Next Generation Chaebol Heir Lee Min Ho Officially Unveiled as Casually Dressed in an Expensive Car

A day after the upcoming SBS drama Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs (Heirs or Heritors) released the first official stills from the drama, which featured leading lady Park Shin Hye washing dishes in a grungy ceremonial hall kitchen as a part time job, this time the production flips the switch completely and introduces male lead Lee Min Ho as the Richest Richie Rich who ever riched. Or something like that. You can’t tell from the buttaload of official stills that just dropped for Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan, since he’s dressed casually and all, but his insanely expensive car gives his wealthy background away. He may look like an average but good looking bloke, but behind the wheels of his hot ride with buttery leather seats with a head rest emblazoned with a crown logo, you know this man-boy has got serious dough. Or at least his family does, and that’s the big issue for Kim Tan. The article accompanying the release of these stills says that Lee Min Ho has seamlessly studied and perfected his performance of Kim Tan and Heirs will be about the love story between the .01% of South Korea elite and downtrodden hardscrabble girl. The article says that despite being rich, Kim Tan carries with unbelievable pain in his heart. I wish it were indigestion or a serious case of heartburn, but it appears his family’s complicated rich people woes makes him rather grumpy to the world. I honestly think there is nothing wrong with doing a Cinderella-esque K-drama even if its been done to death before, because with a different cast and tweaked execution it could still be entertaining. And ultimately these kind of K-dramas are judged for its entertainment value over substantive quality, and here I hope Kim Eun Sook has more up her sleeve than re-doing her own Lovers in Paris for a younger Hana Yori Dango generation. I like Lee Min Ho’s hair here, it’s young without being overly fussy or complicated. So Ji Sub‘s hair as finicky Joogun in The Master’s Sun seriously looks like a helmet these days and I just want to rake my claws through it. All in all, nothing to complain about with the first look at Lee Min Ho in Heirs. Below I’ve also posted the first two pictures of Shin Hye and Min Ho filming together in LA.

Below is the first look at Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho filming in LA.


Next Generation Chaebol Heir Lee Min Ho Officially Unveiled as Casually Dressed in an Expensive Car — 48 Comments

  1. Sorry but are those nipples I see perking under thy shirt in the first pic? *___*
    Now I really wanna see them film at the hotel on Wednesday… but I doubt it’s open to public 🙁

  2. Maybe it’s all the BoF references going around, but the moment I saw the last picture my mind just went to that scene in Hana Yori Dango final when Domyoji and Makino are the desert going after that tiara.

    • I thought that too! Lol so looking forward to this show…at the very least, it’ll keep me from rewatching HYD (for the 6th time) in the next few months. 😀

  3. LMH is hot but waaaaaay past highschool age. I really want to know why is taking place in highschool and not college. The concept can work in both places.

  4. wahh.. LMH looks more manly as compared in BOF! is it me or what? that he looks weird with his new haircut? plastic surgery anyone? >.<

    • hmm, i believe his face has become fuller over the years. Then again, until I hear murmurings of PS rumors I never tend to notice it myself.

      • NO, Over the years he gained weight and aged. He is the kind of type that the face
        become fuller as soon as he gain weight. Compare his body now with BOF, His body is so nicely built now and face become fuller. And I do like he looks different for the roles he is playing that’s what versatile actors should be.

  5. Please no more Lovers in Paris. The ending of that drama made me want to rip phonebooks with my teeth! And then we had to ad on a broken-hearted Lee Don Gun character. Blast that show for leading me down that road. I still get angry thinking about it.

  6. This looks good!!!!!!!!!!! It is a dream come true for me to see PSH play a Jandi kind of girl to LMH’s GJP kind of guy. At last I can let my bitterness over BOF go. Feels cathartic. ….. can’t wait!
    I don’t care if the spoiled rich guy vs poor good girl has been done to death. It is not the story but the way it is told that makes a good drama.

    • Why are you so bitter over Boys Over Flowers? So many people I know said it’s a really good and addictive. I don’t think any other Kdrama is more popular than BOF.

      • I just didn’t like the actor who played Jandi. She was very one note and I just didn’t see any chemistry with LMH who was awesome with his OTT curls. Felt the Korean F4 didn’t gel… chemistry between either. Best F4 for me are the Tawainese guys……..they were all the same height, had so much chemistry with each other and so naturally good looking…….no make up, fancy clothes and plastic surgery. The problem was Shan Cai…….she was so screechy and unlikable. The Japanese was the best overall because I loved the leads……..Makino and Dom were perfect with a perfectly interpreted Rui tho my fav is the Vicky Zhao one….much more sensitive and gorgeous looking. The Japanese one was too sophisticated and jaded for my taste. Both Japanese and TW had great OST. BOF ost was mediocre. Kim Bum looked too childlike and innocent to play a playboy. The Korean Shizuka wasn’t sophisticated enough for me……a bit too trendy and flashy, almost tacky. The Korean Rui was so inert looking and couldn’t act……I guess I am so bitter because I had such high expectations for the Korean BOF because I do think the Koreans make the best dramas when they do it right……like for eg Monstar. The lead couple would have made perfect GJP and Jandi.

    • @sophie
      I remember you mentioned that lee min ho is overrated and he did not do so great in his other dramas since BOF. Why do you think he is overrated?

      • because since BOF…..I haven’t been impressed with his dramas. It’s like after the crazy curls got cut off…….he lost his charisma. His acting has been subpar too but I still look forward to his dramas because he is so good looking. I feel one problem with LMH is he hasn’t found the right leading lady. IMHO Lee Min Jung is the only actor who’s looked good with him. Let’s hope PSH brings out the best in him. I feel it will work this time because one of PSh’s qualities is she is so likable. A likable poor girl against a gorgeous looking bad boy always works because all of us naturally root and identify with likable girl. We love our leading ladies to be likable. At least I do. Both the TW and Korean Makinos were so unlikable for me.

  7. i fell in love with LMH when I saw him in his drama city hunter..I fell in love even-more in his faith drama..but seeing those pictures above…what happened???! I like his character in faith..matured..suited him well..but here?why a high school student?..

  8. LMH was not good on Faith -.- he could not get into his character and he didn’t pull it off. Now he goes for High school character and I’m afrid he won’t pull it off too because he does look his age and it’ll be funny seeing him on a school uniform lol

    PSH can pull high schooler though, her skins is so good and I think she is able to pull it off, she did good on her last drama aside the lack of chemistry she had ….

    Btw, I’m the one that didn’t get angry with Lovers in Paris end?

    I really mean it. It wasn’t obvious that her story would repeat this time on real life and they would end together? Why get so angry if you cleary can see they’ll end together like her story?

  9. Lee Min Ho is looking damn fine :3
    I love the car as well!!
    I hope its not like one of those dramas where it doesn’t live up to its hype >.<

  10. LMH is today’s HOT MALE SUPERSTAR, his portrayal of being rich would lead him to another BLOCKBUSTER to all Korean drama. The Philippine fans will be looking forward and following from its first and last day of showing. GOOD LUCK!

  11. LMH’s good looking from BOF to Heirs was far different considering the season being a celeb that can innovate enhancement to his looks not to mention PS..
    i think it’s not because he is really a good looking guy gifted with a natural charm…What matter most is his inner self being consistent and down to earth to treat his fans with warmth 🙂 Still i love Kim Tan 🙂

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