Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Share the Love in their Grazia Magazine Engagement Pictorial

KBS did a smart move by giving its upcoming revenge melodrama Secret a two week breather. The Blade and Petal ended two weeks ago but the network aired a short mini-drama instead. I’ve heard about this project for a long time so it wasn’t for the lack of planning but somehow the cast got locked down really late. With lead Ji Sung taking almost a week off to jet to Spain with his fiancée Lee Bo Young to shoot their engagement pictures, clearly Secret needs as much time as it can get. I’m glad Ji Sung got to Spain with Lee Bo Young because it means we get to see some of the prettiest celebrity engagement pictures I’ve come across. It’s posed but there is a natural comfort and artlessness with their interactions that cuts through the manufactured romance vibe of wedding pictorials. Grazia magazine followed up with the release of the cover photo with the inside pages filled with even more loveliness. I think K-dramas would be crazy not to cast them in a drama together. It’s been ages since they did Save the Last Dance for Me, plus they weren’t even the OTP in that drama. If their relationship has the legs like Choi Soo Jung and Ha Hee Ra, they can age into elder statesman actors together in the following decades to come with more opportunities to work together. Secret premieres next week on September 25th, while Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s wedding is a few days later on the 28th. Ji Sung’s Secret co-star Bae Soo Bin got a jump on him in terms of wedded bliss, having tied the knot with his non-celebrity wife this past weekend. Sadly when one spouse is not a celebrity we don’t get to see pretty engagement or wedding pictures, but I’m hoping the blush of newlywed happiness helps both of them endure the grueling intensity of a dark melodrama filming. After the wedding Lee Bo Young is reportedly heading to Africa for charity work and doesn’t have her next project lined up yet.


Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung Share the Love in their Grazia Magazine Engagement Pictorial — 12 Comments

  1. It is not my thing. Looks like promotional stills from drama. I would rather have seen them dressed stylishly but hanging out at cafes, museums etc doing some fun things and being themselves.

  2. (1) I really LOVE this radiant couple, they’ve both so comfortable to look at

    (2) I am glad they got to go for a romantic getaway in spain

    (3) Though it was unnecc. I do NOT think shooting this in Spain enhanced the pictures any. Other than the view backdrop …. the rest could be done anywhere if resourceful.

    This special couple basically rock their own pictures (even the simple candid airport one was so good).

    The first one is my favorite, the rest just ok.

  3. That white sweater wrapped around Ji Sung’s waist makes look like he’s wearing diapers. Could this be a subconscious desire for kids?

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