Third Preview Teaser for Heirs Drops Lots of Narrative Goodness

The release of the third preview teaser for Heirs or The Inheritors helps us take a break from the overload of character stills from the drama. This is the most substantive teaser to date and really showcases what to expect. The possibility that Heirs would be a hot mess was bandied about mostly because of how derivative the set up appeared to other popular dramas of yore like the Hana Yori Dango franchise, but I’ve seen every single Kim Eun Sook drama and she’s never made a hot mess. Ever. I may not like all her dramas but even her worst outing is significantly more coherent and watchable than a good chunk of the K-dramas out there. Not everyone will or need to like Heirs, but there is a low probability of a full on train wreck coming. Plus the leads with the most screen time Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye can act. Even if they end up not having sizzling chemistry, as long as it’s not two identical poles repelling each other then it will also be fine. So let’s get down to talking about this teaser, the most significant new development came in the form of the dangling item above in the screencap. That’s a dreamcatcher, an item originating with one particular Native American tribe culture and has since been adopted by other tribes over centuries and to this day has come to symbolize a very well-known cultural belief of Native American people.

The dreamcatcher is a handmade object based on a willow hoop with sacred details such of feathers and stones attached to it – the dreamcatcher is hung to ward off bad dreams and only allow the good ones in. Kim Eun Sook loves to use symbolism in her dramas, and her major failing is overusing it until it’s literally hammered home (think the freaking Little Mermaid in Secret Garden). The dreamcatcher motif looks to figure prominently in the interaction between Cha Eung Sang and Kim Tan. In the teaser, Eun Sang works multiple jobs in Korea and finds an excuse to come to US to see her older sister. In the US, she ducks to avoid the rain and notices a dreamcatcher. She has a falling out with her unni on the boardwalk by the beach and this scene is witnessed by Kim Tan. Looks like he takes pity on her and takes her under his wing, probably remembering what it felt like to be all alone in a foreign country. We see big brother Kim Won being a total ogre to Kim Tan, but luckily new friend Eun Sang is around as company. In the end Kim Tan asks himself if he’s falling for her while the dreamcatcher is hanging in his posh backyard awning. But what started this teaser off right is hearing Eun Sang ask Kim Tan if he’s okay and Lee Min Ho does a really heartfelt reply of “I’m not okay” that really captures the pain this boy is feeling. Nicely done. Check out the preview below, I’ve translated the dialogue.

Third preview teaser for Heirs:

[youtube id=”OMlhVsqwyQc” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Third Preview Teaser for Heirs Drops Lots of Narrative Goodness — 62 Comments

  1. Thanks for translating. Really heart-warming dialogues between Kim-tan and Eun-sang. And I’m relieved that he is not a jerk with her. They will start as friends and develop romantic feelings. Thanks for change, Kim Eun-sook.

    • yes, i’ve only ever seen this in Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek. I didn’t love it but styck with it because the 2 leads started as friends and grew from there. They were so supportive of one another and actually became best friends and then started dating. I loved that about the drama.

  2. So I guess I’m relieved because even if I wanted to avoid the drama, I have to watch it to make an opinion (and because even though it’s sooo bad, I’m a Gossip Girl’s fan and this show kind of reminds me of it lol).
    It’s really great not to have the usual girl/boy fighting and fighting because of their differences and blablabla. But instead starting as friends and then developping as lovers (reminds me of DAC, gosh’ I want to watch the drama again –‘)
    But anyway, sounds good. I am excited with the step brother and step sister a little bit more. They aren’t blood related but siblings which makes the whole thing … so interesting ^^

  3. I think I like this teaser a lot. It looks great and definitely showcase PSH and LMH’s actings
    And I don’t think Heirs is an usual candy story when the rich guys try to wow the poor girl w their fortunes while being jerk to her.It appears that these 2 people come close together bc of personal wounds and find conform from each other…. more humanity YES!!! The drama portraits pretty realistic too (from fashion to expression, no mangaish and over-reacting). Another PLUS!
    I also hope to see a lot of flaws from CES and KT and will witness them grow as the drama process too
    Thanks Koala for translating and covering Heirs. I hope heirs, the cast and KES will surprise us. While I don’t agree with you a lot of times but I like your honesty and appreciate your efforts.

