Lee Min Ho is All Over Park Shin Hye in Their First Official Meeting in Heirs

When you mash together two huge fandoms, will sparks fly or will both sides combust? I don’t know, but I do know that if you mash together two young hot Korean actors there is bound to be something interesting happening. While the cast of Heirs or The Inheritors (Those Who Wear the Crown, Withstand the Weight: The Heirs) films in Los Angeles and its environs this month, last month the cast already started filming in Korea and this past week has been a steady release of official stills from those early days of filming. We’ve already seen individual stills Park Shin Hye’s poor girl Cha Eun Sang as well as Lee Min Ho’s poor-little-rich-boy Kim Tan’s – she’s hard at work washing dishes while he’s driving a Maserati. I was expecting more individual stills of the supporting cast this week but SBS switched it up and instead we get a first peek at the first meeting of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. This is very different than the first OTP meeting in Boys Before Flowers, the story that Heirs sound a lot like on paper. Here we see that Kim Tan seems quite interested in Eun Sang right off the bat, while she’s like “da fuck is this?” and shrinks away from him. Either she’s blind or he smells bad, because there is no other reason for Eun Sang to back away from a hottie that looks like Lee Min Ho. I kid of course, maybe his character is annoying and way too touchy feely. Either way, I’m sure everyone will have an opinion as to whether it looks like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have chemistry with each other based on these stills. I’m actually content to just sit back and wait for them to actually interact onscreen before rendering a verdict, but I am still relieved neither of them have a ridiculous hairstyle or wardrobe. Park Shin Hye actually can pass for a high school student in these stills, thought Lee Min Ho can wear all the casual t-shirts he wants but he’s never going to convince he he’s just 18 years old. But narratively I’ll give him a pass and just accept he’s a student as well.


Lee Min Ho is All Over Park Shin Hye in Their First Official Meeting in Heirs — 174 Comments

  1. “Either she’s blind or he smells bad, because there is no other reason for Eun Sang to back away from a hottie that looks like Lee Min Ho” ….. You’re totally right. Most normal girls are busy wiping off their drool…lol.
    I’m praying hard ..hopefully this is not one of those dramas where the girl plays hard-to-get. I just want to watch a drama where the OTP doesnt break up at all from the beginning till the end, still havent found a drama like that.

    • It is PSH. She is going to play hard to get, and she will avoid physical contact and kisses, and when she does get kissed it will be the worst thing EVAR. But she will be forgiven, because the fangirls will just be substituting themselves in that kiss, anyway.

      • I realized that PSH’s fangirls are really hardcore protective of her. I made just one comment about finding her acting bland in a forum and I got scolded severely for voicing out my opinion.

        And I see this all the time! People getting bashed because of their open dislike for/disinterest in her as an actress.

      • skelly, come now, the PD has something to do with it too – PSH is not the one sitting behind the camera directing the kiss to the desired degree of dead-fish-ness, you know.

      • True, pogo, but this seems to happen regardless of the PD. Is there a Korea-wide conspiracy to protect the virtue of her lips? 😉

      • She had a decent kiss for the FBND finale, though, and for that CF – it was a better kiss than she got in the actual drama she did with Jang Geun-seok!

        And I really think you are underestimating just HOW many drama kisses are of the dead fish/closed mouth variety, Korea has weird hangups about women showing desire on network tv and the characters PSH has chosen to play so far mostly fall right into the naive/innocent trope, which = dead fish. At least on network tv, anyway. PSH is far from the only actress to have this problem, and I don’t think a network tv drama where she plays a high school student is going to give us any heated kissing either.

    • Come on now, I find it very hard to believe that every lame kiss she did in EVERY drama was the PD’s fault or someone elses fault.

      Jung So Min also did a highschool drama but her kissing was excellent.
      There are other actresses who dont just stand there like an icicle while they are being kissed. So are you telling me that the PD’s that they’ve worked with in every drama and the network just lets them kiss as intimately as they want, while they dont allow Park Shin Hye the same priviledge?

      I find it way too hard to believe.

    • Any girl would cringe if a stranger in a foreign country suddenly tries to become familiar to that extent. I wonder why the clip is being seen as Shinhye backing away from LMH rather than Cha Eun Sang with KIm Tan?
      The preconceived suppositions/notions is bound to affect the enjoyment of the drama if one does not stop the spillover of past impressions about actors/actresses and dramas. But, again everyone being different have their own concepts of the various ways by which one can get the maximum fun and joy.

  2. You all have no idea how relieved I am they both look good here.Jan Di made me nuts watching her in BoF.I can support this in peace now without cringing.I wonder how it would be written.Once we see the previews. I hope Kim Tan doesn’t sound childish.

      • well he dated davichi kang minkyung, she’s not petite
        park minyoung is also around shin hye’s height

    • A picture paints a thousand words. Yah, they are eye-candy and looks good in picture, but the real action will reveal if the chemistry really works. I see this story as another typical BoF drama w/ Jandi being replaced by PSH, a recycled storyline; but hey, they’re still safe w/ backing of their fandoms!

    • so disagree with you!!!!! bet you are an anti-fan of Shin Hye….I think they will have amazing chemistry and appears they already do. I would bet that her fans think she had chemistry with every co-lead she had just as you think your favorite actress had chemistry with her leads…..and for those who say she only has one look etc etc….we must be watching completely different shows with Shin Hye!!!!

      • right on the dot. as for @juliesan, why not focus on your bias and tell everyone that she has chemistry with every idol/actor she collaborates with and not go to every shinhye article and spread your unwanted & baseless opinions on her. it will not up your bias’ level if you bash shinhye everywhere & every time.

    • You moved from Couch Kimchi to here. I see
      LoL PSH doesn’t have chemistry with her leads yet she has so many shippers out there with all her costars?
      And that’s why Korean Media called her queen of chemistry?
      lol Oh please go hate somewhere else and let us enjoy the prettiness lol

      • Does the Korean media really call her the queen of chemistry?? Are they being sarcastic? I’d call her the queen of nice.

      • Who called her queen of chemistry??? Obviously they were making a joke.
        The girl is pretty but she’s bland and does not have chemistry with her costars. At least in my opinion.
        She is an ok actress for me but she always carries this withdrawn aura around her which prevents her from connecting with her costars.
        when she kisses, she has that stupid open stare and frozen look that’s so typical in kdramas. And her lips have never moved in any of her kisses.
        Maybe she will blow me away in Heirs, but so far I have not been impressed, and I have watched her in Beautiful You, Heartstrings and FBND, enough to form my opinion.

