Lee Jun Ki and Other Stars Step Out for the Seoul International Drama Awards

The 8th Annual Seoul International Drama Awards took place last night, and it includes winners from around the world in countries where dramas or serials are produced. For the most part it was K-drama centric but it did try hard to acknowledge dramas in other parts of the world while simultaneously promoting K-dramas. Win and Win, I suppose. I’ll only talk about the K-dramas and Korean actors and actresses that won in various categories, because my brain sort of shut down in taking this particular award seriously the moment I heard Suzy won Best Actress for Gu Family Book. Take a minute, no take as long as you need, to process that. The performance I would have nominated for Worst Actress of the year actually won some sort of award that deemed her the best. Not just good, but better than every other actress in a K-drama for the 2012-2013 year. Of course, this award also deemed Lee Jun Ki in Arang and the Magistrate worthy of Best Actor, and while it’s not my favorite Jun Ki performance it was still very well done on his part so I have no complaints. But I wouldn’t have given Best Actor to him either, there were quite a few equally capable if not better performances by his compatriots. I’ll just treat this as a popularity win for Jun Ki with a dash of being somewhat deserving. So this award flew out the window of even having a shred of legitimacy with Suzy’s win, but at least I got to enjoy Jun Ki’s sassy stroll down the red carpet and the fact that he brought his onscreen Two Weeks baby mama Park Ha Sun as his date for the event. The cameras kept panning to them sitting side-by-side in the audience and I grinned like a loony because they are so adorable together and because it’s a nice breather to see those two not running for their lives or crying all the time. You can easily track down the list of winners yourselves so enjoy this post for some fashion sightings of the pretty and not so pretty variety.

Little Soo Jin’s parents had a rare night out that didn’t involved evading bad guys and law enforcement. I approve! Jun Ki also needs to teach a class to male K-stars on how to dress for formal events.

Suzy and Lee Sung Jae. Seeing them standing together is such a weird visual experience from the characters they played in GFB.

Jaejoong. Sigh, so much pretty shoved into so much unpretty. I’m fascinated by what that suit is made out of? Polyester mimicking snakeskin?

Nicky Wu. Hot mess from head to toe. Nicky, you are not 25 anymore. You’re not even 35 anymore. You’re almost 45, so please dress your age. Take a page from the classy Lee Jun Ki playbook for formal wear – when in doubt, pull out the most expensive traditional tux you own and put it on.

Fujii Mina. Pretty but she’s just so terribly bland to me.

No Min Woo. He singlehandedly ruined the second half of The Blade and Petal. If I could metaphorically shove his character’s head in a toilet I would, plus his acting just plain sucks in that drama. Here? He continues to look like an anorexic bat with a bowl haircut.

Kim So Hyun. She’s so seasoned onscreen so it’s a nice reminder of how young she is. Up next for her is a pretty hefty role as the eldest daughter in The Suspicious Housekeeper with Choi Ji Woo.


Lee Jun Ki and Other Stars Step Out for the Seoul International Drama Awards — 76 Comments

      • I agree. Moon Chae Won deserved this award. This is not fair. Song Joong Ki deserved it over Lee Jun Ki, but at least he can act. Suzy, omg, what were they thinking?

      • @Dyingrightnow…Dont get me wrong i love Song Joong Ki,he is one of my absolutely favorite actors but Lee Jun Ki deserved the award more… 🙂

      • @Dessy_Gloria I am glad Lee Jun-Ki won too. I am loving him in Two Weeks. It’s just that Song Joong Ki was too good in Nice Guy, like Lee Jun Ki is too good in Two Weeks.

      • A lot of people think Bae Suzy is a bad actress. Why does she still get the main leading role and win best actress awards???

      • Lee Jun-ki was too good in Arang too, just like Soong Joong-ki was so good in TreeWDR. Sageuk has a higher level of difficulty for actors compared to contemporary dramas, because of the speech, actions etc. Not many actors can do sageuk well…

    • wait, Moon Chae Won was in contention for Nice Guy and the award went to THAT?

      Sorry JYP, you can push her in our faces all you want, but Suzy is simply not actress material and we’re not buying it, she should stick to modelling and variety if she really must do other activities.

