Goddess of Fire Episode 15: Jung Yi Gets an Undeserving Proposal and Back Hug from Tae Do

I don’t know what’s the shorter end of the stick – Kim Bum getting about 8 minutes of screen time an episode in Goddess of Fire, or Lee Sang Yoon getting triple that but doing really dumb things that make me roll my eyes at him even more. That’s the crazy of GoF, I suppose, where getting more screen time is actually not a good thing. I feel like Kim Bum has given up and is just going through the motions, even his crazy chemistry with Moon Geun Young‘s Jung Yi has turned into a whimper. Episode 15 involved making a set of ceramic cups for a royal banquet. Yay…… So exciting. Wake me up when the glaze dries. Gwanghaegun has forgiven Jung Yi for the deception – that was easy, makes me wonder why he was so angry for so long, oh right, because the drama needs to manufacture doochy angst for him. He also changes into a new outfit that is baby blue matched with lavender. Pfft, so so wrong for Lee Sang Yoon’s manly appeal, he looks like a retriever styled like a poodle. His constantly looking out for Jung Yi makes both Kang Chun and Yook Do rightfully annoyed and they turn the banquet ceramic making into a competition between the potters with the loser getting kicked out of the department, all aimed to kick Jung Yi out. Tae Do gets his lackeys to procure fireworks and he takes Jung Yi out and tries to confess. But he forgot that she literally has a sea cucumber for a brain and his confession in the form of a back hug and a proposal promise that he will always be her shield. She does understand he wants to marry her and he says he’ll wait for when she’s accomplished her goal.Β She just looks annoyed and constipated and tells him that this is a road she must take On. Her. Own. and if he’s around then she’ll always rely on him. So sayeth the girl who has spent her entire life getting help from one male figure after another. To think this drama has sucked to such degree that I actually no longer care anymore what happens to any character or who ends up with me. If the drama gods had a wicked sense of humor, this drama would end with the Hellmouth opening up and swallowing the pottery department (Bunwon) and everyone in it.

It’s a testament to how much I love Moon Geun Young that her terrible performance here doesn’t make me want to stab a pencil in her eye. How can she get a back hug from Tae Do and NOT totally understand that he loves her in a male-female non-sibling way, since this is Joseon era and a back hug is probably as risque as if modern day Tae Do pulled Jung Yi in for an open mouth kiss and then rolled around the bed with her. Yes, he said it was because he promised her dad to always take care of her, but he totally adores her regardless of the promise. In addition, she looks so uptight and school marm-ish with the way she pulled her hand out of his and squirmed out of his embrace. If she doesn’t like him back, then tell the poor boy and let him move to greener pastures, i.e. my arms. Her protracted cluelessness has gone from understandable to pissing me off.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cut episode 15:


Goddess of Fire Episode 15: Jung Yi Gets an Undeserving Proposal and Back Hug from Tae Do — 22 Comments

  1. The drama is not getting better at all. I rather enjoy watching the lastest CDrama Lan Ling Wang. It is at Ep 16 now. How are we going to sit thru all 32eps of Goddess of Fire? I really hope the writing improves.

  2. Hahaha I also felt that Kim Bum has given up and is only going through. I think KB likes MGY but dislikes Jung Yi (as if he was aware how selfish and childish she is) Aside from this stupid and boooring plot, I’m loving these two (on & off screen) I hope this is one of those strange cases when the second-half is much better! BTW MGY is someone I admire, cause with the high temperatures she’s always giving an excellent performance (despite her role)

  3. Yeah, I think Kim Bum is irritated with Jung Yi, too! He understands the hopeless love that Tae Do has for Jung Yi, which is why I can still swoon when Tae Do comes on-screen…but, come on now, even MGY must be pissed off at Jung Yi.

    Baek Pa Seon was supposedly one of the greatest potters of her time – I doubt she was a weak female with the Joseon equivalent of cotton candy for brains.

    • Closet? Nyet, I am an original loud and proud BtVS fan. Best female empowerment series EVER. Alias was just a weaksauce attempt to continue the theme.