    • Right there with ya! I feel no chem whatsoever between them (just yet, I’d love to be surprised). And fans need to realize not all criticism against their bias is based on hate. We see what we see and in here it’s like PSH is a deer caught in a headlight when LMH touches her, doesn’t ping the romantic chemistry radar. Again, yet, I so want to like even one LMH drama since his past projects had done nothing to me.

      • Based on the description from the production team, Shin Hye played her part exactly as she should have. If you are out somewhere and someone you have never met before suddenly gets all touchy feely with you – what are you going to do? eyes get big and you get the WTF? are you doing and who are you? look…..or I would assume a normal person would. So she wouldn’t be throwing herself at him or anything like that right off the bat but the deep looks are something else. But like you indicate neither actor does anything for you.
        I’m curious why people feel the need to comment on actors/dramas/pictures that they obviously don’t like or want to see?

      • On the contrary, I really really like these two but esp LMH’s case, I always try VERY hard to like him in his roles but can’t. Mostly cause I often find him to have negative chemistry with his leading ladies (save for, ironically, Lee Minjung in BOF). I do think PSH’s chems with her leads are toss-ups, she was great with Yonghwa and Lee Wan, okay with JGS and YSY. But in the CF she did with LMH, lets just cross our fingers they somehow work it out A LOT better…

        Also it’s annoying when people automatically think that EVERYONE just has to say good things about their faves. Why, because I don’t like what i see then i need to gtfo and not voice my opinion? Hello, this is the internet buddy!

      • I have never expected anyone to say anything. If you don’t like someone – you don’t like them. However, since it is the internet I also have the right to express how I feel. By all means don’t ever gtfo if you don’t want to…..geez. I thought I was simply responding to someone’s opinion and giving my side of why I felt the way I do. Excuse my intrusion – but because I am fangirling over Shin Hye am I suppose to just shut up and not say anything? I loved the pictures and wanted to express that only. Don’t see why anyone feels the need to say negative things about anyone.
        I watched his CF with Shin Hye – the one where they are dressed in pink and she is standing on a box. He looks up and then slowly down to her face and there is a definite spark or sizzle…
        So I don’t expect anything from anyone. I have never felt the need for EVERYONE to feel the same as I do. In the scheme of things it is just words and opinions and we all have them.

      • Well, you’re the one who insinuate that commenters here who criticize PSH must be her antis and THEN says that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.

      • I insinuate nothing! I always say what I mean. I have been taught to not put down anyone or talk badly about anyone. I am simply saying everyone has their own opinion but it seems mean and cruel to say hateful things about anyone. I don’t think everyone who criticizes is an anti but on the other hand – isn’t it a 2 way street? You can say or criticize her and I can say I disagree. There is something wrong when someone states I can’t say anything about comments that they know will cause her fans to be upset.
        The definition of an anti-fan is “someone who purports to be a fan or purports to like the person but who is actually engaged in dissing down the person being talked about”. Common courtesy should be if you don’t like them don’t be mean and talk about them where you know their fans will read it. I read comments all the time from people who are not fans of Shin Hye but constructive criticism and “criticism” to just be spiteful are different things. Everyone has their favorite actors/actresses.
        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just gave my opinion which is I don’t understand anyone getting on a site and making statements that they know will upset the fans of a star not just Shin Hye or Min Ho but any site showing any idol/star/singer etc. It is done to incite and cause ire – why else do it?
        Apparently I ruffled some feathers – so be it. I really wasn’t directing my comments at anyone in particular just commenting on things I read. And I choose my freedom of speech to say how I felt about it!

      • @enonane HAHA. You cannot take any comments about your idol that makes you UPSET. Well, good luck with that and get off the internet. Woops, I upset you again don’t I? Well, if you like to stay on public comment sections then get over it. That’s the way internet works.

        FYI, criticisms are legit, we call a spade a spade and that doesn’t mean I mean harm. It means I expect more from these people who I have high hopes for (I guess this is when you pull your “antis are haters disguised as cricizing fans” again huh?). If it’s someone i truly dislike I just choose to not comment and enjoys others doing the dissing lol

      • …and you do realise there are TWO people involved there, right? And one of them is Lee Min Ho. But of course the guy will never get any criticism for lacking chemistry with a costar unless they’re Taecyeon levels of godawful.

      • B – I forget the basic principle I was taught growing up. Never say YOU when talking or writing to someone. It makes people think you are singling them out. I did not intend that. I am not upset. Say it however you wish.
        I just don’t understand people sometimes. Guess it is a failing in my older years. Rudeness is rudeness and the internet or any medium is not an excuse. If I offended you to begin with – then I do apologize.
        Nuff said on subject.
        Let’s hope that the Heirs is a hit and everyone is happy.

      • LOL pogo, so true. So let me think of the male versions of PSH (off the charts on the nice meter, barely breathing on the sexual chemistry test) : Yonghwa (except for a slightly disturbing level of enthusiasm with the teacher in Heartstrings), Jung Kyung Ho (at least until Cruel City), Song Il Gook (a good actor but stiff and formal with the ladies), Kim Hyun Joong, Bae Soo Bin, and then of course Taecyeon (who creates his own new level of bad). As for other actresses with the PSH issue, I would include Gong Hyo Jin and Kim Ha Neul (whose performance in AGD made me cringe). I always want MOAR – from any of them.

      • @skelly – Gong Hyo-jin?! Seriously? Now we’re just losing the way between ‘the PD directs all the sexiness out of the kiss scenes’ and ‘no chemistry’. The former really cannot be pinned on the actresses at all (and even Moon Chae-won had to stand there like a wall in Nice Guy and let SJK do all the work, looking at bts it’s clear that their kiss scenes were edited to cut out shots where her lips looked like they were moving at all), the latter is the Han Ga-in problem (of course, she can’t act at all anyway).

        I mean, I want MOAR from GHJ/MCW’s kiss scenes too but I do recognise that it’s not in their control as actresses. And imo, the fact that we even want it from them is what shows that they do have chemistry with their leading men – if they were utterly chemistry-free, we wouldn’t care at all (see: Han Ga-in)

  3. she always has that wide eyed looking going for her with all her scenes with her love interest don’t get me wrong I love her but she pretty much always looks the same

  4. Love Love Love!!! All in love….. That’s what I fell now, My heart is so happy. Thanks for the updates, Thanks for give me such happiness…. Can’t wait for October

  5. did i just see lee minho sporting two coca-cola tees (different colours).
    I don’t know how this will turn out. The stills and synopsis just make me thing that lee kyung hee is just adapting some lee min ho and park shin hye’s fan fiction out of wattpat. lol

  6. I think they look good together…….especially for a first meeting. He seem to already very comfortable around her and seem to want to tease her. It’s ridiculous how much I am looking forward to this pairing.

