Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Who Are You

I can’t quite wrap my mind around how much I love watching Who Are You vis-a-vis how good it is. It’s not very good but its a very easy and enjoyable watch, with the emotional threads nicely developed whether its the friendship and partnership between Si On and Gun Woo and definitely the relationship between Si On and Hyun Joon before the ship incident. Early on in the drama viewers moaned about hoping for a miracle that Hyun Joon oppa wasn’t dead, but no one actually believed that could be a possibility. The character descriptions and previews all show him to be super dead and back as a ghost, so the twist at the end of episode 13 was definitely not something that was predictable. But in many ways, Hyun Joon’s character has the trajectory of the male lead even if Gun Woo gets the majority of the screen time. Hyun Joon and Si On love each other, and their love never ended despite his maybe death. This drama hasn’t shown us that it ended, so if the ending is Hyun Joon peacefully passing knowing that Si On is in good hands with Gun Woo around, then that journey is alluded to but emotionally it doesn’t ring effectively. I’m still stuck on Hyun Joon’s suffering and sacrifice – whether he’s dead or just in a coma somewhere, he’s spent the last six years just keeping watch over Si On, and now that she’s awake but in trouble, he might actually sacrifice his soul just to protect her. I’m guessing what Hee Bin is warning Hyun Joon about is that if he keeps using his ghostly abilities like making the lights flicker or tying on the computer, stuff that requires him to exert spiritual energy to impact the corporeal world, then he’ll somehow cause his soul to vanish completely. If Hyun Joon is in a coma, I wonder if he’s been medically induced so he doesn’t wake up and out the bad cops, so Detective Choi needs to keep him hidden but he doesn’t have the heart to kill Hyun Joon? Or he really is in a coma, but it’s because his soul was so worried about Si On that it left his body before he fully died and not can’t go back because his longing to protect Si On is keeping him in the spiritual state of being. These are all random conjectures of mine, and maybe Hyun Joon is still dead despite the body recovered six years ago not being his. I genuinely adore Gun Woo’s character, such a straightforward solid guy, that if he gets Si On in the end then all I ask for is Hyun Joon to have a proper farewell with his beloved Si On. I’m talking all the hugging and kissing and six years worth of angst all crammed into a day together for a lifetime of memories.

Written preview for episode 14:

Gun Woo finds out that the body recovered six years ago isn’t Hyun Joon. Gun Woo can see Si On crying as she thinks about Hyun Joon and that makes him very sad. On the other hand, Si On realizes that the ghosts that are around her have all been for a reason so she continues to secretly investigate. Gun Woo tells her then something completely unbelievable, which is that he’s seen Hyun Joon…..

Episode 14 preview:

[youtube id=”BeR6Uk2halg” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Written and Video Preview for Episode 14 of Who Are You — 7 Comments

  1. I really thought after the first few episodes, this would be a really good drama and you’re right. It isn’t as good as I had hoped, in terms of the details and development of certain story lines. But it is very good in engaging the emotions and that’s why I continue to watch and enjoy it. Thank you for deciding to recap this drama. It’s always more fun watching a drama with a recap to extend the experience.

  2. The idea of the wondering soul of the coma victim seems to be a recurring theme in k-drama. It was just a part of The Master’s Sun’s storyline a couple of weeks ago. And the mediums who see spirits can’t seem to tell teh difference.

  3. im sorry to said this but this is not what i sing for i mean i began watching this k-drama expecting what they showed in the teasers,(cute lovly dobly scene of romance and kissing and skinship) but im not getting any of it, i know the second lead is very good and everything but… where is the love line?, where is my OTP ? we are on episode 14 in 2 episodes are they gonna make me beleve Si On and Gu Woo are the OTP ? because lets face it she loveeess her death boyfriend, and even if they bring him alive and she choose him what about GuWoo ? he was suppost to be de 1st lead rigth..?

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