Two Weeks Episode 10 Recap

There is such sublime satisfaction in watching a drama get better and better. A story line naturally builds momentum in a linear progression so the quality of a drama following suit is a sort of synergy that is like a steady release of enjoyment. Episode 10 of Two Weeks keeps up the reveals, the momentum, and the fantastic character development that is the foundation of this story. Yes, there is a big conspiracy, there are some folks who deserve getting some revenge, and the various chase and escapes are thrilling in its own small-scale chintzy way. But ultimately what keeps me hooked are the characters from main to ancillary that feel thoughtfully presented. Soo Jin’s parents have a big breakthrough in this episode in multiple ways – In Hye learns the truth about Tae San’s “abandonment” 8 years ago and gets confirmation he’s getting framed this time around, Tae San knows that she now knows but tells her it doesn’t matter anymore, and both of them flashback to a tender and touching birthday scene from years ago that fill out even more of their relationship to convince me that these two wholeheartedly loved each other in an innocent but fiercely devoted way. Not to be outdone, Seung Woo ups his detective skills AND manages to remain an understanding fiancée and caring future daddy to Soo Jin.

I’m going to stop trying to have an opinion on the romance element other than then feeling sure that both guys are going to get a fair shake in this drama with In Hye. Jae Kyung takes a bit of a back seat to Seung Woo and In Hye in this episode, but she and Congresswoman Jo’s mind games are definitely much needed because I feel like someone needs to be the brains on the law enforcement side. Seung Woo and Moon Il Suk make each other’s acquaintance and Soo Jin’s safety is now on everyone’s radar. Thank god for that. I loved how this episode continues to reveal the true character of Tae San in equal measures in the present with the way he felt so bad for In Hye to be associated with him (as opposed to sad she found a better guy), showing us that he’s always put her above himself, and the flashback to their happier times which validates why she’s so important to him. I appreciate this piece meal walk down memory lane because it functions much like this drama is structured like a puzzle and we experience the pieces being put together not necessarily in order but always with a reason. And by the end, the camera everyone wants is finally located by Tae San, but then that is clearly way too easy a way for him to end this entire mess so I better prepare myself for more snafus to come.

Episode 10 recap:

Seung Woo angrily asks why In Hye went to see fugitive Jang Tae San today and didn’t tell him? He knows Tae San is the marrow donor for Soo Jin and asks if In Hye doesn’t trust him? He sees Soo Jin as his daughter, too! Tae San walks up to hand a hair clip to In Hye and stops when he sees this exchange. Both Seung Woo and In Hye turn around and see him, the three of them locking eyes.

Seung Woo makes the first move towards Tae San and In Hye grabs Seung Woo in a tight clasp and screams at Tae San to run! You go, Mommy! Run run run, Daddy! Tae San gets a hold of himself and books it. Seung Woo struggles to get free of In Hye but she cries that Tae San is innocent and he will be back in time for the surgery.

Seung Woo gives up chasing after Tae San and removes In Hye’s arms from around him, but she’s still tightly clenching onto his shirt. He reminds her that he’s a cop and Jang Tae San is currently a fugitive, it’s his job to catch him. In Hye says if he’s captured he’ll die in jail, people will kill him. Seung Woo asks again whether she doesn’t trust him and she says that’s not the reason.

Tae San collapses in an empty area and just breaks down. He’s upset at himself for embarrassing In Hye, who has a detective fiancée and the guy must know her connection with a loser like him. He’s upset that In Hye has to conceal his existence to someone she wants to marry. He wonders why he let his life become such a waste.

He thinks back to Moon Il Suk threatening him the first time and how he just caved. Il Suk correctly points out that Tae San’s own cowardice made him fear Il Suk, he didn’t run away because he didn’t have the courage, and in the end he made his own choices in life.

Imaginary Soo Jin comes and tells her Daddy to get up, this is so embarrassing. Tae San knows this is all his own making and vows to not die, not let In Hye’s fiancée catch him, and not let his daughter live as the child of a murderer. He will expose the truth that Moon Il Suk is the murderer.

Moon Il Suk has lined up his trusty team of Killer Kim, his Secretary, and Head Minion, chewing them out for being so completely useless. Takes one to know one. He gripes that he ought to have nurtured Jang Tae San instead of these three bozos. Tae San knew he was being tapped and followed, and even used talking to Killer Kim to divert his attention and make a quick escape.

Moon Il Suk is rather impressed with Tae San’s quick hands and mind and knows that Tae San intends to reveal the camera contents. He wonders how Park Jae Kyung always knows where Tae San is going to be? Killer Kim says Seo In Hye was at the department store today.

