The Master’s Sun Gets One-episode Extension and Will Air Only Episode 13 This Week

The upcoming Fall Wed-Thurs time slot will be interesting what with the latest reshuffling going on. Next week will see the premiere of the KBS revenge melodrama Secret with Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, and Lee Da Hee. The following week comes Medical Top Team on MBC with Kwon Sang Woo, Jung Ryeo Won, Joo Ji Hoon, Oh Yeon Seo, and Min Ho. Originally Heirs or The Inheritors with Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye was supposed to premiere opposite Medical Top Team, but either SBS wants to avoid the head-to-head or it wants to milk the popularity of The Master’s Sun, the end result is that TMS has been officially confirmed to extend one episode to end at 17 episodes which means Heirs premieres in three weeks on October 9th. The TMS extension was first confirmed by the network and then denied by the production only to finally get confirmed by both the network and the production. This week TMS will only air one episode 13 on Thursday being the Chuseok holiday, and the network will air the movie Thieves on Wednesday. Episode 14 and 15 will air next week, and episode 16 and 17 will air the following week thereafter. MBC is not preempting an episode of Two Weeks with Lee Jun Ki so that drama will air as usual and end next week. I’ve been around the drama block too many times to say that a mere one episode extension is a bad thing, because if Coffee Prince tells us anything, it’s that even one measly episode (60 minutes!) can kill all the momentum from before and allow a good drama to trip right before the finish line and crawl the end. Protect the Boss also got destroyed by a two episode extension with all the energy and sense sucked out. I’m not loving TMS but I don’t wish the extension curse on any drama. But then again, I think the story is written terribly but tons of viewers like it, so maybe an extension won’t matter since all the Hong Sisters need to do is trot out more skinship between So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin and people will be happy. I suggest the Sisters end the drama at episode 15 in terms of actual storyline, and then episode 17 is Taeyang and Joogun off on a weekend date locked in a cabin and no change of clothes but a fully stocked fridge and bathroom essentials.

If Kim Eun Sook has one major leg up on the Hong Sisters, it’s like her dramas are made for the adult viewer. Lots and lots of real kissing and skinship. Making out where mouths are moving, tongues are engaged, the two actors look like they are enjoying each other – in short it’s not posed or anemic. Whereas the Hong Sisters constantly do the staged kisses where the two actors stand in place and press lips and the camera swirls and we’re all supposed to be wowed by the mere act of lip touching and go home content. Unless it’s a high school drama, then no I am not going to say adult lip presses are romantic or swoony. It’s better than nothing, but to make two grown adults with pretty potent chemistry in So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin literally exude nothingness in two kisses already in TMS is some terrible directing and writing. I get that Joogun is kissing Taeyang while she’s possessed, but the directorial overload on the kiss action was killed the feeling of spontaneous warmth. It felt like he was kissing a statue both times. A tiny nibble won’t hurt, or even a feeling that it was spontaneous as opposed to being overly directed. I’m hoping this situation is rectified in the coming episodes because at this point all I’m clinging onto is fanservice in this drama.


The Master’s Sun Gets One-episode Extension and Will Air Only Episode 13 This Week — 12 Comments

  1. I like Master’s Sun, but even I don’t want an extension unless as you suggested, the extension is all about real kissing and skinship. I would be on board with that. I really hope the extension doesn’t make me hate the drama. As it is, I wasn’t too thrilled with the cliff hanger on ep.12!

  2. I agree. The extension is probably not a good idea. If its lots of happy filler and actually believable adult interactions then I might be on board. The two two kiss scenes were terribly done IMO even with the background info. The first was better than the second. By the second time, they really needed do something else. It was way too unnatural for me. It lacked any trace of heart or emotion.

    I love TMS actually and have been following it weekly. I do admit that it’s mostly because of the OTP that I am there.

    • This is the problem I have with the extension, as well. In a show that is already stagey and artificial, how are you going to have enough forward momentum (as in, I know these characters inside and out, and this is what they would do if they had a little room to breathe) to fill another episode without the insertion of a last-minute plot point to be unraveled? These two characters have circled each other warily for 12 episodes now – do they have the insight, and do the Hong sisters have the writing chops, to break outside their scheduled doses of conflict and do a deep dive into character development and personal discovery? I am not going to hold my breath.

  3. Sigh. Why do they have to drag this out for longer?? At least it’s only one episode. IHYV’s extension was also completely unnecessary and made the show even more dumb than it already was. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME SBS.

    I’m not interested in stupid angst from this show, because honestly it isn’t compelling to me at all. I love the leads together, but I’m not really invested in their characters. For me, the Hong Sisters have lost their spark (not that they were great writers to begin with, but they did manage to make me care before).

    I suppose I can be appeased with hot kisses though. Please???

  4. Thanks for posting.

    I have heard the additional episode will be BTS, NGs and interviews with the actors. As it is the actors are already on a two-hours sleep cycle, and did not want the extension.

    I’m all for both members of the OTP, or any couple really, being equally involved with the couple’s physical intimacy. This is one of the reasons I love Kim Sun-Ah in dramas. She is one of the few k-drama female actors that participate in kissing. lip moving and all :).

    However, I have been fine with the OTP kisses on TMS because in both cases only one of the OTP was assuredly present. Also Joong-Won mentioned that he wouldn’t/couldn’t actually openly express physical affection to Tae-Yang and would only touch her intimately under the guise of driving out ghost.

    I’m enjoying the storytelling, which I acknowledge isn’t “literature” but great pop entertainment.

    Will you be commenting on Scandal: Blah Blah Blah again?

    • lol i’ve been dying for somewhere to post about scandal as i want to gush about it so badly 🙁 the last 2 weeks were so perfect for me. eun joong is probably one of my all favorite lead male ever. he is sensitive and kind, forward with ah mi without being pushy and i just fricken love him.

      but back on topic, i agree TMS isn’t written very well but i guess my love for 2 actors override all that. bring on the real kisses!

  5. I don’t know, but the fact that the cast of Heirs is playing highschool students i don’t think we’re getting our usual passionate kisses. The pd that usually works with kim eun sook isn’t her usual PD either.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

    I’m not as in love with Master’s Sun as i wanted to be, but gong hyo jin’s performance is pretty amazing. So, even if i’m sitting there all wtf at the stabbing, I bawled just because she made her pain so believable. So when she cries, I totally cry. When she laughs, i totally laugh. Basically, Gong Hyo Jin steals the show and i’m hanging on because of her.
    So Ji Sub — i wish i saw him in older projects because this is the first of his projects that i’m checking out, and i wouldn’t say he made a lasting impression. I could never fall in love with joong won. I guess i can’t really connect to his(So Ji Sub’s) style of acting. Maybe i should go back and watch Im Sorry I love you or something, because i do think it’s one of those cases where he’s already built a solid career and a solid fanbase that i really just need to check out his older works to see what everyone else sees.

    • Agreed. I don’t exactly like JW’s character, though I must admit he gets slightly better in the last couple of eps – but it’s not just his take on the character; the script too has a part to play as well as his own inexperience in romcoms so I partially forgive him.

      I love GHJ so… I’m basically watching the show for her. And the BTSes for their real-life interactions.

      WITH THAT SAID, SJS’s off-screen persona is all shades of shy-adorkable. If only he had played up his adorkability for his character… I’m not a fan of his but he really should look into playing characters closer to his persona instead of melo-angsty-raging male types.

  6. They can add a few more kisses like Goddess of marriage (ep 1)… lol… now that will qualify for a extra ep…
    I love their chemistry in TMS.. they will make a very adorable couple in reality.

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