Peter Ho and Janine Chang Reunite for the Third Time in Upcoming TW-movie Just One Minute

Will it be third time’s the charm for this tabloid fodder onscreen chemistry exploding acting pairing? Ever since Janine Chang and Peter Ho did the TW-drama Ring Ring Bell (Chinese title True Love Please Ring Twice), they have been one of the shining highlights of Taiwanese real and reel life discussion. The drama was terrible, initially intriguing and their chemistry was off-the-charts, but story-wise it went to crazytown midway through and parked itself there all the way until the end. What a waste of a great acting combo, not to mention second male lead Xiu Jie Ke as well. Since making the drama they have been publicly acknowledged close friends and rumored secretly dating couple. Last Summer the tabloids supposedly outed them on a family dinner (with Janine’s best friend and Peter’s drama co-star Ivy Chen in tow), but neither side made any official confirmation or denial. This Spring they reunited to make a web-drama adapted from the Fei Wo Si Cun short-story called Le Jun Kai, and I think that web-drama might be airing soon so I’m definitely checking it out despite the really makjang premise – he’s a cold man who wants revenge on her father so marries her and then dumps her, and years later they reunite and he learns she’s raising their son alone. Bwahahaha, that sounds so terrible it must be watched, especially with Peter playing a heartless meanie and Janine a super weepy Mother Teresa type, such a different dynamic from their RRB relationship. Either they are really the hottest secret couple around and every director wants to work with them, or else they have awesome agencies because famed Taiwanese director Chen Hui Ling, last seen traipsing around Yi Lan leading the cast of her blockbuster drama Autumn’s Concerto to visit her leading lady Ady An, has signed Peter and Janine up for her upcoming TW-movie. It’s based on a bestselling Japanese novel by writer Harada Maha called 一分間だけ (Just One Minute), which if you asked me to summarize is basically a female version of Marley and Me. Janine plays a high powered TV program director who goes to a pet shop to do a story and ends up buying a golden retriever that is almost too old to be sold and on the cusp of being put down. The dog changes her high-powered workaholic lifestyle and also affects all her relationships with her family and boyfriend. Peter will be playing Janine’s boyfriend in this movie, and both of them will be spending plenty of time with the golden retrievers on set. Director Chen teased that when they met with her both said they looooooved dogs, but once they arrived on set they sheepishly admitted to both being allergic to dogs. Okay, these two are even sneaky in the same way, so cute! Check out the press conference pics and as filming gets underway for a Spring 2014 release.

The production of their upcoming web melodrama Le Jun Kai released a hilarious and adorable BTS vid of Peter and Janine filming. Despite the intense story line, they were so playful on set. Some highlights include trading personal assistants Xiao Pei and Miao Miao, Janine wore Peter’s giant puffer coat, and neither could stop kissing when the director yelled cut. They are so damn adorable together I’m even tempted to re-watch Ring Ring Bell. Oh the horror of their chemistry!

BTS of Le Jun Kai:

[youtube id=”OC-S_gS9RDo” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Peter Ho and Janine Chang Reunite for the Third Time in Upcoming TW-movie Just One Minute — 5 Comments

    • I really love that actor peter ho and actress janine chang in they film and drama tv ring ring bell. . .peter ho is really romantic actor . .

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