Two Weeks Episode 13 Recap

Heading into the final stretch of episodes, Two Weeks keeps the pace up and the worry high. As if Tae San being in trouble from all sides isn’t enough, today’s episode throws In Hye and Soo Jin’s well-being into his already overflowing bag of worries. Episode 13 resolved the smart cliff hanger at the end of 12 nicely, with both a smart explanation and a double pay off involving the identity of Killer Kim. I like that his presence in this drama has been steadily hinted at being more than just your garden variety hired gun, but now he might have some type of relationship with Chairman Han was a nice turn of events. It validates that the writer has thought through her story and very little is just random encounters and every detail likely has importance that we might not yet realize. But mostly I love Two Weeks for the well-written characters, from smart and amoral villains to flawed but well-being good guys. Tae San and In Hye’s past love story being introduced only through flashbacks has put the romance in this drama on the backburner, but this episode kicked a possibility of their reunion up a notch with yet another flashback that worked to push the present plot forward.

It validates that their connection with each other isn’t severed, that each remembers so much of their time together and the clearing up of the main misunderstanding between them paves the way for a possibility they might give it another go. If Tae San survives, that is, and my money is on him to come out of this alive. He’ll not only have earned his redemption, he’ll have achieved it on his own terms. Soo Jin’s desire for both parents in her life is understandable presented so tenderly, the way she lights up when her dad is mentioned, the hope that she can see him again keeping her mood buoyed in a time of great uncertainty. Seung Woo was relegated to the background of today’s episode but he did one major important thing and that was coming clean to In Hye. I’m glad that wasn’t dragged out because he really had good intentions, even if he was a moron in believing anything Moon Il Suk promised him. I like that Team Good Guys are all tenacious bulldogs, because ultimately its going to come down to digging through the clues to unearth solid evidence to nail Moon Il Suk and Jo Seo Hee, as well as a hefty dose of luck the rest of the way.

Episode 13 recap:

Tae San breaks into Moon Il Suk’s house, formerly belonging to the deposed Chairman Han, thinking that he’s got an all clear to steal a copy of the camera contents. Except when he steps foot into the house, none other that smirky Moon Il Suk turns around to greet Tae San. Twin or ghost or the real deal?

Back to earlier in the evening, Moon Il Suk isn’t scared of Jae Kyung in the interrogation and doesn’t think she has any evidence to hold him.

Turns out Moon Il Suk got released from interrogation when Congresswoman Jo Seo Hee goes to the Chief Prosecutor and alibi’s Moon Il Suk at the time of Mi Sook’s murder. Oh this is really sticking her neck out now. With an alibi, and the only evidence is the video where his minions create a false alibi for Tae San, there isn’t enough to hold him.

Jae Kyung talks with her boss and he asks what evidence she has to arrest Moon Il Suk. She says the recording and her boss tells her that she needed to get an arrest warrant first. But Seo Hee jumped the gun and went to see the Chief Prosecutor and said that Moon Il Suk was showing her the places around his house because he wanted to buy in the neighborhood.

When Jae Kyung finds out he’s been released, she understandably freaks out knowing that Tae San is planning to break in today while she has him in custody. She tries to call but no one picks up and the cab she gets in break down. Girl’s have a bad day.

Not as bad as Tae San’s day – it’s the real Moon Il Suk back in his house expecting Tae San because he knew it was weird Jae Kyung would arrest him all of a sudden on flimsy evidence. Tae San is taken down by Killer Kim and it’s amazing that all he still thinks about is Soo Jin’s surgery. Moon Il Suk is impressed that Tae San thought to work with Jae Kyung to arrest him and divert him from his house. Killer Kim wants to punch Tae San some more and Moon Il Suk acts all concerned and says not to hurt him.

Tae San begs Moon Il Suk to keep him alive until after the surgery. He won’t try to clear his name anymore and after the surgery Moon Il Suk can do what he wants with him. Moon Il Suk doesn’t budge and says that it’s just a person’s fate in life, and its Soo Jin’s bad luck that Tae San is her dad. Moon Il Suk orders Killer Kim to dispose of Tae San with the proper circumstances – toss him over a building to make it look like he committed suicide because of his guilt.

Chairman Han stuck around waiting for Tae San and is worried when Tae San goes MIA. He drags his pile of newspapers and boxes past the house again and sees Killer Kim dragging a huge bag outside and putting it inside his car and driving off.

Chairman Han follows Killer Kim’s car and arrives outside Moon Il Suk’s building. He places a call with the cops that someone is planning to jump off the roof.

Killer Kim drags Tae San to Moon Il Suk’s building and goes to the roof. Moon Il Suk has the electricity in the building turned off for fifteen minutes, plenty of time for Killer Kim to dispose of Tae San. He tries to push Tae San over the ledge but Tae San manages to hold up enough to fight back.

