Lee Min Ho Holds 5th Solo Fan Meeting and Concert in Taiwan

If I had a time machine there would be so many things I would do with it. Heh heh heh, I’ll save that for my journal of evil, but I will share that one of the things I would do is prevent Lee Min Ho from starring in Personal Taste. My problems with that drama are legion, but the one issue I have with it is the sartorial style it spawned on the K-drama world and personally how its stuck with Lee Min Ho like some sort of tentacled beast. What style, you ask? Pastel pants and jackets, pants that are an inch too short, not wayfarers or clamdiggers but just an inch too short, shoes with no socks, pants that are so tight the slightest surprise turn and it might split down the middle. In the context of PT, it was hilarious because Lee Min Ho’s character was pretending to be a gay guy, and no, I don’t think any gay guy with good taste would be rocking those outfits then or now. But it was rather the PT’s stylist’s idea of what a hip gay guy would wear. Whatever, am too tired to be offended by that fashion assumption. A good chic friend of mine told me she adopted Lee Min Ho’s entire PT wardrobe for her Summer of 2010 style in New York City that year. Emphasis on the “she”. And she looked good. But to see a that particular style endure for years and now show up in full fledge matching splendor on Lee Min Ho this weekend just sprinkles frustration powder all over me. Lee Min Ho was in Taiwan holding his 5th solo fan meeting/concert there and as usual the airport and concert venue was jam packed.

He must’ve left for Taiwan right after the first script reading session for Heirs. At the fan meeting he sang songs from his recently released EP containing songs he recorded for charity and as a treat for his fans. One of the songs was performed with a very lucky female back up dancer who seemed quite tickled to be the object of his affections. He also played games onstage, including one where he had to reveal secrets about himself and he shared that he likes to sleep without underwear on. I don’t know if this is true or just him being cheeky, but clearly he knows how to get his fangirls in a tizzy. He practiced some Taiwanese beforehand and was able to greet the fans in the dialect and ask if everyone’s eaten. Awwww, that’s sweet of him, even if his pronunciation was way off, it was still cute. As for the periwinkle tighter-than-tight suit with vest combo he wore (with too short pants and shoes with no socks), I declare it hideous and passe at this point. I recently had a non-drama watching friend mention about Lee Min Ho, who has reached a wider name recognition now in the Chinese-speaking world, that he is cute but seems very 粉粉, which is Taiwanese slang for rather effeminate. I can’t disagree that Lee Min Ho in real life entertainment events gives off that vibe, which is why I much rather watch him act because he definitely does not come across as anything less than a very striking manly intensity.


Lee Min Ho Holds 5th Solo Fan Meeting and Concert in Taiwan — 20 Comments

  1. The 6th picture … Had I not know who LMH (or City Hunter) was, I’d judge right away! Manly would be far from that picture.

    I’m reallllllllllly hoping that Heirs would blow everyones expectation out of the way because I’m soo scared it’d just be Boys Over Flowers 2.0.

  2. Cmon now! Those are lady pants! I swear i have pants in that exact cut in my wardrobe. And isnt he tired of seeing his ankles?

  3. To me, even in the dramas, he gives off that effeminate vibe. He seems to try too hard to look manly in the dramas.

  4. I’ve been thinking this about LMH’s clothes for a while now. He needs to hire Kim Hyun Joong’s stylist and personal trainer ASAP!

  5. His very deep voice makes him manlier than his pants.

    I never even thought about what people who haven’t seen him act think of him. He IS kinduv effeminate, now that you mention it. But he definitely has that IT thing on screen. Come on, he looked hot in Jump-yo’s wardrobe!

  6. Lol, its definitely the clothes that gives off that effeminate vibe, otherwise i’d always thought he was quite manly onscreen.

  7. omo!i much like his look when he held his concert in the philippines last july 6 2013 he looks much fresh.. he looks already tired with his pic now.. =)

  8. I look and I look and I look and I never can understand how so many people can find lee min ho attractive or handsome

    • hahaha same here…ok honestly I kind of see why people find him attractive but not to the level where there’s so much hoopla over him. I can always appreciate a stellar pair of cheekbones though!

    • Same here. I can never see anything that will make him stand out even in his acting ability. This is just me. No flames. Smile

  9. You people are you all so bored with your life that all you can do is talk bad about these Hallyu stars. What have they done to all of you. Just read an article about JKS and majority of the comments are negative & even Lee Minho! Wow you are all perfect. All of you better stop watching korean dramas because all korean actors are gays okay!

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