  4. Amazing, the difference between an OK teaser and a GOOD teaser.
    KES decided to give us a “nice” male lead, leaving the a$$hole part to the other guys. That’s a fresh approach for both her and us viewers and a nice way to balance the story.
    Can I just say I love the inclusion of mystical material/pop culture in her stories? It’s simply nice to see a drama writer who has a tiny bit of curiosity for what happens outside the frontiers of her country, someone who’s interested in other ways of thinking.
    At the moment, none of the characters (or the actors) rub me the wrong way. I’m ready for the ride on that dusty and bumpy road. 🙂

  5. The tone is actually different from my expectation, while the first 2 teasers didn’t make me feel good but this teaser heightened my expectation for Heirs and still….. no Im Joo Eun. CJH’s character seems like a cold ass towards Kim Tan. It will be better if they made the setting to be in Univesity instead of high school. Anyway, the tone sounds more mature than BOF and I’m happy.

    Kim Eun Sook drama may not be my cup of tea but the romance part is always pretty satisfying cos i always have a thing for the “male lead fall in love first” plot.

  6. the other trailers were ok but this one makes me actually really want to watch this ….

    also I love how lee min ho always plays the guy that likes the girl first =)

  7. This teaser gave a better idea of what to expect, I still see a lot of stereotypes – something usual in KES’ dramas. Acting seems good enough, but I agree with some people that an University environment suits better the characters.

    • No no, this is definitely a high school drama. The costume designer back in early July discussed her important task of designing the school uniforms and revealed that approximately 70% of this drama the leads will be in uniform. Im Joo Eun plays a teacher at Empire High School and she has a love line with Choi Jin Hyuk stemming from it. If there is college and beyond, it won’t happen until the very end of the drama.

      This still of Kang Min Hyuk supposedly shows off the uniforms at Empire High. See the crown on top of the insignia.

      • I know that IJE will play a teacher but will she be one for our leads? She can have an independent late storyline in SK (with the student who has a crush on her & Gumihot). Also, are the scenes shot at Redland Uni going to be used for HS setting? or later in the drama (back to the US for College)?
        Something’s wrong with my timeline…
        😉 I guess it wouldn’t be fun to know everything in advance but I still bet on chronological shooting and storytelling with time jumps and at least one flashback.

  8. I have a question for Ms. K. and this out of curiosity, not criticism. I am wondering, have you changed your opinion about LMH as an actor? I am asking that question because of the statement you have made (in this post) that he can act. I am not trying to debate whether or not he can act (so please, no stones throwing 🙂 ), however, reading your thoughts on Faith and LMH in it, and reading the comments you have made about LMH as an actor (mainly that you liked him, but had yet to see him shine/excel/wow you in a role, or something along those lines), and a while ago the comparison you made about LMH and JIW (that when you watch LMH act, it feels like you “are watching LMH act,” meaning he is making an effort and it is noticeable, however, he doesn’t seem to manage to disappear into the role and become the character, whereas JIW manages to become the character and looses himself into the role.
    If you have changed your mind about LMH as an actor (his abilities that is), that is fine, and you are certainly entitled to it. I am just curious as to what might have brought that on. I guess I am a little curious about your thought process about his acting, if I may be honest. I am trying to see you might have seen. Did you (maybe)notice some things with the trailers (and maybe more with this one) that you didn’t see before about LMH?

    I hope it is OK that I am asking these questions, and I hope that you will indulge me with an answer. I actually felt the same way, that when I would watch LMH act, I felt that I was watching him act, and I was not sucked into him being the character. I do think that he can act, however, I have not seen him (so far), act well or stay in character THROUGHOUT a whole drama, in every single scene, in every single episode. I am not sure what it is and I am not an actress, so I don’t know, however, it has often felt as if he would feel self conscious at times, and hence become his own source of hindrance. In those instances, I have not seen him as the character he is supposed to portray, though I could see his effort. it felt like he was struggling to push through something, and so his performance was not be what it could have been.

