Jung Kyung Ho Cancels All Upcoming Activities to Heal from a Herniated Disc

Oh noes, this is terrible news. With Cruel City (Heartless City) wrapping up this coming week, filming has just finished with the talented and dedicated cast and crew and with it comes confirmation that leading man Jung Kyung Ho is actually seriously injured as has been rumored for weeks. Due to the heavy action scenes in this drama, most of which involve Jung Kyung Ho’s character Jung Shi Hyun aka The Doctor’s Son, he started feeling sharp pain in his back a few weeks ago and was taken to the hospital. The doctor diagnosed him with a herniated disc. Ouch. A herniated disc is when there is damage to the outer layer of the spine causing the inner soft layer to bulge out and the pressure causes intense pain and discomfort. A minor herniated disc can heal on its own with time, but usually needs a heavy dose of painkillers to manage the pain while it heals. A severe case requires surgery to repair the tear. A herniated disc already hurts like the dickens, but if its accompanied by nerve root compression then that just amplifies the pain, which is the extent of Jung Kyung Ho’s injury. His heavy load of action sequence filming for CC is directly tied to his injury which is usually caused by trauma cause by strain or lifting. He has been on heavy painkillers to finish his filming and his agency has released a statement that Jung Kyung Ho is cancelling all his latter half of the year activities and will be getting treatment for his injury. He intends to avoid surgery and is hoping rest and rehab will heal the tear in due course. Apparently right now he’s in so much pain he can’t even walk, which begs the question on how he actually finished filming the last few episodes since it’s still action-packed. My heart is totally breaking for this amazing young actor who has elevated his craft a huge notch with CC but sadly he’s going to be out of commission in the near future so he won’t be able to strike while the iron is hot after this critically lauded performance. I’m looking forward to the last two episodes this week, and will now watch with even more appreciation of what Jung Kyung Ho put in to bring the story to a close. All I ask is that Shi Hyun doesn’t die, at this point I’m fine if every other character bites the dust.

I thought CC was a bit lackluster in the last few episodes, but nothing too jarring to ruin the journey this far. I just wish this drama would do something more with Soo Min than to serve as a plot device over and over and over again. Thankfully Jin Sook as the other female lead more than makes up for Soo Min’s uselessness and general wide-eyed naΓ―vetΓ©. I like that the main romance sorta settled into a slow simmer in the second half, but it’s still so raw that I feel the connection even if Shi Hyun and Soo Min don’t spend a lot of time together. I’m hoping that the final two episodes doesn’t just solve the Big Bad mystery, but also tie up all the other messy relationships. I have faith this drama will end with resolve and a sense of closure even if people die and good doesn’t triumph over evil.


Jung Kyung Ho Cancels All Upcoming Activities to Heal from a Herniated Disc — 34 Comments

  1. He should not have continued to work with this since his condition might have been aggravated. It is unbelievably painful. With complete rest, medicine and physiotherapy it is possible that he may be lucky enough to avoid surgery. I do wish him speedy recovery.

  2. Aaawww, πŸ™ Ohgosh, I really hope he becomes well as soon as possible especially because he’s drama career with the end of Cruel City is surely going to soar high, but if I may ask how many days or months does someone have to rest for it to be gone?

    • Healing time varies from person to person, but just to give an example, I had this as well, and it took me about 2 weeks of heavy pain meds, muscle relaxer, and bed rest to even be able to stand on my own. After that, it took a further month before I was able to walk properly. Let’s just hope he feels better with as little discomfort as possible.

  3. Oh noes!! It can be excruxiating esp if there is nerve compression. That sooting pain down the legs and so unpredictably as wel is awful. Hope he gets treatment ASAP.

  4. That’s so sad. As a fan of HC/CC I’m glad that he got to finish the drama, but as a new fan of JKH I’m sad that I probably won’t see him in another drama until he heals.

    Re: Soo-min – Man, I’m stalling watching ep.18 because she infuriated me in ep.17. I’m okay with the actress playing her, but her character drives me nuts. I really, really, really want to bash her in the head.

    Anyway, I love most of Jin-sook’s outfits/accessories/make-up in this drama. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh man that sucks hope he gets better fast after cc I figured he would be booking a new drama pretty fast but now it sounds like its going to be awhile before he’s on screen again πŸ™

  6. This is astounding – I have had this issue myself and was barely mobile for a while and in pain and not flexible for a long time. How on earth he has finished the series and all those action scenes I cannot comprehend. On the one hand, I think ‘stoopid to put yourself at risk’ like that and on the other – how professional can you get!

  7. K-unni, it is indeed heartwarming to see such a dedicated actor.. I could not have possibly imagined how much pain he was in while filming.. Get well soon Kyung-ho oppa! I hope that he rests well and nurse himself back to good health.. I am eagerly anticipating his next project and his next move on his acting career. This man is really seriously awesome and incredible beyond words and description =p

  8. Bad news. I’m shocked he is able to stand up. The pain is excruciating. I had same thing 20 yrs ago. Morphine did nothing to relieve the pain. I couldn’t perform the most basic ADLs. By the time I went to the hospital, I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, urinate or defecate. All I could do was lay on my side and moan. I hope he has an excellent neurosurgeon.

