for Anthony’s charm, I’m now a Kim Myung Min fan and though I still dislike Siwon to this day,I can admit he made me laugh like no tomorrow in this drama, dude has good comedic timing imo.

    Started watching “Cyrano Dating Agency”, I didn’t know Lee Jong Hyuk and Lee Chun Hee that well and moreover I had a prejudice against Sooyoung (I hate SNSD, Yoona can’t act to save her life, I thought it would be the same for Sooyoung) and guess what, I love this drama…Sooyoung is a decent actress and I love her bubbly personality in it, it’s refreshing. As for the two male leads, they are awesome, I may even follow their next projects…

    Concerning Lee Jong Suk, I find him attractive, I’m not weird out by his looks like many of you seem to be. Particularly his eyes, they’re small but very expressive imo. He has a cute smile and I must say I appreciate his boyish look. As for his nose,his nose doesn’t bother/bug me more than the ones of Jung Il Woo or Yoon Shi Yoon. Plus, bear in mind that make-up can make the nose looks thinner/smaller than it actually is…he can act imo, he’s improved tremendously since his Secret Garden’s days and may become even better in the future. All in all, I hope you’ll give him a chance once of these days 🙂

    • I agree with you that he is cute (I am just not a fan girl :)). I am not freaked out by his looks. I would only say that his nose is slightly strange. But as you said, makeup can make his nose look even smaller/thinner. To me looks come second to one’s ability to act.

  62. I don’t find most Korean male actors attractive until I hit that one drama with a character that draws me to them, including… *gasp* Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Lee Seung Gi… I didn’t find Hyun Bin cute in Sam Soon at all. Lee Seung Gi looked funny to me until TK2H, etc. I think the only actor I found attractive from the get go is Sung Song Heon, but after watching Dr. Jin, I can no longer watch him any drama. And you’re right. LJS has a weird face. And he’s too skinny! I thought Lee Bo Young looked like an ajumma in the preview video at the aquarium and couldn’t see how how she and LJS could be the OTP. But I am really enjoying his and her portrayal on this drama and finding this drama to be really a fun watch.

  63. I agree with you about the legal aspect of the drama.Any person with the slightest legal knowledge will have a hard time enduring the ridiculousness of the legal procedures shown in this drama.However,I still enjoy this drama as there are many heartfelt moments and the characters are likeable.

    I get you point about LJS though I personally don’t agree.I was never bothered by the appearance of the actors as long the characters they play are well-written and well-acted…of course unless the role is one which by its description demands a handsome actor.I understand that LJS might look a bit weird for certain viewers but I personally find him cute and charming in his own way.

    What I don’t understand is why you think he is a terrible actor.There are much worse actors(specially rookie idols) whom you’ve adored and avoided saying anything about their acting skills.Therefore, I find it a bit hard to swallow that bad acting is one of the reasons why you dropped this drama.Granted, LJS has yet a lot to improve but I strongly believe that his acting is more than decent.
    I mean no disrespect.It just shocks me sometimes how very rational you seem in some cases and how completely biased in the others.

    • ? I might disagree with Koala, but she likes beautiful actors who can’t act and admit they can’t act and even make fun about it.

      Which actor you were talking about that she never admitted he isn’t good at acting?

  64. It’s very weird, I don’t find LJS particularly good-looking either (I agree he looks a wee bit freaky for my taste) and didn’t like him until School 2013, where I think he and his eyes actually did a great job with the acting. Plus he had great chemistry with Kim Woo-bin. Acting-wise he was still a bit raw, but to be honest he’s 1000 times better than the Taecyeons, Suzys and Jessicas of this world, and he’s improved even more in IHYV – I’d say it’s his best performance yet.

    When I think ‘limited’ I usually think really terrible at acting, and at least he manages to become the character successfully – he has expressions, body language and line delivery nailed down, and even if it doesn’t make me want to jump his bones, i will give credit where credit is due.

    (also, +1000000 for the Buffy reference!)

    • LOL i find it funny that Koala can`t stand LJS but she so obviously stans for people like Taecyeon and Suzy,who are far worse!

      But at the end of the day, everybody have right to their own opinion and mine is that LJS is awesome!

      • lmao she stans them but is also pretty harsh on them. She just said Suzy was terrible on Gu Family and that Taec is so stiff and all however the right role he is decent at it.

        Note that decent doesn’t mean ”good or very good”

        LJS for example is good on playing ”lost puppy ” roles, but he was terrible playing the rebel on SG or when he had his supposed ”badass” moments on School 2013. It was bad.

