Medical Top Team Continues to Look More and More Interesting with Latest Stills

Originally there was going to be a head-to-head showdown between the upcoming two new Wed-Thurs dramas – Heirs or The Inheritors was going to premiere on October 2nd the same day as Medical Top Team. But for whatever reason SBS is delaying its premiere for one week (probably airing filler rather than ask The Master’s Sun for an extension), which means MTT over on MBC gets a head start out of the gate. Sometimes a drama clinches that head start advantage and never lets go. Other times its negligible and quickly the audience preference shakes out due to quality or addictiveness. Right now Good Doctor is leading the pack on Mon-Tues, but whether that means the same-genre MTT can find the same audience for Wed-Thurs remains to be seen. This is probably the most sprawling medical drama cast in recent memory since most have a few big names and the story line is relatively condensed to their stories. MTT has nearly a dozen well-known names in the main cast of top doctors including Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Min Ho of SHINEE, Oh Yeon Seo, Alex, Kim Young Ae, Ahn Nae Sang, Lee Hee Jin, and Jo Woo Ri. There isn’t a single actor in this cast that is one of my faves, but also no one that stands out as a painful sore thumb to watch. Well, okay maybe Min Ho, who I swear looks like a perfect robot in his stills, but perhaps he’s improved and/or better as a supporting acting with sunbaes around to learn from. I think the three main leads all look fantastic, Joo Ji Hoon’s unattractive slick back flat-top hairdo notwithstanding.

Everyone is shooting off this aura of being in character, looking loose limbed and ready and rock and roll in their roles. This the first time in a long time that Kwon Sang Woo actually looks good to me, charming without being smarmy, and leading lady Jung Ryeo Won nails the doctor look effortlessly. The PD of this drama is a skilled pro at making things very beautiful to look at – he helmed The Moon Embraces the Sun, which faltered solely on a childish script, as well as Royal Family and Spotlight. All very effectively directed dramas, MTT should be easy to watch if nothing else. The screenwriter is also not too shabby, having written one of the better reviewed medical dramas in recent memory with Brain, and also the writer behind God of Study which was adapted from the J-dorama Dragon Zakura. So a solid one-two punch behind the scenes, with an wide-ranging cast with a bit of something for everyone. Want idol pretty – Min Ho. Eclectic quirky – Jung Ryeo Won. Earnest beefcake – Kwon Sang Woo. Ambitious hottie – Joo Ji Hoon. I can go on but you get the picture. I don’t think MTT needs to fear Heirs at all since it basically is diametrically opposite in what it offers and likely would never appeal to the same audience group and won’t siphon off each others audience. What it does is offer a decent alternative for those not swept up in the Heirs hype or appeal. And if anyone wanted straight up revenge melodrama, Secret over on KBS is the third option. Check out the latest batch of MTT official stills, everyone is working really hard.


Medical Top Team Continues to Look More and More Interesting with Latest Stills — 14 Comments

  1. I wasn’t a fan of Jung Ryeu Won but after King Of Dramas, I love her…..she is so effortlessly charming….and acts very naturally….

    I’ll be checking this out….simply because of all the reasons you mentioned 🙂

    • love JRW since Lovely Sam Soon — the sweet, frail yet selfish ex of Hyun Bin. You love her, empathize with her yet totally frustrated by her backstabbing character — delivered well enough that you’ll be taken deep in the full rollercoaster ride.

      kwon sang woo — a lovely man from stairway to bad couple; cinderella man, well…

      Joo Ji Hoon — missed the stubborn prince in Goong; the icy lawyer in The Devil… finally he is back on his feet

      Just can’t wait. Hope the new batch of drama this October will be as great and exciting as WAY, MS and JYGoF

  2. Am so looking forward to this drama because of JJH & JRW. Don’t know why but I think adults will favor this drama and younger viewers will of course go for the eye candy in The Inheritors. Well substance over beauty once again in kdramaland. 😉

    • Although of course there is still plenty of gorgeousness to go around. I agree that they are going for a totally different audience, here – not necessarily one that is older, but one that is perhaps more interested in good acting and adult interaction/story lines.
      I am amazed how different Joo Ji Hoon looks from one drama to the next – his face is so distinctive, but I almost didn’t recognize him here with the uber-clean-cut image – and then again, I couldn’t believe it was him in the poster for the movie he is working on (Night Before The Wedding) which was again totally different from the stills/teaser. The guy’s a chameleon, and JRW has a bit of this quality, too.

  3. I don’t think it’s possible for Kwon Sang Woo to not look smarmy. I like the guy and all but his face has always screamed ‘angst’ to me.

  4. Oh my, Joo Ji Hoon gracing the screen again, my forever Prince! Reminiscing No.1 fave Goong. Gosh, so its going to be an uphill battle of the ratings airing the same time as The Heirs. Wow, can’t wait for this show down!

  5. totally looking forward to this drama!! loving the cast and kwon sang woo haven’t looked this good since his drama into the sun, stairway to heaven and the movie my tutor friend. (in my opinion) loving his haircut

  6. I know KSW is like a star or something, but I would pay BIG money, like 1000.00, if JJH could steal the girl in this one.

    In Brain, the romance was not the main story, but it was still very nice to have in there. Plus they made the 2nd lead male a contender without making him resort to dirty tricks.

    I’m glad Minho is in it 1. because he is adorable and 2. Subbers like him.

    • I would pay big bucks to see that happen as well.. Joo Ji Hoon and Jung ywo Won would certainly make afar more interesting couple than the alternative

  7. Looking forward to this upcoming drama, these two major male stars are truly great when it comes to acting, more so very handsome as well! FIGHTING!

  8. can’t wait this 2 dramas on air!!! can’t wait october!! kwon sang woo looks thinner than in queen of ambition…just like when he played in drama stairway in heaven….. can’t wait lee min hoo either…he looks mature!!!!

  9. I am quite fond of Kwon Sang Woo’s look here as well…he looks clean and fresh faced, while ususally he just seems like a beefcake….it’s so gret to see Joo Ji Hoon back in what doesn’t seem to be a makjang crapfest

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