I Summon You “What The Hell Is This Crap?!?” Gold National Drama Nightmare Ends

The front runner for worst K-drama of the year wrapped up today in I Summon You, Gold. For 50 episodes this sucker was like a surreal trainwreck of epic proportions, easily out-classing other wacky or pointless recent weekend dramas such as The Best Lee Soon Shin or Hundred Year Inheritance, or painful and unpalatable currently airing ones like Goddess of Marriage. There are absolutely worse dramas than ISYG out there, but for the sake of not turning this into an empirical analysis of various levels of crap, let’s just say this one stinks in every which way it possibly could and then takes one final soak in manure on its way out. It’s a weekend drama about a rich dad that owns a diamond conglomerate, he has three sons with three women (first wife kicked out, second mistress rules the roost, third mistress off to the side), all three sons are married or gets married in the drama to women that are shrewish, scheming, or a useless wet blanket, and into this mess comes a poor family with the eldest daughter being used and abused like a pack mule. This drama consisted of 48 episodes where people behaved poorly in every conceivable way possible short of physical torture. The exception is the saintly Mary Sue of an aspiring jewelry designer heroine Mong Hee, who turns out to be the long lost twin of the shrewish wife Yoona who is married to the male lead Hyun Soo.

Forget that for 36 episodes Yoona was out of the picture and Hyun Soo and Mong Hee fell in love, the second the drama revealed they were twins the entire romance did an about-turn and Yoona was whitewashed, Hyun Soo and Mong Hee easily fell out of love after a one year time jump, and everyone went back to their original positions happy as clams as if nothing supremely awkward had just happened. As if that wasn’t unpalatable enough, in the end none of the horrid human trash, like the second mistress who was the root cause of all the bad things happening to everyone and the ambitious wife to the second son who gave up her own child to marry rich, got their comeuppance or even paid a price for their sins. This drama tied up every single loose end with it “smile and be happy!” ethos and resolved every single conflict easily as if people didn’t spend the last 20 episodes scheming to cling on to victory in each battle. To say I’m appalled is an understatement, and even if viewers in South Korea and internationally watch this drama and cluck over its ridiculous moral code and don’t subscribe to it, I still think it was a giant fuck you to put this on the air and waste the talents and effort of the entire cast and crew. If something is pure hate bile, I see no need to even package it as brainless entertainment and hope no one actually uses it as some sort of life lesson. A big hug to Han Ji Hye and Yeon Jung Hoon (and the rest of the hardworking cast) – may you all get good karma for being professional through a truly distasteful cinematic experience. I open this thread up as a recovery support group for ISYG viewers and as a forum to warn people away from ever watching this. This drama gives K-dramas a bad bad name.

A couple of better titles for this drama include “I Summon You, Brain Fart!” and “I Summon You, Ethical Hellhole”. I suppose the only consolation for leading lady Han Ji Hye was that she got double most leading lady screentimes by playing twins, and at least she didn’t get slapped around each episode like she did in May Queen.


I Summon You “What The Hell Is This Crap?!?” Gold National Drama Nightmare Ends — 35 Comments

  1. I can’t believe the writer didn’t anticipate the corner she was writing herself into — Mong Hee and Hyun Soo would never have been allowed to have a relationship because of their cultural milieu, so why devote so much damn time to their story? Making Yoona even mildly sympathetic instead of Anna Wintour on crack would have softened the blow somewhat.

    Never watching anything by this writer EVER again.

  2. At first when I heard that Han Ji Hye and Yun Jung Hoon were a couple in this I did a happy dance, after the heartbreak I had during East of Eden.

    I honestly liked Yoona more than Mong Hee simply because she seemed to be a more layered character (and I am kinda happy she and main guy ended up together), and I could have easy believed that main guy loved his wife all along and only fell in love with the twin because they look alike, but narrative wise it made no sense.

    • Yeah, I would have loved to believe that Yoona was meant for Hyun Soo all along but I just never got that vibe from the drama until it tried to play catch up in the last few episodes.

  3. seems like mexican soapopera la usurpadora… lol

    loved that one, but in the end the good twin and her ex-husband from her twin sister get together thank god.

    • That was my novela when the first version aired. Except for the fact that it was actually kind of good. While ISYG was a mess. Plus Twin #1 was truly an evil bitch that did not care about her husband & kids. She was the one that found her twin and made her take her place.While here Yoona was just a spoil brat with family issues.

  4. A kdrama of the lowest of low on moral values, principles and human dignity. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. The title to this drama should be “I AM AN EVIL MISTRESS AND IN THE END I WON BIGTIME”. or “I AM AN EVIL MISTRESS & I GOT AWAY WITH MY EVIL DOINGS” OR “HOW TO BE A DOORMAT”.

  5. I’ll edit or add after a few days stewing over the ending . Which I can’t bear to watch as a I saw the screen caps. I honestly do not know how to even comment about showing the lead female alone and watching the 3 rich couples frolic in the water. I mean how do you describe such tasteless, insensitive,clueless and just vomit inducing writing?

