Written Preview for Episode 13 of Who Are You and tvN Announces a Big Twist is Coming

So I’ve been holding off posting the written preview for episode 13 of Who Are You until the video preview is released, but it’s literally hours away from airing and still nothing from tvN. Then the official website announced this nugget to chew on – with four episodes left, the production doesn’t want to waste it just on the love story aspect, there will be a shocking huge impossible-to-imagine reversal coming up so stay tuned. At this point I have no expectations that this drama will make sense even though I love it, but the plot holes are so big an entire galaxy can fit through and still have room. The police procedural stuff is silly beyond belief but I love how the drama really delivered on the mourning and grief parts of love juxtaposed with the will to go on. So what is the big shocking reversal, I genuinely have no clue but a good guess is that it involves Hyun Joon and something related to his death. If he’s even dead, because at this point anything goes. I love the fans at the WAY Baidu bar, it’s the cutest group of love/hate grumblers around. First off – Hyun Joon’s got quite possibly the cutest character nickname ever. I’ve seen tons of nicknames for characters from all sorts of dramas but this one is precious.

I have friends who seriously have no clue what his character’s name is and think he’s called 阿飘 oppa (Ah Piao oppa – which literally means ghostie oppa, but the ghostie is slang that means floating). It’s very young and hip and just hilarious because every Monday and Tuesday the bar goes crazy with all sorts of wailing about poor 阿飘 oppa this and poor 阿飘 oppa that and HOMG the screenwriter must be 阿飘 oppa’s step-mother to torment him so. So with this tantalizing bit of news about some shocking great reversal and twist coming up, of course fans are going crazy trying to guess it. But I think watching poor Hyun Joon suffer for the last 6 episodes has trampled on all of our energy because the WAY bar is surprisingly mellow saying that as long as the screenwriter doesn’t write Hyun Joon as evil then all is good. Because what else could be the twist other than he’s not dead or she’s really dead or Gun Woo is going to die, too. With a drama all about death and the great divide, there isn’t much left to shock and awe. Add to it the fact that tvN hasn’t released a video preview for episode 13, I’m guessing the twist will indeed be too juicy to let out of the box early, but I’m not sure I’ll like it. I’ll find out in a couple of hours, but I’ve come to a happy place in watching WAY for Kim Jae Wook’s mesmerizing portrayal of happy Hyun Joon and sad 阿飘 oppa.

Episode 13 written preview:

Seeing the collapsed Si On, Hyun Joon starts making the preparations for departing. On the other hand, Si On hears from Gun Woo the name of the real mastermind and she’s stunned. Coincidentally, a new lost item she found makes a connection with her. It reveals a shocking truth from six years ago at the scene of the crime when Hyun Joon’s body was found…..


Written Preview for Episode 13 of Who Are You and tvN Announces a Big Twist is Coming — 16 Comments

  1. I am always in awe at your ability to match my timing with whenever I go on your site. Whether I’m looking for news/recaps on “Who Are You” or “Two Weeks” (or any new article in general), you’re always there to brighten my day at the perfect time. And here I lay in bed, enamored with everything at this playground of perfection.

    Getting onto the topic of “Who Are You”, I do concur with your thoughts in that it hasn’t been stellar all-around — the previous two episodes went below my expectations quite a bit. However, it’s not really the suspense & criminal investigations that makes “Who Are You” such an engaging drama, and that’s what made last week’s episodes so bland and predictable. It’s the powerful emotional angst and repercussions of the past that keep our eyes locked to the screen (or rather, toward So Yi Hyun & Kim Jae Wook).

    Although I hate to admit it, seeing presently scarred couples share a former happy past is my guilty pleasure. It provides me with the greatest euphoria out of all other existing romantic moments in dramas (i.e., excluding the abundant love of EunMa). The fluffy moments that would initially come off as annoying to me, the precious memories of experiencing genuine happiness: They seem like the most important things in the world after you see them, and that’s how “Who Are You” always leaves us hungering for more with an extremely bittersweet aftertaste.

    Out of all three dramas I’m watching (“Who Are You”, “Two Weeks”, and “Good Doctor”), “Who Are You” definitely leaves the strongest impact and desire for more if successful with its latest episode’s execution. This drama thrives on emotion, and to me, nothing’s more addicting than a bumpy emotional ride with great results.

    I’m anticipating today’s episode with high expectations; “Good Doctor”, as well.

    • Crazy speculations: Ghost oppa wasn’t a clean cop and he is stuck in our world until he fixes his mistake. Female lead has selective amnesia about him and only remembers the good stuff in the flashbacks (but knows the bad stuff subconsciously). Imagine when the door of Hell will open metaphorically (or not)…
      They have to take ghost oppa out of the road for the OTP somehow. #PreparingForTheWorst

  2. How could he not be dead? Didn’t she talk to his family at one point (a sister, I think)? Wouldn’t they have told her?

    Other than that I can’t imagine what huge twist it would be, but since I also can’t fathom that as the twist…eh. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  3. Oooh a twist. That makes me want to watch without subs just to know what it was. I guess I’m too engrossed with KJW’s acting that I completely glossed over all the plot holes.

    • Hyun Joon might be in a coma just like the girl at the end of the episode.
      oh no he helped Si On too much with all the ghostly manifestations that his soul is getting weaker and actually preparing to die (my speculations folks) I was just basing it on why Si On can see the girl’s soul even if she was still alive but in a coma… reminds me of a movie but I don’t remember the title. A guys lives in the same apartment as this girl however, she was in reality comatose in a hospital somewhere. They bicker and fight about who has the right to stay in the apartment and then fell in love. aah my memory is failing me.

      • They did the same in The Master’s Sun ….with the swimming pool ‘ghost’.

        Basically it was someone in a coma, who was between both worlds of life and possible death, who could appear and communicate with Gong Hyo-rin. That ‘ghost’ woke up from her coma/

        So, never say never. Though it really doesn’t matter with me who she ends up with … Gun-woo seems to be stepping up to the plate in these latest new episodes too.

  4. Omg.. You just made me nervous! Is it even possible to make Hyun Jun evil? That thought didn’t crossed my mind… not even once. I’ll immediately stop watching if that happens….

  5. after watch ep 13 shi on relaize that she also see people who is not dead but critics. does it means that Kim Jae Wook not died? but he is critics

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