Jang Geun Seok Cuts His Hair (Finally!) as Pretty Boy Gears Up for Premiere Next Week

I don’t know whether to lead with the latest stills and previews for Pretty Boy, or with the confirmed news that leading man Jang Geun Seok has finally cut his hair. A hair change for a drama role is normally not newsworthy (though Yoon Eun Hye‘s fried perm for Marry Him If You Dare did cause waves a few month earlier), except Jang Geun Seok seemed strangely attached to his long locks to the detriment of evolving his style. He did back-to-back dramas Mary Stayed Out All Night and Love Rain with the exact same hair, and it started to get old and tiresome for some of his fans. Myself included – he needs to do whatever the role requires and show me he’s still an actor first and foremost. Secret wrapped up this week and next week comes the premiere of Pretty Boy (English title Bel Ami) co-starring IU, Lee Jang Woo, and Han Chae Young. The drama press conference is right around the corner but there are lots of new stills and two teaser previews to whet the appetite. Jang Geun Seok looks a little rough around the edges when I see him in the previews, like a hard night’s partying bloat is still in his system. IU is pretty adorable as the plucky strange girl who has nursed a 10-year crush on the most beautiful man in the world. She has the sweetness to sell her type of character, though I’m already pretty fond of Lee Jang Woo’s turn as the earnest hardworking guy who falls for her. I actually don’t like the previews at all but will still check it out because I’m a rabid manga fan and sometimes the weirdest mangas make for the quirkiest drama adaptations. One never knows. Check out the latest stills and previews, plus a sneak peek at Jang Geun Seok’s new haircut look. He even posted Line and Weibo updates of his own haircut to commemorate the occasion.

Previews for Pretty Boy:

[youtube id=”FgM3J51FNeA” w=”650″ h=”450″]

[youtube id=”lOWCOMMTpGY” w=”650″ h=”450″]


Jang Geun Seok Cuts His Hair (Finally!) as Pretty Boy Gears Up for Premiere Next Week — 92 Comments

      • Well when idols are starting to star in dramas instead of actors then you are 2nd lead, and of course getting older

    • poor her. first with park ha sun. and now iu. she has just boobs to begin with, not acting skills to begin with. if i were her, i’d better look after my child. he is barely 4 months old!

      • I like her better than any of the actresses you mention, so I only think poor her because she has been playing second leads. I have to say I also like her acting better than either of them, too. Both of them would probably be happy to be in the industry as long as she has been. I am also happy that she is able to to this part with a 4 month old baby. As I have said before, when my kids were that young I barely had time to shower let alone look as good as she does. I want her to be successful for her but for all the working mothers everywhere who keep getting the hate that once you have kids you should go off an hide yourself somewhere.

      • Hold on a minute,are you saying that she gave birth 4 months before AND she has that body???As a woman who knows how it is to lose all this pregnancy weight I congratulate her and I feel more miserable now because I still have some pounds on from my last pregnancy that happened several years ago! 🙂

      • i mean she can wait a bit longer. till 6 months old or so. isn’t his husband wealthy enough though? he can manage to buy 5 carat diamond ring.. it is pretty strange to me, since i’ve never heard news of actress coming back to drama that soon..

    • LOL, I thought he looked horrified at all his beautiful locks of hair on the floor, like he’s still in denial 🙂 I like how he actually took photos of the shaver and scissors, as if saying these were the weapons that butchered his glorious mane, which ended up as a pathetic pile of hair on the ground 🙂 It’s like he’s mourning the loss of his hair, and paying a tribute to it, which reminds me of the hilarious hair-cutting scene in Rooftop Prince 🙂

    • YES!!! Thank you. He looks so flipping gorgeous with a Caesar cut. It fits him way better. I’m tired of seeing these guys with overly long hair. Though some are still hot. Like that one guy from flowerboy band show

  1. Secret ended with the most amazing kiss!……..He lifts her and puts on the table, gets between her legs, pulls her lower part of body closer and then teases her until she can’t take in anymore and actually intiates the kiss……….ooooh they were hungry for each othere. I must applaud the director for the kiss set piece. It was so sexy yet not vulgar and cheap. When he pulls her closer ….the shot was focussed on the upper part of the bodies ……but it lost none of the sexy effect. Very well executed by the director, editor and the actors. The body language of JS and HJE was perfect. I had a feeling both these actors respect and love their craft and appreciates each others dedication. I think all all major actors will be be lining up to be her leading man…..She makes them look so good. I crave to see both of them in a sexy rom com . My first Jisung drama and he completely swept me off my feet.