      • Not really. she’s openly admitted that although she loves certain idols/actresses, she cannot deny their horrible acting.
        I’m fine when people love who they love, as long as it’s not to the point where they’re in denial and blinded by things like their acting.
        Saying stuff like ” omg oppa acts so good what are you talking about” is an example.
        In my opinion, lee jong suk is alot better than those idols you’ve listed — you have that. he is awesome. I think so too.
        But it’s also possible to find people endearing, even if their acting sucks. You got to separate the two and judge on different standpoints if you must.

  65. It’s funny how somebody who is a pro at something, can’t watch the drama on that ‘pro’ subject. My sister is a ‘pro’ at subtle beings/ghosts, and I remember her laughing at the scene in ’49 Days”, where a ghost girl had to wait by the door for somebody to open it. As if she couldn’t just go thru the wall!
    We see a lot of professional inaccuracies in dramas from drama gods (writers). They just want to make some point beyond professional material, and I often wonder if we have to turn our blind eye on such things.

    • I’m a lawyer, not a Korean one though, and IHYV is easy enough to bear even if the procedural mechanics are messed up. It would be problematic in a show where the technical stuff mattered more, but I find this show watchable for its characters and relationships, and I save the cringes for the legal bits.

  66. Hahaha thanks ms koala!!! I totally agree with you- in the same sense, as a musician, I CANNOT watch any dramas with musicians in it especially when they play a musical instrument and are deemed as musical geniuses ESP. When they’re just playing the instrument JUST wrong. Or “difficult pieces” which just. Aren’t. E.g boys over flowers- Oguri shun: great actor but take the violin away from him!!! And Kim Hyun Joong as well!! Any proper violinist would know that. One does NOT hold or play the violin like that. Nor play pachebels canon as a soloist. It’s a freaking canon meaning more than one melodic voice that comes in one after another. it’s just wrong. Not sure if anyone else gets peeved by these things as well??

  67. love, love reading your post koala sis!

    even tho i am a big fan of ihyv, i find your post a good read. lmao at the LJS and JW allergy. JW, my fave! 🙂 and LJS is now one on my list. well, watching school, i already like him and here, he just grows on you, and now i totally love him. but yes, i must agree with the face. 🙂

    watching ihyv, i knew that you would not watch it… *ding* full house *ding* legalities. 🙂 there are some loopholes in this aspect but since i like it, i just overlook them.

    btw, i love the end part of your post. like you already predicted those that wants to complain why you don’t like ihyv. each to his own. i believe in that and i’ve been here for a long time that i truly respect your words. you’re one of the few blogs that i always have open on my browser. don’t want to be left out, unless RL gets in the way.

  68. I knew the law aspects would be one of the things to turn you off from this show, considering you’re a lawyer yourself and watching the the show would just have you face-palming every so often. I’m kind of glad i’m not as knowledgeable on the law because then I probably wouldn’t enjoy this show as much as I do now. Even then, there are alot of basics of the law that show seems to ignore. But what lacks in accuracy it makes up for in cute, heart, laughs, heartbreak. Yeah, it’s alot of logic to suspend in order to watch but once you get over that it’s smooth sailing from there.
    I wasn’t really hooked onto this show until after the first 2 episodes. I agree though, that they were okay. The good stuff comes after.

    Lee Jong Suk’s face is kind of something that is an acquired taste — you sort of have to get used to it. Sometimes the characters they play begin to evolve or they take on a character that is just so endearing you can’t help but start to like them. More recently i’ve been warming up to kim nam gil’s pornstache that is no longer glaring at this point in the shark ship. Seung gi was also a good example considering I thought he was okay and then just fell in love when he took on the role of Jae Ha.

  69. “Beauty is the the eye of the beholder”. To you he could be “ugly”, or event “inhuman” looking, but to a lot of people he is a fine looking young actor with a lot of potentials.
    Since you didn’t like his look, of course you would not like his actings either.
    If he was “ugly” or “weird looking” like some of you said, I wonder why too many big korean companies have made him their models???!!! It is weird, huh? LOL

    • yep, beauty is debatable.
      sometimes i laugh at k-ent’s definition of beautiful but then i remind myself everyone’s taste is different. Which is why we should be okay with each other’s differing opinions (which can overlap sometimes, too!). I like joo won and his acting, but i know that koala doesn’t quite enjoy his acting. I’m looking mainly for actors/actresses to connect with their characters and portray them well enough that it translates to the screen.
      I noticed lee jong seok has upped his acting and has greatly improved from his secret garden/school 2013 days especially in the more recent episodes of i hear your voice. Portraying his character on paper to a tee, and then some. His acting isn’t quite at the par of a-listers but man, this character is just perfect for him.