  9. oh no this is so unfortunate! but i am actually glad he is cancelling his activities – whats advancement in a career compared to a healthy and able body. It is absolutely essential that he rehabilitates and heals properly otherwise it will haunt him for the rest of his life. I just hope he gets well soon and come back healthy and sound!

    and of course he is hitting it out of the park in Heartless City – it is such a treat to watch him. I will be keeping an eye out for him! we can just consider he went back to the army for another 1/2 year hehe

  10. oh my baby. such dedication….
    He is just amazing to be able to perform this much and without making it known to the audience. I mean his character in CC has wolverine like healing I so hope Kyung Ho has the same, or even just 10th of it..
    I read somewhere that the injury happend during ep10, and for him to carry on this long shows what type of actor he is, he soldiered on!!!!
    I Love him and i;ll pray for his fast recovery…

    Anyway regarding SooMin, I feel the same way, she kinda irritates e 50% of the time. Good thing I know I’m not the only one who doesnt like her much.

    Me: My Soo certainly doesnt like that weird suspicious girl, Right soo?
    Soo: Chingong..!!!

  11. God bless him.
    He hsd been under rated, admittedly by me, too, for his solid career.
    You are right that this is bad timing. Maybe he can at least do a CF with just his lovely face to pay bills?

    I can’t even imagine how he finished with that much pain, poor thing.

  12. Oh Lord, my poor baby!
    I will pray for you that you get the best treatment, the needed rest and support. And comeback even stronger and more handsome than before.
    JKH Fighting!!!!!

  13. Gosh… I hope he is getting well soon. D:

    He definitely needs to rest until his next project. Until then I will patiently wait and enjoy the last episodes of CC as well. <3

  14. whahh My HEart
    It’s amazed me that he is be able to give qn outstanding performance despite his condition…. Filming action drama really very hard for the actor…

  15. Hope he heals well. Filming action scenes may have flared it up, but I suspect military service have something to do with it, especially since he did active service. Charging up hills in full battle order does things to your back that only makes you suffer in the future.

  16. He made the right decision to focus on healing his back. I had a herniated disk and the pain is excrutiating, I’m astounded that he continued to do any action scenes even pumped up with pain-killers. That’s brutal. I wish him a safe speedy recovery and well deserved phenomenal success in his future roles!

  17. That’s some dedication. Go oppa! Fighting! I hope you get better soon. It sucks how he was at the point of reviving his career and this had to happen. πŸ™ I love Jung Kyung Ho ever since Time Between Dog and Wolf. No matter how long it’ll take for him to recover, I’ll always anticipate his next drama. I hope he does a rom-com next so he wouldn’t have to sustain another injury like this.

  18. Now I feel like crying. He filmed while being in so much pain. :'( I’m praying that he recovers without needing surgery since that is what he wants.

    I’ll also watch the last two episodes with much more appreciation than normal.

  19. Oh no, on one hand I’m appalled that he continued working as hard as he did for as long as he did, and on the other I just want him to get well again. CC has its faults, but he is easily the best thing about it, and watching him as Shi-hyun has been the most amazing ride – if drama casting directors have any sense, they’ll snap him up after he recovers.

  20. Oh, my poor handsome JKH! Hope he recovers fast! In the meantime, he can just relax and bask in the glory of CC’s success!

    Just say ep 19 air live and JKH does A LOT of physical stuff. Don’t know how he withstood the pain.

  21. I feel terrible for him. But as a musician, I’ve played with major injuries before. YOu just suck it up and rely on sheer will power and pain meds. He’s a dedicated man and I bet that’s what he did. It’s incredible what he’s been suffering through. I will enjoy the drama more knowing that he put that much of himself into it! Thanks for the news Koala!

  22. I’ve had exactly what he has, and it’s simply amazing that he managed to put out very physically active scenes for weeks and weeks. It took a long time for mine to heal and it’s still not quite 100%. I hope he is able to get back on his feet sooner than later so that he can reap the benefits of his excellent work in Cruel City.

  23. If Jung Kyung Ho does not win the Best Actor Korea Award for 2013 then who will win it.I saw some very interesting performances this year-not to mention other years as well-and hands down Jung Kyung Ho as Baksa/doc’son/Shin Huyn-I hope my spelling is correct with all these names-is levels above others.The guy threw a spell on me with his magnetizing acting.Thumbs up boy. Each time I was seeing your intense eyes you made me feel as a young girl again.Get well soon.

  24. Jung Kyung Ho is so awesome and so handsome in Heartless City. Brilliant Acting and very good eye expression. His fight scene is so beautiful. The best Korean series in 2013 and I hope he will win in the best actor award too.He deserves it so much. He is my favorite Korean actor since I saw him in Princess Ja Myung Go and Smile you. Now I hope he takes some rest and get well soon for his injury and I look forward to see him in a great project on small screen like this.

  25. Oh noes! My mother experienced this as well as my older sister. My mother had to go on rehab every day of the week for a whole year. Daily activities are fine but lifting and such is not possible!!
    I feel for him, poor poor Kyung Ho oppa πŸ™

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