    I do hope that he will be different in Heirs, every single time. I do wish him well, professionally and otherwise, I am not hating on him. I asked my questions because I am usually curious as to how sometimes some viewers come to certain conclusions, especially if and when they are different from mine.

    For instance, when you said that LSG’s acting had regressed in GFB, I actually agreed with you, because I could see it. I said the same thing to myself after watching episodes 3 and 4 of GFB. I did like a lot of things about GFB personally, and others, I was not impressed with or had issues with. I know that in genre, tone and story-wise, GFB was different than the K2Hs, however, I would also say that the latest was a drama in which LSG did well, making us believe he was JH and making us feel what JH felt.

    Coming back to LMH, I have liked him best in BOF, so far. I do think he made that character. I also think that his shyness (BTS), and his awkwardness (also BTS) were qualities that served him well in that drama. The way he would waddle left and right when he walks, and other mannerisms of his, were believable for a HS student trying to figure himself out, and figure out his place in his society, in his family with all the complications that were present, and him falling in love, in the midst of all that. I wouldn’t say that his acting was perfect 100% of the time, only that I feel that it was the role (so far), in which I have found him most believable.
    In his following roles, I have felt that LMH was miscast. When I would read the descriptions of the characters, and see LMH portray those characters, they didn’t match 100%. Again, I could see his effort, however, that was not good enough to sell it, at least not for me. As I have said involved, I am all for being nicely surprised with Heirs, and not only with LMH, but with all the actors and actresses involved. I also do agree with your statement that CJH has his own big shoes to fill, acting wise, in Heirs. I guess we will find out (soon enough) if he does.

    • Hi Ivoire, I’m really hot and cold about Lee Min Ho. That’s explaining it very broadly but I think he CAN act but haven’t always seen him deliver on his potential or ability. Does that make sense?

      • Hello Ms. K! So do you mean that one minute you think he is OK (or one minute you like him or rather, who he is), and the next you don’t? I looked up the expression “hot and cold,” and what I found (as explanations) applied to relationships and not being emotionally available, which I know does not apply here. So, I am still a little confused. I wish you had explained a little more what you meant by “being really hot and cold about LMH”.
        Thank you for responding, however. I know you must be very busy.

  9. Well, maybe I’ll eat my words but I actually really liked this teaser and I’m excited now LOL I saw a little hope between PSH and LMH there, and the thing that the main guy is good to the main girl is a mega PLUS!

    But didn’t his character description say he would be pretty cold and arrogant? I expect he do something bad against PSH’s character or misunderstand her? Weird.

  10. I’m totally liking this latest teaser! I hope this drama will be good because I seriously need a drama addiction right now >.<

  11. This new trailer makes me impatient with anticipation for it to air. So far it showcased a well balanced acting from the leads and script wise, KES’ writing seemed stable. But then again, it is a preview and previews usually highlights some areas that if we see the whole episode end up shattering (or cementing) our high expectations. I have to keep mine lower in order not to be disappointed. Heirs please be a good one so I can keep rooting for you.

  12. Hi, first time here but had to point something out. The writer’s name is Kim Eun Suk/Sook, not Seok. You have quite a few translation mistakes for the trailer too… I suggest you take more Korean classes or have it verified by a native speaker.

    • Thanks for all the corrections, fixed it. I was rather in a rush this morning to post it before heading into a meeting.

      Since I took your suggestions constructively, let me suggest you find more interesting things to say in a comment other than pointing out mistakes in a douchey way. For the record, I never held any translated work product out as either certified correct or as anything other than something on the run after watching it once and scribbling down the dialogue.