    • He is so popular in korea right now…not as much for his looks, because come on – there are soooo many HOT actors in korea… but his look is unique and his acting is very very good in I Hear Your Voice. He is able to impart a great sense of vulnerability/loneliness in his role


    Just kidding.

    I’ve been reading the recaps for this over at Dramabeans, but I haven’t watched more than one or two episodes here and there. I think it’s just too dark for me right now, because (not being a lawyer and actually being totally addicted to most procedural shows – seriously, I watch so. many.) it’s one I’d usually be all over. Or maybe I’m just in a kdrama-watching slump, since the only thing I’m really watching any more is Monstar. I just hope that this two-episode extension doesn’t sink this drama the way PtB’s two-ep extension did. I’m still not over that.

  71. I agree with you, Koala, that his looks are a little freaky – that chef’s knife of a nose I doubt is real, and doesn’t match his wide cheekbones (his nose actually makes me think of latter-day Michael Jackson); but I think he has improved as an actor. He couldn’t do much more in Secret Garden than act sulky, but he added to his range in School 2013 and he is doing so again in IHYV. If he continues to improve, I can see him owning those parts that call for a slightly off-center or anti-hero. These days, when plastic surgery is so rampant that every actress looks like the sister of every other actress, it is nice to see someone who looks a little less cookie-cutter. Hooray for unusual faces.

    • I agree with you that his nose looks like Michael Jackson’s! You know, right before it collapsed. He is really freaky and un-natural looking, but I watch the show anyway.

  72. Lee jong suk looks like a mouse/rat *shivers* brwwwww Frankenstein.
    But this drama is a fun watch. I love how you think the flow of this drama is not “organic” because majority of your praised dramas are probably the most “NON-ORGANIC” dramas ever produced (Big, Lie to me, nice guy…)

    Also, is real life romance as sweet as the one shown on tv? is paris as glam (eating macaroons all day long) as shown on tv? Nope, it’s called… TV. I think all of us are smart and critical enough to know LAW in zee real worldz is anything but that.

    PS: girls are not as dumb as the main character in playful kiss, just wanted to say that in case you were assuming that’s what we think after we watched playful kiss. Phewww.

  73. Now that I hear about what the leaked ending was… I have a small suspicion that it might have been purposefully leaked. It’s an ending more on the radical side, though quite reasonable given the characters’ motives and the plot setups.
    I’m not saying Korea is a stranger to radical endings, but to reveal such a drastic ending, only to quickly follow that by assuring the viewers that the drama won’t follow that route? If this was the intended ending, I don’t know if it’s a good idea to change direction this late into the game.

  74. Aww gawd cannot breath, I thought I was alone until I read this post. No disagreement to anything that has been addressed here. While I don’t think LSJ is ugly and his acting also doesn’t bother me as much as some other actors/actresses, I’m also far from enamored with him.

  75. Got so much to say after reading ur comment on jong suk atypical look. Kekeke. Thats the same impression when i first saw him in SG. “So cool.. but his look is not my taste”. Subjectivity is indeed has its own grip. Anyway, that time, i really hate the way he laughs and cries coz it reminds me of kim jae won. Both, jae won and jong suk have a pale skin and look better with slightly smile (please no close up camera when they open their mouth). I dont find jong suk attractive until i watched S2013. Thanks to haksaeng couple, Jong suk and woo bin did a very good b(romance)ship. After S2013, the only reason i like jong suk is his height and fighting skill. Gah. If only jongsuk is not a man with 186cm height.. I don’t think he could woo me. Kekeke.
    After watching park soo haa in IHYV, I notice his progress on acting and frankly i like his calm and quiet nature and think that i can gradually accept his look. Hahaha. Really glad that IHYV will be extended for two ep and looking forward to his upcoming two movies, or three? (he’s still reviewing a possible new movie, as a male lead with park bo young). Miss koala.. i really wish that ur “never say never” will work for jong suk. Keke.

  76. hahahaha it’s ok, I understand because I feel the same way about Song Seunghun. No matter what, I just find him too unattractive to watch anything with him in, which is quite unfortunate considering he gets good roles in good dramas, sometimes. But I tried many times, and I just can’t.