      • This is JYP we are talking about, so just resign yourselves to being force-fed cr*p for years to come. He’s got a huge stable of no-talent louts, and he knows how to promote them.

  1. LOL, Ms. Koala, at your comment about No Min Woo. You’re so right…he really ruined the latter half of TBP drama for me too. I’m right after you in ducking his head in the toilet.

  2. I love Park Ha Sun and I love Lee Jun Ki…they look great together 🙂

    OMG! OMG! Suzy got best actress award!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable…..anything can happen with these awards….totally worthless…

  3. Kim So Hyun… what the…!? I know she is young but she ain’t 8 years old. Dress is definitely on the ugly side. Love the shoes though.

    No words for Suzy winning the award. EVERY other actress would’ve deserved it more than her.

      • Absolutely! This is fandom at its worst… that’s the only reason why she won. I don’t even think it’s good for her to win a award like this. But yeah what can we do?

      • I know right! The thing that sucks is that Moon Chae Won was leading the poll, but then BOOM Suzy fans came out of nowhere. If I was a BIG fan of Suzy’s, I still wouldn’t vote for her because she does not deserve Best Actress. Fans need to learn how to be objective about these things LOL. Though I think the judges were at fault for nominating her in the first place.

  4. Actually what Suzy and Jun Ki won were more of Hallyu awards, as it was based on 70% fan votes. Still they should call the award Hallyu star or something rather than Outstanding Actress as it confuses people. I was surprised Suzy was nominated, let alone awarded. In my opinion, Moon Chae Won deserved that award for her portrayal in Nice Guy. She came close to winning too leading the polls almost through the whole run, but we can’t underestimate the power of Suzy fans. And also, it feels like every award show that is broadcast on MBC is total bull. I mean the 3 broadcasting stations take turns broadcasting the Seoul International Drama Awards. Last year, it was on KBS and I feel that the results were more fair and made more sense. Still, congratulations to everybody!

    • You’re right. Or, they could have named them Popularity awards. In that case, i completely understand her win. Otherwise, it’s so silly how they could have won best actress.

    • How can the show be bull when best drama awards went to Generation War and The Chaser, and best screenwriter award to Real Humans. Last year’s show made more sense, really? When Park Yoochun won over Lee Seung Gi, Park Shihoo and Kim Sohyun, and HanJimin over Moon Chaewon and Ha Jiwon…

  5. Awww! Kim So Hyun looks so adorable!!!!!! She looks like she should be performing the ballet Swan Lake! This girl is so cute plus she’s a very good actress, especially for her age! I honestly can’t wait till she grows up and is the leading lady instead of the leading lady childhood portion of dramas!
    Honestly I have to say I took about 5-10 minutes to process that Suzy won best actress for Gu Family Book, I kept looking at being like: “It’s September 6th right? Not April 1st!” Literally cannot comprehend how she was chosen AT ALL! I have no faith in awards ceremonies any more! There all baloney from here on out!

  6. I agree with you, how could Suzy win best actress?
    Also, the comments you made on No Min Woo were overboard and in no way related to his acting. I know some bad actors get on our nerves to a point where it just makes us want to kick them, but calling him anorexic as a dig? Not very cool.

      • I understand what you mean when you use that word – but anorexia is not a “look” but a serious illness that should not be used as an aesthetic criteria.

    • He is most definitely anorexic. Just remember, that cameras always add a few pounds and then look at his upper arms in this suit.
      Even when the fashion world wants us to believe, that this is a healthy body, it is NOT normal or healthy. Far from it. It is angst-inducing sick.

  7. I wonder if the non-K awards were the credibility quotient? Very earnest, grim subject matter from Israel, Germany and Scandinavia taking the gongs, allowing the organisers to feel OK about patting themselves on the back when it came to local content. With the bonus of being able to celebrate local born international success – I haven’t seen the remake of Mistresses, but I doubt it’s as good as Homeland, whose failing here seems to have been not having a Korean star.

    • Mistresses — i find the women on that show to be a frustrating watch. It’s not even as much of a guilty pleasure as i expected. The plot twists are eh, alot of cheesy lines. The sex isn’t even fun. It could be entertaining at times, but that’s it. This is a failed remake in my opinion, the British one was better.

