Episode 7 of Goddess of Fire: Tae Do and Jung Yi Reunite and Both Enter the Palace

Another Monday, another wholly Kim Bum-motivated Goddess of Fire post. At this point, I applaud the fortitude of any recapper attempting to actually watch in detail and then write something interesting and meaningful about this drama. There are about 10 minutes an episode worth watching and those all involve Kim Bim’s character Kim Tae Do. Moon Geun Young is the only reason I’m not drop-kicking leading lady Jung Yi into the nearest ditch, but for the sake of my sanity she has gotten less and less annoying. But thanks to the terrible writing in this drama, she alternates being completely devoid of common sense or mindbogglingly amazing when it comes to pottery-making. Episode 7 of GoF reunites Tae Do with Jung Yi, and when she called him “orabeoni” I pretty much blushed because all that was missing was an OPW to cap it off. The reunion hug was sweet but much too short, and then she falls asleep on his shoulder and I was a happy Koala again. Morning comes and my OTP wakes up and I love that he totally teases and is gruff with her in tossing her around and confirming she’s got no moves. How the heck is she going to survive while pretending to be a boy. But then he takes off first, and its to hack a road for her to head down the mountain, which she totally walks all clueless like as if it magically appeared just for her. Ha. The rest of the episode involved Jung Yi taking tests to be admitted to the pottery department of the Palace, she meets up with Gwanghaegun and they still don’t know who each other is yet, more rival pottery machinations, and Tae Do kicks ass in the martial arts examination and is hand selected by the ambitious Queen In Bin to protect her son who runs the pottery department. Tae Do accepts the post solely to look after the doofus Jung Yi while she’s in the Palace. Click on to watch the cute scenes involving my OTP.

Tae Do and Jung Yi’s reunion and Tae Do tries out to become a Palace guard:


Episode 7 of Goddess of Fire: Tae Do and Jung Yi Reunite and Both Enter the Palace — 9 Comments

  1. I’m dying! No wait I’m alive! love them love them love them! Can’t wait for more! Thanks Ms.Koala for posting this!

  2. How can you not love them, Moon & Kim Bum look so sweet and lovable together. I totally agree with you Koala…the main reason I’m still watching this show is for Moon, actually Moon & Kim Bum sweet scenes…lol.

    On the side, Moon is quite cute in her goofy Jung Yi role. She’s a superb actress.

  3. Gosh Ms Koala. You do do such nice wake up calls.

    I practically squealed through all the scenes. Thank you. I have no intention of watching this drama. But man Tae Do is HOT. And I am off to change my avatar again. I’d forgotten how much I love Kim Bum.

    Did you guys say he doesn’t get the girl? And she loves the King? Damn. Really? I mean he marries her but she loves someone else. Really?

  4. I am still on both ships.. ekekek..But, I sooo very much likey Tae Do & Jung Yi..awwwwww. They are soooo super adorable together. ^_______^

  5. Can I just KIM BUM is SO H-O-T? Like really?! Haha thanks so much for this updates I’m not a fan of this drama but I love kim bum so thanks please do continue posting! 🙂

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