      • It’s regrettable that you took my words as “douchey”. My suggestions were not meant to be sarcastic, they were realistic and genuine advices if you wished to continue to post translations here. Even if you never published them as something certified, all the readers of your blog who don’t understand Korean must have thought that you had solid command of the language to be able to provide translations. They must have trusted you, perhaps not 100% accurate, but at least to have delivered reasonably correct gist of the words. However, some of your translations were so far from correct and could seriously mislead the readers about the content of the drama. Do you mean you take no responsibilty whatsoever, and you don’t care about the credibility of your writing? Can we safely assume from now on that all of your writings are scribbles on the run? If so, feel free to let us know beforehand and disregard my comments entirely.

      • I didn’t say your words are sarcastic or intended as such. The douchey part referred to how you felt the need to deliver a comment solely to point out mistakes without any substantive value to the post about the trailer itself. My readers point out errors, typos, et. al. often and I gladly correct it. As I did here.

        The suggestion I take Korean language lessons or get a verified translation review is, what’s that word I’m looking for, ah yes, condescending. That’s the douchey part. Why would I disregard your comment if it’s constructive? I find your attitude laughably self-important.

        This is a drama blog. I write about Korean and Chinese and Japanese dramas. I translate from all three languages, as accurate as I can be, and sometimes with more time to proof, watch multiple times to make sure it’s correct, mull over a phrase to select the best translation. Sometimes it’s done on the fly. It was totally on the fly this morning. For you to assume I need lessons is rather presumptuous, yes? That’s the attitude I am calling out, not the message you are imparting.

        This is a blog so I am not beholden to the standards of journalism requiring editorial overview and certain linguistic standards before posting. Just because I may post something containing some mistakes, whether in fact, translation, incorrect viewing of something, a mistaken assumption, etc., does not invalidate the credibility of my writing. If you think it does, then feel free not to read. I honestly have no idea how my blog started to chat with a few drama friends got so popular, but honesty and sincerity has been my modus operandi and sometimes I may post faster to share stuff rather than pore through each detail for 100% accuracy.

        Absolutely I can continue to better my language skills. And my writing skills. And my social skills. Hell, if people were candid everyone can stand to always improve. But I write much more than simply translating dialogue so why would you ask if ALL my “writings” are scribbles when the breadth of my writing here encompasses way more than simply translating words from one language to another. Once again for you to posit that if I cannot deliver 100% accurate translations at all times then ALL my writing is not credible is utterly absurd and throwing out such broad generalities shows that you choose to deliver your message as an attack, and one that is all or nothing in your mind.

        I can both accept the validity of your first comment but have every right and basis to call you out on the intention behind your desire to post your first comment to be one that leaps to conclusions left and right and states it as fact.

        I hope that you can sift through my suggestion towards how you communicated here with the same acceptance I had towards you. I corrected my typo of Kim Eun Sook’s name and deleted the hastily translated dialogue in lieu of an official DF preview with their subs embedded. I’m only taking the time to have an in-depth discussion because I found that the content of comment was valid but your intention was douchey IMO. Perhaps that is how you talk to people, but honestly your tone of voice is very patronizing.

        I don’t mind putting a disclaimer at the end of every post where I did a Korean translation “Warning: May Not be 100% Accurate, Read At Your Own Risk.” But that’s the understanding around here because I have never ever held myself out as translating expertly, so that seems rather overkill.

        And lastly, why do I need to let folks know anything and the quality, accuracy, or reliability of anything they read here? I don’t ask people to read my stuff by posting links anywhere. I simply write. You can choose to read. For the record, if everything I wrote was a honking mess of inaccurate translations, mistaken reporting, erroneous conclusions, do you think people will come back to keep reading? Don’t take one poorly translated preview as indication that all is wrong here because all is not right in your esteemed linguistic expertise.

        Thanks for pointing out the mistakes so I could correct them. I’ll have to politely decline your suggestion to take Korean language classes or pay for a verified translator (or inconvenience my native speaker friends) to read my personal blog posts. Peace out.