But Killer Kim is a force to be reckoned with, and after almost getting choked to death, he pops back up and gets the upper hand on Tae San again. Just as Tae San is about to say bye bye, Chairman Han arrives and screams “no!”. This distracts Killer Kim who then goes back to pounding Tae San, until Chairman Han seems to recognize him. Chairman Han asking “Is it you, Bom?” and also seeing the special pen knife. Tae San could care less about the reunion and runs over to Chairman Han and drags him off.

Killer Kim regains his composure and chases after them, but by the time he gets downstairs the cops are there checking on the suicide call. Chairman Han and Tae San drive off and the Chairman asks if that man was the one who killed Man Seok. Tae San says yes and asks if he knows him?

Jae Kyung is ready to toss her career down the drain and she finally arrives at Moon Il Suk’s house. She jumps the wall and is ready to break and enter when she stops at the top of the wall. Moon Il Suk is there and taunts her to come in. She asks if he’s killed Tae San already? Suddenly Jae Kyung gets a call from Tae San and she’s relieved he’s still alive. Moon Il Suk realizes Tae San may have escaped yet again.

Killer Kim goes home to Moon Il Suk and gets slapped around for once again failing to kill Tae San. This is actually pretty funny.

Moon Il Suk calls Jo Seo Hee to report that Operation Kill Jang Tae San failed again. Jo Seo Hee is pissed since she got involved this time to get him release from jail and he can’t close the deal!

Jae Kyung goes to Jo Seo Hee’s house and wonders how she can sleep at night knowing that Tae San was going to die. She sees the lights turn off at exactly 12:05 pm and remembers her colleague saying that the lights always turn off at the same time every night. She calls Jo Seo Hee and asks to meet in ten minutes outside her house.

Seo Hee changes out of her expensive clothes into a very shabby outfit and walks through the tunnel to emerge from the door to the poor apartment front. She’s shocked that Jae Kyung is already waiting for her there. Jae Kyung snarks that she’s a very fast sprinter.

Jae Kyung reveals that Tae San is trying to stay alive to save his daughter’s life and that’s news to Seo Hee. Jae Kyung thinks Seo Hee should care since she’s also a parent, but Seo Hee only cares about her son. The way the world has treated her and her son, Seo Hee only believes in herself. She questions Jae Kyung’s integrity, as a prosecutor she should have just told the world about the kidnapping if she was so interested in clearing Jang Tae San’s name. Instead she kept mum to keep her own investigation going.

Jae Kyung asks what Seo Hee’s son would think if he learned his mother’s true nature? Jae Kyung vows to catch Seo Hee, but Seo Hee is unafraid and doesn’t believe Jae Kyung can nail her.

Jae Kyung goes to meet with Tae San under the bridge in their usual spot. She apologizes for screwing it up on her end, he must have been very scared. Tae San says he was scared because there is so much he needs to do for Soo Jin. Tae San says she’s not at fault, he also miscalculated.

Both are very subdued after a long night of disappointments but each reveal that it wasn’t all a waste of time, each learned a new bit of information tonight.

Seung Woo goes to see In Hye and he is man enough to confess the truth to her – he was the cop who shot Tae San and he was also the person who tipped off Moon Il Suk’s side on the camera hand off. In Hye is shocked and dismayed and asks why he would do that. Seung Woo says he didn’t know about the surgery donation when he shot Tae San, and later he just wanted to save Soo Jin and Moon Il Suk promised he would let Tae San live in exchange for the camera.

Seung Woo thought that he could save Soo Jin first, and afterwards help Jang Tae San clear his name. But he was played and its his own fault because he’s a cop and should know better that the world is really like this.

Soo Jin wakes up and finds her mom is gone. She notices a different cell phone in her mom’s cot and opens it to see that there is a caller id labeled “Soo Jin’s dad”. Soo Jin lights up and calls that number. Tae San answers and Soo Jin immediately asks if this is her dad. Tae San finally speaks up and Soo Jin is positively bursting with happiness. She thinks this is a sign that her mom is not mad at her dad anymore. That’s an understatement.

He asks how Soo Jin recognized him at the hospital that first time and she promises to tell him when they see each other again. She asks if he’s coming to visit and he says in four days, on the day of her surgery. She asks why not earlier and he explains he has important things to take care of. Soo Jin quickly ends the call when her mom comes back but her happiness is palpable.

Chairman Han wakes up and asks Tae San for more information about the man who works for Moon Il Suk. Chairman Han wants to keep helping Tae San now, revealing that he once threw his own son away, though the Chairman doesn’t explain what he means by that. I think it’s fairly clear Killer Kim is Chairman Han’s son.

Seung Woo talks with the captain about the investigation. The captain is retiring soon and thinks Seung Woo isn’t keeping him in the loop. He knows Seung Woo was at Man Bok’s girlfriend’s place, and was also seen at the university where the camera hand off happened.

