Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun Go on a Date for Two Weeks

I’m going out on a limb here and saying that the romance really isn’t going to all that critical to the narrative of Two Weeks. That doesn’t mean there won’t be any, but I feel like screenwriter So Hyun Kyung is more interested in exploring the preciousness of life and humanity, which she’s been probing more and more since she did 49 Days. She does so in ways that center around love and family moreso than male-female attraction. Two Weeks has two leading ladies Kim So Yeon and Park Ha Sun to flank Lee Jun Ki, but I think the love line might be a re-established relationship between former exes Tae San and In Hye played by Park Ha Sun, especially since they have a daughter together. I don’t think Kim So Yeon is getting shafted to second female lead and I always love seeing her as a strong character with conviction regardless of whether she gets to make out with the leading man. Park Ha Sun worries me a bit, I like her and she’s never been annoying onscreen. But she has also never sizzled for me, she’s rather warm and placid with a sort of low hum energy. In some ways, she’s like a less annoying Shin Se Kyung with better acting skills and a nice well-defined chin. I hope she ups her acting here because her general aura and sloe-eyes can veer a crackling scene into a bland one. She does look good with Lee Jun Ki, and in some ways this coupling reminds me of his turn with Nam Sang Mi in Time Between Dog and Wolf. Both leading ladies have their earthy quality rather than a Shin Mina’s more playful and cheeky vibe. The latest stills from the drama show Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun filming a date scene which seems like a flashback to their happier times as a couple before whatever happened to cause their breakup leading to Park Ha Sun raising their daughter alone. I hope the writer doesn’t make Jun Ki’s character too unpalatable in the beginning just to heighten the chasm of his redemption arc. Sometimes a lead is just too far gone to even redeem in the long run, and here I want to have at least one tiny reason to root for Tae San from the get go.


Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun Go on a Date for Two Weeks — 19 Comments

  1. I love Lee jun ki and his acting skills…maybe i will like this couple too. But i love Lee jun ki and Shin min ah couple the most…

  2. Yeah I figured they would be OTP through the first still….I was hoping it would be Kim So Yeon…her LJK would have been very hot together….doesn’t deter me from this pairing anyways…I’m just hoping this drama is good…49 days has set the bar high for me

    • I was thinking the same thing; he must be rather short, to be wearing those heels with his date in flats, and still be not much taller than her.

      • Actually, he looks a lot taller than her on their date (1st & 2nd pics) where he is not wearing heels. Maybe not a lot, but around 5-6 inches? My 1st thought was that Park Ha Sun is quite petite. In the 3rd pic, he’s slouching.

        They look so sweet together holding hands in the 1st pic, and both of them have really nice smiles! I feel happy just looking at them.

  3. OMG, Miss Koala, what you said in that comparison between Shin Se Kyung and Park Ha Sun almost made me shoot water out my nose! So funny! I couldn’t agree more. (I’m the world’s biggest Shin Se Kyung hater.)

  4. I’m not sure how I feel about this, especially since the playful (but still emotional) vibe he had going with Shin Mina was so much more to my liking than what he had with the more subdued costars he’s had in his career, but I’d be all in favour of a minimised love line if the writing is tight and the other characters well-written.

  5. you described park ha sun very well, mrs. koala. she is pretty and nice, but she lacks sizzle. she is not annoying, but not compelling either.

    i checked out ad genius because i like the premise, and fairly snoozed every time she and jin gu are on screen. they are more like friends than lovers. or maybe an old married couple. jo hyun jae’s sexiness and manliness during their date scenes were wasted on her. i don’t know if that was what the director and writer intended for the romance in that drama….. or if it was just her… she is like a wet blanket

  6. I think coz Park Ha Sun has slightly droopy eyes. She looks very girl next door. I have not seen anything with her before, but it is very difficult to ignore the chemistry Joon Gi oppa had with Shin Min Ah…so I may have a slightly difficult time accepting the OTP in 2 Weeks, whoever they may be.

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