    • OH GOD IM WAITING TILL THIS WEEKEND TO WATCH (and I’m so excited cause I hear the ending is great) but now you are telling me there’s a SEXY KISS!! They are HOT together omg! JS was sexy as all get out in Secret and their chemistry was great! The stares, the finger licking, the way he cared for her…man, his wife is lucky. I love the show and can’t wait to finish it!!! Amazing everything all around.

      • Is it true that Secret is much better than Heirs? But y I can’t find the recaps? I only see Heirs recaps in some blogs I often visit

  2. Everybody is so pretty in this drama. I will look forward to it. Will Ms. Koala write recap for this? I sure hope so… thanks in advance :-)))

  3. ms. koala . if your gonna write crap about this drama plz don’t watch it . jgs dosen’t need you know !! , so plz leave it to us his true fans who love him and stay at your stupid thoughts ,

      • Got to love immature people who tell others what they should write or not write on their fuc**** blogs. How about “if you don’t like what she’s saying then just don’t come and read it?” Geez!

      • are you all seriously telling a grown a** woman who is not even on your payroll how to run her own blog and what she can or cannot watch? just ruminate on that for a minute….

      • @Mystisith That is exactly the reason why I come in this blog because I don’t like some of what she is saying about Jang Geun Suk. When it comes to him she tends to be insulting & personal. Not sure why, I know she loves Moon Geun Young, is it because Geungeun couple did not became real? As a big fan of Jang Geun Suk I choose at least to defend him from those unkind remarks of people who do not really know him (I’m not saying I know JGS well but I’m one of those who follow his news devoutly). You may not understand my stand but I don’t really understand why anyone would rather gloat or bash on a celebrity. As a writer why can we not foster love, goodness. Life is too short to be hating on anyone.

    • There is a difference between expressing your opinion (I often disagree with her and write it here) and giving orders to people. What if I told you to just shup up because I don’t like what you say?
      The sad part is that being part of an extreme aggressive fandom don’t help your bias & gives him a bad image. Yes, not everybody likes what JGS has become: So what? He is a public figure. I’m sure he is able to take criticism, furthermore if it’s “unfair”…

      • I believe it was a request! They’re (Randa and Jazzy ) just voicing out their opinion as a response to what Ms Koala is saying ( which is also her opinion ). I don’t think it’s attacking her personally, they were just asking her with the magic word please! Just saying. Peace! 🙂

      • Amen. It’s frustrating to see people attack her personally in the comments. It’s HER blog first and foremost, and I still don’t see why criticism of your bias is such a huge problem. Everyone here is entitled to his or her own opinions, and bashing other’s opinions seems ridiculously childish.

    • How is that giving him a bad image? If all the fans will just accept the bashing of their bias isn’t that more sad? Sometimes you need to voice your opinion to give clarity to a person or subject that is misunderstood. And Jang Geun Suk being open & not secretive about his lifestyle surely deserves that, for most of his fans he is a normal, hardworking celebrity, yes he is a public figure, & there’s nothing wron g with what he has become or else he wont get any endorsement offer, right?

      • No, fans who act up against people who simply voice their opinion on a subject are far more pathetic, especially the ones who “valiantly” defend their biases as though their bias actually cares that 1, someone is voicing a negative opinion, and 2, you are “defending them” from criticism. State that you think JGS is great; that’s totally fine. Stating that Ms. Koala sucks for not saying that everything about JGS is rainbows and ponies, is NOT.

        Honestly, if I were JGS, or any celebrity for that matter, I would not want brain-dead fans who do nothing but blindly love me. I would want people who liked my work and respected me enough to be realistic about my abilities–I’d want to hear the good, bad, and ugly, because that’s the basis of my improvement as a public figure/actor.

      • Don’t you think you are the one that sound the dumbest here ?
        Being realistic? JGS is no fake even if people hate or love him fr it.
        He has fans for what he is in your words fans who respect him and who are realistic about his abilities and still supporting him.
        How does that make brain dead fans ? Simple logic….lol who is ur bias hahah.

