Park Shin Hye: Mature Lady in Red for InStyle and Student Lost in the Desert for Heirs

It may feel like certain actors or actresses have been getting quite a lot of coverage around here and chalk it up to upcoming dramas and corresponding exposure all converging together. Park Shin Hye just went back to Korea after spending a month in Southern California filming the overseas portion of Heirs of Their Inheritors. She likely wrapped up a lot of promotional work in South Korea before flying across the Pacific because for the October issue of InStyle Korea, Shin Hye hews closer to her real adult age for a Fall fashion spread focused on the color red. Looks like red is coming back in (*pencils it in*) and by golly does she look fantastic in it. I like that this photo spread doesn’t fall back on the easy stereotype the wearing read means va-va-va-voom or vixen, but instead it runs the gamut from cool to ladylike. I really love the picture above with the guitar, she’s really wearing the clothes well and the color looks fabulous on her. Her casting in Heirs was a conceptual disappointment for me in terms of wanting her to fully move past the school-age roles, and a step back from the maturity she showed onscreen in Flower Boy Next Door playing an adult-aged shut-in woman. I always got the sense that she’s more mature than her real age even when she was a child actor, probably something she shares with other child actors who grew up in the limelight. But I did want to see her pair up with Lee Min Ho so I guess it comes out to a wash that they are doing Heirs together. Check out the latest Park Shin Hye official stills from Heirs showing her lost in the dry California desert. If I were to put her official stills in Heirs next to the more adult look for InStyle, I’d pick the latter in a heartbeat. To change some words around in the Britney Spears coming-of-age song, Park Shin Hye is “no longer a girl, and totally already a woman.” Though for a famous child star, she did grow up very well indeed. 


Park Shin Hye: Mature Lady in Red for InStyle and Student Lost in the Desert for Heirs — 17 Comments

  1. though lot are saying that heirs main lead have no chemistry, i think otherwise. LMH got this talent of connecting w/ his pair and PSH can act. m sure we will not be disappointed by them.

      • Me too ! Ihave red so many comments abt thr ack of chemistry but I think both know how to event chemistry and react out if nobel gases ! Lol
        Anyways I love that she can be both lady and girl in a heart beat and in the least effort and face expressions ! Love her and lee min ho is my fav actor ! So I think this match is made in heaven !

  2. When she was first cast, i was one of those skeptical people.
    Then, i couldn’t help but grow some love for the poor gal when majority of people blamed her for lack of passion/chemistry to the point of weak acting. A part of me is secretly rooting for the gal to prove people wrong (even just a little).
    What’s done is done. I think it’s best for us just to sit back and enjoy Heirs for all the candy and nothing more. As long as i come in with that mindset, Heirs will make for some popcorn entertainment. One can only hope that after this Lee Min Ho and park shin hye both move onto more serious/mature roles and get luckier with their costar.
    I must be in a good mood this morning.

    • I’m rooting for her too, simply because if there is no chemistry people will pin the blame solely on her the way they do on Gu Hye-sun in BOF. And one thing about the teaser gives me hope for the chemistry – the fact that they appear to become friends first? (I really, really hope they do). But yeah, I agree that after this, everyone should step into the adult roles that they’ve done before, they suit those more.

  3. Ockoala many people argued that you did not like Park Shin Hye, they said you criticized a lot, but I personally never felt that you would like and want to see her grow as an actress and I agree with you. To me she is a great actress but should focus on becoming an actress of recognition. It’s very nice having class is fairly mature and just hope she can act after it passes this time bomb that is heirs papers focus on her out of that area, I do not think that this project is suitable for that but I have faith that in the future will become not only a popular actress if not a great actress
    Sorry for the bad grammar my English is not very good

  4. I think shin hye start step by step to be real actress and I think her Role in Heirs it will be a good step for her to praised after Movie and Drama is big step towards her goal.
    I hope she graduate and start new Era of drama .<3
    I love her and I wish her Luck .

  5. Yes, Shinhye “is no longer a girl” but can definitely act as one. She has given enough glimpses of her true potential as a versatile actress. I think that maybe one of the reasons why many would like to see her in more challenging roles. As far as this particular role is concerned, we don’t know anything about the characters and the plot. PSH and LMH are good enough actors to be able to successfully create chemistry through their acting assisted by script, director and props like setting, background music etc. I am sure we will enjoy the drama if we don’t approach it by looking for flaws and preconceived notions.

    I am right behind everyone who is willing to wait and give the young artists a chance to show their capabilities instead of only criticising …… some cases in an extremely harsh manner. The purpose of criticism should be constructive and not that of breaking or hurting anyone. We do not have enough facts available to jump the gun. This drama is full of youngsters who deserve encouragement by at least waiting and giving them an opportunity to show their worth. Even if they show an improvement from their last appearance…… my eyes, they will have done well.

  6. Park shin hye will show her poweress as an actress …shinhye always adds a lot to her characters…she is amazing at transforming herself in diff characters ..and for the chemistry …she improved a lot in flowerboy next door and she ll improve here too .. i ll leave tht to lee min ho ..he is good kisser so i expect a good one .. 😀

  7. The acting combination of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye is a diamond yet to be polished. The potential of this duo is phenomenal. Both Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye are not only talented in the acting industry, they also have been blessed with beautiful voices. (It would be a nice surprise if they recorded a song together for the drama Heirs.) Each of them have a strong personality that has not been captured in its brilliance. The depth of their characters on AND off screen will radiate through their actions. However, the capabilities have been confined in the RomCom genre, while their talents would be opportune in the action/adventure drama (like where Shin Hye can be a pilot or a police officer :} ) Park Shin hye rocks the RomCom, but if she steps up she would annihilate the action dramas. She has already expressed her interest in the action facet, and we all know Lee Min Ho is a strong contender from his previous work, City Hunter. I hope they work together even after Heirs is over, hopefully next time in an action drama. It would be a shame if this duo was abandoned after Heirs is done filming and before they were able to develop their budding partnership. Although, there has been allocations imposing the lack of chemistry between Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, the allure of their relationship is not superficial. The connection between the two is more intense than either had anticipated, and the bond will remain through their careers in the entertainment industry. (Maybe as a romantic relationship, but definitely as a professional friendship that will benefit both of them.) If they will allow this professional friendship, it will takeover the entertainment industry.

    • Well said, applause!!
      Despite all the negative comments previously, am pleased to read comments here gearing towards the positive for a change. KUDOs to everyone who commented so far!
      Here’s looking forward to October 9. cheers to a good day..

      • “I hope they work together even after Heirs is done filming”
        That would be nice as it is undeniable that they look damn fine together as a couple.

    • Is this a press release? If it isn’t, I applaud you for your important tone, single-minded focus, and use of multi-syllabic words. It’s a publicity flack’s dream, especially the parts about “their talents would be opportune in the action/adventure drama” and “she would annihilate the action dramas” and “there has been allocations imposing the lack of chemistry.”

      Heirs is truly the gift that just keeps giving.

      • Thank you! 🙂 No, it’s not a press release. I just wanted to post my opinion, because I can’t wait for Heirs! I’ve been waiting for Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye to star in a drama together, since I first saw them in the Etude House CF’s.

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