Lee Jun Ki Tweets Adorable Daddy-Daughter Pictures from the Set of Two Weeks

Lee Jun Ki has totally mastered my heart because he’s mastered the essential skills of being a K-star. He’s hardworking but earnest, bringing the high wattage celebrity aura along with a cheerful openness with his fans. He tweets all the time and these two latest pictures came courtesy of him after the airing of the most recent two episodes of his man-on-the-run thriller K-drama Two Weeks. He’s posing like a blissful dad with his onscreen daughter played by child actress Lee Chae Mi, who despite being squirreled away in a safe room in the hospital still has scenes with Lee Jun Ki because she shows up in his imagination as he’s on the run all alone. It’s a neat trick that works like a charm to keep her present in his orbit and emphasize that his quest has a very human element in saving the life of his daughter. Despite being quite taken with Two Weeks, the directing remains a glaring weakness in this drama, which isn’t a surprise for me since it’s from the same PD who hacked his way through Personal Taste. His general ineptitude has lessened a bit but he still is terrible at shooting scenes in a way that feels smooth and organic. I’m always trying to stay in the moment despite the editing sticking out like a sore thumb. Luckily he has a great script to work it and a wonderful cast that smoothes over his rough edges. The lack of a romantic subplot in Two Weeks is refreshing and doesn’t feel too impersonal because the familial emotional threads are more than enough to get us all worried. I love that Jun Ki picked this drama because he’s now graduated to playing a daddy and he does it marvelously. He should always cart around a little Lee Chae Mi in his pocket, it’s sure to make all the ladies swoon even more, especially when he smiles at her the way he does in these pictures.


Lee Jun Ki Tweets Adorable Daddy-Daughter Pictures from the Set of Two Weeks — 29 Comments

  1. Ok, I get it! 😀 I was late to the party….. But I finally *get* the Lee Jun-Ki love with this drama. Add another K-star to my fangirl roster!

    • Ah..same here. I didn’t see his appeal before but now I totally get it. I adore him in Two Weeks. So much charm, so smexy.

  2. Ummm, what’s his Twitter handle?

    I hope you’re right with the lack of a romantic subplot, I really don’t want a Daddy-Mommy reunion, because it’s definitely not the romance that makes this drama interesting.

  3. Those pictures are soo damm cute.
    This will probably be the first lee jun ki drama that I’ll follow through to the end. I have yet to watch TBDW although it’s on my long list of to-watch k-dramas.
    Admittedly, I dropped Arang(i know, i know. it was a underrated show) because school was starting and along came Nice Guy, which was able to hold my interest alot more.

    Lee Jun Ki is definitely not an actor that is in over his head. I remember reading some articles on him feeling nervous/uneasy about his return to k-dramaland after his discharge from the military, esp. since there were hot, new, rising k-actors like yoo ah in, song joong ki, and kim soo hyun. That’s a very normal (and human) reaction, although some could perceive it as lack of confidence. Leaving for the army and returning to k-dramaland after 2 could be very different for some, esp. if they’re not as popular as hyun bin where it felt like he didn’t even leave us to join the army.

    • ..And crap. I just realized school starts in a week and i’m juggling 4 shows x_x

      Two Weeks vs Master’s Sun vs Good Doctor vs Who Are You.
      Which show will make it out alive? We will see in a few weeks time…

    • Yes, Lee Joongi is always a hardworking actor like a rookie despite of his famous status. He’s never afraid to being humble when he talks about his career though he already get many achievements and awards, even more than hyun-bin.
      This time in 2W, he’s done the
      greatest job among all k-actors with his super awesome acting plus very difficult stunts.
      He also tweeted there will be 5 meter underwater action scene in 2W, can’t wait for this!! He’s so impressive artist indeed.
      I think that’s why he’s much loved by his huge fandom, and he also knows well how to repay his love by his wise great project choices*^^*

    • Y’know, he’s not always a perfect actor but he tries SO hard – and often gets the results we all want – that it’s almost as if he wasn’t this beloved Hallyu superstar but a rookie who has to keep proving himself in every role.

      That attitude is probably why he’s a far, far better actor than I’d expect someone that good-looking and famed for his looks to be – Arang was ample proof, now he’s just reinforcing that with Two Weeks.

  4. awww… way too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Junki had me at TBDW, after not really being drawn to him in MG. Just love his smile and his energy. High wattage 🙂 I agree!!!

    • MG was the first RomCom I ever watched. I definitely developed a crush on LJK back then. Those were the days :-). And when your leading man is Lee Dong-wook in horrible horrible fur-accessorized suits, well my only choice was to back LJK’s character, lol.

  5. My heart jumped into the attic reading the first sentence before “from the set.” Did you do that on purpose?

    For a moment there, I had imagined someone other than me had managed to start a family with this super humanness of beauty.

    Those scenes are fabulous in the show, especially knowing that she is somewhere in an antiseptic room using the idea of him to comfort her.

  6. Sooooooooooo adorable! >__<

    If only this drama had the same director as the one who did Heartless City or even the one who did That Winter the Wind Blows.

  7. I watch this drama because I am an avid fan, HE is one of the finest and most handsome Korean Actor! Love him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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