Grazia Magazine Reveals the Breathtakingly In Love Cover of Engaged Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again – not every celebrity pictorial is equal in impact. Some try too hard, others effortlessly convey all the right emotions, but at end of the day it’s still someone doing their job. The just released cover of the upcoming issue of Grazia fashion magazine is that kismet combination of real life intersection with celebrity glamour. Last month Korean actors Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young jetted to Spain for a few days to shoot a magazine spread and their own engagement pictures. It was a trip that introduced the long time dating couple and recently affianced lovebirds to the world publicly for the first time as they held hands and posed for pictures for the gathered media. Ji Sung was open and engaging as if he was waiting for this moment, while Lee Bo Young shy and unused to the couple spotlight. Their interactions were adorable and so candid, which they repeated when they returned to South Korea a few days later in matching couple’s outfits and beaming smiles on their faces. Now the cover photo for their upcoming photo spread has just dropped and I couldn’t wait until the entire pictorial is released to share it. I think we all need to see something so genuine and tender, reminding us that stars are just humans and can find love on the job just like us. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young worked extra hard to make their relationship work, eschewing the spotlight for 6 long years and keeping mum about their personal lives to work on what was most important, their relationship with each other and not vis-a-vis the rest of the prying world. I love the Grazia cover photo so so so much. The tenderness in their eyes, the intimacy as their bodies are pressed tightly against each other, the frisson of chemistry with his arms encircling her waist and her hand on the nape of his neck. Even if you aren’t fans of either Ji Sung or Lee Bo Young, I think their beautiful photo can be admired and appreciated for its own genuine artistry. This is a picture not of two actors posing like an engaged couple, this is a picture of an engaged couple who happen to be gorgeous looking actors. Their wedding is in two weeks in Seoul Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel, in its very exclusive Aston House. Check out the picturesque locale below.


Grazia Magazine Reveals the Breathtakingly In Love Cover of Engaged Couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young — 17 Comments

  1. Wow! Their chemistry is awesome!! I love how they are holding each other especially him.
    I am so jealous the wedding locale is so beautiful.

  2. The Aston House above…Wasn’t it in Hotelier? Anyone remember the scene where a drunk Bae Yong Jun forced Song Yun Ah to dance with him for the first time? Omo it this Aston House is indeed that, then this Seoul Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel must be the whole “Seoul Hotel” in Hotelier! 😀

  3. Awww they look amazing together! Glad it was good news because when I first read the headline, I thought I read: “breaking up engaged couple Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young.” I almost screamed out No!! Lol

  4. We like this couple so much, we have been waiting for their public WEEDING announcement, and looking forward for this BIG event! For the both of them, we’re wishing for the best & happily ever after relationship! CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES!

  5. It’s endearing how they have fought to keep their privacy for so long and now that they are getting married, they seem to be saying to the whole world, “hey, this is us, loving each other so much”. The public has come to not just accept their relationship but to celebrate it. I love this couple and wish them all the happiness in the world.

  6. Thanks for posting. Love this couple so much. There sincerity to each other shows in their eyes. They are really hard workers both in their careers and in personal lives. They trust each other so much and support hand in hand in whatever goals they have in life. A perfect example for me if you will enter a relationship. May you grow old together staying sweet forever.

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