  7. Yea…i think i like the mature park shin hye,although i like you re beautifull but i just can’T stand her character…as well as jan di..omg..her character make me dropped BBF..

  8. I would really like to know why people who can’t stand the characters Shin Hye portrays in her dramas still watch the dramas? And I am reading some very thinly veiled attempts at dissing Shin Hye done in the guise of helpful criticism……pity that sort of thing makes people feel righteous and powerful……if words could smirk then that is what they are doing.
    Shin Hye is my all time favorite actress including American and European actresses. I think she has an amazing talent and has been spot on in everything she has done. She has the ability to pull you into her emotions.
    I think the Heirs drama will be fantastic and I don’t think it is a rehash of BOF. Almost all the dramas have some aspects alike so if one wanted to they can find comparisons between many dramas. Just depends on whether one wants to or not. I would rather watch Heirs and have it stand alone than constantly compare it with anything else or compare Shin Hye and Min Ho with past characters in other dramas.

    • Well, she pulls you into her emotions when she is performing the part by herself. But her acting is lacking when she has to do certain scenes with a love interest. She acts like she’s inlove, but her act doesn’t convince me that she is.
      She is very good in portraying sad emotions, but sucks with other facial expressions. So I wouldn’t go so far as to say that she is an excellent actress. She is somewhat decent and very likable, but truth be told, I find her acting a tad bit overrated. A good actress should be able to create chemistry with her co-stars and be able to express different types of emotions not just sadness. Her wide-eyed expressions in almost all her dramas is a bit frustrating to look at.

      • I find her completely different than you do. It is simply a difference of opinion and likes. I think her chemistry is off the charts with all of her co-stars. I have found that once a person dislikes an actress/actor it is hard for them to change that opinion. There are a few actresses that fans rave about and I find them lackluster and emotionless. So it is all in the eye of the beholder (so to speak). So we shall hopefully agree to disagree about her talents.
        I think she is probably the most talented actress in her age range in the world and that is my opinion. I only discovered Korean dramas after a Korean college friend told me I would like the dramas. He was absolutely right. I didn’t see a Park Shin Hye drama until a year ago and I must say (in my opinion) there is no other actress who can portray the emotions she does at her age. She was magnificent in Tree of Heaven.
        I sometimes wonder if those who say she has no chemistry have considered the character she is portraying. If the character is supposed to be reclusive and hurt from past experiences (FBND) then that person would react to a love interest completely different than someone who is more experienced and confident (as an example). FBND showed her gradual progression of acceptance and personal growth and at the end her new found maturity with a more mature kiss. It followed the webtoon quite closely and the relationships were portrayed as they were in the webtoon. I think she works with the director to portray the character in the script. But I love how she has the ability to do that without going overboard and overacting. And her eyes are beautiful and expressive.
        And I have yet to see her in a role that requires her to be in a relationship with explicit kissing. Everything she has done to this date has been with restrictions. No production company or advertisers are going to ok explicit kissing with high school kids or with an audience target of young teens.
        I know she has detractors and anti-fans. All people in the entertainment field do – it goes with the territory. And there are a lot of people who are still shipping her with every co-star she has ever acted with – so she is doing something right for all those people who can see and feel her chemistry.

      • You are mistaken, I do not dislike Park Shin Hye whatsoever, just because I am not impressed with her acting or her chemistry with her co-stars doesn’t mean I dislike her.

        I am just stating my opinion, I just feel that she has this deer in headlight look in every drama.

        As faras chemistry is concerned by chemistry I dont mean kissing. Actors can have chemistry even without being intimate.

        Even on FBND I saw this deer in headlights expression and to me she is only good in sad scenes but once you take out the crying scenes out of the equation, her acting becomes average.

        not everyone who are not impressed with her acting are antis. Her fans should accept that not everyone finds her flawless.

        A lot of people are shipping her with every costars but it doesn’t say much…an idol or matinee idol with teenage following and her dramas are always highschool themed so chipping is bound to happen.

      • As someone who was converted from an anti to a fan of PSH, I have just this to say – Lee Min-ho has patchy/nonexistent chemistry with his female leads in every other drama he does and had none at all with PSH in their CF together, but of course people would rather pin all the blame on the girl – whether it’s Gu Hye-sun or Park Shin-hye or anyone else.

        I mean, I recognise his hotness and charisma, but people behave like he’s god or something – when actually, she’s a better actress than he is.

      • I beg to disagree even tough i think she can improve more but i have to say she has lots of expression.

        Try watch tree of heaven and in fbnd personally i think she did magnificently.

    • Maybe people watch because there are other people in the drama they like? I will watch for Kim Woo Bin and that`s about it.

      As for Park Shyn Hye ,she is as bland as white toilet paper.

      Your intense fanboying/fangirling won`t help people like her,it will do all the opposite.

      • I think rather than “fanboying/ fangirling” it’s more accurate to say that it’s something that people truly believe in and express their point of view just like many who are intensely vocal about why they having an opposing views in this regard.
        With the world made up of unique individuals with different perceptions this is bound to happen. I am all for everyone expressing their views as long as it does not hurt someone. Criticism just for the sake of criticism looses its impact and garners reactions that brings it down from being a discussion to something that rubs everyone the wrong way…………… specially when repeated again and again.

  9. Love these two together I personally feel they have great chemistry when you get two good looking people together sparks always fly. Hope the story is as good and we should have a great drama.This year hasn’t been that great on good dramas so far they all have been just OK.

    • “when you get two good looking people together sparks always fly”

      nope. how the actors get along in real life can kill any attempt to have chemistry on screen. Just because two people are good looking doesn’t mean they’ll find each other attractive or vibe well.

  10. You know what really grinds my gear? Fans who get butthurt over the slightest thing and write some of the most ignorant comments, ever, thinking they’ve got the upper hand. On another note, LMH and PSH looked mighty fine together.

    • I am not hurt about anything anyone writes. It is their choice. However, I can reply with my feelings and opinions as much as I like. But those who feel the need to put down others are really to be pitied.
      And if anyone thinks I have written an ignorant or false statement – let me know…..I can take it! lol

    • We aren’t seeing the logic in those comments only kiss or hug that interest them, It isn’t the character or the situation the acting is just more than kiss is feeling the character and believe it.