      I also like YunJin kim but found her out of her element in this show. It was nice to hear she was taking on a completely different role from the ones she’s portrayed so i was looking forward to seeing her in this one. Nope nope nope.

    • Actually, the best actor and actress awards were won by Lee Moon Shik and Lucy Liu. LJK’s and Suzy’s awards are more in the nature of Hallyu awards since to qualify, their dramas had to meet specific export criteria.

      • Lucy Liu is not a good actress! For the past 15 years, she always get the supporting role and does not show improvement. I don’t get why people think she is pretty. I’ve seen better looking Asian women.

  8. I read on other site that Yunho from DBSK also won award for his role in that Su-Ae drama.
    These are the most ridiculous awards after the Bollywood awards functions where they give awards to each and every person present in the function.

    • I never bother with Bollywood award shows since they too never reward actual talent or artistic merit but unlike the pointless Bollywood shows, this one was over and done with quickly.

    • At least his was a popularity award. That makes sense, although boy I have never seen a worst actor compared to him. But Suzy’s was an actress award. It should have gone to the true actresses like Moon Chae Won or Soo Ae.

      • Soo Ae is an amazing actress. She seriously dominates all other actresses in her age group.

        I love Moon Chae Won more, however, since she’s played some really awesome characters in shows i’ve enjoyed watching.

    • He won for popularity or for outstanding acting? They’re two separate categories; or at least, they should be. If he was voted by fans as the best actor, then shame on his fans because it’ll only make him more embarrassed to have won something he clearly didn’t deserve.

  9. Jaejoong looks like a pimp ! Noh Min Woo, he used to look really great before he lost all the weight (Pre Full House Take 2). I’m worried he’s turning into another Jang Keun Suk 2.0. Suzy won Best Actress. These award shows are now a big joke !

  10. Haha… Lol on your Nicky Wu comments. I totally concur with you. Yeah, dress your age or get traditional tux, you won’t go wrong w/ a tux, you punk, Nicky…

  11. At least Suzy doesn’t think that she deserves an award either. Her thank you speech:

    “Thank you very much. I think the reason why I got this award isn’t due to the thing that I acted so well. It’s thanks to a number of votes from people who love me as well as all staffs, director and actors were making an effort for the drama. I will work harder. Thank you”

  12. I was watching this live late in the night and almost choked on my water when Suzy’s name was announced. I had to rewind just to see if it was a popularity award but nope. Definitely best actress right after Lee Jun Ki went up to grab his best actor award. This awards ceremony (and many others) are so ehh, too many popularity votes.
    I think Son Hyun Joo deserves his award for The Chaser though!! (:

    P.S. I was aww-ing whenever the camera panned over to Lee Jun Ki and Park Ha Sun ^^

  13. Oh, Lee Jun Ki, how I do love thee!!!! He was one of my very first Kdrama crushes and the crush keeps coming. I’ll watch anything with him in it. I’m just so glad that I have loved his last two dramas.

    Ok, done processing the Suzy thing…and…and…I got nothing. It still seems like a headline from The Onion. Any award show that gives her an award for best acting should just be canceled right then and there and never held again. No point to it. That is no longer a legitimate award show.

    • Lol, guess this show can still be considered as legitimate since the award Suzy got was not for best acting, but rather a popularity award.

    • Not very particular with awards in movies or TVs in general because there are so many. But do we have a counterpart to Emmy’s? Like Asia-wide Emmy Awards? I mean, kinda the most legit among the many awards show because it is really across Asia, no voting, etc.

  14. She won best actress award when she was terrible, this doesn’t surprise me at all. I think the fans play such a important role in who’s going to win.
    LJK sure looks dapper! Fuji Mina, she’s quite bland. I always forget she was in Bloody monday. I think she might be more popular in SKorea then in Japan just like Fueko Yuki.