  77. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and tastes in the opposite sex.
    For me, I find it difficult to enjoy dramas where the following are the leading men:
    – Cha Seung Won
    -Yoon Sang Hyun
    -Lee Byung Hun
    -Lee Jong Hyuk

    They irradiate “dirty old man” and “greasy ahjusshi” to me.

    • For unexplainable reasons, I cannot watch drama acted by Kim Joo Won. He’s the lead actor in many drama but I cannot watch him. Very weird…. sometimes you don’t even have reasons, you just plain “don’t like”.

  78. Hello there Captain!

    Lee Jung Seok has evolved since Secret Garden, he’s young, so there’s plenty room for improvement, maybe his look would gradually change too. He’s not really too “freakish” looking, but hey, the trend seems to be leaning on the tall, bloodless and err…glowing look, dunno, maybe they are channeling Edward Cullen? I’m currently watching the drama and I’m on the Hye Sung and Su-ha train hehehe.

    I completely understand your aversion though, my pet peevee is the same as your sister’s. I avoid medical dramas like the plague…I usually end up criticizing the procedures and how they often misuse medical instruments. I tried watching the first episode of Song Seung Hun’s Dr. Jin, I ended up disliking him altogether which is really too bad since he was good in My Princess, everything seemed to have gone downhill for him since then. I find his acting monotonous and his facial expressions flat.

  79. Hahaha, miss koala. Lately our taste in dramas bit different, i hope there is one drama that we both like in the future because I enjoy reading your blogs. Since your last post about GFB, I have already mentally trained^^. Your post about IHYV is entertaining. I appreciate you shared your mind openly. Before I read your article, I have never thought LJS is weird looking. So interesting to see there are lots people with different liking and opinion 🙂

    • Miss Koala, I would like to Thank you once again for sharing the leaked endin eventhough this drama is not your taste. Thank you very much. Aigooo, the leaked ending…make me stopped breathing… >< I don't want Soha ended up dying… writer, pls think twice. ~~

      sorry for the posting twice. I don't know how to edit my earlier post.

  80. That leaked spoiler sounds horrible, I’m glad it’s leaked because it means the writer will have to come up with a different ending in order to surprise the viewers.

    LJS is okay looking in my book and he’s not a bad actor either but I’ve only seen him in IHYV and not his previous projects. However, I do get annoyed by his recent spike in popularity just because I dislike anyone who’s the new “it” boy/girl of kdramas. I’ve disliked Lee Minho, Suzy, and many more for the same reason. It’s not that I dislike them but because I am a fan of several underrated actors who are better thespians and have had many more projects under their belts, I feel these relative newbies didn’t pay their dues. Meh, I’m just bitter that those “It” boys and girls got lucky.

    • Lee Jung Seok is not a typical good looking Asian but he has his distingished look that needed as a model. So is his bromance mate from the School 2013. Whether he had his nose job done or not I just do not know but I guess many Korean actors have gone through the plastic transformations. The good example is Lee Minho… I wonder if his face were as it used to be, whether his stardom would not have come.

  81. Ms. Koala,
    I’m not one of LJS’ fans whatsoever… yes, his face looks a bit weird, but I think your comment about his cheekbones/plastic surgery is a bit too much. If he had too much plastic surgery, don’t you think he would have a face like Kim Hyun Joong? I couldn’t even recognize KHJ recently because he became so different with his multiple plastic surgeries…
    I don’t find LJS attractive, either… but his acting has sure improved a lot. And I believe the high ratings of IHYV is due to his role, and LBY’s. I’m sorry you’ll miss a good drama… =).
    I was always wondering, though… how could you recap dramas like: Playfull Kiss; Mary Stayed Out All Night; Lie to Me; Missing You; Jang Ok Jung… which I thought were unbearable to watch… =).

  82. I just don’t understand Koala wish you are so pretty to tell things like that. And I understand your opinion. I have my own.

  83. I appreciated what you have written on the first part of your blog Thank you for that info! But as for me… It’s unfair to say a lot about a drama when you haven’t it watched at all… No need to explain why you didn’t watch it. And if you don’t like Lee Jong Suk, or any actor for that matter, just make a separate blog out of it. Plain and simple.

  84. Finally someone had the guts to say what a lot of us is thinking!! I’m not watching IHYV because I really don’t like LJS. Is not because of his looks, is just that his acting skills are just plain meh for my taste. I hope for some improvement in the future but right now I think he’s overrated.