        Looks like you don’t know much about JGS he has long ago decided face criticism and bashing , he is not living in a gloomy world to not know what fans think and non-biased viewers think still his popularity is consistent which means majority doesn’t have a problem with what he is , so why does he have to change his personality?

      • He is much aware of what netizens think and say. Yes! Much aware of ur opinions than you have of him some of which are purely assumptious.

      • @ Anonymous Why is it some of you approve of bashing Jang Geun Suk cruelly here (mind you not even about his work but personal) and its not okay for his fans to defend him, anyone is allowed to blast on it but eels ‘don’t you dare voice your opinion’. If a hater posted a really mean cruel comments no one amongst you request ms Koala to delete those comments- no that never happens (as far as I know). But if JGS fans try to voice their frustration its “immature & childish”. If you don’t like his work okay fine – “fair criticism” – no one would dissuade that.

    • @RANDA – true fans? Go to JGS Fan Site. Stop leaving this kind of rude comments on her blog. Why are you here in the first place???
      @j kriss – “open”?? “normal”?? Nah.. I think JGS enjoys having a bad image. He will be offended if you call him “normal”… lol…

      • That’s jus what u think in ur delusional world.
        You see more abnormal sayin tand thinking hat others are not normal . Get well soon.

      • @Traveller – shame on you. you are the one who is sick, who cannot spell, who is abnormal. just like your master!

      • LOL there isn’t a huge difference between you and me then , at the end of the day all we are doing is Offending others :p
        You think someone is bad and not Normal without knowing him/her , anyone can do the same with you pscchhhhh

      • And btw JGS can spell better than your Korean bias that’s for sure
        Can you speak Japanese or any other language that you are not used to speak since your childhood fluently ? This is what I was yelling don’t judge a person without knowing. But if you are doing then you’ll get back the same.

        Gaahhh! I need to change my Screen Guard ASAP these letters are giving me trouble.

      • good point! these so-called JGS fans are discouraging K-drama fans to watch JGS drama. hahaha… totally brain-dead fans!!!

      • Bitch Please It’s not like you are going to give the ratings anyway by watching it online.
        People watch it if they want to , It’s not like you tell them not to watch and they don’t lol
        Are u that dumb ?

      • @blah blah Oops! I didn’t know you were that dumb enough to recognize which comment is directed to u and which is not since Randa isn’t actually in this conversation .
        It was for you , is it clear LOL .

      • @Traveller – read your comment again. It did NOT make sense. RANDA was the one telling Ms. Koala not to watch JGS drama. But anyhow, I don’t think you can understand. Never mind. It is obvious who is the dumb one here.

  4. He seems a little sad in the pictures, which makes me feel kinda bad, but that mop of hair REALLY needed to go.

    His new cut looks young and refreshing.

    • No don’t worry. According to the dispatch reporter who followed him that afternoon, after his hair cut “he (JGS) could not stop smiling”. He is okay, he even tweeted with a photo of him smiling prior to his haircut saying “you’ll see it again some time” referring to his long hair.

  5. He looks devastated as the lady was cutting his hair in the picture. Lol. He needs to cut his hair like the Beethoven Virus days.

  6. At last! Good riddance to the long locks!

    LOL @ all the hair pictures. JGS is probably going to auction his locks because he thinks they’re worth GOLD.

  7. Cannot wait! IU, as cute as ever! Jang Geun Seuk , he has become more handsome with the new haircut! Cannot wait, I hope this drama becomes the best DRAMA SERIES ever! Pretty man, Hwaiting!!!

  8. The teasers look adorable and I cannot wait! I want something quirky and cute. I honestly don’t care about the hair thing – I think he looked fine with long hair and looks fine with short hair. I never got why people were so into him cutting his hair tbh.

    Also, LOL @ the Bel Ami thing – oddly appropriate as the Guy de Maupassant novel with that title is about a man who uses his looks/sexuality to get ahead under tutelage of a powerful woman (sounds familiar, right? :P) Though I am sure our hero, unlike the novel’s character, will find redemption and true love 😛

  9. It’s hilarious how we are given a picture play-by-play of the haircut. It’s as if he is having a major procedure and evidence is needed that it actually happened.

