Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Who Are You

For all that makes Who Are You just a relatively small scale drama with a hodge-podge of elements from detective mystery, horror, and SciFi, it does such a wonderful job of showing unfathomable disappointment when someone dies coupled with a hope that it won’t be in vain and the living can still find happiness. I’m not a fan of the ghost-of-the-episode stories even if WAY does a much better job with it than The Master’s Sun, but I also like how the ghostly elements have tapered off recently as we delve deeper into Si On and Hyun Joon’s past coupled with his unsolved death. It’s not impossible that Detective Choi might have a backstory that will sway our view of him as the villain of this tale, but Hyun Joon’s lingering ghost tells us that regardless of the hows and whys that led to his death, he’s still gone from Si On’s side and can only keep watch over her through others. When Hyun Joon typed out Si On’s location on Gun Woo’s computer, that scene spoke volumes to me because it was the first time those two interacted and it was a united front to protect Si On. The process of grieving over his death was suspended when Si On was in her coma, but now that she’s awake and remembers him, pretty soon the flood gates will open and all the emotions will pour forth. Si On’s coma effectively negated those 6 years and in essence it’s like Hyun Joon was just so cruelly taken from her. There is no way she can even open herself up to a possible romantic view of Gun Woo, who has done nothing wrong other than not be Hyun Joon. Of course, if I stacked the two hot detectives against each other I’d still pick Hyun Joon for Si On because those two fairly thrum with chemistry around each other. I know there is still so much back story to their relationship and I hope the drama continues to dole it out in each episode because I can safely say that I’m way more interested in the past than the present.

Written preview for episode 11:

After Gun Woo learns that Detective Choi killed Hyun Joon, he’s tormented by disappointment and disillusionment. Si On finds a hair accessory from Hyun Joon and the reality that they cannot go back to the way it was leaves her devastated. When Si On and Gun Woo go to investigate a tip about where Detective Choi might be hiding, they find themselves surrounded by men. Suddenly the missing Detective Choi appears before them……….

Video preview for episode 11:

[youtube id=”xxXUuqhwSf8″ w=”650″ h=”450″]


Written and Video Preview for Episode 11 of Who Are You — 7 Comments

  1. Can’t wait for this week’s episodes. Choi’s backstory is the piece of the puzzle that will either explain or condone his actions. The chemistry between HJ and SO is off the charts (he’s so sexy), and GW is the epitome of the nice guy we let get away and then regret our whole lives. What a conundrum, but HJ is not of this world, so there is no choice to be made.:-)

  2. I just want KJW to be with her….ok, this is way off base, but what I would like to happen…

    “While she was in her coma she was given a chance by the Almighty/Fate whatever, to clear HJ’s name, but her handicap was her memory loss, and it was up to HJ to help her uncover the truth, his handicap, no verbal communication. Then once that is achieved, they can be together, which means she has to die…probably saving GW life…but telling him before she dies that its ok, HJ is waiting for her”.

    Ok…so it will probably be NOTHING like that……I think I am getting WAY too involved in this drama…I
    just don’t want KJW losing the girl again…..they were SO good together….who writes these stories any way!!!….me impatient…..never…..except when it involves KJW…..at least it will be a memorable role, like all his others……like I said before…smart choice! 😀

  3. if the writer did somehow manage to pull of Si On and Hun Joon getting together, that would be such a story. cause at this point everyone is expecting GW and SO in the end!
    it would be such a good shocker if the write did do it…. *fingers crossed* >_<X

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