      • I must confess, I thought my comments were constructive because they made you correct the egregious errors. Perhaps my manner peeved you, but your unashamed attitude of providing plain wrong information was offensive to me. Though you’re not beholden to standards of established journalism (which I never insisted), your blog is public and thus open to criticism of your visitors. I simply talked about being respectful toward your readers, whether or not they are significant in number. Do you think it’s totally fine to provide, no matter how few and close they are to you, with utterly mistaken content? I did not write “positive” (if you think that’s what’s constructive) comments about what you wrote because the whole premise of your and your readers’ “analysis” could depend on your messy translations, and added the second comment because apparently you have no remorse about it. You could have just admitted that Korean is not your native language and requested the readers’ understanding. I would have felt sorry about making you feel uncomfortable. If you’re totally fine with having “in-depth” discussions based on mistranslations, go ahead. I won’t bother your little bubble of “add-your-own-captions” world of kdramas. Oh and please don’t call them simple “mistakes” or “typos”. Those are what you make when you know the stuff but missed couple of technical parts. What you did was an imaginative (I’ll give you that) re-writing of the actual dialogues. You have misled many readers and have no shame about it. That’s why my comments here sound rude and condescending, because you thought it wasn’t important and I felt disrespected as a reader to begin with.

      • @ May

        Admit that Korean is not my native language? Why would I need to admit something that is out in the open and a well known fact. That’s once again such a projection and fallacy of yours. I have never ever in the history of this blog ever said Korean was my native language or that I was fluent in it. Everyone who reads my blog regularly must know because I’ve made it clear before. Heck, people who read must know where I live, where I am from originally, etc., because I reference it in discussions at times when applicable.

        Why would I have to admit to you that I’m not a native speaker when you, who know nothing about me, presumed that I was putting myself out as one just because I translated some Korean dialogue? I’m in awe of your supercilious attitude and ability to make truly huge leaps of deduction that you then put forth as fact.

        For the record, English is also not my native language. In fact, English is the 4th language I learned. I hope I am communicating properly here with you without the need of a native English speaker to verify that the words I am using are correct. I hope you don’t need me to go through my stable of language skills and list it out and my degree of fluency in each, or lack thereof in each.

        I admitted right off the bat my translations were mistaken at parts, and no it wasn’t all completely made up. What more do you want? I watched it quickly and wrote down what I heard. End of story. Why should I be repentant or remorseful for making mistakes?!?! I own up to it and correct it. Your attitude appears to require that I prostrate myself at you as the reader’s feet and apologize profusely. You weren’t content on pointing out mistakes, you were “offended” so you said, and therefore the intention of your comment was to put me down as evidenced by the patronizing suggestion that I take language classes. C’mon, don’t take people for fools, the beauty of language is it allows people to communicate between the lines in addition to the straight forward meaning. Your entire comment was intended not for me to correct errors, but to point how fluent in Korean you are and how not fluent I am.

        Putting that aside, how do you know I don’t think mistakes are important and making errors are not inconsequential? That is why I fix it the moment I’m aware of it. But you are wrong in thinking ANY OF THIS is consequential. I write about dramas. Period. Lighten up and please don’t read my blog if it upsets you so. I would hate that you feel so disrespected simply by reading something so trivial.

        Let’s end it at that. You felt disrespected by me translating this particular preview dialogue wrong, very very wrong in some places. I feel insulted you levied a whole bunch of baseless assumptions at me. Since reading my writing makes you feel angry and disrespected, and reading your writing makes me feel baffled and annoyed, then let’s call it a day here. You don’t need to read my blog if that will help you stop being so upset. I don’t know what I can do other than stop translating Korean unless its perfect, but then again, if you’re not reading then I don’t think that will affect you.

        You can leave it up to my readers to decide if they want to keep reading, and each person can decide whether I am being “respectful” towards them or not. You clearly don’t think so and I respect your opinion. In fact, it actively upsets me that people make the effort to come here to read things only to be annoyed if they knew beforehand it would annoy them, such that they already know I don’t like a certain drama but keep coming back to be upset. Since you already know you don’t like reading my blog, I think the solution is within your control. With this situation, there will be readers who think I have always been respectful and will want me to keep writing and we can both continue on our merry ways in life.

        It is absolutely your right to hold the opinions you stated and I respectfully disagree with some of your allegations is all.

      • hi koala, just wanted to say that your command of English is AMAZING for your 4th language, omg.

