SBS Releases Character Stills for the Entire Main Cast of Heirs

I worry that covering the high profile Heirs or The Inheritors is going to be cause for my blood pressure going up, what with everyone having an opinion about the leads, the chemistry (or lack thereof), the concept, you name it, someone has strong feelings about it. Unless you are living under a nice cozy rock for the last 6 months, it’s not a shock to see Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye starring in a drama together. They are two of only a handful of young Korean actors that stand out in their generation and carry quite a lot of anticipation to be the next big heavyweight in their industry. In addition to dramas, if each toggles making more movies with big box office (like Kim Soo Hyun) or critical acclaim (like Yoo Ah In) then I predict both of them will have a nice long career ahead of them. It’s nice they are working together now and their presence both underscores and adds to the general audience interest in a Kim Eun Sook penned drama. I actually think the Heirs hype would be even bigger had this drama been Kim Eun Sook’s follow up after the phenom Secret Garden. SBS has released official drama stills of half the main cast, including the first stills of the OTP meeting for the first time. The network is taking a breather from the drama still dump to release the character stills for the entire main cast. It’s nothing to write home about – SBS pretty much put each actor or actress in front of a white screen and told them to emote like their character would. That’s it. What’s neat is seeing how certain stills pop more because the actor or actress is working it with nothing more than their screen presence, whereas others are as bland and dull as the white background. I won’t name names but you can judge for yourselves. I’ve decided to arrange the stills in order reverse order of which leads have been shown thus far in drama stills, which means Choi Jin Hyuk as Lee Min Ho’s older half-brother gets to top the post with his delicious smile and natty three-piece suit. Love his hairstyle and his sartorial style, he has the physique to show off a suit to its best advantage. Him and Im Joo Eun’s teacher character and their more adult love line might be the more deliciously compelling romance in this teenage story.

Im Joo Eun

Kang Ha Neul

Park Hyung Sik

Jeon Soo Jin

Kim Sung Ryung


Kang Min Hyuk

Kim Ji Won

Kim Woo Bin.

Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho


SBS Releases Character Stills for the Entire Main Cast of Heirs — 51 Comments

  1. Lee Min Ho… that suit. BURN IT!!!!

    I hate it. Oh my God. Sigh… I still love you though!

    Honestly, I’m enjoying this ride and frenzy because I’m keeping my expectations low. I just think “it’s you first love (Min Ho) and your current love (Woo Bin) in the same drama… for a whole 60 minutes!

    I would love them, even if they just stay side by side reading a book, letting me watch them for a whole hour. 😛

    • there basically two other lovelines beside the main lead’s

      papa gu- teacher im joo eun-class president’s kang ha neul


  2. I saw KWB’s picture and thought ‘awww’. Then I scrolled down to LMH’s and almost choked on my laugh. What is that atrocious suit doing on LMH? The only good thing about that pic starts at the neck up. Everything else looks good though. Kinda wish they’d done something quirky a la Master’s Sun, but I guess they have very different concepts. Still looking forward to this show! 😀

  3. I am loving the way they are all styled. LMH’s suit reminds me of Domj’s glamorous style in HYD. The way they styled PSH is perfect. It is silmilar to Makino’s style in HYD. None of those frilly multi colored frou frou tween stuff Jandi wore in BOF . She looked like a little grandma. She had so many outfits and her skirt was too short most of the time. It just didn’t suit the character. I remember Makino in HYD had just a few basic outfits that still look very cool even now. I got a military hooded jacket because Makino had one. My fav’ is Kang Min Hyuk’s cropped blue sweater. So stylish!

  4. I’m gonna give this show a try since I’m not fan of high school crap it’s difficult to resist this one. I like LMH but I want him in adult stuff now more than ever. KWB is such a cutie. The haircut did him great. Lets see what a bunch of cuties do in terms of drama, chemistry and acting. Fighting!

  5. I’m still gonna complain that their too many character and i still can’t keep up. If I’m gonna try to keep track, that would mean that I’ll have to write it in pencil. Lol….

  6. This looks like they’re posing for a magazine spread with clothes getting the attention and not how they suppose to capture their characters with those clothes on. LMH is overly styled with that polo (what is with the sleeves extending to no end?). Okay. I love PSH’s get up because I love chambray. Hehehe.

  7. My message to all the worried fans of LMH is have some faith in your boy. He made good with the worst of materials in BOF and came out on top. (I can’t speak on Faith b/c I contend the fusion sageuk was a black hole in the first place.) But with this ensemble there are so many things that can save this show if it gets off track. I’m willing for the writer to give up plot and have this group do high kicks in a rockettes line. I’d still watch, they are soooo pretty.

    PSH is steadily able to react properly to male led chemistry. She couldn’t resist the pull of Yoon Si Yoon and she definitely won’t be able to resist LMH.

    Current chemistry guarantee you shouldn’t doubt in Asian drama in no particular order: Joe Cheng, Oguri Shun, Eita, Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Shi Yoon, Kim Sun Ah, Jung Il Woo, and Ji Sung. They can act with a cardboard cut out ( I think Ji Sung actually did in one scene of Protect the Boss) and set the screen on fire. Everyone Cool your jets!

