Goddess of Fire Episode 9: Angry Tae Do Yells at Jung Yi and Burns up the Screen

I’m so appalled at the banality of Goddess of Fire it’s almost insulting to have to write about it. This drama understands nothing about risk and reward, conflict and growth. All that binds it together is stupid people doing stupid things crossed with evil people doing evil things. That’s it. Other than Tae Do, I have yet to find a character that is thoughtful and practical, with Gwanghaegun so reactive he might as well tattoo “I am Imhaegun’s sad sack brother” on his forehead, while Jung Yi has tofu for brains and might actually be so slow she needs to go to whatever is the equivalent of remedial school in Joseon. Honestly, part of me doesn’t even care that Tae Do gets the girl because I worry for his progeny if he marries Jung Yi, whereas Jung Yi and Gwanghaegun are pretty much a match made in dimwitted Heaven. They do things because of principal without thinking around a situation for alternative options. No wonder they fell into a ditch as kids, they are the type to stare straight ahead when they walk and not look around them. Episode 9 had few scenes with my OTP, but the one that took place in jail was awesome because somewhere between wanting to smack Jung Yi upside the head I got to appreciate how much hotter an angry Tae Do is. Jung Yi runs to the Palace screaming that she was the one who stole the pot and its all a misunderstanding about Gwanghaegun, and when she’s tossed in prison with Tae Do who arrives to keep her safe, he chews her out for constantly sticking herself in danger for Gwanghaegun, who has brought nothing but trouble into their lives since he showed up. Word. The King resolves the pot debacle by reminding his ambitious consort that her son Shinsonggun will also get in trouble for it, and then the next problem in this drama arrives with the Ming dynasty envoy bringing a green ceramic cup and telling the King to make the same one or else. So the rest of the episode involves everyone in the Pottery Department trying to make that exact same cup. They run out of ingredients and Gwanghaegun accompanies Jung Yi to go in search of whatever she needs to make it. They fall into a river and he discovers she’s a girl. Yawn. Wake up me up when hottie orabeoni shows up in the next episode, the chemistry between Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young is still insane and out of this world and the only thing worth watching in this drama.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cut from episode 9:

[youtube id=”qTUJgjlDRAs” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Goddess of Fire Episode 9: Angry Tae Do Yells at Jung Yi and Burns up the Screen — 12 Comments

  1. Sadly I agree with you Koala, the only part worth watching in this episode was Moon & Kim Bum scene. I’m still amazed at the great chemistry they have.

    Since we’re not even halfway thru the show, I still have hope that the storyline would pick up.

  2. Hope it gets interesting when the Japanese Invasion comes ’cause 1hr. Watching about pottery is BORING. But KB & MGY chemistry shines! So hot Tae Do when he’s angry.

  3. La historia de Jung y KH es muy muy aburrida, el hecho es que hay que ver los Raitings para darse cuenta de que esa historia no pega ni con chicle, en cambio cuando salen las escenas de TD y Jung la quimica explota. lo que entiendo es que quisieron darle un papel principal al principe KH por lo que paso en su historia, que los mismos Koreanos no le dieron en su epoca, por eso el papel de TaeDo paso ha hacer secundario, y sin embargo se queda con la chica, ironico no.
    The story of Jung and KH is very very boring, the fact is you have to see Raitings to realize that this story does not stick or with gum, instead they leave the scenes of Jung TD and chemistry explodes. my understanding is that they wanted to give a leading role to Prince KH for what happened in their history, that they did not give Koreans in their time, so the paper has to step TaeDo secondary, yet keeps the girl, not ironic.

  4. Why is Bummie so awesome? I love how he is portraying TD to the fullest but seriously why is gwanghaegun such an idiot always taking the blame and does not stand up for himself. I’m starting to hate him but it will not stop me from watching the show because all I will do is watch Bummie because I LOVE HIM.

  5. I’m just watching this scene between the two leads in silence, without subtitles and I am moved by Kim Bum’s ability to emote. Good looks and talent!

  6. Will someone slap that writer who’s writing this putrid script. I won’t hold it against MGY since its her job to recite this god-awful blather. Ugh, this is so frustrating. Get a clue, the magic sparks when Kim Bum and Moon are together. Stop making her character clueless and stupid.

  7. The script is really terrible not to mention the subject matter seems pretty boring. But she was a famous Korean historical figure so I will not knock her. But goodness what is it with kdramas leads, females, being written this way. In any case, I am still intrigued by both GH and TD with JY but I thought they up the stakes a little and make it more interesting.

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