Marry Him If You Dare Reveal Stills of the Intended OTP First Meeting Car Accident

The reason Marry Him If You Dare is a fresher riff on last year’s bevy of time-traveling K-dramas is due to its central premise of choice. You can say my observation is a given since its built into the Korean drama title of Mirae’s Choice, but it really stands out when a quick perusal of all the recent time-traveling dramas show that the traveler was punted into another era not by his or her own free will. The backwards time traveler in Dr. Jin and Faith were both doctors and they ended up affecting the events of the past through their medical skill. The forward time-travelers in Rooftop Prince and Queen In Hyun’s Man were Joseon royalty and nobleman, sent forward by a mysterious force and experiencing the modern world. Operation Proposal is the closest time-traveling K-drama to MHIYD, but it had a Groundhog Day repetitiveness to it. Here future Mi Rae has said that a person can only time-travel once in their life time, and this is her only shot. The drama has thus far kept the hows of the time-traveling under wraps, other than it involves an old-fashioned elevator and a bat tunnel exit. But future Mi Rae has given two clues to the costs of her travel – it’s a one time deal and she’s sacrificing her life for it since she ages one month for every day spent in the past. Future Mi Rae also glosses over the fact that she’s violated the rules, which I assume to be the tenets of time-travel. It could be the usual stuff like “don’t interact with your past self” and “don’t interfere with the past”. I feel like she might as well just up and tell Mi Rae the whole truth rather than trying to get Mi Rae together with Se Joo but not explaining why other than a vague reference to a guy with a bad fate that causes the death of her loved one. If she already violated the rules, wouldn’t it be easiest to lay everything out before Mi Rae and if future Mi Rae has good reason for meddling then present Mi Rae ought to also buy into it. If Shin really did something horrible in the future, knowing exactly what he did likely guarantees Mi Rae will stay far away from him. KBS released new stills that show the original accident on Sung San Bridge between Mi Rae and Shin. It’s almost identical to the shot of Yoo Kyung bleeding from the head after being rear ended by Shin, but this time it’s Mi Rae sporting the head injury. I hope the drama will continue to show us how things would have unfolded in the original time line, not just the romance between Shin and Mi Rae but also the romance between Se Joo and Yoo Kyung. Two parallel time lines would be very compelling and allow us to decide which coupling should be the end game.


Marry Him If You Dare Reveal Stills of the Intended OTP First Meeting Car Accident — 20 Comments

  1. why do i feel that shin dies in the future, maybe due to his own mistake or something and that’s why she’s blaming him since he’s dead. and so she doesn’t want to marry him again and suffer loneliness?? i don’t know, just assuming.

    • I don’t think Shin dies. Future Mi Rae was speaking figuratively when she says that she is lonely because Shin is obsessed in being an anchoman again instead of spending time with his family.

    • I keep thinking maybe he kills himself? Like, if he never makes it back to being a newsanchor again and blames her for his career never reviving? Or she may blame herself for dragging him down, hence wanting her past self to get a better career and wealthier hubby. Because Future Mi Rae seems to waffle back and forth between loving him and being pissed at him…

      • Haha didnt see this post before I posted mine. But i thought something similar! I feel like this would totally work in a kdrama sense. Great minds think alike! Haha

      • I’m leaning towards this too. She obviously loves him despite what she’s doing. It’s too simple to just make him just an ass who made her life shitty. It would also be a pretty silly reason to travel back in time and risk her life for really. Not to mention, he’s not given the chance to change the past/himself I could see him right wrongs and becoming a better man, but he’s not given the chance…she is. So I lean it being because of something she blames herself for despite her anger at him.

        I can totally see Mirae picking Shin despite future Mirae’s objections and everything is wonderful and then ajumma drops the bomb as to why doesn’t want to be with Shin for real.

      • Suicide is totally out of Shin’s principled character. As someone mentioned “killing the person I love” could be taken in a figurative way. My take is that Shin has changed substantially in later years from the Shin Mirae fell in love with in the present. How that’s going to be played out remains to be seen.

  2. I love the drama shows what had to be the future if the FR MR had not intervened, so as Mr Koala says the two plots we can observe and deduce what would be the best option, but I love that this drama is a romcom, not only limited to the fun we’re aconstumbrados in this genre but it also has an interesting plot, with only two chapters and this drama really got me excited.

  3. really hate Mondays, but from now on will be my favorite day of the week, it really a drama of great potential ste comoe can do in my.

  4. thanks for all of your quick recaps and updates! one possible reason to explain why future mirae might not tell current mirae specifics is perhaps because current mirae might not understand the gravity of whatever happened (plus, it is a good gimmick to keep viewers watching for the mystery). even giving the vague “someone you love is going to die” explanation doesn’t seem to impact current mirae since it seems removed from her present reality. putting a name to that someone may not change the effect it has her–just a possible explanation but i see what your saying since the most straightforward approach is often the best.

  5. i’m so inlove with this drama, but i have this feeling that its not Mirae who first did the time travel, its Kim Shin!!! *wink-wink*

    • I think it would be a neat idea if SJ and/or KS also time traveled at some point. But I’m not sure if that would be worked into the plot since this is really from MR’s POV.

  6. I’m loving MHIYD. The chemistry, the story, the interactions of Mi Rae and future Mi Rae but for now I’m loving more future Mi Rae, Yoon Eun Hye sporting that crazy hair (she looked beautiful in ep. 1 when she was walking towards the beach with the wind blowing her hair) Can’t wait for Monday!!!

  7. i wonder if the person mirae loves who dies because of shin is shin himself. because she still loves him right? and he dies and she would rather not live with being alone so shed rather marry someone else who doesnt die before her and leave her by herself?
    sounds weird and twisted but maybe?

  8. Loving this drama!! I have watched each episode 3 times, once RAW just watching the expressions (couldn’t understand a word), second time with Sub(just read the Sub), third time actually read and watched. Can’t wait till Monday!

  9. Ooh, the idea of doing two parallel timelines would be amazing. Although, I may be partial to that idea because I have a fondness for Sliding Doors. It’s certainly a unique enough way to explore a narrative, I wouldn’t mind if a kdrama picked it up and ran with it.

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