    You stupid writer you made Hyunsu and Monghee fall in love and it bloody well looked like a love story for 38 episodes. Then she b****y resolved it with MH just giving in and calling him bro in law. Gosh. Even if she got shafted the writer didn’t even give her a good ending. But made her remember moments with Hyunsu at the end . When she was on the same camping trip with them- HS and Yoona. What kind of writing is this?

    It’s not even if it’s makjang or not . It’s the fact that the writing is insane . That’s one of the most badly treated female leads in a Kdrama. Don’t even mention the morals/ethics of the dad and MH’s adoptive mum.

  6. Moral code of this drama: Level alien.
    Feel good factor: Not bad if you’re a compulsory polygamous husband or a psycho ahjumma.
    Fan service: Very little, for all the wrong reasons.
    As a viewer, as a woman and as a human being, I felt insulted by that ending. (The first 12 eps with the forced cohabitation were good.)
    Really, the cast did a good job with what they were given. HJH played the 2 sisters perfectly (+ the symbiotic version of the last episodes…). Hyun Soo was charismatic at first then became an amnesiac wuss. I hope oppa was well paid for that crap. A little thought for Lee Tae Sung who will go to MS after that dud: Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. We all need to forget & pass to something else.
    This was officially my last 50 eps family drama of 2013 (they all sucked!). If I start one next year, I’ll wait for it to be over & positively reviewed: As much as I love a cast, ain’t nobody got time for that kind of “entertainment”.

  7. This was so much of a mess.

    I have to believe that someone/something forced the writer to change trajectory 2/3 of the way through the series. Not that it made any sense before they decided to switch leading woman from Mong-hee to Yoona.

  8. I did not watch this drama but it seems Ms. Koala that the word of the week for several K-dramas was crap (or various synonyms for the word). I th

    • the worse it gets, the more people watch it.

      I know few people that think ”this is a mess, a big fucking mess, now I have to watch it until the end to see how this mess will end…”

      • Yeah, the fact that the ratings steadily went up as the WTFness of the writing increased is what I find the most depressing.

        Thanks for the well-deserved rant. *passes puke bowl around*

  9. It was so bizarre! If they were going to make Yoona the end game then they a) shouldn’t have made her disappear for 2/3rds of the drama and b) shouldn’t have let HS and MH get so entrenched in each others lives for so many episodes.

    Even storylines that I liked HT and MHyun could have been so much better – those 2 have a lot of chemistry and the Mina character could have been used for so much drama but was totally dropped.

    And don’t even get me started on the lack of responsibility/repercussions for, frankly disgusting behaviour. The stepmum was the epicentre of EVERY characters misery and was basically rewarded for being a terrible human being, the father was horrendous and the sister-in-law got pregnant in the end, which is code for forgiveness and reward in Korean family dramas. And the behaviour of Shim Duk toward the orphaned daughter-in-law was appalling – totally unreasonable! It boggles my mind that an adult essentially threw a 10 episode tantrum that everyone pretty much just accepted!! WHAT THE EFF.

    And that final scene! Never before have a I seen a more appropriate use of #foreveralone.

    I cannot believe how angry this stupid show made me! It does not deserve a SECOND MORE of my time.

  10. “Ethical Hell Hole” is a perfect title!!! I shudder when I think of daddy and his two + one wifes… What kind of morals is that!!!

    And, indeed, the narrative comes right from helle. I stopped to after HyunSu came back from Italy, it just didn’t make any sense!

  11. If you go to the official MBC page for the drama MG and HS are main couple
    HS was supposed to be divorced right from the beginning
    I really am super mad that 6 monthsssss later we get this crap ahhhhhh.
    Anyone notice the MayQueen tie in with Nobel Diamond, but at least she ended up with a man and the evil people went down in May Queen.

  12. Hahaha, this is a good way to come together and curse the writer.

    This end was a pile of crap in a nice wrapping paper. Still crap.

  13. I only watched the first few episodes of this show but it was shocked how han ji hye looked alot like suzy when she played yoona in some angles.

  14. I am angry at the writer completely changing my favorite character – Yoo Na. Suddenly she became Martha Stuart and HS only needed a few of her dinners to fall in love with Yoo Na and forget MH. And what was that about HS’s earring that disappeared? He came back from Italy a bad boy but then became the most boring character.

    MH’s adoptive mother was the most irritating hypocritical character. At the end she go MH back as her personal slave to live with her and take care of since all of her own kids were married off.

    The camping trip was horrifying. While being all lovey-dovey for three couples, it was a torture trip for poor MH, standing on sidelines and remembering her happy times with HS. Maybe she just went crazy from all the heartache and pain and her smile was really tears?

  15. this drama was such a joke, i followed this up to ep 36 and then after that i just read comments coz this drama was just a mess! i dont even wanna go on a long details but this one is a BIG STAY AND DON’T BOTHER WATCING DRAMA!