  15. I like Nicky Wu’s fun pants. It is offset nicely by the formal jacket. Like Jaejoong’s shiny suit too. Goes perfectly with his hair. I wish he had worn some fun patent loafers instead of those staid boots.
    Red carpet has become serious business, almost as important as the award ceremony where designers use it like the catwalk and the actors can preen and pose for our pleasure so why not some fun outfits? Imagine if everyone turned out in classic suits and boring long princessy dresses. NMW can do so much with that body and endless legs but he seems to want to look like a dyke. I wish he would dress more rock star with longish unkept hair……like The Rolling Stones boys at their prime….after all he can play a mean guitar and drums too.

  16. Ahahahahaha. This award is just a big joke, right? Lee jung ki and Suzy? Oh come on….!!! Both of you are so adorable, but for the best actress/actor? Hmmm.. I need such a long time to process it.

    Is it April 1st already?

    • Is it April 1st already?! Cuz Omg! I’m so suprised when you say you need such a long time to accept Lee Jun Ki as a winner??? Aigoo…really? I’m very glad he won this award,It was truly a well deserved and he played the role perfectly.He was a great actor.Everything showed on his face,every little nuance.

  17. Lol, Nicky Wu. What happened boo? Don’t know who he is, but he looks a hot mess.

    I’m not upset about Suzy winning. For all the negative comments she gets on her acting, I actually loved her in GFB. I think she’s a natural and she improves with every project she takes on. Thats JMO and I don’t delve into the kpop/idol madness at all. I like some of her songs and I’ve seen her in a few dramas. I think she and UEE are 2 or the more natural idols dipping into acting out there. Are they great? No, but they certainly aren’t horrible and I like it when I can see marked improvement in an actor/actress with each project they take on.

    • I think Uee’s fairly natural and I like her in most of her dramas, but Suzy, to put it mildly, deserves every bit of the criticism coming her way – she’s been the weakest link acting-wise in every drama I’ve seen her in, still spends half her time onscreen with that default vacant pout of hers, and and ‘improvement’ still doesn’t bring her up to scratch as an actress, especially compared to other actors who are her contemporaries/have the same amount of experience.

      Her costars IU in Dream High and Lee Yubi in GFB are examples of actors who’ve shown marked improvement from one project to the next and actually turned out decent actresses, but I guess Suzy can be called ‘natural’ since a wooden block is natural too.

  18. Nicky, Nicky, what in the world is that outfit? It’s terrible and also looks absolutely unflattering on him. Reminds me of some of the atrocious outfit he wore back in Little Tiger days. But at least, those fit the time period and his age. This? Is just a no no no. It’s like he thought about dressing formally and then ripped his nice tux pants and had to put on this pair.

    LOL at Suzy winning an acting award called Best Actress or outstanding actress. I have learned not to take most asian drama awards seriously.

    NMW – I really don’t get his look/style anymore. But I thought he looked much healthier before he lost that weight for Midas.

    • I forgot to comment that LJK looks classy and gorgeous as usual. A classy, mature tux might be boring and bland but when fitted right still is very swoon-worthy IMO.

  19. The Voting Should be excluded seriously I don’t blame Suzy but I blame whole organizers of this competition to make this Awards not worthed after all.
    and some Idols can have awards from acting at least the music awards have At least judges will give awards for who deserve .

    • How else to give popularity awards except by voting? The judges did give out the best actor and actress awards and they went to Lee Moonshik and Lucy Liu.

  20. Jaejoong: even his airport fashion is tons better than what he’s wearing here.. snakeskin..?

    Umm.. same for me here.. because Suzy won THAT award, I’ve no interest in finding out who won in the rest of the categories because can’t trust those. And usually these are popularity awards anyways. I’ve seen how in Viki all comments were looking clamoring for Suzy the second it began..

    • Jaejoong’s outfit is bad. I spent all this time analyzing why it was so bad, and finally wound up just shaking my head at his ridiculousness.

      And then I saw Nicky Wu’s pants. So much worse! If I had to been seen in public with one of them, I’d choose Jaejoong, lol.

  21. LJK is a class act.
    He did an amazing transition from beautiful pretty pretty boy to incredibly handsome man. That deep voice plus his looks make for a delightful screen combo.
    I’d like to see him in more dramas, but they must be knocking the life outta him with all the running and stunts.

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