Kim Jae Won Shows Off Eye-popping Biceps as a Dogged Detective in Scandal

These are the most unexpected set of blazing guns in my K-drama watching journey. Kim Jae Won is neither fresh out of the army nor known for being a beastly man, so to see him unveil some serious biceps in the latest stills from his weekend drama Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident left my jaw somewhere under my desk. He’s always been known as a flower boy type, and his usual white complexion always makes me think of him as suited to play soft and sickly lovesick swains. I totally take that back now – I seriously love his tough as bricks cop character in Scandal! Ha Eun Joong doesn’t have any quirks or hang ups other than taking his job very seriously and being rather dead pan and dour. Call that a personality lacking in humor but not a character marinating in hidden pain or manufactured assholery. I also love that Kim Jae Won is channeling such a straight-laced masculine character without it feeling like a stretch, he steps into Ha Eun Joong like a pair of well worn jeans. He’s got some massive co-stars to aspire towards, with Shin Eun Kyung and Jo Jae Hyun especially on fire in their performances so far and looks to continue onward as the story gets more and more intense with the birth secret coming out. The written previews for episodes 9 and 10 are pretty meaty, with Eun Joong meeting his real fathr Jang Tae Ha in the course of investigating the death of leading lady Ah Mi’s fiancée, and later he goes with his real half-sister Joo Ha to the Jang house to look at surveillance tapes and his real mother Hwa Young sees him. She’s totally going to recognize him on sight, so the question is when the truth all comes out. I want this drama to do a better job of discussing nature v. nurture and allowing both Eun Joongs to work through the whole real and fake son duality. Jo Yoon Hee’s character is getting less annoying since with so much tragedy befalling her she doesn’t have time to be irritatingly spunky. She’s so lucky that being a widowed mom-to-be she’s got an unwavering protector in Eun Joong, who seems to be fishing her out of an explosion in these stills and will probably move her in with his family soon. I’m looking forward to the OTP’s love story to develop nicely. I’m surprised at how much I’m looking forward to this drama now, it’s like peanut butter, one bite and it sticks to the gums.


Kim Jae Won Shows Off Eye-popping Biceps as a Dogged Detective in Scandal — 20 Comments

  1. Originally, am on board due to KTY,PSM and JYH, not KJW fan. Then, 7 episode later, I’m so into him. Both KJW and LJS (IHYV), who have similar white (palish) complexion, may wear tank tops anytime. Or without, even better.. ^^

  2. I’m not a makjang fan but I really liked this one. I watched ep 5 thru 8 and I think I’m addicted. Which is good because with both cruel city and ihyv ending next week I need something to take my mind off the pain of withdrawal.

  3. rawwwr….this is my first time seeing him with muscle 🙂

    anyway he looks like the older version of Park Su Ha… 🙂

  4. Er well,that’s unexpected.He’s always been pretty but I’ve never seen him as manly. Gosh,goes off to download the episodes now.

    Thank you for the tip. Goes back up to have a look. Not even drooling too surprised actually.

  5. Holy cr**! I definitely was NOT expecting to see that. I think it’s time for me to reconsider and actually start watching this series, especially since my Cruel City is almost over *cries*. I’ll need a rebound show and this look like it’ll be it.

  6. After you wrote about the drama, I started watching it. Although the first time I tried ep1 I found it dull, it was better from 6 onwards with the leap.

    I know it’s not good to say but thank god for the tragedy! I didn’t like her attitude at all.

  7. The drama is pretty good so far! Was hesitant it’d be like May Queen but it definitely has a better script and it’s moving pretty fast too!

    KJW’s fake father looks sort of like Jackie Chan! Anyone noticed that?

  8. Man! who knew Kim Jae Won hid all that under his clothes, yes keep the hot bod coming…. I’m so loving every episode of scandal and Ha Eun Joong….

    • He he! My thoughts exactly! I’ve just downloaded all 8 episodes and getting ready to feast my eyes on that hot bod.

  9. Gosh… definitely agree with you koala… he is so hot. i never expect him to have such well shape muscles under his clothes. and this drama really keep me still and nervous while watching it. It’s not that type of suspense series, but you can’t help yourself from anticipating every episode. The script was well written and fast moving, and all the actors are doing great. I will look forward for more of your reviews.. It gives me more excitement..

  10. I’m also loving this drama and is all thanks to you really!! THANKS so much for given me another addiction since One of my BIAS MONSTAR and IHYV is ending next week!! So thanks so much

    Hahaha OMG maybe the wedding proof to be something good for us too and not just the wife 😛

  11. KJW is onew of my faves, lately he was so skinny but a long time ago he had muscles… i saw them, lol
    i’ve only watched 3 epis of scandal and so far i like it, i’m dying to watch KJW come…

  12. Wow! Apparently married life agrees with KJW, I’ve never seen him looking so manly.This makes me want to check out Scandal. Yes, I’m that shallow.

  13. after that dusastrous weekend drama 100 yearsm I am so happy that this drama is full of bumps am holding on waiting for the big kaboom

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