The Master’s Sun Continues to Deliver Eye-catching Stills of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin

I am so so excited about The Master’s Sun. Whatever awaits me, at least the promotion for this drama has been exciting and spot-on from the Hong sisters. That’s worth something, right? The official drama website opened last week and has been chock full of goodies, some of which have been released already but I just had to share a couple of new pictures. My favorite is the one where Tae Gong Shil (Taeyang) is leading Joo Joong Won (Joogun) upstairs. It has this gothic vibe straight out of an 18th century novel. I almost want to say the Hong sisters are doing their own Northanger Abbey with the parody of the horror spookiness of gothic yarns but of course it all in the mood and there is no actual danger. So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin continue to look amazing together, hands down the best onscreen pairing visually all year. His outfit above is wonderfully put together with a chic darkness, and she’s adorable looking like a quirky nun. I do worry a little in that Joogun’s character and attire reminds me of a cross between Cha Seung Won’s iconic Dokko Jin in Best Love and Hyun Bin’s suit and tie chaebol in Secret Garden. I hope that in the first episode he can deliver something wholly his own and end any resemblance discussions, because I would hate for the Hong sisters to mash together two memorable male leads. This drama’s love lines are becoming clearer with the more information spoilers I read – the OTP is Joogun and Taeyang, but second male lead Kang Woo has a crush on Taeyang after living in the same apartment building as her and getting to know her oddity, while second female lead Tae Yi Ryung goes from haughty top star to getting her world turned upside down after she runs into former high school friend Taeyang again and then finds herself falling for stoic bodyguard Kang Woo. This actually reads a lot like the love lines from Best Love, but I’m open to seeing what twist the sisters bring to this drama. TMS premieres next Wednesday on SBS.


The Master’s Sun Continues to Deliver Eye-catching Stills of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin — 19 Comments

  1. Ms. Koala, I’m with you, I’m soooo excited about the Master’s Sun. I can’t wait for next Wednesday. It’s my number one anticipated drama. They look great together and I hope that what we are seeing (visually) in teasers and stills is tra

  2. I got too finger happy and hit post before I was done. I hope that what we have been seeing with the stills and teasers (as far as setting the tone) is continued and enriched with the writing. I think there is a lot of potential for a interesting and entertaining story.

    • I am really looking forward to this show, as well – especially since it has fewer idols per square inch, LOL – and I am not too worried about a re-run of Best Love. CSW can really chew the scenery once he gets started, but So Ji Sub is a lot more subdued, so I don’t think we are going to get that same manic vibe out of him. Also, I think it will be a lot easier to believe Gong Hyo Jin as a ghost-seeing nutcase than it was to try and think of her as a star-struck ugly duckling.

  3. So so good! Most excited for this. Finally, something I can watch him in. Haven’t seen one of his dramas since MiSa wheeee that was a long time ago.

    • Wow-thanks, that was great! Drew me right in even not understanding the words. -Madame Oh!- Love the main and all the side plots introduced – waiting to see this one!

    • Thanks! that made my day! it’s a very long and explaining trailer. I think the OTP chemistry is just perfect, maybe because they are good and talented actors. So Ji Sub is soooo handsome and charming, and Gong Hyo Jin is hilarious. I love Seo In Guk too, and a lot of the extended characters, so I’m expecting a writing job by Hong sister’s. In the trailer we can see a lot of hugging and skinship, so I expect a different korean drama, where we don’t have to wait 10 episodes for a merely holding hands between the OTP. I

    • OMG I was on my to outside when i see the trailer so i thought i would watch with my phone but the video is not working on youtube now (trying with phone) ;((( was it a limited time or something;(

    • Thanks for the link! I just finished watching the long preview and I think I just found my drama addiction for the summer!!

      • I also just fell in love with the whole drama after watching it! This might turn out very good and be the best Hong sisters drama maybe;))

  4. Finally watched the long one!

    Omg i think i am in loe with this drama everything looks so good! The otp, seconds, visual, music! I felt the humor, excitement, thrill and also sadness from the trailer!

    And maybe hong sisters finally wrotea second female that would audience find lovely;) like in the protect the boss;)) i am super excited for august 7 😉

  5. I am waiting for this srama because I am the GHJ’s big fan,I love her so much.I watch all of her dramas and love The Greates Love soooo muchhhh (can’t count how many times I rewatch it,CHW and GHJ are the best. I like SJS in Ghost too so I hope they will be best in this drama too.

  6. i’m really dying to watch this!!! love the first pic and love to see sjs laughing on the collage… sigh
    off to see the long preview
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing it :))

  7. i watched the preview and so far i’m a mix of giggles while i’m hyperventilating!!! love it so much. love this couple, so much chemistry and SO MUCH SKINSHIP!!! YAYYYYY so so happy
    seriously i can’t wait

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