  85. I totally agree , when i first watched school 2013 i was like how can he have so ma h fans he’s so weird looking , but i started liking him after i found about his personality , which is totally sweet. He takes care of everyone around him.

  86. I pity all the people that aren’t watching IHYV for some inane reason. You are missing out on this gem of a show. Your loss, not mine.

  87. Anyways, KOALA ,, i find you’re so antagonist~ HAHAHAHAHA
    pity you ! :DDD lemme see you act like them
    and i/we will surely comment right away .
    It looks like you are so envy to all the KSTARS.
    you kept on looking (flaws )and commenting on their acting skills?
    Have some auditions and let us see your face. OKK??
    if we know you are just doing this to make you popular..

  88. I’m all with you in that boat on Lee Jong Suk. I thought I was the only one who noticed he looks a little too animated/freakish looking.. Kinda mechanical-looking. But I love his performance in IHYV, though. Maybe not star-quality yet, but he’s got it okay. As for the ending, I really like the Lee Bo-Young & Yoon Sang-Hyun pairing. They look nice. If only the director & script-writer won’t change their mind and ends up pairing LJS with LBY. I think they should end it win-win, where LBY finally realized she cares about LJS because of their pitiful shared past and loves YSH because he’s totally what she looks for in a man. LJS ends up with permanent amnesia after confrontation with freakish Min (the dude’s died), & ended up falling in love with a totally new girl ~ signifying a totally fresh start for him. To kill off Soo-ha character is too cruel ~ after all the bitterness ~ and to let him live & be with Hye Sung is equally distasteful. So just give him a fresh start, to live like a normal person finally. Just sayin’… ‘cos I’m totally bored with the drama now and just read recaps instead.

  89. A bit late to this party *waves*

    I agree with the look Lee Jong Suk has. He’s too “girly” for me. My dad even mistook him for a girl, cause he sometimes looks like one. And Michael Jackson references were tossed here and there. It’s too, too obvious.

    He’s no Jo In Sung, that’s for sure. That man is perfection!

  90. I somewhat agree with you Koala on your assessment of LJS’s less than normal appearance which I attribute to his nose. It looks like it had been cosmetically altered. Otherwise, for me, I find him attractive in a cute sort of way, his looks resembles a younger version of Kim Jae Won, which I find pleasant.

  91. He leído con atención su crítica al Drama “I Hear Your Voice” y no estoy de acuerdo con usted y me imagino que para eso es éste foro, para comentar nuestros punto de vista.
    Obviamente no soy experta crítica ni mucho menos, pero me considero suficiente para poder externar mi opinión.
    Para mi el actor Lee Jong Suk hace un buen trabajo y tan lo hace que junto con los demás actores que trabajan en éste Drama han conseguido tal éxito.

    Quizá por que le cae mal Lee Jong Suk, es que usted no ve sus cualidades, pero yo he visto éste drama sin conocer a ningún actor, y me parece que el chico hace un gran trabajo actoral sin compararlo con nadie, tiene un físisco agradable y la belleza es tan subjetiva, así que, lo que usted le puede parecer feo a otra personas les parecerá hermoso.

    El Drama es bastante entretenido y divertido, en comparación con algunos otros, en cuanto a la temática Legal quiero saber ¿Que porcetanje de las personas que vemos el drama sabemos de Leyes? Además el Drama en definición puede ser Realista o NO Realista, para mi es un drama que me entretiene por lo tanto me gusta.
    Esa es mi opinión.

  92. I totally respect your opinion regarding Lee Jong Suk. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and there are many fangirls who have yet to learn this. .___. (“HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE MY OPPAR”)

    I haven’t seen Secret Garden, so for all I know you could be totally right about his acting being bad. I’ll take your word for it, because that drama honestly doesn’t interest me. XD I have, however, watched School 2013, and I’m currently watching I Hear Your Voice, so this is all I have to go by regarding Lee Jong Suk.

    I feel like his skills in acting have improved a LOT over time. There were scenes in School 2013 (especially the farther into the show I got) in which I was surprised by his ability to convey the emotions of the character. There *were* many times in School 2013 that his acting seemed awkward, but overall I think he did pretty well. I was even more surprised in I Hear Your Voice – Lee Jong Suk seems to have gotten even better at conveying emotions. There are times when you can actually see it in his eyes, which is hard for many actors. His acting in IHYV is still a bit awkward at times, but I definitely think he’s improved a lot. His characters in both S2013 and IHYV are complex characters with complex backgrounds and personalities, and I think he did pretty well portraying those characters all things considering. I’m not saying he’s an AMAZING actor, but I do believe that he has talent and a lot of potential, and that, coupled with the fact that he’s very young, leads me to believe that he can eventually be a very talented actor.