    • Totally agreeing with your list (Jisung tends to be forgotten but he’s <3)! Lee Min Ho is arguably the least chemistrish out of these people, which isn't saying much given the talents you named.
      I'm thinking you're missing a couple people from your list, though – including Kim Soo Hyun. Boy did miracles when acting opposite rather bland actresses in the past *cough*Han Ga-In*cough*Suzy*cough*. I think I remember a comment Koala had made before MoonSun started airing about how KSH would have chemistry even with a log of wood, hee.

    • Haha. Ji sung act with cardboard really made my day. Yup totally agree that some actors just made their co leads looks good even though only them r acting.

  8. I am dying to see Im Joo Eun back on my screen. I love her in both What’s Up and Wild Romance. But based on the stills, it’s hard to believe Joo Eun is a teacher and Shin Hye is a highschooler. The main OTP look good together visually but I don’t know if they will spark. Not from the still, at least not for me.

    Shin Hye is cute but her acting is dependent of both the directing and her partner. She is okay in You Are Beautiful but painfully to watch in Heartstrings. Her scenes with Song Chang Eui are good while her scenes with Jung Yong Hwa were mostly OTT, but were getting better towards the end, when JYH himself got better. Then, Flower Boys Next Door happens, acting opposite Yoon Shi Yoon definitely brings out better sides of her. But Yoon Shi Yoon is just wonderful.

    As for Lee Min Ho, I don’t think he has the acting chops at the level of Yoon Shi Yoon. He was good in City Hunter, and has very good chemistry with his ladies, and I don’t mean only Park Min Young. Actually I shipped him also with Hwang Sun Hee at the beginning, but then Lee Jun Hyuk steals that love-lines and I am a sinker! Ahhh, what I meant to say is Lee Min Ho is mediocre, acting-wise, I can’t get pass few scenes in BOF so I can’t render an opinion but Personal Taste was bad. Acting opposite Son Ye Jin shows how limited he is (was? hopefully). He got better in City Hunter (though maybe because the scripts and directing was good, and the cast altogether was exceptional!). His scenes with good actors like Kim Sang Joong, or Kim Sang Ho, or even Lee Jun Hyuk and Hwang Sun Hee are much better than when he was with lesser ones.

    Somehow I felt Min Ho will be better acting opposite Im Joo Eun. If sparks fly that way, this drama will be a hoot to watch.

  9. Does anyone thinks im crazy cuz I cried at thr last photo ! OMG those otp were my dream and it camr true ! They arr wonderful together

  10. I can’t choose between the Smile, the Stare and the incredibly cute Wink. KWB, KHN and PHS.

    LMH looks like is posing with someone he doesn’t know that well, except he is touching her – no floating hand.

    • In these stills, it’s Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun on a whole ‘nother plane of snap, crackle, and pop. And then everyone else. But it’s sad to note objectively that the OTP still is probably the deadest in eliciting any emotion. The photog might as well have photoshopped those two together. I’m worried now…..just a little, but worried….

  11. I’m only going to watch this because of hot gumiho daddy and Im Joo Eun, she’s one amazing actress who is so underrated.
    I’ve always wondered why LMH doesn’t do any movies, he has the chops to do it so why is he only doing tv. PSH I think has been getting typecasted a lot but it might also be that she’s only strong in somewhat similar roles. (Im Joo Eun is I think the stronges actress of this bunch together with Kim Ji Won )
    And a mini What’s up reunion with Kim Ji Won and Im Joo Eun!

  12. I seriously went, pretty, pretty, WTF? (Minho please burn that suit). Im Joo Eun is seriously working it though. If anyone wants an example of making a picture pop on charisma alone, she is a perfect example of that.

  13. omg, so much pretty. i loove im joo eun’s pic. and words cant express how striking kim jiwon looks with those bangs, i love it. park shinye is looking prettier and prettier. ahhh EYECANDY. i think the girls pics trumped the guys pics these round (except daddy gumiho, so cute)

  14. Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun are looking AMAZING! <333 I love those two so much… they're the only reason why I might check out this drama. Oh and Kang Ha Neul doesn't hurt either.

    I can totally see the second leads outshining the actual leads.

  15. To be honest, I’m more excited for the other cast members other than Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye. Yeah, they are the hot stars at the moment but I am more interested in the others. Choi Jin Hyuk and Im Joo Eun are really underrated – I think they are quite good. Kang Ha Neul, Minhyuk, and of course Woo Bin are the cuties I’m looking forward to the most especially KHN because I adored him in Monstar. Kim Ji Won too, I totally want to see her being a total stuck up bitch face again, one that is 100x worse than in TTBY.

  16. I love OTP and I love Shin Hye in casual clothes , Woo bin already melted me from past years I love him seriously , Fighting to all casts do your best .

  17. I’m not even worried much about chemistry, but there are just sooo many characters I wonder how everyone will get a decent storyline. Especially with this writer’s habit of basically focusing on the male lead so much. Kim Woo Bin is the only one who looks like he has a personality tbh.

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