New Bromance Alert as Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Ki Woo Pair Up to Host Men’s Lifestyle Program

This is an interesting bromance and show concept, but I’m not sure if its market-tested properly. Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Ki Woo are pairing up for a cable network show geared towards introducing lifestyle concepts to men. Not exactly a Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, but more like the metrosexual straight guy recommendations for the every man. Both guys are having a stellar career year, and even personal life for Lee Ki Woo. He came back from the army last year and did a popular turn as the second male lead in Flower Boy Ramyun Store. He followed that up with less talked-about turns in the sitcom Standby and the cable thriller The Virus. But he got everyone buzzing about earlier this year when it was revealed that he is dating his FBYS leading lady Lee Chung Ah. He probably started the trend with the second male lead dating the leading lady, which has been one-upped recently with news that Kim Bum is dating his Goddess of Fire leading lady Moon Geun Young. Lee Ki Woo will be busy the next few months not only co-hosting this new show, but he’s also signed on to play the antagonist in the upcoming Miss Korea starring Lee Yeon Hee and Lee Seon Kyun. I’m already planning to check out that but know he’s onboard simply adds one more reason. Kim Ji Hoon is also having a good year starting off with Flower Boy Next Door and getting a lot of acting recognition recently with his turn as the male lead of the frustrating Goddess of Marriage. His performance and character in that drama was by far the most consistent and well-written character. Kim Ji Hoon has expressed a desire to strike while the iron is hot and keep on acting, so I’m expecting him to pick another drama soon. Check out the first promotional still from the new men’s style show, as well as an early Summer pictorial with Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Ki Woo (and Kang Kyung Joon) camping for Sure Magazine.


New Bromance Alert as Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Ki Woo Pair Up to Host Men’s Lifestyle Program — 5 Comments

  1. When Barefoot friends visited KJH, lee ki woo called him up. Seems like they got close cause LKW owns a shop selling camping stuff and they both love camping. Its funny cos when LKW caleed KJH and KJH invited him over, the first thing LKW asked was ‘ did you go for a wedding today?’ Haha

  2. I know they’re not really camping….but seeing them so makes me wish I was with them having a good time… Also I find it hilarious that these days every drama has a camping scene Just tacked in somewhere awkwardly..thanks yo PPL

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