  10. As a long time reader of this blog, I know Ms. Koala does not bash JKS. I know she does not delete comments unless they’re vulgar. Opinions are had by all. It is her blog and she can write what she wants and she happens to like JKS.
    Man! When it comes to this subject you get a lot of comments. MGY and KB nothing but 12 posts. I am sad.

    • @sonia

      I never thought I’d write for so long that the day would come that I would be called by some a JGS basher. That is uproariously funny. Imma go watch some cute M3 MVs now while giggling into my nightcap.

    • @sonia – I agree with you wholeheartedly. there are obvious a few commentors here who do not understand this blog, do not understand Ms. Koala’s humour and keep leaving hateful comments. I disagree with these people, and I hope we can all enjoy JGS drama without being told not to watch it if we may not like it.

      • I’m sorry Blah Blah, but I don’t think it’s a humor when one attacks a person personally and says something hateful. I think we will just put it this way, if a person says something negative that attacks a person’s whole being, that individual must also be ready for the responses from loyal and die hard fans of that celebrity who’s being attacked, right? Just saying…Peace….

  11. Ms.Koala If you are going to write good about JGS , you also have the right to pen down your disappointment. Nobody will stop you , It’s your blog Afterall…..but jus one thing be ready to receive mixed responses from the visitors too. There will be people who agree with you , there will also be people who disagree and feel offended especially when you are making personal comments on a Artist. It’s silly that you take down comments which come against you. Hahaha

    • okay Ms. Koala can you also please remove ‘profanity-laced comments’ on any celebrity especially Jang Geun Suk whom I think receive the worst comments in this blog (from some commenters) not just comments direct agaisnt you. And I’m kindly requesting you to be fair & not include personal criticism but focus on a fair judgement of JGS work please, if that is not too much to ask of you. Thank you.

      • Don’t you think that you might be slightly presumptuous in your request here. You are asking Koala to actually delete or edit out her negative opinion in her own blog about certain celebrities most especially JGS as well as negative opinions of others who visit her sight?
        1) Koala has long been a fan of JGS based on her history of blogging JGS’s work. She actually admires his acting and would not hesitate to state that in her blog. However, she is not blind to some of JGS antics which are done publicly, therefore, she has every right to state her positive or negative opinion about it. Did I mention this is her blog?
        2) Just as you have the right to write down your grievances (in her blog, I might add), others have the right to do the same (positive or negative). This is one of the things that I like about Koala’s playground is that she is gracious enough to allow us to respond to her comments whether we agree or disagree (or agree to disagree, 🙂 ) What would you do if she just posts her comments and you can’t even write a response? Would you be furiously yelling at your screen then? I guess you can do that… to each his own.

        My take on this is, as you are a fan of JGS, if you have him read Koala’s comments, he will like the positive things said and he will just disregard the comments he feels are negative. As Kdrama fans we should not, could not forget that celebrities are human and with that comes the failings of a human being. If we put them too much on a pedestal we lose sight of reality. Defending their character when we see them only from afar is being ignorant. The only way we can truly know a celebrity is to live with them, and we don’t. Therefore, we can only make assumptions. Basing our devotion on a celebrity on our assumptions is just projecting what we think they are, not what they actually are.

        I would say if you want to read only pleasant comments about any celebrity just go to their official sites and blogs. Definitely skip this site as Koala will state her opinion whether we agree with it or not. If you decide to read her blog then state your comment (agree or disagree) but do not ask her to delete or edit her opinion or others at that. After all, it is just an opinion. At the end of the day, her comments will not change your opinion nor yours change hers.

      • Oh thank goodness you wrote this ‘justaviewer’. I was having a tough time sleeping thinking of something eloquent enough instead of writing Shut The …. up! If I had done that, I would be stupid and no better. Thank you for writing this. Every time I read comments about my favorites, there are the childish comments that ruin the flavor of the post. I was getting a bit upset. Different opinions are great and lovely if you can debate them in a social manner but these belligerent and childish comments with bad grammar just simply get me angry. Thank you, really.

      • @Justaviewer What made me reply to your comment is this line of urs ” if you have him read Koala’s comments, he will like the positive things said and he will just disregard the comments he feels are negative.”

