The Stellar Scandal Cast Attend the DMZ Docs Film Festival Opening Night

Over in drama-land, the cast of the MBC weekend makjang super birth secret drama Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident, have been pulled through the wringer and then some trying to sort out all the mess created by the parental generation. From what I saw of the filming, the cast appears to get along very well and enjoying the experience despite the heavy subject matter. So its a treat to see everyone dolled up and heading out to attend the DMZ Korean International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs), an annual festival for documentary films formerly held in the Korean Demilitarized Zone but this year moved closer to Seoul. This is a fast growing film festival in Asia for documentary films, and this year Scandal leads Jo Yoon Hee and Kim Jae Won served as honorary ambassadors, Jo Jae Hyun was one of the organizers of the festival, and Park Sang Min and Kim Gyu Ri (who played father-daughter in the drama) hosted as the MCs. The only leads from the drama missing from the gathering were Shin Eun Kyung and Ki Tae Young. I almost died laughing seeing Park Sang Min sporting an ungodly shade of yellow hair at this event, clearly still in character from the drama. The ever-changing hair color of his Jang Tae Ha has been a source of unintentional comedy in an otherwise intense story, it goes from silver to white to orange to blond to visible roots to no roots, sometimes all within one episode. I can’t wait to watch how Scandal wraps up in the next two weeks, it really have been a rare solid melodrama from beginning to now the end. As for the DMZ Docs festival, the core theme is always about reconciliation and communication, and opening night for the festival was still held at the DMZ to symbolize the hope that the two Koreas can continue to move towards unification one day.


The Stellar Scandal Cast Attend the DMZ Docs Film Festival Opening Night — 10 Comments

      • yes, the best accessory to that dress is So Ji-sub’s massive hands making her waist look even tinier πŸ˜€

  1. Thanks for reminding me some people really aren’t going to die IRL.

    The HAIR!! I bet hair and make-up are ruing the decision not to use grey streaks to age PSM. It is striking, yes, and fits his character, but the upkeep seems to have spoiled the choice. It is sometimes difficult to pay attention to his ranting, tears, scheming as a result.
    I bet he dyes it back to black before the wrap party is over!

  2. Scandal was simply awesome and all the cast are amazing. One of the best drama this year. I’m glad to see the cast joining different event together.

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