    • MTE. I’m Park Shin Hye’s biggest fan (my sister even called me a total stalker) but I cant even comprehend these fans who got so butthurt over a smmallest matter.

  11. I dont see any chemistry. Park Shin Hye always fails in the chemistry department. And she always does this wide-eyed look everytime there’s physical contact with a male species.

    • Try to be in the character if someone touch you without reason and he is stranger even he is the most handsome what will happen to you what a stupid chemistry do you want from stanger who might be psycho if shin hye fail for you for me she trying to be in the character.

      • she is like this in all her dramas deer in headlights, that’s what my friends and I call her. She only has one expression for happiness, surprise, dislike…etc…etc…etc = the bug eyed look. The only thing she is good at is expressing sadness and shedding tears and that’s about it.

    • I beg to disagree even tough i think she can improve more but i have to say she has lots of expression.
      Try watch tree of heaven and in fbnd personally i think she did magnificently.

      • I watched Tree of Heaven and as I said, she excels in sad crying scenes, but sucks in other expressions aside from sadness. I watched FBND and still wasn’t impresssed with her wide eyed look and the thing that she does with her mouth.

  12. I totally love these new photos…thanks for sharing…

    i’m sure that we’ll see ‘MORE’ when ‘Inheritors’ start to air next month. PSH and LMH has worked together in the past so i love that looking at so many BTS shoots that they are very ‘comfortable’ with each other already.

    Heirs, Fighting!!!

    I’m a big fan of PSH and seeing her paired with so many hot guys will sure bring about a lot of antis, so it goes with the territory. I just wish that everyone will be mindful of their words so as not to ‘hurt’ anyone’s feelings…we are after all KDrama lovers and such…

  13. They look great together. However, I will also reserve my opinion regarding their chemistry until I see a bit of onscreen acting. I’ve always enjoyed PSH’s acting and LMH respectively (more so PSH cause LHM is pretty much eye candy). She can definitely convey her emotions whether she expresses in words or without, but I find when it comes to kissing or hugging PSH would pull back, somewhat cold. I mean she does not portray the passion in it (she is an actress afterall) nonetheless, LMH does know how to do it so maybe he can carry that part of it. I’m sure to watch this drama and hoping that the script is as good.

  14. @skelly: just because you think negatively of her doesn’t mean everyone does too. K-media isn’t great at sarcastic.
    She has a great chemistry with everyone she works with, no matter age or nationality or personality.
    It’s a warm and at easy chemistry that allow her partners to feel relax and comfortable with her http://news.nate.com/view/20130227n03177
    Oh you don’t have to agree but don’t put your opinion to others either. Clearly there are many people see what you don’t see
    And of course she is the sweetest too 🙂

    • I will admit that she seems very nice, and is just as cute as a basketful of kittens. That’s what everyone says about Suzy, too. Would you put them both on the same level, because they are both such cute sweeties? My guess is no, because PSH has a definite edge in real acting talent.
      But frankly, I don’t care if actors or actresses are nice to work with, or are absolute pills; I don’t care if they make the set happy and put everyone at ease, because I do not really care about the persona, I care about the performances, and I want my socks to be knocked off by some great acting.
      So I won’t see an easy smile from someone and immediately pronounce they have marvelous chemistry; I am looking for something deeper, and at this point in her life/career PSH shies away from anything darker, extreme, or sexual (I was happy that she actually showed some anger in FBND). I’m not saying she’s a bad actress, and I am not a hater, I am just saying she’s not all that yet because she is still acting in a narrow range.

      • As a PSH’s fan I agree that she hasn’t gotten some deep acting but it’s because she enjoys those young and run role now which she couldn’t afford when she was younger. I have seen her ability and believe she has what it takes… She just doesn’t pick the right projects to showcase much in recent years ( though she shined in FBND and TGO7)
        And there are many kinds of chemistry just like love, the naive innocent first love or the passionate kind that ones could die for each other… If you look at PSH’s recent roles… most of them is the innocent first love while…she was more passionate with the love that they would die for each other in Tree oh Heaven… I think people just easily make assumption and be harsh with the actress than they do with the actors or their bias….
        PSH is might my bias but I am aware of her strenghth n weakness too… I don’t think she is perfect and has a long way to go. But saying she has no chemistry w any of her costars or not all that is bullshit lol. I love YEH too but emotional’s scense PSH will get the cake…. YEH kisses better and is willing to get more passionate with her costars where PSH is still …. very shy in this. That’s her weakness, including the kisses. But she is still one of the best at her age range, who can shine in both melo and romcom. She is one of a few that can express her emotion strongly without words, which make her stands out from her peer

      • last sentence I meant: She is one of a few that can express her emotion strongly WITH HER EYES or facial expression, which makes her stands out from her peer.

      • Her forte is crying and portraying sadness…her weakness is portraying other emotions like happiness (wide eyed look), she is not good in romcom either because again, when she tries to be funny or romantic, she does these weird thing with her eyes and her lips. Making viewers cry is so much more easier than making someone laugh. So she cant just rely on that alone.
        She also has to work on chemistry department with her co-stars. She gives off this homegirl vibe not the girlfriend vibe with her partner.

    • @skelly – I’d definitely like to see her taking on more projects like Cyrano Dating Agency or FBND because they’re at least some departure from the cute/sweet trope she started off with.
      But like I said, chemistry isn’t just about kissing and PSH has the ability to tap emotion for that – she managed it at age 15 in Tree of Heaven, let’s see if she can do it now with Heirs (I’m really not sure how it’ll be.)

      @hmm – calm it, we can like both of them, you know? And I personally love them both.

      • I really need to watch Tree of Heaven – I keep hearing about that as a drama where PSH really knocked it out of the park (so to speak)

    • Me too. She was amazing there. I cried lots watching her sad scene and that was 10 years ago. Since then I haven’t cried even once on all her latest dramas even if it’s really sad ones. Don’t know why.

      People seems to care about her kissing more than anything else. Just sad!

      Too early to judge. But they look good together.

      We care that’s why we criticized.

      • have you watched Tree oh Heaven and The gift or room 7? You don’t cry because she has moved on from melo to romcom already…. and Her role isn’t that sad

  15. Antis. .. if your girl does not get a great role like PSH you dont hv to go here and there to bash her. If you want your fav oppa to be pair with your beloved eonnie than please support her only. You guys dont hv to go around and bad mouthing over PSH. Its so pointles.