Moon Il Suk thinks they are still missing some information. He remembers that on the day Mi Sook died, Tae San went to the hospital. He orders his minion to find out why Tae San’s daughter is having surgery soon, because it must be important that Tae San would risk capture to go to the hospital to visit his daughter.

In Hye is with Soo Jin in the clean room and notices that she’s in a bad mood and the picture she drew of the Big Mountain is rather moribund. Soo Jin explains that after the Sun left the Big Mountain, the sky fell dark and the birds didn’t appear and the flowers didn’t blood. But since the Big Mountain can’t move, it could only stay there cold and dark every day. Isn’t that so sad?

In Hye concurs that the Big Mountain that can’t move is very sad indeed. She compliments Soo Jin for being so smart and thinking about more with respect to her story.

In Hye gets called out to meet Jae Kyung, who introduces herself as the prosecutor in charge of Tae San’s murder case. She knows In Hye went to the mall today to see Tae San. She also knows Tae San didn’t kill anyone, he’s on the run to stay alive for Soo Jin’s surgery, and there is a reason why he can’t turn himself in.

In Hye plays coy and says she knows nothing and understands nothing. Jae Kyung says In Hye ought to be worried since it’s dangerous for Tae San out there all alone. In Hye says Tae San won’t listen to her. Jae Kyung knows Tae San is scared but she wants to help him, she’s on his side and will protect his safety. She wants him to bring the camera and turn himself in. In Hye agrees to talk with him if Jae Kyung can guarantee his safety.

As In Hye turns to leave, Jae Kyung drops the bombshell that 8 years ago, Jang Tae San went to prison for the crime of assaulting her dad. In Hye stops in her tracks, the 8 years ago date startling her. Jae Kyung continues and says Tae San didn’t do it, he was only covering for someone else who committed the crime and then used the person that was dearest to Tae San to threaten him.

In Hye runs to the hospital stairwell and breaks down, crying for her Tae San oppa and what he did for her and how he covered it up and make her hate him.

It’s Seung Woo’s turn to chew out Jae Kyung for concealing Tae San’s marrow donor identity. If he knew he wouldn’t have shot him. Jae Kyung didn’t know then, and later she thought he should hear it from In Hye. Plus if she told him, he would put security detail around In Hye and more people would know why Tae San is on the run.

Seung Woo did some digging and found out that his dad the Chief of Police had Tae San’s case expedited at the request of Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee. Jae Kyung finally comes clean and says she was almost murdered along with Tae San, and she’s only alive because he saved her. Those people would kill even a government prosecutor, much less a baby like Soo Jin. Seung Woo demands to know who the other people involved are other than Jo Seo Hee.

Moon Il Suk gets a report that Soo Jin’s surgery is on the 26th, which is the same day as their auction. He also learns that In Hye’s fiancée is detective Im Seung Woo, the son of the Chief of Police. They wonder if Seung Woo knows something as well. If Seung Woo starts to suspect Jo Seo Hee, then it’s not a good idea to do anything to In Hye.

Seung Woo goes back and talks with rookie Il Do and asks if he’s seen the type of knife before used to murder Man Seok. It’s a very unique knife, almost like the kind used my assassins in movies. He tells Il Do to start investigating Moon Il Suk, and reveals that Man Seok died with one clean cut totally different then how Mi Sook died.

Seung Woo looks at Il Suk’s picture and thinks he looks familiar. He then remembers walking by Moon Il Suk at Soo Jin’s hospital a few days ago. Seung Woo calls up Moon Il Suk’s office and introduces himself, saying he has some questions to ask.

Tae San walks past Mi Sook’s house which is still all sealed off with police tape. Too bad for him, someone has set a video camera on a car parked outside and it records his passing by.

Seung Woo arrives at Moon Il Suk’s office and I can’t get over that he has a giant shark hanging in a display area. LOL. Seung Woo cuts to the chase and asks if Moon Il Suk visited the hospital recently. Il Suk smirks and says there was a child he cares about there. Seung Woo comes out and says Soo Jin is his daughter and if Il Suk touches her or In Hye, then he’s a dead bastard.

Moon Il Suk says all he wants is the camera, if Seung Woo’s woman gives him the camera, then he’ll let Tae San live. HOMG, Jo Seo Hee is going to bitch slap you six-ways to Sunday, Moon Il Suk! The man basically just owned up to his involvement in setting Tae San up, to a cop no less. Soo Jin needs Tae San’s marrow so in exchange for the camera, Seung Woo can save Soo Jin’s life.

Seung Woo calls Il Suk a crazy bastard for saying all this, probably because he knows the cops have no evidence on him. Seung Woo is on to him and after he catches Jang Tae San, he’s going to come after Il Suk.