    • Dear Miss Koala, don’t bother.
      We all know you’re not a native Korean speaker (though I mistook you for a native English speaker). And we’re all happy you can find some Baidu gems for us.
      Y’a qu’ceux qui font rien qui font pas de bêtises. Et les inspecteurs des travaux finis devraient apprendre à sourire.

    • Nobody is recommended to criticize unless he is enabled to do so by some superior authority. This also should be done in a proper way and not publicly.

      A well-wishing friend, a caring parent or somebody who truly loves a person, can sometimes make a remark to that person in a proper way, without other ulterior motives (which is most often the desire to push the person down).

      If a person does not allow us to reprimand him, it is better not to do it.

      • I think people don’t often realize that criticism and the impetus behind it can often be at odds. The message may be correct but if the intention is to demean and belittle then it’s quite proper to be called to task for it. I agree with your observation though I think even public criticism is fine if its genuinely not motivated to feed into a feeling of superiority.

  13. the ending of all three teasers were so strong * in my opinion *

    1st teaser ending-
    Minho: *puts hand on shinhye’s shoulder* it’s okay baby. :0 🙂

    2nd teaser ending-
    Minho: you’re a little cute
    Shinhye: If you know than that’s enough.

    3rd teaser ending-
    Minho: *looks at shinhye* do i like her?

    really can’t wait for this drama!!

  14. i’m still barely interested in it but then again, I don’t care for high school/teen centric dramas unless they are truly exceptional and more true to life and genuine (ie. answer me 1997). I will be watching though because there are always exceptions. I really enjoyed Dream High when I thought I would hate it. Hope this is good too and not full of uninspiring or boring cliches.

    • I loved Dream High and Answer Me 1997 as well. Those two were exceptional K-drama high school stories. I wouldn’t even put Heirs anywhere near those in construct or tone. I’m expecting something totally different – a Kim Eun Sook adult drama but reduced to younger emotional ranges and conflicts.

      I highly recommend Monstar as another very well done high school K-drama.

  15. lee min ho looks different .. i dunnno how ..which angle…but his face is smaller …perhaps he deited a lot ???even in his closeups he looks diff ..mouth jaw ..except for his nose ..his face is different ,..wat did u do lee min ho!!!!

  16. Kudos OcKoala! This is something I am looking forward to a write up. NO CONCLUSION to a half baked items, putting his/her best opinion without bias. In this way, the blog will not attract haters/bashers, because these people are sick people… they are looking for a an entrance to attack the artist they hate.

    Sometimes I wonder why they HATE certain artist that they never encounter in their real lives. They can not separate the reel vs. real. KDrama/Kpop or showbiz per se should be entertainment medium, and not source of stress or depression. If you don’t like the drama/artist/idol then do not read/write about them.

    Again good Job and thank you!

  17. I think lee min ho can pull it togather ! As for the mistakes ive seen them but was sure ull correct them when h had a chance ! A and ya i kinda now noticed the ending of each teaser k think the drama is so lavish and well paid for and im happy for that ! And i think papa gumiho is going to be the best character
    By the way ! though the site is not 100% mh number one web site but I still enjoy evefything in it ! Hope one day koala unnie will also write us a book abt her drama experience and expertise ! Like unnie over at dramabeans ! Wish u well and keep up the good work !

  18. Hi Ockoala
    just being teenie weenie bit long winded here BUT then again, you are much appreciated for all the info that you post in lightning manner like I always said since the days of M3. Mucho gracias… please keep up the good work…cheers..

  19. Ms. Koala,
    Thank you for sharing translations, previews, stills and most importantly your thoughts and insights. Please continue to share. I greatly appreciate it.

      • I have lots of faith in you. I do not think for one moment that you will run out of things to say. Luv that sense of humour of yours, way to go, girl!

    • I agree with @peacegee in thinking (and hoping) that you will not run out of things to say. Your wit and humour is great. I know that on more than one occasion I’ve read your writing and it’s put a smile on my face (and a good laugh). Keep up the great work.

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