    Anyway, as I said before, I’m in no way trying to argue/debate with you on the subject! Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I’m not trying to step on yours. I can see where you’re coming from. I just figured I would present my point of view as well. ^^

    (As a side note, I found it very amusing to read some of the comments in particular left on this post. Some fangirls are just way too much… They’ll blindly love their idols and lash out at anyone who tries to express in a mature way a different opinion…)

  93. Woah, sorry, that was incredibly long. XD This is what I get for being online in the middle of the night. (Not that this is unusual for me.)

  94. Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder. In reference to the other contents of the blog, if LJS doesn’t act well I’m just wondering why people watch this drama considering he’s of the lead actors and tracking the ratings which skyrockets since episode 16. Just sharing my two cents. Anyhow, to each his own. One thing I am sure of, he has proven his worth in this drama. I love him as an actor whether he’d gone under the knife or not; lame with his acting or just fine. Apparently and eventually, he’d make it big in the showbiz industry. Aja, LJS!

  95. Lee jong suk’s face not different from his childhood. So, i think he not do plastic surgery. But, yeah I think he gifted unique face.
    His acting skill is awesome. You can see the difference from his recent dramas n movies (prosecutor princess, high kick, ghost, return to base, secret garden, school 2013. .etc)

    i think he is talented person and can improve his acting.
    And i love how he can express PSH character, his acting in IHYV is so detail and natural.

  96. I find it funny when people refuse to watch shows because of shallow reasons. Perhaps you haven’t been able to appreciate his acting because you’re too focused on his face and how it displeases you. Having seen him in SG (where his role isn’t really one that can even measure ANYONE’S acting) and now in IHYV I can say that’s he’s done well. There’s a rawness and insanity to his performance which feels credible for a person whose gone through the trauma that he has.

    I watched this show for the “adults” as I’ve always loved their works. I usually don’t find court room dramas entertaining. Thank heavens that it isn’t like a real courtroom or I would have skipped all those hearings. I like to watch shows for the fiction in them NOT the reality.

    Again it’s really your loss. I regret that I had to weed through your first unnecessary paragraphs to get to the point of my search which was to find out about that leaked synopsis.

  97. btw…i think this website is the one only that dislike IHYV…i think a few first eps is quite okay…but afterwards it turn out really good and addicting…and personally i find LJS really good in this. He look charming,cute,lovable and hot at the same time…I think 2013 will be LJS’s year. I think everyone should not skeptical because of actors, but they indeed need to try to watch it because truthfully this drama are continuosly become more addicting!I felt sad i didn’t find any drama that totally that can make me hook up and marathon it until I tried to watch IHYV and this drama totally nail it and it deserve high rating and year-end awards!

  98. Woah i thought u will love this drama just like what i did, koala. This is the best drama this year so far for me. So addicted, sweet, and give me many lessons to life. I love it so much.
    and lee jong suk, i never like him before. I didn’t even interested in school 2013. But in this drama, he’s too perfect for me. His eyes, his smile, he’s able to make me fall in love with his character. And he has a great chemistry with lee bo young, although she’s his senior.

    seriously, you should give it try until the ending. 🙂

  99. I liked Yoon Sang Hyun and Lee Bo Young too!!~ <3 But the character of Lee Jong Suk's love for Bo Young's character was so cute and adorable! _<

  100. Also, I agree with you; Lee Jong Suk is not that handsome – but I love the drama 🙂 Lee Jong Suk’s character was in love with Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun) in “Secret Garden”! It is kind of funny! Kkkkk!!!~

  101. Everyone is free to express their opinions. I came into IHYV mainly for LBY and had little expectatins from LJS, thinking he’s just one of the many young and good-looking actors who can’t act. I can’t stand bad acting but he really surprised me. I was hooked from the first few episodes and I really liked his acting. He’s not on par with A-listers yet but his acting is raw and he delivers the emotions well. His eyes draws you into the role and you really feel what he feels. He reminds me of Yoon Eun Hye (my other favourite actress) really. I know you love her too and seriously LJS is just like the male version of her, at least in my opinion. I don’t like an actor/actress based on looks but these two can really tug at my heart with their acting. I really hope you will enjoy LJS acting one day. He’s one of the better actors in his age group unlike many who act with no emotions in their eyes and those who only have 1 single expression plastered on their faces (cough*LMH*cough).

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