    PSH get good role because korean loves her. Thats for sure she wont be this famous if public hate her. And acting wise she’s great. She hv good attitude, supportive and natural beauty. Its a great deal of package in korean entertainment industry.
    Those who hates her only the one who think that she is the rival for their eonnie’s.

      • Please…you came here in PSH article and saying those words? ???
        look whose talking now? butt hurts antis *phhfft

    • Ms. February, i think it’s unfair to conclude everybody who comment about psh as antis. I have my own fav actress too and i know that it hurts to see how harsh some comments could be. But i guess to bluntly say that they r jealous or they hate the actress whatsoever is unfounded. We r their fan so we might be biased in our judgement of their acting and normal people who happened to watch it too might say the real thing. Well of course we r not necessarily agree with everything but accepting others opinion is something that fan should practice.

      • Lets agree to dissagree. I’ve been following psh carrier quite long. I know some comment just posted because they want to blurt out their hatred to her compare to the one that really honestly give critics to her.

        I can take critics but i can’t take bad mouthing *sigh. …

  16. This looks better than that CF of theirs already, but I’ll hold off judgement until I’ve actually seen them onscreen

    (and now can we have stills of her with Woobie My Wuv please?!)

  17. I have totally been pulled in already for this drama. The bts have allowed you to follow the filming and characters. I feel like I am playing the game
    “Where’s Waldo” when watching them move through S.Calf. I love it. You can spot LMH a mile away in his orange pants. It’s great. The official stills have all looked very professional everything seems to be done with excellence and that’s what is going to help bring about this ” masterpiece”. I am following them on the Heirs twitter and facebook.

  18. I sense some chemistry from his side but it looks like its hitting a brick wall. What’s with that blank/surprised look on her face? I just pray it’s only in this scene and she’s not like that while they are getting close. I can’t stand when actors give that look sorry!

    Also am I the only one not too bothered with then playing high school students? I grew up watching 80’s and 90’s high school movies where this was the norm.

  19. I am one of those who wanted LMH to make a drama with PSH.And, It is too early to jump in conclusion but For what I see above they do not look good together.Both her and he look like like two pieces of wood.BUT as I said is too early and we do not know the whole story from BTS.@ POGO you said maybe people should blame the director for PSH ‘s cold scenes and not chemistry with co-stars.I agree but from the other hand that IMO happened in all her dramas -except the one with JKY-. Is it ALWAYS somebody’s else doing?The director ask her always to be like a wall? I want actors to surprise me and I want to see them out of their comfort zones.So,let’s see…we have time to criticize each one separately after we see some episodes.

    • I think she has good chemistry with most of her costars, and can kiss well when allowed/directed to do so – the problem is that most of us forget that women in network kdramas are generally NOT allowed to do anything but stand there like walls when they’re being kissed (look at Moon Chae-won in Nice Guy), unless they are Yoon Eun-hye.

      I’m not feeling LMH and PSH and I don’t really feel like they have chemistry, but it does annoy me to see people singling her out for the other kiss scenes, like she’s the only woman in kdrama who has to kiss like that. And even when she does have decent kissing like she did in FBND or that Etude CF, people are quick to dismiss it and say the guy did all the work – like the PD didn’t direct them that way.

  20. I think the wide-eyed kdrama kiss has to do with the actress and the image she/her agency want to sell. …
    Most of them want to “cultivate” this innocent and angel like image, so I guess that when they receive scripts, their agencies have a say in certain scenes in order to maintain their “image”.
    It’s understandable and hypocrite at the same time because most of these same actresses sport sexy, hot looks in photo shoots for all these big magazines.
    Look at Yoona for instance, she plays the same innocent type in dramas, but in her music videos, she’s all “sexed” up with heavy make up and skimpy tight cloths.
    I bet you her agency will never let her play that kind of a role in a drama because all the ajhummas will be “scandalized”

    • Actually this is not true, at least not in Yoonas case. In Love Rain when she was kissed for the first time she had that typical shocked expression. But as time went on and her character got more comfortable with JGS the kisses got better. Their last kiss in the drama was full on , nothing shy about it.

      • Because yoona is not innosent anymore… She likes kising also.. PSH is still preserved! Bke! :p

  21. You guys should check out the other recap titled “Park Shin Hye washes dishes in the first official stills”. A bunch of people say nasty things about Park Shin Hye. They said she got no chemistry with LMH and other leading actors and she can’t kiss?? I heard some person comment about which Korean actors are the most popular outside of Korea. The rankings are 1) Jang Geun Suk, 2) Lee Min Ho, 3) Park Shin Hye, and 4) Kim Bum. JGS ain’t more popular than LMH and PSH ain’t more popular than Kim Bum. LMH and JGS are equal but a little more popular than KB and PSH.

    • Do you realize girl’s popularity is different with guy’s? The fact that PSH is the only girl in the list and the only and first K-actress that has done a fanmeeting tour say something about her popularity

      • @kayt
        Excuse me. I was only mentioning someone else’s comment from the previous recap and other people’s opinions I heard from other sources. Of course there’s a difference between men and women’s popularity, but unfortunately, there is still sexism. Men have more privilege than women and for many countries, society favors male stars over females.

      • @kayt
        yeah, I get the difference too. Park shin hye is talented and popular but she cannot beat lee min ho, jang geun suk, or kim bum. even though she’s leading actress and kim bum’s supporting actor, she is NOT more famous than KB. It’s not fair how the world treats women unfairly, but that’s the way it is and change is very slow.

      • @anna KB is prob have more crazy fan girl because he is a guy but I don’t know if he has done a tour for himself yet? and also popularity also means leading roles and CF which I don’t think you can put them together. He still has a long way to go if they would act as a pair in a drama together

  22. @osca. Hello…everyone is entitled to their own opinions, if you feel she is great actress, I’m not gonna argue with it. And you have no right to tell me what to post amc what to feel. Grow up!

  23. Kissing in dramaland, sigh, totally wastes the amazing chemistry between two actors OR kill any chance to burn up lukewarm passion between two onscreen lovers. And its not a censorship thing, yoon eun hye kisses like her life depends on it all the time (goong’s kiss still gives me the butterfly) and gong hyo jin as far as i remember CAN kiss normally in Pasta but in TMS, where she and SJS have enormous chem with, the kiss is dead cold. Blegh. What a way to deflate tension.

    • @FLIPILI Barely was any kiss scene in Pasta and even the fish from the drama could kiss better.The OTP though had a great chemistry and I love GHJin but the truth should be said.Go check the bed scene in Cruel City and you will see stars-butterflies-rainbows-unicorns-etc for the rest of your life like me…LOL.