Jae Kyung’s breaking and entering into Moon Il Suk’s house when she climbed his wall the night before is captured on his surveillance camera. Her boss has no choice but to discipline her and Jae Kyung voluntarily takes her accrued vacation rather than be suspended.

Jae Kyung goes home and lounges around the house. She orders food and the delivery person reports to Moon Il Suk that Jae Kyung is in her house. Jae Kyung spends her time doing research online about Jo Seo Hee’s residence and the homes adjacent to it.

Moon Il Suk goes to In Hye’s work place and she recognizes him from having done an internet search on him and pulled up his picture. He can tell she recognizes him and acts like any other customer and places an order. When In Hye goes outside to make a call, she’s chloroformed and captured.

The cop that Seung Woo placed to keep watch over In Hye frantically looks around for her and hears from her manager that she went out and hasn’t been seen in thirty minutes. He calls Seung Woo about In Hye going missing. Seung Woo calls Jae Kyung to ask if In Hye is secretly meeting with Tae San right now and is told that she’s not.

Tae San goes back to the pawn shop and calls the minions there to get them to admit that Moon Il Suk stabbed Mi Sook. He then tosses a smoke bomb into the shop to evacuate it and he goes back inside to retrieve a hidden recorder he stashed there. That’s my smart boy!

Tae San is at the river banks trying to figure out his next step and listening to the recordings when he gets a call from Jae Kyung that In Hye has gone missing. He then gets a call from In Hye’s phone and he answers and sees In Hye trussed up with Killer Kim on the line threatening to kill In Hye unless Tae San does what he is told. He also warns that if Jae Kyung leaves her apartment, then In Hye will be killed.

After In Hye’s gag is removed, she tearfully tells Tae San not to listen to Killer Kim. She knows Tae San is dead if they catch him and he needs to think about Soo Jin. What’s most important is saving Soo Jin. In Hye cries that she is happy to see oppa again. Her heart remembers oppa and she wants him to share their memories together with Soo Jin.

The call ends and Tae San flashes back to happier times with In Hye. She was so in love with him she just wanted to stare at him, telling him that he loves sees herself in his eyes because it’s just like she’s part of him. He tells her that keeping him in her eyes is but for a moment, she needs to keep him in her heart, just like he put her.

In Hye laughs at how sweet and innocent he is. Tae San lurches over the table to quickly kiss In Hye on the forehead. They talk about In Hye planning to move to Seoul and he worries about her. She says it’s a good place to find a job and tells him to work hard while she’s away. Tae San says he’ll miss her a lot and she tells him to look his fill now so he can close his eyes and see her while they are apart.

Tae San realizes In Hye is sending him a coded message and calls Jae Kyung. He tells her In Hye has been captured and he’s off to meet Killer Kim’s demands. He sends a picture of In Hye all trussed up to Jae Kyung, zooming into her eyeball. He tells Jae Kyung that In Hye was trying to tell him to look at the refection in her eyes to track down her location. He tells Jae Kyung not to leave the house otherwise they will kill In Hye.

Tae San gets Seung Woo’s number from Jae Kyung and calls him. Seung Woo goes to the sanitation department to get the video from the garbage truck which might have caught Killer Kim’s license plate. They locate the license plate number and Sang Hoon tracks the owner’s address to a photography studio.

Tae San follows Killer Kim’s instructions and gets into a car and follows the GPS location already programmed him. He starts driving.

A woman goes to Soo Jin’s hospital and delivers drinks to the staff thanking them for saving her father. Shortly thereafter, we see the staff all passed out at their desks.

Moon Il Suk wants into the hospital and goes up to Soo Jin’s room. She picks up the phone to ask if he’s really her dad’s friend. Moon Il Suk claims that Soo Jin’s dad wants to see her and he’s picking her up to take her to him.

Soo Jin smiles and goes with him. Moon Il Suk pushes Soo Jin in a wheelchair right out of the hospital. Soo Jin is fairly beaming with happiness at the thought of going to see her daddy.


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  1. Thanks for the recap, Koala. I was dying to know what Tae San and Soo Jin talked on the phone, it was such a sweet scene. I hope they get their deserved happy ending!

    • They are still in sync after all this time!
      Amazing how this show made me ship those two, as I was indiffernt during the first eps. The cute flashbacks make me wish they could go back to the happiness and love they shared.

  2. I was already anticipating the fall like this since the finale is next week, but still.

    damn. I’m worried out of my mind.

    on a happier note, In-Hye keeps impressing me more and more. Smart cookie that girl.

  3. Oh noooooooooooooooo!

    Moon and the Congresswoman are officially as evil, if not more, as Scandal’s Jang Tae Ha. JTA, also, had no remorse about removing someone else’s kid, it was bulldozer vs wheelchair.

    Wouldn’t it be fab if JK reallly did record the Congresswoman’s speech about “I guess you can blame Fate, but not ME.”?

    Love all the supporting characters, too. The Pawn Shop Boys continue to help out our hero with their clueless big mouths. Thanks!

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