Cast of Monstar Minus Yong Jun Hyung Attend Filming Wrap Press Conference

My Monstar babies! But my Monstar babies without my Star Chan! It’s like all the kids are home for the holidays minus the baby of the family, I’m happy but it just feels incomplete. Folks have been asking how the ratings for cable channel Mnet’s first drama the music youth series Monstar have been faring. It’s been doing gangbuster ratings for a small niche cable network, the last episode 8 broke 3 in ratings and its demographic skews towards the young teen to twenty-something girls. LOL, I may not be in that age range but I do appreciate a well crafted story with engaging characters. The main cast was trotted out for a celebratory press conference yesterday as the drama wrapped filming last weekend and heads towards the final four-episodes of its run. Everyone was in attendance except for leading man Yong Jun Hyung, who could not attend because he was filming a BEAST MV for that groups come back album. Ha Yeon Soo was clearly the highlight of the event, with her mega-watt smile and fast rising rookie actress status getting the majority of the attention from the media. Everyone was really chummy and revealed filming brought them close together. Kang Ha Neul got the leading man spotlight in Jun Hyung’s absence and he was definitely rocking adorable chemistry with Ha Yeon Soo. Also in attendance were Kim Min Young, Kang Ui Sik, Park Kyu San, and Da Hee of GLAM. I have to note that every main cast member isn’t just musically talented and showed great natural talent at acting in this drama, no one looks freaky plastic or anorexic thin. Thank god for a little normalcy in an industry headed towards surgical uniformity. I was totally bummed to hear Ha Yeon Soo reveal that the person she was the least closest to in the main cast was Jun Hyung oppa, initially because she had pre-conceived ideas of his attitude as an idol star, but later on they got close after filming the duet in episode 8 but filming wrapped shortly. Everyone praised the missing Jun Hyung for his great effort and care for the cast despite how busy he was filming and doing BEAST activities at the same time. Ahhh, I hope this drama ends satisfyingly well so I can rewatch it over and over.

Because I’m so sad Yong Jun Hyung couldn’t make this press conference, here’s a picture of him at the drama premiere press conference. My Star!


Cast of Monstar Minus Yong Jun Hyung Attend Filming Wrap Press Conference — 19 Comments

  1. Ya koala, i was a bit bummed to hear her say that too but kim minyoung said that junhyung was constantly muttering when he wasnt filming and app he was rehearsing his raps. He must have been crazy busy with the upcoming comeback album. Because of monstar, i am now a beast fangirl and have real respect for their group, esp after watching their documentary. They work SO SO hard. I cant imagine the discipline anddedication and physical fitness to endure these kind of work etchics.

    Ayway, am gonna miss having monstar on fridays but like you, i cnat wait ro be able to maarthon it properly. And i am so looking forward to the new beast album 🙂

    • Ooh first time first! By the way, i love that junhyung has an odd, unique face as opposed to being handsome. Ha yeon soo is just so adorable and pretty. So tiny too.

  2. Awwww, it’s over already! But I’m going to trust that wrapping well ahead of time = 4 great episodes left to us (also, did Ha Yeon-soo’s milk CF come out already?)

  3. everyone looks gorgeous and nice to see dahee rocking her usual rocker cool-girl style.
    aw. ha yeon soo probably had the most filming scenes with yong jun hyung but i guess that doesnt always mean they were close. Wish monstar was longer but i am satisfied with the 12 episodes they’re giving us.

  4. I agree, I think it’s lovely that they all look diverse and real.

    In fact, that’s one of the reasons why I love Colorbar, not just because each of the characters socially fulfils a different role and each has a different (musical) talent, but also appearance-wise they are just the way people are: small, tall, petite, somewhat chubbier, and not with uniform cookie-cutter faces that look like near-identical to half the K-actors out there either.

    Lufff them all, and really too bad that Jung-yung couldn’t make it!

  5. Pretty amazing how even though Ha Yeon Soo wasn’t as close to Junhyung they still managed to create amazing chemistry!

  6. “…well crafted story with engaging characters…” You hit the nail on the head!! Shows of this caliber seem to be few and far between.

  7. Ah nice photos. Nice to be young too. Just thinking of all the adults in Korean dramas who look like death warmed up at the end of a series. And look at them.So fresh and all sparkly eyed.

    • I think it helps that its a once a week show though. Am sure being young has soe thing to do with ittoo. I find myself anitcipating this showmore than any other right now

    • Once a week and with no live shoot (they’re wrapping well ahead of time) = looking great, though of course youth helps 🙂

  8. Ahhh… it’s ending soon. I don’t want it to end… *tears up. Love this group. I am now a certified fan of Kang Ha Neul. But I’m also gonna watch out for the rest, especially Dahee, Yong Jung Hyung and Ha Yeon Soo. Hope to see these young ‘uns showing more of their talents soon.

  9. JunHyung was my least fav from Beast but man is he doing a fine job in monstar or what? I love my STAR!! ♥ *me wants her skirt…its so pretty*

  10. I just love this show, all the characters are so good. Plus, Jun Hyung is one really awesome rapper, he can spit out rap in English just as smoothly as Korean, who would have honestly thought he would also be a good actor. His little quirks bring Seol Chan to life.

  11. I’m concerned about those huge holes Ha Yeonsoo’s arms are poking out of. It doesn’t look like she’s wearing any kind of undershirt to prevent ppl from seeing her bra if they were looking at her side as she raises her arms.

    In other words, love this drama! Adorable cast^^

  12. From the BTS pix you had posted in your previous posts I suspected that the two weren’t close. They mostly seemed to be at opposite ends.

    Looking at these pix I am deffo feeling like something’s amiss w/ Jun-hyung not being present! :/ Good luck to the cast… am glad they’re going places what with KHN now being cast in Heirs as well.

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