Seung Woo sets rookie Il Do outside Soo Jin’s room to guard it and clock anyone who comes in or out. Seung Woo tells In Hye that they can talk about everything else later, what is most important is Soo Jin’s upcoming surgery. He asks that In Hye tell Tae San to turn himself in if he contacts her. Seung Woo vows to discover the truth and exonerate him.

Tae San sneaks back into the pawn shop that night again. He goes on the computer and searches around for whatever information can help him. He discovers a recording made the day he was set up – the two minions were on a porn sit video chatting a stripper and it was all recorded, which included when one of them got up to call Tae San to come back.

Jo Seo Hee is having her own video chat with her autistic son who is living in Switzerland. He’s an artist and happily tells him mom about his drawings. Mom asks how long until she comes to see him and he knows its 7 more days. If his mom comes, will she live next door to him? Mom says they are moving after she comes. Her son hears the school bell and heads off to class.

Mom strokes the screen lovingly after he leaves. She then takes out two passports and tickets from her drawer.

Jo Seo Hee holds a press conference announcing that she is running for mayor of Seoul. A reporter asks about the rumor that she was retiring after the suction. Seo Hee says that was just an unfounded rumor.

After the press conference, Seo Hee walks down a hallway and Jae Kyung stops her to talk and hand her a flower bouquet Jae Kyung congratulates her on this big step up and asks how Congresswoman Jo became the person she is now? Jae Kyung says she’s looking forward to the auction coming up in 6 days.

A nurse comes by to hand In Hye a call and of course it’s from Tae San, who is calling the hospital directly since her cellphone is being wiretapped. He asks her to meet today while she encourages him to turn himself in after meeting with the trustworthy Prosecutor Park Jae Kyung. Tae San says he can’t turn himself in and then makes plans to meet with In Hye.

The hospital phones are all being wiretapped as well and prosecutors all listen in on this conversation and make plans to tail In Hye.

In Hye tells Soo Jin that she needs to head out and Soo Jin pouts that Mom promised to stay by her side until the surgery. Mom placates Soo Jin and says she needs to see someone important and she’ll tell Soo Jin after the surgery. In Hye goes to work and gets the rest of the day off.

Seung Woo tails In Hye as she heads out of work and down to the subway. She gets in while Jae Kyung’s hoobae prosecutor follows, and then we see Seung Woo also entering the subway car. The prosecutor hoobae texts Jae Kyung and Sang Hoon who are waiting at another platform. There are various cops at various platforms and everyone is on the lookout for Tae San.

The door opens and In Hye walks out, only to duck back in right before the door closes. The prosecutor hoobae can’t get back in, though Seung Woo is still in the subway. In Hye gets off at another stop and runs out of the subway and hops in a cab waiting for her, telling the driver that she’s the one who reserved the car. Seung Woo follows her in another cab.

Jae Kyung and team hear from the prosecutor hoobae that In Hye has shaken free of them. Sang Hoon is quite impressed at In Hye, and this leads Jae Kyung to realize that In Hye must’ve met with Tae San yesterday and gotten even more information from her which is how she was able to shake their tail.

In Hye is dropped off outside of the nail salon where Man Seok’s girlfriend works. She goes in and says she is a frequent customer of Man Seok’s and asks for the camera back, claiming she lent it to him. The girlfriend says that her friend threw it away and quickly calls to find out where it is now.

Flashback to Tae San asking In Hye to help him get the camera back from Man Seok’s girlfriend. The camera contains evidence that will exonerate him and prove someone else killed Mi Sook. The camera is also why people are trying to kill him. In Hye asks who is trying to kill him and Tae San says In Hye doesn’t need to know.

The girlfriend tells In Hye that a classmate from school has it and has arranged for it to be returned. In Hye hands the ring box to the girlfriend and says this was from Man Seok. Inside the ringbox is a note wrapped like a ring. When In Hye sees it, she flashes back to her past with Tae San.

One night she organized a surprise birthday party for him, but he explains that the day is not his real birthday, it was the date the neighborhood ahjumma wrote down on his file. In Hye wants to know his real birthday but he says there is no need to do. In Hye pouts that she spent the day making seaweed soup, but Tae San says he hates seaweed soup.

In Hye says it’s no big deal and hands him a birthday present. It’s a ring box and Tae San says it’s not right for her to buy him a ring. She tells him to open it up and it’s a note wrapped like a ring inside. The note reads that he is like magic in her life but she’s so afraid of losing him. Her most precious Jang Tae San, she thanks him for appearing on this Earth.

