Vanness Wu Tries on Groom Attire for Cosmo Bride and Releases MJ Tribute MV for “Love Overtime”

Vanness Wu is having a heck of a Summer, and its been a pleasure following along with his latest musical endeavors and media appearances. His just released solo album Different Man is selling well and he’s been churning out one fantastic MV after another for each of the singles. The first was the dub-step influenced “Different Man” with the gold dust and shaolin moves blended with dance in a very balletic and sporty way. Next came the addicting and catchy “Marry Me” that has indeed become the Summer wedding anthem in Taiwan, with a video that was inspired by some old school courting and a plantation wedding vibe. This week his latest single called “Love Overtime” just dropped its accompanying MV and it’s absolutely worth watching. Vanness has always been the sole music-oriented talent in F4, the one who couldn’t act but when you stuck the four guys in their singing modes then he blossomed like a flower in its natural habitat. So for “Love Overtime”, Vanness dedicated the MV to one of THE titans of music videos the late Michael Jackson. The song has a Thriller and Billy Jean-esque beat and Vanness showcases his evolution and homage of Jackson’s classic dance moves in this MV, when concludes with a Dream High-esque flash mob dance on a rooftop. The song isn’t my favorite from this album but this MV is totally da bomb! With the release of the “Marry Me” MV last month, Vanness is channeling the perfect bridegroom in the July edition of Cosmo Bride China, a Cosmopolitan magazine spin-off that focuses only on wedding preparation. I’m sure a bride-to-be buying the magazine and seeing the handsome dashing Vanness in a suit and tux on the cover and inside the pages will surely give her own future groom the side eye. Heh, Vanness’ future wife is a lucky girl indeed, and I don’t just mean marrying a rich, good looking celebrity. Vanness has been on a well-known celibacy quest for a few years now since he embraced Christianity and has said that he wishes his early twenties wasn’t so wild and careless with himself but he know wants to cherish the sanctity of the physical union and save it for when its time to commit himself to a lifelong marriage to the right girl. Check out the dashing Cosmo Bride pictorial and the fun “Love Overtime” MV and BTS stills below.

Official BTS stills from the filming of the “Love Overtime” MV:

Official “Love Overtime” MV:


Vanness Wu Tries on Groom Attire for Cosmo Bride and Releases MJ Tribute MV for “Love Overtime” — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for always posting about Vanness! 🙂

    He was my F4 bias almost 10 years ago and you’re right about his acting. Hehe :3 So I’m glad he’s still in the biz and excelling in music, at least.

    Loved the opening similar to Thriller. THRILLAAAAAAAAAAA~ *dances zombie dance*

  2. This sounds so much like 80s George Michael! Thanks for posting, always interesting to learn about new videos/albums!

  3. Sorry to say this lady but He is UGLY, weird looking. Come on … He still dress like a 15-24 year-old in his music video.

    • Wow. Unkind much? Totally uncalled for remark. If you can’t say anything nice…

      On a different note, glad to see another of his videos. He is such a talent.

    • Why not? he can carry it anyway and can pull it off with grace.Age is just a matter of number, the passion remains and the the fashion flows with the trend . Vanness is an example of a person without fear and inhibitions when it comes to fashion, He’s not afraid of reinventing himself and projects what his heart tells him to do so.

  4. Thanks. That MV made me smile. Just wish his music was as popular as kpop is then I’d have a chance of finding an English translation of the lyrics.

  5. How much fun was that? I love the fact that all those kids were very normal looking, which means not identical to each other.

    The girl walking, Michael orbiting video is “The Way You Make Me Feel.” My brother once said he would kill to meet the girl from that video.

  6. Brother, oh brother! Blessed is she who will be the recipient of his “I do’ in the altar. I will wish for him and his future wife all the sweet things they can find find.

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