SM C&C Drops Gorgeous Stills for its Latest Actress Addition Jung So MIn

Jung So Min just switched agencies to SM C&C (culture and contents) and already the company has produced glossy new head shots of her plastered all over its website. Good for her, to have her new agency really make an effort to package her into Jung So Min v.2. It’s been 3 years since her debut and she’s no longer an ingenue and has lost all her baby fat (and then some). She looks fantastic in these head shots, most of which are better than even the recent magazine pictorials coming out of Korea. Sometimes less is more, and here Jung So Min is the star and not some PPL useless or a location shoot that hardly even shows up in the background. I wouldn’t be surprised if SM C&C announces her next project in the next few weeks. Sometimes it’s not how awesome you are, it’s who you know. Sad reality of life, but true, and SM knows a lot of people in all the right places. If the casting of Han Ye Ri is confirmed for the MBC K-drama Beautiful Man, and without getting into anything related to the headlining star Jang Geun Seok, I think Jung So Min dodged a bullet since just don’t like the female character in that drama and it looks like its DOA based on its time slot competition and subject matter. First off, manhwa and manga adaptations have more often then not unloved in Korea ratings-wise since the unexpected hit that was Boys Before Flowers. Jung So Min’s own Playful Kiss tanked, and along the way  the ratings detritus includes To the Beautiful You, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Tamra the Island, and Flower Boy Next Door. Gaksital got decent ratings but it was less a frothy comic and more a graphic novel. With the combination of a typically low-rated source material and Jang Geun Seok has been really dismissed ratings-wise in Korea, it would be a career set back for Jung So Min to take on this project. Though I think she might be the best leading lady choice for Beautiful Man, for she has this earnest earthiness that transforms doormat female leads into someone who has an goal that we can root for. Even if that goal to do to anything for the man she loves. I won’t think too much about it, if she takes the drama then I’ll wait and see how it turns out. If she ends up in another project then I’ll render an opinion on that. Overall I’m excited about how her career will develop under SM C&C and fingers crossed it turns out to be a wise career move in a few years time.


SM C&C Drops Gorgeous Stills for its Latest Actress Addition Jung So MIn — 35 Comments

  1. I’m excited! I hope SM C&C will pick her over Yoona for The Prime Minister and I. The difference in age is still a little worrisome, but at least the acting will be infinitely better!

    • I adore her and I hope she gets a new project soon because she’s such a promising young actress. I hope SM C&C don’t advise her to take Beautiful Man because it looks like a hot mess in the making. She needs more challenging material to expand her range as an actress, not another Playful Kiss imo.

      I hope SM C&C turns out to be a good move for her too. She definitely needs more exposure, and hopefully they can give that to her.

    • It will only happen if Yoona has schedule problems. But if not ,she will get the role.

      On the other hand, there is new drama called Miss Korea produced by SM , and i think Jong Su Min would fit that role perfectly. It`s a comedy about two men who try to make a girl next door into a new Miss Korea.

    • I completely agreed to replace Yoona with her for the Prime Minister and I.Her acting much more enhanced then Yoona. Sorry no offense for Yoona fans…

  2. From some angles she resembles a bit of yoon eun hye.

    I love this girl! She was seriously the reason I still held on for dear life in playful kiss.

    I’d consider City Hunter to be one of those rare manga adaptions that worked. Then again it was in the hands of a skilled PD. With an actual good set up.

    • Oh please city hunter kdrama has NOTHINg to do with the japanese manga dare say the contrary. They have Absolutely NOTHING in common and the heroes in both manga/drama are opposite. First in the drama the hero looked like a metrosexua emo boy wearing pink pants (Gu Jun PYo playing with knives ?). Don’t get me started on the heroine (cliche kdrama and insipide heroine working for her sick parents)

    • I agree I thought for a moment it was Yoon Eun-Hye. Although Playful Kiss wasn’t good for some reason I stuck to it. It has it’s moments and i think it has to do with acting. I also think she looked cute with the round face. She looks for mature now.
      I look forward to seeing her do some interesting things..

