Goddess of Fire Episode 8: Tae Do Plucks Jung Yi Out of a River

Today’s episode of Goddess of Fire revolved around a stolen ceremonial vase. Pretty much it’s a missing pot. Is that a step up from a broken urn causing all the ruckus? I dunno, but if a Koala could make a “I’m so bored face”, I would make a gif of it and post it anytime a drama revolves around a somnolent story line. In no short order, Jung Yi starts getting hazed at the pottery department but Tae Do comes to the rescue (swoon), the stolen pot is used to frame Gwanghaegun, Jung Yi recognizes him but he doesn’t yet pierce through her male disguise despite the fact that Moon Geun Young looks and sounds like a 13 year old middle schooler from her Autumn in My Heart days with this sageuk getup, and the bad royals continue to plot and plot over a pot.

My OTP makes it through this episode with flying colors in giving me shippiness, with Tae Do jumping into the river to splash away the bullies and then takes off his outer robe to protect Jung Yi’s feminine sensibilities. They go to a cave where he turns away like a gentleman while she changes, and when she wonders how he happened to be around, he just smiles and says that she needed him. Ha, his Jung Yi radar is strong indeed. Jung Yi reveals she’s spotted the real grown up Gwanghaegun but he doesn’t recognize her yet, but he seems to have grown up well. Yeah, grown up real well, he looks a good ten years older than you now, Jung Yi. Time to move on to the hottie orabeoni in front of you.

As they are heading back to town, Jung Yi won’t let Tae Do carry her stuff since she’s pretending to be a boy and all, but then they tie strings around each other’s wrist that is their own personal bat signal. Seriously drama? The strings of fate tied to a couple’s hand and you are using it on Tae Do and Jung Yi? Okay, you suck less now GoF. Though I think it’s easier to just freaking tie Tae Do to you with a string, Jung Yi, considering how often you get in trouble and need him. I’ve recently read the full character descriptions for this drama and am now a happy and relieved to enjoy the rest of my ship’s voyage until the end. Thank you MBC for telling me the ending.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cuts from episode 8:


Goddess of Fire Episode 8: Tae Do Plucks Jung Yi Out of a River — 27 Comments

    • GoF is a fictional narrative of the real life story of Baek Pa San, the Joseon woman who spread Joseon ceramics to Japan in the 16th century. Her real life husband is a man named Kim Tae Do, and they have two sons together. 😀 He died in his 80s while she lived until 96.

      And in the character descriptions….let’s just say my ship sails all the way to Japan together. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Finally! A devoted orabeoni gets his girl! Can we say a hells yeah for a narrative that doesn’t follow the usual royal-commoner romance. Yeah, she and Gwanghaegun may be making moon eyes for awhile in the drama, but I can ignore that and just sail with my ship knowing the end is somewhere called marriage and happily ever after~

      • I’m so happy to hear that my two sweet puppies going to end up together. They have a super powerful chemistry with each other. Now I can enjoy the show and see how the story unfold with a peaceful mind. LOL.

        All my favorite scenes are when Moon & Bummie together. The rest of the plot is ok but seriously we all know what is reeling in the audience here.

      • OMG!!! Thank you for this! I wasn’t interested in the drama before this, but now… now… KYAAAAAAA.

        SO. CUTE.

      • Are they really going to be endgame? Well, that just makes me super happy because 1. atypical route on the romance 2. i have been shipping them
        This just makes everything so much better.

      • ohhhhhhhh thank you for this piece of info. i can peacefully enjoy my otp from this otherwise very dull show now. Crisis averted.

  1. This just made my day! How can you not love them! But I agree with you Ms. Koala about Moon looking like a 13 year old and Gwanghaegun still can not recognise her (its a drama what else do we expect) but she still is cute. Can’t wait for more!

  2. LOL! Thanks so much for these special “recaps” and for the videoclips! I’m perfectly happy to follow that particular drama in this way XD And Tae Do is so swoon-worthy! *swoons*

  3. Hehe… Capt K. 🙂 You didn’t already know that? 🙂 Thanks for these posts.

    I think I read the descriptions when they first came out so I was thinking, hmm… will it be a happy pairing, or is there some reluctance there. In any case, I was happy to know at the time that they’d be together. But I was still curious about the 2 leads together.

    So I finally watched the entire episode of ep 6 and 7. I had only seen the childhood part, aside from the clips posted here. I actually think that the Prince and JY together as adults isn’t all that bad or boring. Maybe my expectations have been adjusted by now. I enjoyed for those 2 episodes the scenes with either of the 2 pairings together. The rest of it was pretty boring- just in one ear and out the other.

  4. OMFG! I’m going to start watching this just for KIM BUM!!! Especially now that I know he gets the girl! But the most important question is, will she even deserve him in the end? He seems like a nice guy/2nd lead so hope he doesn’t get the shaft through out the show 🙁

    And no offense, but why do Korean dramas like the “no makeup look”? Nothing wrong makeup that is well blended… GY is cute but needs makeup to look more mature. Just saying…LOL!!!

  5. Awwwww!! How cute they are and how HOT Kim Bum looks! Honestly, I’ve never been crazy about Kim Bum but after watching those clips, I can finally see his charm.

    Thank u Miss Koala for posting those yummy updates of GoF. I think I’ll just watch their parts every week since I can’t care less about everything else.

    • I am the same. I have never actually given a second thought to Kim Bum, and this drama looks as interesting as watching wet paper dry in the sun. But the clips?!?! He really is bringing in the perfect second lead power. However, if history is on his side, can we really call him the second lead?

  6. Ms Koala you know I always love you. But this time,even more.I love Kim Bum but totally not interested in this drama. If you keep posting recaps with only these 2? I will be happily following them. Gosh he’s adoring here.I am going to have to keep some of the photos.

    Thank you so much again.

  7. Oh Bummie, so hawt!!! Thanks koala for posting these mini clips, so much better than watching the full episode and fast forwarding =P Pots are a bore, like with Legend of LuZhen, couldn’t care less about pots, thank god the OTP there (and Bummie here) are both smoking hot cause the pots sure ain’t!!

  8. They do make a great couple. I am interested in seeing the drama. The scenes with them together are lovely. Thanks for the updates. 🙂

  9. I LUV it, them having so many scenes together. Who would have guess that MGY is at least two years older? They look good together. Here’s someone shipping that this extends in real life. Lol! FANatic.

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