    • It may not be a censorship thing, but it is not in the hands of the actors either – cable is generally more permissive when it comes to showing passion, but the VAST majority of kdrama kisses are overdirected to hell and back by the PDs, who deliberately go for the ‘pure/innocent’ (read: dead fish) look when it comes to kissing.

      I’m not totally disappointed by the Master’s Sun kiss scenes because the actors have strong enough chemistry (and some small leeway) to make even those kisses seem somewhat sensual. The reaction shots of their hands in the second kiss, for one – we do not get that in most normal kdramas, and I don’t blame them for what isn’t within their control.

      I’d rather have them kiss like that than have a situation like say Gu Family Book, where the leads had no romantic chemistry and one of them couldn’t act at all, but they had major open-mouth kissing when the time came – it can’t manufacture chemistry, and it can’t make up for a lack of acting skill.

      • I am not familiar with Korean tv So I did not know what is “allowed” and what is not in regular channels.As for Gu FB they looked as siblings to me.And I am really glad that Cruel City was on cable.It would be such a waste of chemistry if the OTP there could not show their acting talent (?)in that scene.Thank you for your info.

  24. It’s hard to tell whether they have chemistry yet from stills, unless they are of the bts kind and I can see how they interact with each other filming the drama. For example, I think GHJ has chemistry with JJS in master’s sun but if they were given Heirs’ script to act out this particular scene, perhaps they will appear the same as the PSH/LMH ones here and would be wrong about their chemistry.

    In terms of her wide eyed kisses, I’m fine with it actually, I feel like most people just want more action cause it makes it more interesting or allows for us to spazz about it even if its not needed for either the context or character development. Example is Suzy/LSG kiss in Gu, it was sure fun to watch but didn’t really amount to anything else. Not all dramas that have kiss scenes necessarily need a hot and steamy one, its only when it fits the character description or it adds to the narrative. So unless the kiss will make or break the drama in terms of believing in their love for each other, (which I dont think all people in love must equal hot steamy kisses) a passive kiss on the lip serves the drama just fine.

  25. @kayt @anna
    Kim Bum already had fan meeting tour around Asia countries. For CF, he has so many endorsement deals already. For a supporting actor,his level of popularity is impressive because unlike most Korean actors, he is famous around the world. Eventually, he will get the leading role for his future dramas.

    • my reply below

      Also added, I want to mention KB is one of many actors that have done Asian tour but PSH is the first and only actress for now. If it makes any sense

  26. @jamie as you said eventually and it’s been years after BOF where people start to notice him.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like KB and I want him to take lead tole too… But his popularity isn’t as big as you make it like lol and sure fan girl isn’t everything, especially for actors.
    Plus I don’t see the point of comparing PSH who is a girl with KB, LMH or JGS who are guys. It’s very sexist especially in Korea and Kpop. But one thing for sure those PSH is very well-liked actress and had been leading for years.

    • @kayt
      You’re wrong because KB is more popular than you realize. Again, unlike most Korean actors and actresses, Kim Bum is famous outside of Asia and has fans around the world in South America, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Romania, Turkey, Israel, the Arab World.
      Are you calling me sexist? Don’t get me wrong.I’m just telling you comments that I’ve heard from other people, and I’m talking about reality that the world is sexist.

      • @kayt
        There is evidence that Kim Bum is more popular than A LOT of leading Korean actors and actresses. If you check out the fan made Facebook accounts, KB has so many followers in countries from Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, and other countries outside of Asia who idolize him.
        And you say fan girls are not everything? LOL!…do you realize that the Kdrama audience is mostly women??!! The women favor the male stars, obviously!

      • @jamie @kayt
        I just did research…when Kim Bum just opened his official Facebook account, it took him less than 10 days to get 2.59 million followers from over 25 different countries around the world! Now he’s got followers from like 34 countries….I agree with jamie and other folks that for a supporting actor, his popularity is huge.

    • @kayt
      One more thing…I’m not exaggerating Kim Bum’s popularity. Like what Carolyn said, there is evidence of how big he really is. His fan sites and fan made accounts in Asian countries, Latin America, the Middle East prove his huge popularity. In Spain, he is on the list of the top foreign Hallyu artists. It’s cool how despite being the supporting actor, KB is still more famous than many leading actors

      • @kayt
        When you mentioned about getting the lead role, you now what’s unfair? For example, Kim Hyun Joong CANNOT act but he still gets the leading role. Kim Bum is better than him, but he gets the supporting role. Based on comments I saw from different websites, despite getting the supporting role, most people praise that Kim Bum’s acting improved and he plays versatile characters.

      • @kayt
        It’s kinda offensive how you called Jamie sexist because from what I see she just giving examples of how unfair treatment among Korean male and female stars cause impact on mainstream culture. I get that park shin hye is the first korean actress to have a fan meeting tour, but people still bashing on her. They saying she don’t have chemistry with her leading man, she can’t kiss, and some folks think her acting it that good.

  27. For those who say Park Shin Hye can’t kiss. Here is the proof that she can be a good kisser if she is allowed to:
    Goong S kiss scene -> Park Shin Hye is the villain in this drama and she obliges Se7en character to kiss her. She is supposed to be fierce and believe me, she is! If you don’t believe me, watch the bts on youtube.

    • I watched. Still not impressed. She ran up to him, crashed into his mouth and then drew away as fast as she could, dissolving in a fit of embarrassed giggles. The PD looked patient and a little defeated. They had so little BTS fodder that they had to repeat the same footage five times from three different angles. This is just not her strong suit. That doesn’t mean she isn’t an OK actress, it just means she still a bit limited. She needs to mature.

      • Naaah! I have to disagree! I think this one was her best and hottest kiss ever and for the first time she was the one who did the job. Oh! And she HAD TO “run up to him and crash into his mouth”. Remember that he didn’t want to kiss her, it was a stolen kiss. And damn it! The girl is oppening her mouth! What more do you need? Seing her tongue and her saliva all over Se7en face?

      • Oh! And just saying! That was Park Shin Hye first kiss ever. I mean in her real life, she was 17 years old. So yeah, she was embarrassed.