Tae San reads it and starts to cry, revealing that she is the first person who is happy that he exists. He reveals that his real birthday was also the day his mother committed suicide. WHAT? She made him a birthday meal complete with seaweed soup, and then she slit her wrist. She was abandoned by his dad, raised him alone, it was much too difficult and she quit.

In Hye is horrified and tries to comfort Tae San, saying his mom probably just missed his dad and forgot that the day was also his birthday. We see Tae San sitting in a café reading the now well-creased note.

In Hye walks out of the nail salon and she grabs her heart to calm herself down. In Hye gets in another cab and heads to the same café. Seung Woo watches her leave and then enters the nail salon. He asks Man Seok’s girlfriend where the girl who was just here is headed? In Hye borrows the cab driver’s cell phone to make a call.

Tae San gets a text while In Hye has called a delivery service and received something. Tae San and In Hye text each other to meet and turns out they are both in the same café. They walk out one after the other and jump in the same car, with In Hye driving.

In the car, In Hye explains the camera was sold to a college student who has agreed to sell it back tonight. She hands the time and place to Tae San but she wants to do it so he’s not recognized. Tae San doesn’t want her involved anymore.

In Hye drives Tae san to the river banks and he asks why they are here. He knows it was such a crazy scene yesterday and apologizes,, but In Hye should have told him earlier that her fiancée was a cop. If she told him, he wouldn’t have asked her for help and embarrassed her. In Hye points out that he has no one else to help him. Tae San apologizes again and In Hye angrily asks why he’s always saying sorry!

In Hye brings up the truth that he went to jail 8 years ago and made the decision all by himself. How dare he decide her life for her, did he really think she would immigrate with her parents if he broke up with her? Tae San claims she heard some nonsense but In Hye says he did leave her and Soo Jin behind but why didn’t he explain himself when they met again.

Why didn’t Tae San explain that he had no choice, why did he let her continue to yell at him? Tae San says it’s all in the past now, and his attitude makes In Hye upset that he’s still like this.

Seung Woo is at the hospital talking on the phone with Soo Jin. He’s telling her the story of how he proposed to In Hye – she nodded after he proposed and then he hugged her. Soo Jin is so happy to hear this since she’s asked her mom before but her mom won’t tell her. Seung Woo asks if Soo Jin is happy that he will be her dad – he loves her mom, loves her, and will always protect them. Soo Jin says it’s alright and Seung Woo asks what she means by that. Soo Jin ends the call says her ears are hot from talking on the phone all day.

Man Seok’s girlfriend reveals the encounter with In Hye earlier to her other friend, who reports this incident to the cops and the Captain answers the call.

In Hye drops Tae San off at the college to meet the kid who has the camera. She hands him a new cell phone and he declines, wanting to end her help. She reminds him that he has 6 more days on the run and what if they need to contact each other. He accepts the phone and then hands In Hye the hair clip for Soo Jin.

In Hye says all of Soo Jin’s hair has fallen out and she doesn’t need it. Tae San says to keep it until her hair grows back. In Hye tells Tae San to contact her when he gets the camera. He tells her to hurry back to the hospital since Soo Jin has been alone too long today.

Tae San meets with the student who hands him the camera and Tae San pays him for it. The kid tells Tae San there is something weird with this camera, the video recording function can’t be accessed. Tae San takes the camera and leaves, while Soo Jin marks off another day on her calendar.


Two Weeks Episode 10 Recap — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you for the amazing recap. I love how the story is coming together and how the past connects to the present. I am soooooo enjoying this drama.

  2. Thanks for the recap! =) Tho I was very anti-watching Korean dramas (cuz I rather watch TW and C Mandarin type dramas to increase my Mandarin speaking skills rather than watch something that in which language I cannot learn plus Korean dramas have the reputation of being addicting), but you started pulling me in at reading recaps starting with Big and now I’ve finally been sucked into to watching old Korean dramas. I’m hopeless. I still haven’t learned any Korean yet. LOL.

    But in regards to Two Weeks, I’m really impressed with In Hye. I guess when she was with Tae San, she also learned some street smart as well to trick the cops and the thugs. You would think looking at her, she’ll be a little fragile innocent girl, but there’s so much more to her than that. No wonder these two guys like her!

  3. Thanks!
    It takes me hours to get through one episode because I keep stopping at the tense moments…LOL…

    You say “autistic son” as if it isn’t Kang Ha Neul who was gracious enough in TTBY to be shirtless a lot. (I haven’t seen Monstar yet.)

    I hope TS lives after the surgery, and I would also be OK with him being mortally wounded but living only long enough to make sure his daughter survives, but that would be too much like another show that just ended the same way…So they can’t do that, can they?

    As far as the romance with SW? No, it can’t work because the daughter is against it and I am on her side.

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