Goddess of Fire Episode 25-26: Jung Yi Gets Her Revenge On with Tae Do’s Help

Goddess of Fire is like the negative version of the gift that keeps on giving, it’s literally like getting the worst case of food poisoning causing the runs that never stop even when you think this the last time and it can’t possibly plague you anymore. See, I made another crap joke, so this drama continues to inspire me to find insults and disgusting references suitable to describe its repugnancy to me. Poor Moon Geun Young got a camera to the eye two weeks ago and the entire drama shut down for a week for her to recover enough to resume filming. This week GoF picked up right where it left off on the narrative incompetency scale and romance-zero narrative, the only difference is Moon Geun Young does all her scenes with a visible swollen right eye. Suffering for art is only worth it if it is art, and art GoF is not. So what happened in the most recent episodes of GoF? Jung Yi magically turns smart and scheming and gets the backing of Consort Inbin and uses it to bring Kang Chun down. Consort Inbin wants her to make pottery for her personally and this news leads Yook Do to be jealous enough to challenge Jung Yi to yet another competition to make tea cups for the royal family with her becoming an official potter on the line. Jung Yi tricks Yook Do into using a type of clay that has been near seafood and thus triggers Shinsonggun’s severe seafood reaction when he drinks from it. Yook Do gets tossed in prison and now Kang Chun is brought to his knees and goes to beg Jung Yi to save his son. On non-revenge related plot line, Jung Yi cooks for Gwanghaegun and that’s about it between them, continuing the least romantic main lead development in the history of K-dramas. Kang Chun’s minion finds out who Jung Yi’s birth mother is and puts two and two together and is the first to realize that Jung Yi is actually Kang Chun’s daughter. Tae Do helps Jung Yi with her revenge, still the perfect orabeoni. Hwa Ryung goes all-evil finally and kills her mentor and takes over the merchant group. In the funniest cameo appearance EVER, Ahn Seok Hwan shows up as Hideyoshi Toyotomi (豊臣秀吉) who sees Jung Yi’s pottery brought back to Japan and spots a talent. Can we Fedex Jung Yi to Japan in the next episode and end it right there?


Goddess of Fire Episode 25-26: Jung Yi Gets Her Revenge On with Tae Do’s Help — 8 Comments

  1. It hurted me to see her eye swollen and with a bit of blood 🙁 She’s an awesome actress and a real life angel. I hope she doesn’t take a 2 year break after GOF, I would miss her so much. I also hope some PD would see the amazing chemistry between Bummie and her,so they could act together as the OTP. Everything you’ve mentioned about GOF is not rude, is the truth. This is an awful drama.

  2. I think smart it’s not really the good word… She made almost kill the half-brother of the guy she likes (even she doesn’t really show it) and she plot with the woman who wants the exil or death of the same guy… I want to see her win making potery and not stupid plot… For the romantic part, I gave up. It’s never the sexy, dangerous and kind guy who wins… 🙁

  3. Poor Moonie, she suffered so much for such a horrible drama. I adore her and Kim Bum, I hope they’ll pick a better project next time around. So much chemistry between them going to waste …sigh.

  4. I have thrown the pot into the scrap heap..
    The Goddess of Fire could not toast Marshmallows.
    MGY has been abused by poor writing and direction
    The men in the show have been castrated
    As usual the women in the show are abused or become bitchy queens and procurers of ware
    They should have used better clay, scrapped the writers and offered the local high school a chance to compete for the script.

  5. I was wondering if you’d finally given up on GoF, Ms. Koala! LOL! Thanks for the update. I’ve refused to pick up on this drama since episode 14. Well, I think Kim Bum would have chemistry with a tree, so chemistry is not attributed to MGY at all.

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