        Do u think u are some super natural human to tell what JGS thinks ? Coz u seem sure that he’d take only the positives and no negatives….seriously if u don’t know the person jus leave him to what he is rather than giving ur judgmental opinion. If he had never taken comments seriously of him being someone who cannot Act or Sing and doesn’t deserve to be a Artist , he wouldn’t have been what he is today. He was bashed brutally wen casted opposite Ha ji won in Hong Gil dong….netizens attacked his website asking him not to act , he doesn’t deserve to be alongside HJW. But at the end of the drama the result was the drama was popular , They also won best couple award. He went on to take up different roles from there on and now if u look at him , He is listed as a A class actor and Koreans themselves cannot deny that he is a Good actor. Now tell me did he give a deaf ear to criticism ? If he’d have done that he’d still be considered as a bad actor….he challenged himself with various characters to improve his acting skills , that’s how he took Beethoven Virus instead of Top Rated BOF.

      • I believe he should definitely not pay attention and give a deaf ear to criticism/bashing that goes on him personally rather than professionally. Here he should only be embracing the positive comments simply because that’s his life and he can do anything until he is not hurting someone mentally/physically. He is no Rapist/Abuser/DrugAddict to be recognised as bad or ill mannered.
        Then what’s the point of people hitting stones on him about his clothes or hair ? Don’t everyone of us have our own preferences jus like him ? Do we Change jus coz someone asked us to change ?

      • Yes, you just write my point if “depending their (celebrities) character when we only see them from afar is being ignorant” how about being mean personally when you don’t even live with them, so there is no way you can truly know a celebrity. That justaviewer is a justification for my request you don’t know a celebrity unless your a family member. That is why my request on just focusing on JGS work & avoid presumption (like writing “a hard night’s partying boat is still on his system” – did she (ms koala) saw him partying the previous night? maybe he couldn’t sleep well or in pain or something – isn’t that insensitive?)

        And about asking her to delete comments, from what she (ms koala) said its the netiquette rules of her blog to delete profanity comments or deliberate attacks on other readers and I just agree with her. If ms koala cannot accept profanity comments even if it is laced against her, why is it okay to accept profanity comments on any celebrity as you have said celebrities are human too.

      • @Traveler, I was rather busy to respond immediately to your comments so I’m just doing it now. Would it help if I change the word “negative” to “helpful”. At least that was what I was trying to convey. I also should have premised it with…”Presuming that JGS is the type of person who can take criticism…” but what can I say, I was typing on the fly and did not have the time to edit it. I am not going to belittle you as you have done in your post as I am only interested having a productive discussion.

      • @j kriss, I agree with you regarding profanities, it should not be used period. However, you requested Koala to “be fair & not include personal criticism but focus on a fair judgement of JGS work…”

        Question to you: When you say fair judgement does it lean towards the good or does it lean towards the not so good? Would you be more satisfied if Koala wrote adulation and flowery acclamation of his work or criticism of his work?

        I repeat, “She actually admires his acting and would not hesitate to state that in her blog.” Now for your complaint of her “personal criticism”, that is why it is a blog. A blogger writes their opinion. If a celebrity looks tired in a picture, would you say that he looks good and have a lot of energy? If one writes he looks tired is that then considered a personal criticism? I would say that’s an observation. If she noticed that he looked bloated from a night of drinking, that is her own observation. Does that meant it is true? If one’s opinion is posted in a blog, does that mean that it is real? The answer of course is not necessarily so. Maybe JGS just ate a lot of ramen. You can certainly dispute that opinion, but to ask to edit because it is personal to JGS, I bet JGS does not even read this post to even have any feelings about it one way or the other. Therefore, I personally feel your request to be absurd. Now I go back to my one of my statements “If you want to read only pleasant comments go to the official sites and blogs.”

      • @ Sonia, wonder of wonders, I am also a fan of JGS. I think his acting is good and have watched most of his dramas. Unfortunately, I do not have time to follow his entire career, but I am satisfied in watching him in dramas.

      • @justaviewer My answer to you please read my answers to Bongie below. And I think you are an intelligent person so you know what it means by “fair judgement”.

  12. Hi, I’m actually JKS loyal eel. If they really follow JKS they will know that he always aware of negative comments about him and he told his eels that he don’t mind it but we know it make him feel sad. He also dislike people fighting with each other (especially eels) because of him. He always ask us to be polite and don’t ever look down on other people. I know that some of you want to defend him but if you an eel please don’t do it harshly. Sorry Ms. Koala if we (eels) offend you but sometimes we should look what inside the book not just it cover and their synopsis. You might get a surprise if you give it a chance. BTW for me he look great with the new haircut. I think the teaser cute but it is to short to judge base on that. Thanks and peace.