  16. I haven’t watched this one yet and now I know I won’t. I was very much burned by One hundred inheritance that to think this one is far worse than that is quite unimaginable. Just wow!!

  17. hahaha..abandon this at episode 12.I could not tolerate it.I find this year dramas is sad and not so interesting….just watching my fav actress drama and some potential actors..so far quite disappointed…hope the coming drama will arouse my interest….

  18. The writer must hate women. Every female was either evilly scheming, incredibly bitchy or a masochistic doormat. But then the male characters weren’t much better. I stopped watching after the umpteenth scene of mil abuse of dol (in both families) and kept up by reading other viewers’ comments. Given all the horrible characters, it makes me wonder about Korean family values since this terrible drama’s ratings were so high. Thanks for the space to rant/ vent.

  19. Family disfunction at its best! I’m amazed how the writers could conjure such manic story lines. I was pulled to watch episode after episode anticipating how much worse it could get. I say ,the writers did not disappoint my expectations. Though the emotional element is extremely exaggerated, on many instances, it spoke of the truth about human flaws, greed, anger and resentment within a family. In a strange weird way, I’m enjoying this twisted mess of a drama! 😉

  20. I Say You’re Guilty!
    Twins Forbidden Love,
    Geed, A Mother-in-Laws Story
    I Sold My Baby for Gold!

    Alternate Ending:

    Cosmetic Sister meets ill father of young girl sold for gold, falls in love with him (he still has feeling for her Designer Sister). Ill Father likes Cosmetic Sister and her new caring and straightforward ways, Cosmetic sister asks her Designer Sister to change places with her so she can be with her new love.

    With love for her new found sibling and desire for her brother-in-law, Designer sister agrees. Cosmetic Sister divorces husband, exchanges places with Designer Sister and runs away to marry ill father of young girl sold for love and they live very happy on a tree farm where young girl calls her Cosmetic Mama who now makes Kimchee Cosmetics for local women.

    Designer Sister is now divorced Cosmetic Sister, She tells everyone she has fallen in love again with Divorced Husband, they marry again! Happy at last they start a new company where Cosmetic Sister aka Designer Sister takes lesions in designing Jewelry and becomes a renowned designer of Gold Jewelry for the Rich and Bitchy! She gives all of her profits to the Korean Instructional School for Scriveners and Associated Social Scribes, KISSASS for short. Thus she hopes to encourage better writing and instruction for short sighted writing hopefuls.

    As for the evil women whom deceived and connived to obtain ill-gotten gains or personal benefit they all were carted off to work in garment factories in North Korea. He Who Sleeps with Evil Women discovered he really was a cross dresser and became a Painted Faced Singer in a Karaoke Bar. And for the Bitchy Mother-in-Laws they ended living alone together…

  21. I’m on episode 36 and I can’t agree more with all your comments! This drama is ruined by the writer! What a piece of crap! So sorry for the casts. They are wonderful by the way!

  22. I almost waste my 2 fucking days watching this crap bcos i love Han Ji Hye (she is so fucking perfect when she played Yoona) I Could say that she is one of the beautiful faces in korea.

    But wait regarding to this drama…
    I am very dissapointed. They only waste money for producing this drama. This is crap? After a long long episde…. you used MH. And now you made us think that they are perfectly together, then episode 40 Yoona came back? And the end, she win the battle HS heart? fucking crap!!! Poor drama.

    To those who are planning to watch this movie, babe dont play it. You will end up dissapointed. I swear ?

  23. Those are two days of my life l will never get back and the drama wasn’t even worth it. The end where the lead is just looking at the happy couples is just so sad and twisted. Can you believe this shit even the bitch who abandoned and denied her daughter got a happy ending. To make matters worse the guy who would have been the other love interest was diagnosed with terminal cancer how cruel. I wish this writer rots in hell for the bitterness I’ve felt all week

  24. I hate the ending…luckily i read this review otherwise i would hv wasted my time and feel depress with the ending. The writer could hv made yoona died in car accident, her rich family then adopted mung hee as replacement. Mung hee then married hyunsoo and live happily everafter..

  25. I really wish I came across this before watching it. Goddamnit. I was already annoyed by several things along the way, but when Yoona decided to stay and wait for Hyun Soo, I literally went, “Wtf???”, cause it started looking very much like the Hyun Soon and Yoona pairing was going to happen after all. They may have been married, but there was effin’ no relationship growth like there was between him and Mong Hee. And then they dropped that pairing after a one year timeskip. After so much effort in building that relationship. I’m in the middle of ep.46 at the moment, but I couldn’t take the crap anymore so I had to pause and Google the ending. Now that I’ve read this, I feel even more annoyed cause I wasted all that time watching, only to drop it. Yep, 3 and a half episodes left, but I’m dropping it. I can’t stand the bs any longer. I’m seriously berating myself for deciding to search for spoilers when it’s much too late, though. Hahahah.


      Am in ep 45 and am thinking of dropping it so i googled for the ending! Yes, it was bad writing esp bec I was rooting for MH. Such a sad ending for her!!!

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