      • as it’s her ever first kiss on n off screen I would say she did well and in fact I felt bad for her…
        But she still has a lot to learn and improve in kissing. I agree

  28. @ Anna and Bianca lmao can you guys even read English? When did I ever call anyone sexist? It’s a fact that Korean and Kpop fandoms are sexist when all the girl care and workship the guys?
    Am I wrong?
    And Kim Bum is good but he doesn’t stand out compared to the rest with the guys who are either excel in acting or look/ popularity. How is it hard to not understand that? KHJ sucks at acting but he is popular. KimBum isn’t that big in Korea as you think he is. That’s all. But fan girls can think he is a king as they want. I don’t know how big he is in other country but I’m sure he isn’t JGS or LMH big internationally. And after all their popularity in KOREA is what determine him and what kind of role he is getting… I’d put him next or below SJK before he got big… I hope he has his time to shine as well
    But really what is the point to argue about how popularity he is? I check Ksites very often and honestly I hardly ever see him there…. That’s why I said he isn’t big as you make him be. I live in USA and clearly I don’t see anyone workship him here either…. but again I’m not his stan. I just like the dude. But his fan need to take some chill pills lol because it’s laughable to compare a guy’s popularity to a girl’s in Kpop. That’s low

  29. How rude! Of course, we read English but it was just a misunderstanding! It’s really frustrating how you underestimate Kim Bum’s popularity because we got evidence for how popular he really is. I’ll have you know that Kim Bum has American fans in Boston and California. You know what else…my American friends said that for Asian guys they’ve seen, they are not better looking than Kim Bum. He is one of the most handsome guys out there.

    • @kayt
      His fans are NOT purposely comparing Kim Bum’s success to a girl, but they are implying something else. They’re just saying that even though park shin hye is good, she cannot beat Kim Bum who is one of the few Korean actors to be famous around the world. They are using him to bring down PSH because for women, they still get discriminated because of gender.

      • @kayt
        kim Bum’s fans are saying that even though park shin hye is leading actress and kim bum is supporting actor, she can’t beat him because she’s a girl. The way they word their sentence can cause misunderstandings but they don’t mean to compare kim bum’s talent with PSH. You get what I’m trying to say?

    • @kayt
      I understand that comparing a guy to a girl is unnecessary, but for example, I’ve heard a bunch of people say that even though Madonna is the top selling female musician, she cannot beat Michael Jackson because she’s a woman. They’re not comparing talent, but they’re talking about the limits caused by sexism. When Kim Bum’s fans say PSH is NOT more popular than him, it’s just like the comparison between MJ and Madge.

    • So you called me rude when you guys are accursed me something I didn’t do? Really? How old are you and Did you even say sorry? or you just want say whatever you want? Since you clearly don’t see my points. Oh I’m not a fan girl that follow all the hot guys to know everything about them but I keep myself pretty updated in their news in general. He just isn’t one of the hottest or biggest guys in Korea (he isn’t close to SJK, KSH or even LSJ level) or internationally (he isn’t JGS, KHJ or LMH’s level) right now or never was… Oh and I live in California, a part where a lot of Asians people live too.
      I don’t get the point to discuss about his popularity in a Heirs post? Right? What are you going to prove? lol

      • @kayt
        I hope you realize that Kim Bum is always on the list of the most handsome Korean actors. From head to toe, Kim Bum is beautiful and I cannot find any flaws. I can’t believe you said that he is not the same level of hotness as SJK, LSG, or KSH!!! That’s really shocking to me. I’ve never heard such a thing before. I know American girls who think he is better looking than so amny Asian guys. Kim Bum is hot. He has a nice rear end, nice legs, good waistline, nice skin. His face is really cute!

      • @kayt
        I was just being sarcastic. Gotcha! I wanted to see how you would react, but I didn’t think you would be this pissed off. Next time I won’t joke like that anymore. I know that for Korean news, they don’t talk that much about Kim Bum. However, believe or not, he’s still well known because this year, he got offered to work on three projects..the Gifted Hands, That Winter, and Goddess of Fire. The Korean netizens praised his improved acting skills. I have friends who are from and live in Korea and they told me that even though Kim Bum is second lead, he is still one of the most popular.

      • @kayt
        It was only a misunderstanding. I was gonna say sorry, but when you said Can you guys even read English?…Kim Bum’s fans should drink chill pills” That’s rude and I felt insulted. From my experience, if people misunderstood me, I’ve never said to anyone “can you read english?”

      • @kayt
        Of course internationally, KHJ is more popular than Kim Bum because KHJ is a singer and K-pop is wide spread around the world. As for LMH and JGS, they are leading actors and JGS is also a musician so I’m not surprised they’re more popular.

        I understand that being popular in Korea is important because you get more opportunities to have leading roles and promote your image, but international fame is important too. Even though KB is less popular in Korea than LSG, SJK, and KSH, Kim Bum is more popular around the world in many foreign countries.

        I’ve never heard anyone criticize KB the way you did. For online comments I’ve seen, people say that Kim Bum is very handsome, good singer, and his acting got better. They like his dramas too.

        When I google searched “most popular Korean actors”, I always see Kim Bum on the list with LMH and JGS so I’m surprised when you said he’s not that big in Korea. Overall, even though some guys are more famous, he is still a popular actor.

        On my facebook account, my American fans from New York and Ohio told me that they love Kim Bum. They are watching Boys over Flowers and they stare at him the whole time. They’re also listening to his songs from the Hometown album.

      • @kayt
        Even adults can have awkward moments, be sarcastic, and make mistakes no matter how old they are.

  30. Wow! How I’m not feeling the sparks??? Two young, hot, gorgeous actors and I get these. I’m not liking it. I can’t help but blame the PD. I’ve seen some Etude House CF’s with these two and they have amazing chemistry (you should check them) They looked FANTASTIC! I’m still exited ’cause I hope to see more sparks, I’m just hoping this isn’t another Jandi & Goo Jun Pyo. At least please!!! Don’t make PSH eat like Jandi ate! Every time she ate was SO disgusting I wanted to throw up!

    • Yes – someone else saw the same thing I did on their Etude CFs…..thank you – I don’t feel so alienated now! lol
      I kinda thought in the first meeting that he was doing the “I’m falling for you” and she is like “wow what the heck and who are you?” until she starts gazing into his eyes…..maybe I am just a romantic at heart (big smile – scuffs shoes) I think they will have chemistry – because both of them have the most expressive eyes…..

  31. I’m not surprised that Lee Min Ho already seems interested in her .Typically in this writer’s dramas, (Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity,Lovers in Paris,) the male lead falls for the female first and fast. In Secret Garden and A Gentleman’s dignity, I think the men became interested in the very first episode. I can’t remember about Lover’s in Paris but it was definitely in the first couple of episodes.

