Lovely Zhao Li Ying Cameos in Return of the Condor Heroes with Rumored Boyfriend Chen Xiao

There is finally something easy on the eyes coming out of the set of the upcoming nth drama version of the wuxia novel Return of the Condor Heroes. While C-actress Zhao Li Ying’s name was never mentioned as in the running to play the leading lady Xiaolongnu, seeing her in costume on the set of RoCH makes me wish she was because I don’t even care that she’s tiny and pixie and is more a Huang Rong character in Legend of the Condor Heroes than a cold icy goddess like Xiaolongnu. At least she fulfills the basic fundamental requirement of that character – she’s so so pretty, and for once I’m all about the shallow in this likely hot mess of the drama because if the storyline is getting butchered left and right at least give my eyes a reprieve with something pretty to glom onto. Zhao Li Ying showed up last week to join her recent co-star Chen Xiao, who is playing leading man Yang Guo in RoCH, in doing a cameo appearance as Yang Guo’s mommy Mu Nianci (the second female lead in LoCH).

Originally C-actor Li Chen was supposed to cameo as daddy Yang Kang, but he dropped it like a hot potato last week when news broke that his girlfriend Zhang Xing Yu (who is playing second female lead Li Mo Cho in this RoCH) dumped him after hooking up with Wallace Huo. Oh the never ending scandal and gossip and drama in C-entertainment. So stepping in at the last moment is male lead Chen Xiao doing double duty and playing Yang Kang as well. Always works for me when the same actor plays daddy and son, here especially since everyone keeps saying Guo Er is the spitting image of his handsome daddy. Zhao Li Ying’s arrival on the set of RoCH wasn’t without its share of generating scandal, as footage has leaked of her and Chen Xiao chatting between filming all chummy and stroking each other’s hand. I would have squeed over this expression of affection between these two chemistry-laden and gorgeous co-stars but for the fact that it smells of Yu Zheng orchestrated public outing to mask the stench of his version of RoCH. Read on for more news from the set of this rage-inducing drama production.

I think the pictures of Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying being all chummy on set reeks of intentional exposure for publicity sake. That doesn’t mean they aren’t dating in real life, just that this particular convenient timing display doesn’t look spontaneous to me. I don’t blame either of them, I see the demon hand of Yumama orchestrating this all. It doesn’t annoy me since his pimping means I get to see Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying playing the doomed OTP of Yang Kang-Mu Nianci in RoCH.

Now that you’ve seen the pretty of the latest official stills of Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying in RoCH, are you ready for the seriously fugly? Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Behold the miracle of PS (photoshopping)! I think by taking this role, Michelle Chen is singlehandedly destroying whatever goodwill she’s been coasting on since You’re the Apple of My Eye and ruining the select sliver of the male viewing population that saw her as a goddess next door after Apple. If a leading lady needs to be photoshopped to this degree to make her palatable to play the role, then someone is seriously wrong in the casting choice to begin with.

Yu Zheng has also gone completely nutso and crowing about his mad rad awesome photoshopping skills by releasing pictures of him doctoring up Michelle Chen as Xiaolongmu. He continues to backtrack on his initial talk about Michelle being his ideal Xiaolongnu by writing that he only selected her because she was Chen Xiao’s first pick. To which point – I can see Chen Xiao giving Yumama the double middle finger and stink eye behind his back for saying such ridiculous bullshit. As this drama continues filming, I continue to turn to it for much needed LOLing.

Then behold the miracle of the cheapest animatronic giant condor in the history of film making. Even the first Godzilla in 1954 looked better than this tool shop reject. Maybe it’ll fall on Yumama during the filming and smush him. But I doubt he’ll bite the dust, he’s like the indestructible NYC subway rat.


Lovely Zhao Li Ying Cameos in Return of the Condor Heroes with Rumored Boyfriend Chen Xiao — 23 Comments

  1. I guess Michelle Chen’s casting as Xialongnu is the equivalent of Kristen Stewart as Snow White. None of these actresses resemble the character’s Aura (the first one should be Ice-cold while the second one really charming) and physical features. I think both are pretty but not goddess beautiful.
    It’s so funny reading your post about the upcoming RoCH. The photoshop was really obvious in these pics. I’m laughing so hard because it’s ridiculous.

  2. I must confess to knowing nothing about C-ent, but I read these articles for the LOL
    Ms. Koala commentary. And that condor looks like a piñata!

  3. Hahahaha I swear I haven’t laughed so much in ages.This is like reading a horror section . Imagine those poor fans of the novels amd dramas. Oh you poor things.

    I am off to Google about Wallace now.

  4. I’m not even going to bother with this version of ROCH. Chen Xiao looks like a hobo (what a far cry from his LOLZ days) and Michelle Chen’s looks just aren’t attractive enough to be Xiao Longnu.

    I’ll probably end up watching only the fanmade MVs with the short clips of Chen Xiao and his lovely Zhao Li Ying. Oh man, shipping them so much and I love how they hold hands on the red carpet (not unlike our favorite HongShi <3).

  5. I love how tw and c-ent seems to have much less of a problem pimping out their stars… Not to say that they aren’t really dating or that it’s all for show but I must say that it does work on a commercial level to bring in the news, bring in the dough.

    I have no intention of watching this version but I have no doubt that it continue to make splashes and probably make money for him.

  6. All I got to say is… If u are going to photoshop your leading lady’s face into a different person, you may as well change the lady herself. He still could. Do they have plastic surgery in then old days? Say MC character got into accident, got fixed and has a new face. Walla! Or she fall into a black hole in her cave and came back changed with a new face=new actress. Hmm… its doable. :p

  7. Waaah, that’s some serious photoshopping skills! Wih ps skills like that, even I can be xiaolongnu! Hahahhahahaha ^o^ The condor looks the cousin to the one Andy lau had in his classic version, but that was like f-ing 30 years ago!!!!!! Oh my eyes… Shall now go look at the ZLY photos again to soothe them.

  8. LMAOOOOO I love reading all your post about the new remake of RoCH!
    The photoshopping skill makes her appear so much better than she actually is. She’s cute but she doesn’t fit the role of Xiaolongnu. Her delulu attitude doesn’t help either with me liking her.
    Is it too late to change the lead? TT

  9. She doesnt have the aura of xiao long nv. I dont understand why is she chosen. How can she dare to accept such a role? Compare her and Liu Yi Fei, everyone can see that Michelle Chen is far away from being “angel-like” as Liu Yi Fei.

  10. This had me in stitches! Gosh, Yumama’s like this crazy fellow who thinks that photoshop will just cover all the flaws of his production and sweep them neatly under the carpet? Did he forget that it is a drama, live-action, as in we will see Michelle Chen in her natural state? Hmmm… maybe the reason why he came up with this cheap and tacky looking black chicken is because he had to spend lots on cgi to make Michelle Chen slim in action?

  11. maybe becos of d criticism rcvd, Yu Zheng is trying to salvage d drama by asking ZLY to d rescue … whc I have soo no problemo with it … I’ll just wait till fans upload just CX n ZLY scenes and just watch it over n over n over again and upload it on my smartphone for keepsake… I’m sold to whatever these two star in … luvvvvv them much …

  12. Totally off topic but I love to watch what you are watching: c-drama Love in trouble. I can’t seem to find this drama, is it English sub anywhere?

  13. Hi. I’ve been trying to look for this since forever, but do any of you guys know what episode Zhao Li Ying appear in? I really want to watch it but I really don’t want to have to put up with watching this train wreck. Please reply soon. Thank you!!

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