Weekend Drama Golden Rainbow with UEE and Jung Il Woo Release Lead Stills

I honestly haven’t a clue what took the upcoming MBC weekend drama Golden Rainbow that long to confirm long rumored male lead Jung Il Woo, in addition to the cast of UEE (Ojakkyo Brothers), Lee Jae Yoon (Cruel City), Cha Ye Ryun (Royal Family, A Star’s Lover), and Kim Sang Joong (City Hunter). The only thing I can think of is that Jung Il Woo was thinking of bailing so hesitated to commit, but he’s been away from the airwaves since early 2012 when he did The Moon Embraces the Sun so I am inclined for him to take this project despite thinking it has trainwreck hot mess stamped all over it. The cast is actually quite decent all around, even if I’m not a UEE fan she has potential and warmth that I’m sure suits the weekend genre scrappy leading lady trope. The PD has a deft and light touch having helmed I Do, I Do, My Princess, and Hon, but it’s the screenwriter who last penned May Queen that has me pulling my hair out. MBC has managed to pique my interest with the first stills of the four leads, filming in a pretty Fall backdrop that makes me wish more dramas would ship their leads out of the studio and into the outside world to do promotional material. UEE plays the oldest of 7 orphans that grew up together while Jung Il Woo is a prosecutor with daddy issues, though he looks more like a biker in this still. Golden Rainbow premieres in three weeks after the end of Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident and is slated to run for 50 episodes. We should start an over-under on when the drama might derail. May Queen derailed early and abruptly, but I Summon You, Gold managed to hang on until the latter third of the drama. Or it could be like Goddess of of Marriage and never even start off the the right track to begin with. For now, I’ll just enjoy the pretty stills of the attractive cast.


Weekend Drama Golden Rainbow with UEE and Jung Il Woo Release Lead Stills — 11 Comments

  1. Wow… It’s been that long for JIW already??? That’s almost a military service time frame… Nearly 2 years. Time really flies as they say. I have no idea what to think of this drama. I am almost certain that it won’t be my cup of tea. 🙁 they drag out so much that I already get annoyed. 100 year inheritance really did me in this year on long weekend dramas.

  2. Hey Koala,

    It’s my understanding that UEE won’t actually be the oldest and she’ll have an oppa and unni in her adoptive family. Have you heard differently?

  3. JIW is soooo adorable. It’s such a waste that he just a second lead during his work with YEH. I get second lead syndrome that time. Haven’t watch uee act before.

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