  4. lol I was quite bother by that screen. I know everyone thinks its Moons doing but remember it the Writers and director making her do this! LOL I’m a huge fan of Moon. I seen the behind screens with Moon and Kim they are always connecting well. The last BTS she was even fanning Kim and pointing fingers and i think she was taking pictures with him in view. She was making faces or something. GOF is teasing us with the screens of them not together but BTS they are so close. I think Kim has that film in China to promote maybe that’s why he didn’t have a lot of scenes. Hopefully Next week, He is in more screen time! SERIOUSLY!!! I don’t even want to watch the last few eps because its not GeunBum couple. Anyone know how to speak or type in korean? lets all complain to the director of GOF !! TAEJung scene please!!

  5. Read it , if you can not read korean ago google translation , i hope Mrs Koala read πŸ™‚


  6. The images of Kim Bum back hugging Angelababy in the new film Young Detective Dee keep popping up in my mind. Sorry to MGY, Taedo back hugging Jung Yi is not so romantic after all.

    • I know right. Kim Bum looks better with Angelababy than MGY. A very handsome hottie like Kim Bum deserves a really pretty and hot girl like angelababy. Based on pictures and behind the scenes of Detective Dee, they have a lot of chemistry and would make a true perfect couple. Some fans think they should start dating in the future.

    • dont matter who he hugs from behind. back hugs all look cute and romantic. just because you all mad that the script isnt the way you want it now. You all are going to hate on Moonie. Poor Moonie just following the script and everyone is so heated that she wouldnt just go with him. Hello This is a drama there has to be some bumps and twist and turn before a couple can be. I’m sure if Bummie was to give me a back hug it would look nicer then all the other girls lol anyways please don’t bash the beautiful, lovely, and generous Moonie. Thanks πŸ™‚

      • @ Tia. Please don’t get me wrong. I never hated Moonie, she is the only reason I watched GOF in the first place. Unfortunately for her, KB both film and drama was released at the same time. All the peoples including me will tend to compared these two leading actress with KB. In the appearance, of course KB look gorgeous with AB and I think this is unfair for Moonie too. It is two different project for KB and he put his best effort to create more chemistry with his female co-star, so that for us to appreciate his work. I always supported Moonie and my opinion is based on the appearance and the character of the drama. In real life, Moonie is a great person and has her own charm. I’m sure she deserved a great guy like KB too.

  7. So my bummie got rejected……again…….how many times must we endure this…….aarrrgggghhhhhh! Really just what the neck is going on? And again 32 eps that is way too long. If only Bummie can confess to me…..(that is just wishful thinking :(….)

  8. Ms.Koala! you are really funny. I really like your comment on LSY “he looks like a retriever styled look like a poodle” Hahahaha….

  9. So glad you did the recap ! I still haven’t watched the episode with english subs.

    Honestly, I was like What. The. Hell. ? Jung Yi really pisses me off now ='( Don’t you think somehow she knows Tae Do’s feelings but finds it difficult to accept since he should only be her “orabeoni” ?

    I think Tae Do’s about to give up, and maybe Jung will be kidnapped and sent to Japan because he won’t be watching her.

    And The Prince ? Really ? I can’t stand him x) (even though I love the actor). Why do the 2 main characters have to be so boring ?

    I want more Tae Do! More Tae Do ='( ='(

  10. I already stopped watching GoF. The script is so horrible and I’m in awe at how dedicated MGY and LSY are to keep on doing the show. The BTS’ are awesome. giddy giddy giddy me… Lol! β™₯β™₯β™₯

  11. Dae Jang Geum and DongYi both dramas had such a good writers that made the 2 historical women came alive. We all grew to love and enjoyed both dramas even thru there were very long. It is such a shame Goddess of Fir does not have the same impact. It started well when the characters were you but not the story is just so flat. There should have written Jung Yi’s character with more energy, selfless and fun. Bad writing with good actors can be so sad.

  12. I wonder why chief lee is jungyi father with all the thing he have do to her through mapoong and he can still confess to her when is in jail

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