  3. SERIOUSLY. When is her next project? Enough with the gorgeous stills, I want to see her act. She was great in Playful Kiss and Can We Get Married. Now that she’s with SM C&C I’m hoping she’ll get more networks roles. She’s 24 now, she should be getting a ton of roles. I honestly prefer her over Park Shin Hye who’s got dramas lined up to HERE (*points to neck*).

    • And do you think that park shin hye is the main cause of Jung So Min to lose the opportunity to act in projects ????
      Seriously pathetic bringing Park Shin Hye in your comment just pathetic .
      If you don’t prefer park shin hye that yours but just don’t put her name in just stupid comments, there are who want to watch her and prefer her .
      And rather than blaming an actress who work so hard to act and do her effort to improve herself without company’s power blame the producer who choose Idols over someone who can act .

      • Why put to Park Shin Hye in this topic, not even the article mentions, what’s wrong with the girl work and do well, even she was inactive in dramas throughout 2012, obviously have to try to make all the dramas and movies I can because it’s an actress and she lives by acting, is hateful to in articles that highlight an actress trying to mess with another that has nothing to do, well I hope to Jun Su Min does well sm and get the best of her

      • They’re both in the same age group. I don’t hate Park Shin Hye, but I’d like some drama distribution. I’m sorry if I came off as hating her. We’re all entitled to our opinions. I guess I just keep seeing her in dramas and CFs and not enough of other actresses her age (i.e. Jung So Min) but props to her for capitalizing on it.

    • At least Park Shin Hye can act, the real injustice is that no-talent idols (and I don’t even mean Yoona, who is not so bad in Love Rain) get lead roles in prime time dramas that they clearly can’t carry while this girl’s career languishes. Thank god for CWGM though.

      I just hope SM does not make her get plastic surgery now, that bustline had better be the result of some artful padding and not anything more…permanent.

      • Seriously , i have no problems with Yoona getting roles( i don`t think she is bad at all), but people like Yunho, Yonghwa,Suzy and Kim Hyun Joong should stop acting for good.

  4. I love her and managed to get through CWGM? with the awful mothers, mostly for her. The best friend & cousin couple were also helped. I think she’s a good actress and her chemistry with KHJ in PK made that a breeze to watch and rewatch.

    Also, is it just me or does she look a lot like Lee Yoo Bi in some of these shots? Especially the ones with the cropped white top.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing her future projects, as long as it’s not Beautiful Man (although she might manage to make it watchable).

    • It’s not just you, she does look like Lee Yubi in the crop top shots! Though maybe that is just because the lighting and makeup is very similar to recent shots of Lee Yubi. But I love them both as actresses, and I hope JSM’s career takes off from here, she’s too talented to languish behind the likes of Yoona.

      • If you read My comment I wrote If you Don’t prefer her that yours but make her as someone who responsible for taking the roles I Love Jung So Min Since Bad Guy so it isn’t Fan Hysteria .
        What make me angry That every article not related to Park shin hye I found her name in comments , I don’t know why????
        I read the title and the news on whom then I comment I didn’t bring a name or mention someone .

  5. Why are they making her look like Yoon Eun Hye??? Oh no, the most one thing I hate are copycats! But, yah, she’s a better option than Park Shin Hye. PSH needs to share-in some pie!

  6. the power of Wonderbra?

    I like her in Can We Get Married..and yes I wish she’ll get good roles after switching agency. You don’t just get into SME for nothing!

  7. If she really wants to make a splash, she definitely needs to take a more challenging roles. Therefore, I think it would be great if she target the roles in saqueks. I am not talking the general mundane saqueks coming out of the network but genuine big epic saquek. If she does well there, she can really make her name, I think she has the acting chops to deliver

  8. @craii

    but i love them meddling CWGM mothers.. they’re entertaining to watch cos they’re not mine, kekekekeke.. but i love the younger cast, really.. hope she’ll continue to challenge herself with meatier role

  9. Nice…i totally loved her in PK, and remembered hating her in that first series she had Bad guy. She’s a great actress and would love to see her in another good series…

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