  32. Well I do not seem so bad, of course still do not understand how people perceive chemical or in a photograph, I’m really terrible at it and just put my hopes that all will be well. What if I let myself down a bit, is that I am of those who love to read the comments but here I’m tired, this is a war of fanclubs, and do not even know how Kim bum come in here, I really like park shin hye and to many their performance may be mediocre, poor, simple, but do not know why I aa captive like his work and support regardless if it is more popular or less popular than in my case is the least

  33. goodness reading half of the comments and rants it seem everyone has strong opinion of PSH..I love PSH a lot if you call that fangirling..I love YEH too not to mention LYW..these 3 actresses dramas is top in my list to watch..not all drama is going to be smooth selling or leaving its viewer satisfied..for one I almost completed EOG and that drama left everyone who followed it feeling angry and everyone is taking it on the PD…a good drama but a sad storyline…with a misleading synopsis..And talking about PSH..I couldn’t watch TIH for 4 years after watching it the 1st time..I cried and felt for her broken heartness..At that age she touched all my senses of how sad it was.as for her kissing scene it not mind blowing but it doesn’t matter to me she is always consistent in the category..thanks Ockoala ,definitely will follow this drama..watch it with an open mind it will never disappoint.

  34. @ the above: lol seriously I didn’t criticize KB. Where did you even read that? We really have communicating problems, don’t we?

    I like him and think he is cute.I even wanted him to take 2nd lead in Heirs, yeah just 2nd lead. It’s just the fact that he isn’t the most popular actors in Korea or internationally. He hasn’t even got a lead role yet. That says a lot.
    I don’t think you ( one or many) understand my points and so just say whatever you want to say whether it’s a joke or if I criticized him or he is the biggest star in Korea n internationally. It’s very simple but you don’t seem to get it so I’m going to stop lol
    Oh I never thought KB’s fandom was annoying but I guess I have experienced the 1st one today. Just want to remind this is not a KB’s article and stay on the topic/ So don’t call “they”, use “we” :P. It makes more sense

    • @kayt
      Really? You never criticized him LOL!! You said he just isn’t one of the hottest actors. That’s not criticizing? and you said he’s not even close to SJK, KSH, or LSG’s level. I think overall, we misunderstand each other because of disagreements. Despite our evidence, you still don’t get and don’t want to admit that Kim Bum is one of the few Korean actors to be famous around the world (even though he’s not as popular as LMH or JGS). KB’s international fame shows that he is one of the most popular Korean actors. Fame in Korea is crucial, but fame in neighboring Asian countries is a big deal too. You just don’t want to admit it even if we provide evidence from research.

      • @Kayt
        It’s more because of opposite point of views than miscommunication. My comments are based on research and evidence, not just my opinions. KB is one of the most popular K-actors internationally. For example, just look at the fan made Facebook accounts from South America. Since I speak different languages, I can see that KB’s foreign fans idolize him.

      • @kayt
        Just to clarify . We DO understand your words because we can speak English. It’s just that we disagree with your perspective. we are frustrated about your statements, and we did research to prove Kim Bum’s international fame. You just won’t admit that you’re wrong about doubting KB’s popularity. It’s like you’re disregarding the evidence that we provide.

    • @kayt
      Since this article has a different topic, I’m gonna make my last comment. Kayt, we understand that Kim Bum is not as popular as LMH and JGS. However, KB is still famous around the world because of Boys Over Flowers. Many Korean actors have not reached that level of fame. So KB is considered one of the most popular. If you don’t believe me, then check out the fan sites from foreign nations outside of Asia. Why do you keep denying KB’s fame when our evidence comes from various sources?

    • @kayt. i supported you. FYI, the username besthero, cutiepie, anna, bianca, jamie there are the same group or possible the same person (bcos they came from the same IP address).. Same as you,it’s my first time encountered these crazy fandom girls and making me freak out. I got attacked by them too when i commented the same point as you. Because of them, I already UNLIKE the Kim Beom facebook.

  35. 155 comments seriously bcz My Shin Hye and Min Ho will Act with each other hahahaaaaa 🙂
    Actually I am waiting the drama I don’t want to be negative , they are young and I love all actors and actresses in this drama bcz it is drama in the end .
    Seriously who bring Kim Bum in this article please guys don’t be stupid and pathetic to bring names of actors and actresses in articles not related to them be mature .

    • @Nilechoclat
      I agree they should not have randomly brought Kim Bum into this article. However, when I read the comments, I’m frustrated how even though his fans provided logical evidence about his international fame, the other person still continues to disagree. How can you deny evidence in front of you? …especially when there are fan made facebook accounts and fansites from countries around the world to prove your popularity? When I did research, Lee Min Ho and KB have a lot of followers in South American countries.

      • They also got so many followers around Asia countries, Middle East, Mexico, Turkey, and so on. Wow! I’m happy for Lee Min Ho and KB.

      • I love Kim Bum and Guys are you knowing that he and shin Hye are best friends in real life , He , shin hye and Go Ara and you are comparing who is more popular???? this really pathetic I don’t know who mentioned Him in those comments and start those stupid & useless fights bcz immaturity nothing more.
        Who is popular more ?? this really frustrates me and it is just adrama which lee min ho and shin hye will act with other casts of course , not popularity issue .
        just enjoy korean dramas make this your aim .

      • @Nilechoclat
        Really? I had no idea, but I know that Kim Bum is best friends with Lee Min Ho. People are not supposed to compare a guy and a girl, but they are saying that even though park shin hye is leading actress and kim bum is second lead, she cannot beat his popularity because she’s a girl. Basically, they’re saying that women have limits bcuz of sexism. I’m just glad that BFFs Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum are famous around the world. Even though LMH is more popular, KB is still one of the most popular K-actors.

      • @Nilechoclat
        In the previous article called “PSH washing dishes in first stills for The Heirs”, some girl posted the rankings for most popular Korean actors/actresses outside of Korea and mentioned names like JGS, LMH, KB, & PSH. I think maybe this started the whole comparison of who’s more popular. The girl said that she got it from a reliable source.???

      • @Nilechoclat
        People should not be making sexist comments. PSH is a good actress and I like her drama You’re Beautiful. It’s good!

  36. They look good together. But thats mostly likely my opinion because most OTP’s look great to me. Has anyone seen the biceps of Lee Min Ho oppa. Talk about hotness, even with a shirt in hihi^^^

    Looking forward to the drama.

    • @melissa
      Wait.. Who is a much worse actor than park shin hye? Be more specific. People are not supposed to compare an actor with an actress.

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