Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Lands in Milan and Satisfies the Shopping Urge

I’m of two minds about posting updates on new couple Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum‘s romantic European vacation. I don’t want them bothered but it tickles me happy to see pics of them wandering the avenues and lanes hand-in-hand in happy bliss. If Dispatch or one of those tabloids sent anyone to hound them or take pictures for their publication, I’d be the first to castigate them for intruding on the personal time for two famous young actors. But the pictures that have been emerging of them have been serendipitous sightings by excited fans, and snapped from behind so as to not bother them. It’s not like I wouldn’t try to take a unobtrusive picture if I happened to spot a celebrity while traveling. With that said, the young couple was the talk of the entertainment blogosphere for the last three weeks, but this week’s massive dating and marriage dump from C-ent has hopefully deflected some attention from them. I also think K-ent is waiting to pounce when they get back to Korea at the end of November. This week Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum were spotted shopping in the streets of Milan as well as in the very popular department store Rinascente. I guess sightseeing is all good and fun but who can resist the supremely fun shopping to be had in Italy. The latest pictures come courtesy of Chinese fans again, uploaded to Weibo pages of the lucky folks in Italy who happened to cross paths with GeunBum. The consensus is still that Bummie is very look good looking in person. LOL, that I believe, and the focus on Bummie in the updates makes all the more sense because the C-fans who spotted them are all girls. The thing I totally noticed in all the GeunBum pics is that Kim Bum has naturally wavy hair. I did not know that. It’s especially obvious since his hair has that growing out natural freestyle quality about it. I’m actually pretty amused at how every picture of the cute couple has been from behind. It would be funny for this trend to continue and for the world to tag along on their vacation trailing from behind. Looks like they are in their own happy world with not a care in the world. This has indeed been a great year for star romances.


Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum Lands in Milan and Satisfies the Shopping Urge — 14 Comments

  1. I’m also torn between their privacy and my shipper heart. But I’m going to enjoy it. It’s the rare occasion were your ship turns real. They are in their own world. It’s so cute how casual they look. I hope they spend money in fancy clothes, suveniers and tasty food. Bummie so handsome with his curly hair and Moonie so pretty and petite with her long hair. Could it be that the girl next to them is one of the ‘friends’??? It seems most of the time they’re alone. This traveling experience will be good for them. I can see a long relationship if not marriage.

  2. I’m glad the fans are being respectful and careful about not disturbing them. I love that in every picture they are always holding hand. Sighh…..young, sweet love.

    I also heard that next month, they will be visiting Australia for Moonie’s little sister wedding. Is there anyway we can confirm if that’s true.

  3. Keep it coming. They have put a smile on my face everyday since “the news” broke. They knew what would happen once the world knew. They did it out of respect to their fans (we are not blind) and for themselves (stop saying she is interested in anyone else). Seems to me KB and MGY were already close before GOF but the conservative agency went with one month. Nah! There is shyness, awkwardness and these two are anything bIut that. I hope to keep seeing them here on your posts. There are forums everywhere so why not join in the happiness that is the sun and the moon. One of his songs by the way.

    • I super agree with you Sonia! All that you said is indeed true!:) I believe too that KB and MGY knew each other even before GOF!:)

  4. Love love love is in the air for GeunBum1 I’m happy that their families both approve of the romance. I can only hope for more sweetness for both in the future.

  5. Although we could only see them from behind but still i’m happy for this young couple…..they are so sweet & adorable together….thank’s again for the up date.

  6. Hehe.. I thought ,Ms.Koala isn’t going to update anymore about them..I’ve been back reading your post since GeunBum Burn up the screen..and this playground is like the tale of their love. You should keep on writing abt GeunBum…its so fun to read how these two fell in love in front of our eyes. I am a happy shipper!! May their relationship last 4eva..!!! <3

  7. thank you for the update about these sweet happy once again seeing their picture and they having a grand time..the love of geunbum couple is the most beautiful expression,not to be hidden but to be shared with us….and i’m so happy for the confirmation of their relationship.

  8. Leave them alone!!!!!!!!!! Just imagine you are madly in love and then there are all these intrusive people following you around with cameras ruining the lovely moments of your life. This is the most exciting phase of their of their love life and they should enjoy it as much as they can …..

  9. This is just too dreamy… I wish this continues on until we see them, again a shot from behind, but taken not on a street or a shopping strip like this, but in a church, facing the altar, le sigh! Thanks for the update!

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