  13. fellow eels dont argue with them… we know the truth, stop defending jks coz they already close theyre door to him.. im happy that eventhough they dislike jks, they find time to comment here and give critiscisms to our oppa. it means that his in denial fans were always updated on his activities and wereabouts… keep loving the multi-talented asia’s prince jang keun suk! :))) ♡♥♡

  14. ms .koala please have in mind that jgs fans are huge and to talk crap about him all the time with no reason in totally un professional . and as bolger you should know better , so please stop bashing jgs all the time for no reason and if you dont like him , keeo quiet and don’t spread hate , cuz we eels will be really hurt ,

  15. No matter how much I think about this I can’t see how Mrs Koala bashed JGS like some people are saying. She only said that he looked a little rough around the ages but she still seems happy enough that he is committing to the role by cutting his hair. She even said that she was going to check out the drama. Why would a person who hate JGS do that? And even if not for this article, I think she is a fan of him judging by the other posts that she made about him. But even if what she wrote about the acting can be misleading, why would she go through the trouble to research and post all the pictures relating to him cutting his hair. She either really wants to redicule home for cutting his hair since she bashes his so much(which is redicilous since he seriously looks hot!) or you know…she likes him and is a fan!! I don’t know why some people are not trying to look at the big picture and only focusing on one little criticism. Furthermore, it’s her blog, so she can write whatever she wants. If people don’t like it, they can just move one with their lives instead of wasting minutes of it reading the posts and posting hateful comments. Even I don’t agree with most of her opinions(things like joo won acting ability or even some things that she said about the masters sun) but i still read her blog because I think that she makes good point sometimes and I learned to move on when she says thing that I don’t agree with because everyone is entitled to his/her opinions. I think some people really need to start doing that to.

    • @Bongie Have you been reading all her writings about Jang Geun Suk? Rough aroung the edges & what is next you did not continue her sentence…she is presuming that he got a bloat because of too much hard partying am I right? Isn’t that personal? When it comes to JGS she gets too personal. And as justaviewer pointed out if defending a person’s character while we do not really know that person because we don’t live with him/her is a sign of ignorance then what do you call the act of presuming things about a person’s personal life. That is not our business, celebrities are public figures, yes, but they have their own personal lives that they can do with it as they please as long as they are not hurting anyone or becoming a threat to the society. There is nothing wrong with partying, clubbing, my goodness everybody does it (today) especially in the showbiz. As long as you will not drink then drive then hit somebody, or commit rape. Jang Geun Suk is open about it to his fans but that doesn’t give us the right to judge him & take things further (like presuming things happened without any substantial proof). And my goodness he’s not the only one doing it! Others are just secretive & not open about it, others you do not know that they are doing it until bang! they are already being accused of rape,or a brawl happened to their group while clubbing. Don’t you see my point? And you mentioning Joo Won that ms koala said something about his acting ability, that is Joo Won’s PROFESSIONAL WORK NOT PERSONAL LIFE. And excuse me I’m not focusing only one one criticism please read all those pieces about Jang Geun Suk.

    • And my God hateful who is being hateful me or ms koala? I’m not trying to bash or be hateful to ms koala here. I’m kindly requesting her to avoid personal assumption on celebrity’s personal life, and you think its hateful. I have never posted mean comments. I do write my opinion decently & responsibly. And I apologize if I may be offending her or anyone of you here. In the end its her blog & she can writes whatever she wants, anyone’s opinion or advice I believe is allowed in this blog (thanks to ms koala for allowing me to write my thoughts)as long as you do not curse or attack anyone. And I’ve said already my ‘reason’ why I love visiting her blog. I’m not loosing hope, keeping my fingers crossed, after all she was once a fan of Jang Geun Suk but I guess more of Moon Geun Young (at least 1 or 2 pieces without snark about JGS I guess.) I’m still hoping for a kind consideration of my request. 🙂

  16. OMG, literally I jump of my bed. YAYYY short hair is way better for JKS. Love him so much!!!! Thank you God, finally he is more manly looking and simple fashion style.Please don’t wear any eyeliner.. you are just beautiful as who you truly are;))

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